Review of Subliminal Suggestion – Brainwave Entrainment Store

Review of Subliminal Suggestion – Brainwave Entrainment Store

Review of Subliminal Suggestion – Brainwave Entrainment Store

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Review of Subliminal Suggestion – Brainwave Entrainment Store

Product Name: Subliminal Suggestion – Brainwave Entrainment Store

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Description of Subliminal Suggestion – Brainwave Entrainment Store:

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could
reprogram your mind in the same way that you reprogram a computer…Well, NOW YOU CAN!

Suggestion The successful use of subliminal
suggestion has been established for many years. The subliminal suggestion builds in
the subconscious over a period of time to encourage the user to change their behaviour or
improve their performance. Success rates are very high.
 The use of the Backward Command
Subliminal Process™ has
been shown to accelerate the change process. It is believed
that the part of the brain that deciphers Backward Commands has the ability to bypass the
logical filtering process. Therefore the Backward Command subliminal suggestion can pass
through to the subconscious unchallenged.3D Mind Sync Hypnotic Induction
Technique®The Hypnotic Induction program
incorporates 3 levels of brainwave entrainment which guarantees that your brain
frequency is locked in to the correct level to accept the subliminal commands. 
The combined technique has been
shown to be significantly more effective than using conventional subliminal suggestion
alone.       How
Does it Work?    
 All of our downloads contain a
guided induction to a deep hypnotic trance state. This is used in conjunction with the 3D
Mind Sync Hypnotic Induction Suite®. When you have reached a deep hypnotic trance
state you will begin to hear relevant subliminal suggestion in conventional form
and in Backward Command form.  You will hear affirmations spoken clearly in English. This
affirmation is also played in reverse. There are no hidden subliminals. The subliminal
effect is created by the Backward Command
process.     Each download is 40 minutes long
and can be used in any environment (but not whilst driving or operating machinery).
You can have these products playing in the background while you sleep if you like. The
message is building in the subconscious all the time.


© All rights reserved –
Subliminal Suggestion.

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Subliminal Suggestion – Brainwave Entrainment Store

Review of + Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide

Review of + Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide

Review of + Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide

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Review of + Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide

Product Name: + Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide

Click here to get + Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of + Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide:

Y ou’re about to see some fascinating management-level sample interview questions and answers, but first:

From The Desk Of: Bob Firestone < [email protected]>

Dear Interview Candidates —

You’re smart enough to have found this website. Obviously you want make a good impression and get the job offer … but how?

   Answer: Prepare your responses & S.O.A.R.L stories in advance!

   Try my downloadable templates … The reason is because you have LIMITED TIME in front of your interviewers. With that time you must say the most powerful things that are most calculated and most likely to get them to want to hire you.

〉  See my answer formula below.    ~ Bob

They’ll ask you about lengthy projects you’ve been involved in — how your role evolved, how you handled deadlines, how you handled pressures and difficult personalities. You’re going to need ultra-specific examples.

They’re going to be asking you for details; including names of people, dates, and measurable outcomes. They’ll ask you how certain events made you feel. They’re going to be testing you in lots of different ways — Are you ready for their tough questions?

TIME-SAVINGS is what I’m trying to give you.

Saves time — You’ll know exactly what to do to get ready.

With this instant download THE GIFT IS you can start right this very instant — in a focused way — with everything laid out simply in front of you. It’s crystal clear what you need to be doing to get confident for your interview.

M y name is Bob Firestone and for most of the ’80s I was at IBM where I conducted over 500 job interviews. Today I’m an Instructional Designer focused on understanding organizations and people’s underlying emotions and motivations in the workplace. I teach actionable business psychology (stuff you can actually use) that helps people get ahead in their careers and in life.

I’ve dedicated the last 12 years to continually improving this job interview preparation package that’s helped over 27,000 people (read all reviews) from all walks of life.

They connect with me on LinkedIn to tell me it helped them immensely, sometimes in life-changing ways. I’m really proud of this!— and I feel passionate that you will benefit from it too. In fact, I guarantee it.

Each example interview question in the Guide begins with a discussion of the question, the reasons why they are asking it, and what they probably want to hear in your response.

FOR EVERY QUESTION you may face, this download gives you several word-for-word example answers to choose from — and customize to make your own. You’ll have the templates & the strategic formula for coming up with your own convincing answers — based on your own personality and your own personal work experience.

“Sure, at my last job we had a problem where the situation was “X” … the action I took was “Y” … and the positive outcome was “Z” … In an email to the entire team I was praised by Susan, the Project Manager, for solving the problem and cutting costs about 15% for that project. We were also able to deliver in about ⅔ the time it would have taken us otherwise. What I learned from the situation was “ABC.” I think that’s the type of experience you are looking to bring to your team, isn’t it?”

These training materials reveal several ways of coming up with measurable proof numbers that are based on your own past work experience & achievements. You’ll discover it’s as easy as fill-in-the-blanks to create your proof — and it’s SO effective in getting your interviewers to buy in to your potential & your value as an employee. You’ll have powerful statements like this that you can deliver with confidence:

“I think my experience with [Company XYZ] in cutting costs 30% / saving 20 man-hours of work per week / increasing revenue by 14% / getting the job done about 50% faster / decreasing turn-around time by ⅓ / helping customers 20% more of the time is the type of experience that will help me succeed in this role …”

“… Plus my strengths in [industry knowledge / time management / goal-setting / teamwork / empowering others / persuasive presentations / partnering & negotiating / innovation & creativity / strategic leadership / special skill ] really make me a strong candidate.” (Don’t be bashful — You’ve gotta say stuff like this!)

“You’d agree that having this type of experience would probably help me succeed in this position … wouldn’t you?” (say it with a smile)

“Would that type of problem-solving experience be relevant to this job?”

“When facing problems I try to take a systematic approach. I think it’s important to clarify the problem first and get as much information as I can by collaborating with important stakeholders – BEFORE I start proposing possible solutions. I also try to think about what the best possible outcome might look like. FOR EXAMPLE, when I was at Company XYZ … (use one of your S.O.A.R.L. Stories here) … and the result was about a 15% increase in cost-savings for that project. What types of challenges are you currently facing in your department? … What might I do to help you solve those problems in my first couple months on the job here?”

“What I liked about my last was I was able to really develop my “XYZ” skills which I know will help me succeed here if I am fortunate enough to be able to join your team. What are the qualities of the people who have been most successful in your department?”

(Notice the “data-mining” question ↑↑ about the skills and characteristics of other people. You’re sniffing for clues about what they want to hear!)

“One thing I liked about my last job was it allowed me to develop my project management skills … FOR EXAMPLE, I was put in charge of a project where I had to earn the “buy-in” of people from several different departments — and I had all the responsibility for getting the project completed but no real authority over my teammates. I was successful because I involved key stakeholders from the beginning. My team knew that other people were on board, so I was able to negotiate them to an agreement on deadlines. Then day-to-day I made sure everyone was completing their work on time by setting up a progress tracking system … Can I tell you about it?”

“Good question. Well, I have been successful at every job I’ve had, but I have had the normal ups and downs. I’d say that I do actively try to monitor the quality of my work so I can constantly be improving myself. FOR EXAMPLE, I have had one or two hiccups with clients (or customers) where their satisfaction was not exactly where I thought it was. I learned that I have to really monitor certain difficult clients closely and “take their temperature” so I can keep their satisfaction level as high as possible. Have YOU had any customers like that here?”

“Well, throughout my career I’ve worked both independently and as a member of many teams. I have to say, though, that collaborating with other people across departments is always a good idea — specifically when it comes to brainstorming and knowledge sharing. When it’s appropriate, I try to get outside perspectives on possible solutions. I did that a lot at Job ‘ABC’. FOR EXAMPLE … and the OUTCOME was a roughly 30% increase in cost-savings for the company, and a significant decrease in the time it took to complete the project.”

“Would that type of experience be relevant to this job? … Great! … So when do I start? …” (don’t be afraid so throw some humor in if it’s going well!)

T he Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers 2016 (7th edition) reveals the best way to say the things that are most calculated and most likely to resonate with your interviewers. Have them nodding their heads thinking “yes” — this is the person we should hire.

133 pages of clear & instantly useful interview strategies.

You get your hands on MODERN, TRUST-BUILDING, METRICS-BASED, EMOTIONALLY-INTELLIGENT, and TOTALLY PERSUASIVE word-for-word answers to choose from.

Over 45 questions for YOU to ask the interviewer to uncover their “hidden needs.”

A model for crafting your own perfect introductory “opening statement.”

A dozen power “closing statements” for when you ask for the job.

Structured answer‑options for the crucial “tell me about yourself” question.

The 40 desirable Behavioral Competencies that they will be grading you on.

Also comes with the “Salary Negotiation Scripts & Tips.”

Discover 18 step-by-step techniques to build rapport & increase your likability factor.

A quick 9-step exercise that will calm your nerves every time.

A spreadsheet of 240 action verbs and confident “outcome words” to use in your answers.

22 embarrassing management-level job interview MISTAKES that most people make (and you should AVOID), and of course you’ll pick up the 10 useful Bonus Items (included free with your order).

“I have been in the recruiting and staffing business for 18 years, but the information on how to frame responses to questions gave me the confidence I needed to get *myself* a job! … I also liked the behavior-based / behavioral interview questions strategies — it’s so important to be prepared for this. I will recommend your guide to my candidates. It’s great!”

“I would describe this guide as as a fascinating compass to use to plan for a high-impact interview. It’s designed to set you up for success in every regard. Very comprehensive, by the way. It gave me an extraordinary advantage.”

“As you have stated, there is a specific process to answering questions. Even slightly incorrect answers can stop your chances dead. As a manager who has interviewed hundreds of people over the years, I would always look for reasons NOT to hire someone in the interview. I would describe your Guide as a must-read item to be prepared for what is going to come at you — because it will!”

“I landed my dream job because of the tips I have been getting from you. And I actually enjoyed the interviews I did. At first I was scared looking at the candidates that I was to compete with, but after considering the fact that I had been called for the post means they had seen something in me I can deliver. It was courage that has landed me the new role I am holding now.”

“Bob, I purchased your guide two days ago and took the time commit some answers to memory. To my surprise, I used every one of them during the interview! … They told me it would be a structured interview asking me HR type questions — and your answer formula was exactly what they were looking for. Having the answers fresh in my mind was well worth the price of the Guide. It’s a very valuable resource.”

“Bob I just bought your book the Ultimate Guide to Job Interviews, and i am so excited, it’s been very resourceful and very helpful. Straight away I used the list of behavioral competencies to update my CV and my linkedin profile and it looks so much stronger!”

“Bob, your guide has been very useful. I liked Part II best: “Preparation.” I am definitely recommending it to friends and colleagues. I would describe it as a complete guide with key supporting data.”

“Your interview guide is very helpful indeed. I was experiencing a few unsuccessful interviews before I decide to take your serious preparation. By studying your materials I was able to understand what employers want to hear and how to make my answers profitable information for them. With the help of the Ultimate Guide I felt absolutely prepared and calm before my interviews. Now I have the job a wanted! Thank you so much.”

Try It! … if you don’t like it for any reason at all, just request an instant refund — and you can still keep the Guide.

You don’t even need a reason or a receipt. If you’re not 100% totally pleased and impressed then you get an instant refund; simple as that. We honor a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee instantly refunded to you for any reason, immediately upon your request.

There’s absolutely no risk in trying it.

Now in its 7th revision since 2004, it’s been trusted & downloaded over 27,000 times by people just like you who have a crucial interview and want to get hired. Download it now. You have a full 60 days to evaluate it. We honor a 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Walk in that door with the confident expectation of success that comes with knowing you are prepared! — You are going to have the best interview and deliver the best performance of your life — I PROMISE you this & guarantee it:

Costs less than a couple large pizzas — and your personal return on that small investment is huge. Get the new job you’ve already put tons of energy into finding.

“Get prepared to get hired, starting now!”

P.S. Order any time day or night … Get it on your phone right now, and have it in your email for later. Tax deductible purchase. Congratulations on your smart decision to invest in yourself, and good luck with your interviews!   Add to Cart »

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+ Job Interview Questions & Answers Guide

Review of Dog Training Tutor

Review of Dog Training Tutor

Review of Dog Training Tutor

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Review of Dog Training Tutor

Product Name: Dog Training Tutor

Click here to get Dog Training Tutor at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Dog Training Tutor:

Dog Training to Stop Behavior Problems…

Imagine this… No aggression, no biting, no nipping, no annoying barking or whining or jumping, and not the slightest hint of separation anxiety. No digging up your lawn, no chewing up everything in sight, and no more house training troubles to speak of.

Just a well trained, well disciplined, and happy dog. A dog that you can take anywhere. A dog that makes you proud and impresses everyone else…

It sure is a nice thought. But now it’s time to stop imagining and make it happen.

You’re about to discover a cutting-edge training method that will shock you as to how well it works.

First of all you should know that it is NOT about:
1. Hitting, scolding or yelling at your dog
2. Punishing your dog at all

What it IS about is this:

1. Communicating with your dog by understanding and playing on his natural canine instincts so that he WANTS to obey you and enjoys learning new things
2. Having FUN with your dog!

Read on to find out more about what you’ll gain from The Dog Training Tutor…

From: Kobie Lawson
May 1st, 2018

Dear Responsible Dog Owner,

If your dog is disobedient, or frustrates you by digging up your lawn, being aggressive towards people and other dogs, jumping, barking, whining, or whatever, I want you to know one thing first…

MILLIONS of dog owners around the world make the SAME mistakes with training their dogs and the reason why you do is because you are human and he is a dog. Your natural instinct is to train him by using human language. Such as telling him no when he tries to jump up on a stranger, or by scolding him when he digs up the front lawn.

If anybody gives you advice that you should train your dog not to do undesired behaviors by punishing and scolding, then DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THESE PEOPLE. And make sure that you NEVER hit your dog.

At last! You’ve just discovered an absolute goldmine of information (including some well kept secrets) about how to obedience train your dog by communicating with Dog Language and by playing on his natural canine instincts so that he WANTS to obey you and enjoys learning new things. The other great thing is that you’re about to make training time great fun BOTH for you AND your dog.

The interesting thing about dogs is that, while they have a natural instinct to want to dig, bite, whine, jump, pull on the leash, chew, bark, and show aggression at times, amongst other things, they are one of the most intelligent obedient animals and given proper training, they make a wonderful family pet.

And these methods have been proven over and over again to be successful in training even the most stubborn dogs! These methods and techniques, applied correctly, will work for you, guaranteed. We bet you’ll even impress yourself!

Is your patience wearing thin with a dog that won’t behave the way you want him to? What if you could get your dog to become that well behaved, happy companion that you’d always dreamed he’d be?

If that’s what you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place!

I wrote The Dog Training Tutor first off because I LOVE dogs, and by making a comprehensive training guide available online, I saw an opportunity to help many more people than I ordinarily do face to face in an average work week.

But I have to say that the motivation also came from being fed up with the quality of the dog training books and courses on the market. When I managed to take the time to see what was actually out there, I was surprised – and it wasn’t pleasant.

I found either bad information or material that was not explained in a way that regular people could understand. Even worse, most dog training books don’t have anywhere near enough visual examples to show you what to do, and some had no photographs or illustrations at all. That’s just plain boring! Training your Dog should be fun – both for you and your dog!

You’re about to learn precisely how to obedience train your dog and I guarantee that ANYONE can do it. You can take comfort in the fact that I make Dog training EASY and FUN!

Here’s a common question I get: “Will it matter what age my dog is?”

The answer is a big fat NO. I’ve trained hundreds of dogs in my time, and my methods apply to dogs of all ages. Whether your Dog is a puppy or an adult, I can help you make a positive and lasting change in your relationship with your pet.

The 5 vital traits that establish you as the Alpha dog… a few of these and your dog will start respecting your authority more than you’ve ever seen before! (pages 12-15)

Specific proven training methods for housebreaking your Dog! (pages 61-65).

When I first put The Dog Training Tutor out there for dog owners to read, I was honestly a bit nervous.

I knew the information was fantastic and I’d done my homework, but would dog owners, particularly Dog owners, be able to actually use it to properly obedience train their dogs, so that their dogs would become the well behaved, reliable companions that they’d always wanted?

The responses I’ve gotten have been more than worth all the time and energy spent.

I wanted to thank you for all the great information on dog training. Really it is more than just on training but on how to get along in a doggy dog world. I have been helped many times since reading the book. Not just for me but for my extended family as well.

My sister had a very difficult dog (Rascal). When I was with the dog she “acted out” with me and I put her in her place according to your book on being the alpha dog. The dog accepted my dominant role but obviously not my sister. Just as soon as I let her up she went straight to my sister and SAT on her face. I screamed not at the dog but at my sister for allowing that behavior. I was then able to give a few simple rules for becoming alpha and the dog and family have been much happier!

My own two dogs have been doing better. I have a much better understanding of the thinking of a dog. The new pup is doing great! With your help, we were able to integrate the little guy into our family. My stand-offish poodle has grown to love the little guy… I worried she would reject him and get into fights.
Deb Doyle
Nashville, NT, USA.

My own two dogs have been doing better. I have a much better understanding of the thinking of a dog. The new pup is doing great! With your help, we were able to integrate the little guy into our family. My stand-offish poodle has grown to love the little guy… I worried she would reject him and get into fights.
Deb Doyle
Nashville, NT, USA.

An Editional Comment Deb Sent to Me…

I had to report back. I just used the tutor as a reference for possession aggression. The problem was giving a puppy a bone. He really loved it and within minutes had become so possessive that even when I had not moved but was just close to him the hairs on his back raised, he stiffened and started to growl. I finally picked him up and away from the bone (small dog and kept away from the mouth!). I put the bone away and read the tutorial. Within minutes I had the bone back and gave it to him while I held on…It worked. No growling or any other aggressive behavior. He was not even aggressive with the other dog who got to share the bone. WOW!

I’m top dog and plan to stay that way! everybody is happier.

What to say about this product? I really don’t know what to say about it. It is probably the most influential and most productive dog training product I have ever read. Never has there been so much info packed into one book. This is a book of value, a book of gold. Honestly, whoever wrote this really knows their stuff on dog training. I would recommend the Dog Training Tutor book to anyone who has a dog. Even if your dog is already somewhat “trained” this book can help expand your knowledge of the dog’s mind and allow you to better control your pet with ease.

From the diet and housebreaking sections all the way to separation anxiety and fear of the leash, this guide will take you step by step in order to properly train your puppy or dog.

The biggest benefit you will gain from the Dog Training Tutor is the knowledge needed to break in your pet properly. You will not feel stressed or panicked when the time comes to control your dog. You will have the information needed to put your mind at ease. This is essential if you plan to have a healthy relationship with your animal. This product has helped broaden my horizons of just how professional dog trainers manage to do what they do. You should expect to learn everything you ever wanted to know about puppy training if you choose to purchase this product. A+ in my book folks, thanks again!

Adrian Barrett.
Ontario, Canada.

Ontario, Canada.

I have just finished reading your book, “Dog Trainer Tutorial”, and have found it all very enlightening. Earlier this year we rescued a beautiful dog from the local pound called Baxter. We wanted a big dog to take on hikes and other outdoor activities.
We were told at the pound that Baxter had separation anxiety issues and while friendly with other dogs, he would demonstrate undesirable behaviour (pulling, jumping, running up to other dogs and occasionally fighting to establish who was the Alpha Dog). Alot of anxiety in such an intelligent dog.
While enjoying the whole book and it’s easy to read, straight forward layout, the section on aggression and techniques for fixing the problems of aggression gave me more insight into understanding and dealing with my dog. I am going to use some of the suggested techniques in the book and seek the professional help of a behaviourist. It was interesting when reading the book to learn that I was unknowingly deferring to Baxter, reinforcing his unwanted behaviour. Your book will be a constant reference for me to build a stronger relationship with my new friend.
Wish us luck.
Nadeen Bettney, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Well trained and perfectly behaved at home, he is my baby but he still knows that I am the boss, until we set foot outside the house, when all training goes out of the window and he frequently pulls me over, bless him. Very slowly I am getting to grips with hitting the deck at speed and my trips at biting the dust are becoming less frequent.

Well trained and perfectly behaved at home, he is my baby but he still knows that I am the boss, until we set foot outside the house, when all training goes out of the window and he frequently pulls me over, bless him. Very slowly I am getting to grips with hitting the deck at speed and my trips at biting the dust are becoming less frequent.

He is not aggressive but nervous, constantly looking for anything that he might need to chase, he lunges forward and I find him almost impossible to control if there are any dogs, cats or squirrels around. When off the lead he comes when he is called, but I only dare let him off the lead when there is nothing else in sight for miles.

He is not aggressive but nervous, constantly looking for anything that he might need to chase, he lunges forward and I find him almost impossible to control if there are any dogs, cats or squirrels around. When off the lead he comes when he is called, but I only dare let him off the lead when there is nothing else in sight for miles.

I have found many useful hints in the dog training tutor, which I have started to put into practice and I am sure that I will eventually have some success from following the advice contained in the Dog Training Tutor although of course it is too early to say at this stage. I can say though, that I do feel that it will prove to be a wonderful reference book for me to use with Zak’s ongoing training for a very long time. I found that there was a lot of very useful advice for puppies and can honestly say that this should be essential reading for anybody thinking about buying a new puppy. Zuka at eight years old is very set in her ways and feels that she has the right to guard possessively our home and her barking is often irritating to me, let alone our neighbours.

I have found many useful hints in the dog training tutor, which I have started to put into practice and I am sure that I will eventually have some success from following the advice contained in the Dog Training Tutor although of course it is too early to say at this stage. I can say though, that I do feel that it will prove to be a wonderful reference book for me to use with Zak’s ongoing training for a very long time. I found that there was a lot of very useful advice for puppies and can honestly say that this should be essential reading for anybody thinking about buying a new puppy. Zuka at eight years old is very set in her ways and feels that she has the right to guard possessively our home and her barking is often irritating to me, let alone our neighbours.

By using the Dog Training Tutor I hope to put into practice some firmer alpha rules to show her that she does not need to guard the home quite so vocally. Zuka is also very excitable when we have visitors and by following the advice in Dog Training Tutor I have started to have a small success with getting her greetings to visitors to be slightly less enthusiastic but again I am glad that I have the Dog Training Tutor as a constant source of reference.

By using the Dog Training Tutor I hope to put into practice some firmer alpha rules to show her that she does not need to guard the home quite so vocally. Zuka is also very excitable when we have visitors and by following the advice in Dog Training Tutor I have started to have a small success with getting her greetings to visitors to be slightly less enthusiastic but again I am glad that I have the Dog Training Tutor as a constant source of reference.

Thank you for such a well written, enjoyable book that contains so much useful advice for a large variety of problems, including a first aid section which although I hope I will never need it is reassuring that I only need to look in Dog Training Tutor for any advice that I may need.

Thank you for such a well written, enjoyable book that contains so much useful advice for a large variety of problems, including a first aid section which although I hope I will never need it is reassuring that I only need to look in Dog Training Tutor for any advice that I may need.

Denise Jeffrey
Bedfordshire, England

Wow! This book is indispensable. Covers dogs of all temperaments, and ages, from puppy to senior. What a fantastic tool, my Shi-Poo puppy and I will grow together, using this book as our guide. Here’s to the “Dr. Spock” how to guide of doggies!!!

Christine Pauli

Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

Those of you who have experienced the full force of a dog ’s energy, enthusiasm and strength of character will know what I’m talking about – they can be very hard work! On the plus side, they are joyful, loving, intelligent dogs who are quick to learn.

Those of you who have experienced the full force of a dog ’s energy, enthusiasm and strength of character will know what I’m talking about – they can be very hard work! On the plus side, they are joyful, loving, intelligent dogs who are quick to learn.

At the point that I downloaded The Dog Training Tutor, Polly had just reached 6 months of age and was definitely leader of the pack – with her being the only canine in the house! The Tutor pack has helped tremendously in bringing me to an understanding of how to communicate with Polly, without getting cross or frustrated and now that I can do that, Polly is much happier to take the role of pupil and enjoys the exercises that we do. Polly has learned to wait for me to go through doors first, and up or down stairs first, and comes back to me when I call (mostly!).

We still have some way to go on the obedience front but we now have an understanding; sometimes I am allowed to be pack leader and I’m working on always being the leader!

Lesley Charlton
North Yorkshire, England

“Once you know your dog and communicate with him and understand his responses it is then easy to take the right steps to alleviate any aggressive or bad behaviour. The Dog Training Tutor helps both owner and dog to learn.”

The Dog Training Tutor is a must for anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy or for anyone who already owns one.
It is the most comprehensive book full of easy to understand information and simple to understand instrucions on how to train your dog. The chapters on owning a dog certainly help to pave the way for responsible dog ownership and with help and guidance in choosing a puppy and choosing a breeder.
Caring for your dog is made easy with everything you need to know in clear and easy to follow format.

The Dog Training Tutor is a must for anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy or for anyone who already owns one.
It is the most comprehensive book full of easy to understand information and simple to understand instrucions on how to train your dog. The chapters on owning a dog certainly help to pave the way for responsible dog ownership and with help and guidance in choosing a puppy and choosing a breeder.
Caring for your dog is made easy with everything you need to know in clear and easy to follow format.

My dog can sometimes be aggressive with other male dogs and after reading The Dog Training Tutor and the chapter on aggessive behaviour I have begun to understand my dog. I now look for the signs when he meets another dog and can therefore react accordingly. It is a question of understanding you dog’s language – the way he communicates and also very importantly how you communicate with your dog. It may be eye contact, it may be your calm approach. It may be a verbal command or physical gesture or it could be all of these.

Once you know your dog and communicate with him and understand his responses it is then easy to take the right steps to alleviate any aggressive or bad behaviour. The Dog Training Tutor helps both owner and dog to learn. It has certainly helped me and my dog. It has changed our relationship and we are both more confident and happy and walkies are now a joy and not a hassle.

I thought I was an experienced dog owner having had several pets before but now I have The Dog Training Tutor as my comprehensive reference manual I have all the information I need to train and understand my dogs. Thank you for such a marvelous book.

Jan Reczkowski
United Kingdom.

My goal in writing this guide is to give you the inside line on how to effectively train your dog to be the model companion you’ve always wanted.

As a trainer who takes a lot of pride in his work, it’s frustrating for me to see dog owners getting taught ineffective information. You can’t afford to be following a dog obedience training system that isn’t giving you results.

Have you had your fill of daily dog problems – are you just plain tired of saying “Bad Dog!” when you know, deep down, your dog isn’t really a bad dog? If so, you’ve found the right resource in The Dog Training Tutor.

This book will take the mystery out of dog psychology. It will explain how dogs think and why they act the way they do. But most importantly, it will show you how to effectively and humanely obedience train your dog.

When you click on the order button below, you’ll go to a secure order page for your credit card information (You can also order by mail or PayPal if you choose). When you use our secure order form, you’ll be able to download the books and video files immediately.

Your transaction is secure – using our secure 3rd party credit card processor – Clickbank, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The transaction will be discreetly billed to you as “Clickbank.”
The whole process takes just a few minutes and you’ll be reading your books in about 5 minutes.
Read The Dog Training Tutor cover to cover or only what you need – either way, you’ll always have an invaluable reference on hand.

The Dog Training Tutor instant digital download.

You’ll discover how to stop your dog’s behavior problems for good! And obedience train your dog using the fastest and most reliable methods available today!

Feel like your dog lives to drive you bonkers? That he just doesn’t get what you’re saying no matter how loudly you scream?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what the secret is behind talking to your dog… and having him actually know what you mean?

You need: “Instinct Vs. Man” Why Your Dog Thinks and Acts the Way He Does. a 35-minute audio visual presentation

Why You Can’t Read Your Dog’s Thoughts… But How to Come Pretty Close! (The secret is in the introduction!)

How Pampering Your Dog Can Sabotage Your Relationship. (Section 1)

How the “pack mentality” affects everything your dog does, from eating to sleeping and everything in between. (Section 1)

3 Exercises to Help Establish Yourself as the Alpha Dog. (Section 1)

Why you should never ever ever ever ever ever apologize to your dog. (Section 1)

2 Things That are Your Dog’s Biggest Rewards… and are Right In Front of You. (Section 1)

How you can tell if your dog knows who’s boss. (Section 1)

What if something happened to your precious pooch? Would you know what to do?

Without getting too overly dramatic, having that knowledge can literally mean the difference between life and death for your dog. Do you know what to do if he goes into shock? What are the warning signs of the more common canine diseases and conditions? Heck, do you even know which diseases and conditions are common in canines? If you failed that pop quiz, here’s your chance to bone up on your doggie health knowledge and help your baby live a long, happy life.

Details about the illnesses and conditions that can plague your dog from puppyhood to old age, as well as tools to help determine if something is a major problem or just an angry belly.

Both information about health problems AND ways of solving them quickly and with as little pain as possible for both you and your dog. Plus, a quickly accessible and easy-to-use pull-out section for emergencies!

Sometimes it is fun to spoil your dog, but you should know that pampering your dog isn’t just something people with no kids, extra cash, or spare free time can do. Anyone can do it, and it can actually help your dog live a longer, happier life!

It doesn’t just mean buying tons of new toys and gadgets — in fact, you can do plenty of things that don’t cost a cent!

Get information about low-cost luxuries for your dog AND free and fun activities that’ll keep both of you entertained for hours. Plus, an item-by-item price reference to keep you well within your budget!

I’m so confident that my methods will work for you, I’m prepared to offer you a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right! Take up to 60 days and use the dog obedience training tips and techniques in The Dog Training Tutor. That’s up to to put these valuable strategies to work with your dog in your own home.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, all you need to do is send us an email to request a refund and we’ll promptly refund your money.

Try it all out… or try as many of the tips as you can. Once you have used these techniques with your dog, I’m confident that you will NOT want to send it back!

I have one final thought to share with you.
After training dogs and owners for many years, I’ve come to know one thing: If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your dog’s life sorted right now, there’s very little chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future.
You know how they say that you can’t tell someone how to get somewhere unless you’ve been there yourself? Well, I’ve been there – with hundreds of dog owners in fact. And I’d be happy to help you too realize the true rewards of dog ownership.  

I understand by gaining access that:

Members Download Access provided by
Sold by ClickBank, Dog Training Tutor’s Authorized Retailer

(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)

Remember, learning is fun and easy when you’ve got the right tutor.

Author, The Dog Training Tutor

Kobie has always been a dog man. A native of Australia (from a region of the Northern Territory he describes only as “very red”), Kobie moved to the United States at age 11, where he worked first as a kennel hand and later as a dog trainer. Over the years he developed and refined what he saw as the most effective methods for dog obedience training. The Dog Training Tutor marks his debut dog training guide.

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Dog Training Tutor

Review of Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days

Review of Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days

Review of Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days

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Review of Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days

Product Name: Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days

Click here to get Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days:

Find out what hundreds of happy teachers have used to…

Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days After This Former Hiring Manager Reveals What You’ll Be Asked On The Interview And Shows You The BEST Answers!”

“Not just a qualified teacher, but an EMPLOYED one…”

“Mark’s guide was absolutely indispensable in finding a teaching job—even though I’m in London and it was written for the US!

Teaching jobs, especially PE teaching, are hard to come by in the UK, so you need to be right at the top to get a good job.

This guide gave me all the information I needed, from what to wear at an interview to what to say – and how to say it.

With the tips this guide gave me I changed the whole way I went about applying for jobs – it made an INSTANT difference.

And the confidence Mark’s guide has given me will stand me in very good stead in my new career.”

—Sarah Smith, Manchester, England, Uk

From the desk of Mark Fredman, Retired Teacher and Interviewer

var nowdate = new Date(); document.write(nowdate.toDateString());

You’ve poured years of blood, sweat and tears into preparing to teach….

You burned the midnight oil studying.

You consumed countless cups of coffee to stay awake during classes.

And you know in your heart you’re one of the good ones, don’t you?

Kids Need Good Teachers Like You—
But There’s One Thing Standing In Your Way…

The teaching job interview.

…where you have to outshine hundreds of other applicants…

…while every last one of them is doing their dead-level best to rip that teaching job right out of your hands.

How do I know?  Because I was on the other side of the interview table for 28 years.

That’s right, I hired teachers.

I asked the tough, open-ended questions.

I probed deeply into people’s backgrounds, into their motivations…

And time and time again, I saw bright candidates just like you struggle and miss out because they weren’t simply weren’t prepared.

They didn’t realize that…

Competition Is Stiff For Teaching Jobs Because…

Let’s face it, the economy is raggedy-rough these days, isn’t it?

More and more people are being laid off from corporate jobs.  And many of them are going into teaching.

Maybe you’re one of them…and that’s great because teaching is a very rewarding career.

But as a former teacher and hiring manager, I can tell you it’s no piece of cake to get a job.

You’re up against some of the best and the brightest.  To stand out and get the job, you’ve got to have an edge. 

It’s not enough anymore just to have a certification and a burning desire to help kids.  You’ve got to ace the interview.

To Become A Teacher, You Must Be Prepared To Confidently Answer Interview Questions Like…

“Tell me how you’d deal with this discipline situation…”

I remember asking that to a candidate who didn’t have the best credentials.  I thought it would weed him out.

But guess what?  He answered it flawlessly…along with the next question.

You know the part where the interviewer asks if you have any questions?  He was dead-on with thoughtful questions that showed he was competent, caring and committed.

And yes, he got the job!

Why?  Because he knew enough to prepare for the interview.

Even though he wasn’t as qualified as the other twenty candidates.  Yes, you read that right…I said TWENTY candidates.

So Why Should You Listen To Me? Because…

I’ve spent 28 years on the other side of the interview desk.  I’ve asked thousands of candidates tough questions.

…and make many other mistakes that could have been avoided if they’d only known what I was going to ask and how best to answer.

But you want to know what really got to me?

I had to turn down candidates with great credentials. Why?  Because they simply weren’t prepared for the interview.

Here were people I knew could do the job, yet protocol and policies required me to document the interview.

And quite frankly, they’d blown their chance at a teaching career. 

All because they simply weren’t prepared.

Meanwhile, I sat helpless as less-qualified candidates breezed through because they knew exactly how to respond to almost every question.

It wasn’t fair!  And it might happened to you, so I need to ask you…

Are You Prepared? Can You Confidently Answer…

1. Questions on classroom discipline and dealing with parents?

2. Questions about your experience and your background?

3. Tricky situational type questions of every type?

4. Behavioral type questions of all kinds?

5. Technical questions on use of computers and technology in classrooms?

6. All the questions that start with “Why”, “How”, and “When”?

…and do you know the questions the interviewer expects YOU to ask?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know…most of the best teacher applicants I ever saw weren’t prepared for those questions.

So I decided to level the playing field!

I sat down and poured out everything I know about the interview.

Every tip…every question…and all the do’s and don’ts that will help you get a job quickly.

But you want to know what really got to me?

This is IT, the ebook that pulls back the curtain and shows you what you need to know to ace any teaching interview!

Imagine knowing in advance the most likely questions you’ll be asked on your interview…along with the best answers.

Wouldn’t that give you a huge advantage?

It’s like having your own personal hiring manager for an interview coach—you simply cannot lose!

This is THE one critical “must-have” resource that you need to get the teaching job of your dreams…to open the door to your new career

What’s in it?  Literally TONS of actual interview questions that are asked every single day by real interviewers…along with fully explained answers.

Each answer is a complete lesson in itself.  And you’ve got to know them because teaching is so competitive that one wrong answer will cost you the job…no matter how qualified you are.

Hey, I’ve been there, I know!  I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Take a peek at some of the benefits you get …

…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

And as if that’s not enough, you’ll also find out what insiders know about letters of recommendation and initial interview screenings, including…

…and much, much more, including hundreds of actual interview questions and answers that won teacher jobs for real candidates!

Sounds Great—How Much Does It Cost?

You’ve already invested tens of thousands of dollars in earning your degree and teaching certificate, and I respect that.

I want YOU to get the teaching job you deserve.

I’m not going to charge you any more than what you’d pay for an average college textbook.  And I’m going to reward self-starters who are ready to take immediate action.  Here’s how…

They may not know they have osteoporosis until a bone breaks from something as simple as sneezing.  In seniors, simply walking up a flight of steps can create a hairline fracture.

Because I want to get this into your hands as quickly as possible…and I want to make it affordable for everyday people who want to teach.

You want my best advice?  Snap this up NOW…because I can’t promise you’ll see this low price again next week, or even tomorrow.

This stuff works.  People in 70 different countries including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and India have got teacher jobs after reading my guide…and you will, too!

“I would recommend this guide to anyone!”

“When I wasn’t able to land a job for a year, I moved to the USA. I saw it as a land of opportunity, and thought that when I qualified to work as a teacher I’d land a job pretty much immediately. After many failed applications, I began to wonder.

I tried so many different approaches, and each one followed a similar pattern – optimism gave way to disappointment as, more often than not, I didn’t even get asked to an interview.

So I was delighted when I read ‘Teaching Job Interview Secrets!’ It showed me that I didn’t need to change what I was to get a job, just change the way I did things. When I found the tips so simple to understand and knew I could go into interviews feeling I had a head start – and I got a job!   I could see the interview panel were as enthusiastic as I was. I would recommend this guide to anyone.”

“I got my high school teaching job thanks to you!”

“Mark, I am a mother of 2 kids, and for over 2 years I was applying for teaching jobs here and there but I didn’t take it seriously. Thanks to the recession, my husband lost his job and I began my search for a teaching job all over again.

Then a friend of mine recommended your guide and I can say that I got my high school job thanks to you!

I owe you a lot. I’d definitely recommend your guides to anyone who’s serious about getting a lucrative teaching job.

Thank you so much Mark!”

—Mary Bethune, San Diego

This Is The “Must-Have-To-Get-The-Job” Guide For ALL Teaching Jobs—Not Just Public Schools…

You’ll gain a significant advantage over your competition if you are interviewing for…

What Are You Waiting For? There Is Absolutely NO Risk To You, Because…

I want you to feel completely comfortable in ordering “Teaching Job Interview Secrets”…so I’m taking ALL the risk.

I’m so confident you’ll get your dream teaching job within 30 days after reading “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” you have my iron-clad, 100% money-back guarantee for 60 full days.

“I got a call within a week !”

“First of all I want to thank you for your guides–I really needed a resource for teaching job preparation.

After reading your guide, I found out that I was replying to all those interview questions in the wrong way!

All the tips for lesson plans, demonstration lessons, cover letter and resumes helped a lot. I uploaded my resumes to the websites you recommend. I got a call within a week! And thanks to all of your tips, I beat 35 candidates and aced the interview!

Thanks a lot for providing such a valuable resource. I’d advise anyone to read this guide. God Bless You!”

—Alexa Grimm, New York

Still On The Fence About Ordering?

Let Me Turn It Into A Complete No-Brainer With FREE Special Bonuses You’ll Love…

Yes, you read that right!

When you order “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” right now, I’ll shower you with

8 big bonuses to boost your teaching interview success!

Take a look at what you’ll get…

Bonus #1 –  Resumes & Cover Letters For Teaching Jobs by Mark Fredman

All-in-one compilation of the ideal resumes and cover letters that you need to score that interview. Remember, this is half the battle – with so many people applying for teaching jobs, many qualified teachers never even get as far as the interview room.

Ace your interview and get the job by following our guide to writing the perfect cover letter and resume, whether you are looking to teach Art, Chemistry, Politics, Philosophy or Foreign Languages. In fact, there are examples for more than 45 subjects including…

Bonus #2 – Using Online Resources To Get A Teacher Job – Reliable Online Sites & Agencies
by Mark Fredman

Packed with information!  A fantastic list of job search sites and agencies that schools all over the world use to seek out the perfect candidates for the jobs they are offering.

Register with these sites and increase your chances of getting a job that pays well and offers real security! It includes lists of:

* The Top 10 Education Job Sites for UK Teaching Jobs
* The Top 12 Education Job Sites in the US
* The Top 12 Education Job Sites in Australia
* The Top 12 Education Job Sites in Canada
* The Top 5 Teaching Job Sites in Japan
* The Top 5 Teaching Job Sites in New Zealand
* The Top 15 International Teaching Job Sites (giving you a chance to see the world and get paid for it!)
* Detailed Instructions on How to Use the Best Online Resources to Find the Perfect Job.

Bonus #3 – Acing Any Job Interview
by Mark Fredman

This is YOUR ace in the hole!  I take you by the hand and walk you through all the steps of a teaching job interview. I’ll guide you step by step through how to prepare for & Ace Your Job Interview.

Highly Recommended For Anyone Having A Job Interview.

Bonus #4 – How To Teach By George Drayton Strayer & Naomi Norsworthy

Here’s what they don’t teach you in school about How To Teach.  I guide you through all the methods to avoid common pitfalls and teach successfully. Your students will love you for this!

You will learn about all the difficulties faced by teachers in teaching students. Here is your chance to learn from my vast experience and become a highly respected teacher yourself!

Bonus #5 – Successful Career Change

THE success book for the next decade.  “Successful Career Change” is a very popular ebook on ways to change your career successfully.

I have partnered with this ebook’s publishers to provide this free along with “Teaching Job Interview Secrets” Guide.

If you are looking to change your career and become a teacher, you will find this guide very useful!

Bonus #6 –  How to Find Work in the Federal Government

Completely loaded with all the information on the best ways to find work with the Federal Government, in convenient ebook format.

This is a valuable resource for every person looking for a high paying and respectable job with the Federal Government!.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the various rarely discussed methods you can use to Get Work with the Federal Government. How much a federal job is worth for you?

Bonus #7 – Professional Resumes & Cover Letters by Mark Fredman

You get ANOTHER great resumes and cover letter ebook and this one applies to every job interview—not just teaching jobs. Discover each and every single step on how to create a perfect resume and a cover letter.

You will find the world’s most successful resume and cover letter templates that you can use right away for any job application!

This is YOUR chance to make money from teaching without having to go into the formal setup of being a teacher – or supplement your normal teaching income by giving supplemental one-to-one or smaller group tutoring! 

With a supplemental guide on how to really succeed as a private tutor, this is worth as much as either of the additional teaching job guides with the advantage of really broadening your earning potential. I’m throwing this one in for free – even though with one hour of online tutoring you could pay for the whole package!

This is IT, folks, the most incredible package you’ll find ANYWHERE online, period.

It’s time to stop hesitating.

Bottom line, this is the real deal.

It’s worked for thousands of teachers.

…and I guarantee that once you get your hands on this package, you WILL get that teaching job!

Right now, click on the order link.  It’s the right choice.

You’ll be really glad you did after you start teaching.

” Helped Her Ace Her Interview And Land A Great Job”

“My wife Samantha finally got hired today! She is so happy, and I can’t tell you how much this means to both of us.

I work at Walmart, and my wife has been unemployed for 14 months. She’s been looking high and low for a teaching job, and luckily a friend of hers told her about your guides and they definitely helped her ace her interview and land a great job as 3rd grade teacher.

I’d like to thank you again on behalf of our family. If you happen to visit Houston anytime, do send me an email. We’d love to personally meet you.”

–Thank you,
Brian Jackson
Houston, Texas

OK, I’m Nearly Done Here But One More Thing…

Picture yourself waking up for a teaching interview.

You smile, knowing you’re more prepared than 95% of the other applicants…because you studied “Teaching Job Interview Secrets.”

You walk in there knowing exactly what to expect.  You hear questions that you’ve prepared for, and you give answers that make the committee smile and nod.

And then the call comes—you’re hired!  Won’t that feel great?

You know you want that job.

My guides will get you there.

It’s as simple as that.

Order yours now…because you deserve that great teaching career!

Wishing you the best of success,

P.S. Remember, you risk NOTHING by ordering.  If you’re not completely satisfied, email me at within 60 days of ordering and I’ll happily refund every last cent of your money.  I truly want you to be happy and to succeed…so order right now with no worries!

Claim Your Copy of Teaching Job Interview Secrets by Clicking Here

P.P.S.  Don’t forget, you get my special FREE bonus material as my way of thanking you for ordering.  I can’t promise how long I’ll keep giving away all 8 bonuses so if you want ‘em, get ‘em by ordering right this very minute.

Home |Order |Testimonials |FAQ |Contact |Affiliates |Disclaimer.

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Get Your Dream Teaching Job Within 30 Days

Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Product Name: The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Click here to get The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons:

From: Steven Hold

Dear fellow bearded dragon enthusiast,

If you want a fun, easy to handle, and healthy bearded dragon, then you have come to the right website. Here you will learn how to avoid the common mistakes most bearded dragon owners make learn exactly how to care for your bearded dragon so they will bond closer with you and live a longer healthier life.

These bearded dragon care instructions will give you the secrets and knowledge of bearded dragon veterans and professional bearded dragon breeders so you will be able to have a healthy, energetic, and beautiful bearded dragon.

Below is how most people learn about taking care of their bearded dragon…

Learn from a Friend or Family Member that Has a Bearded Dragon
There’s no doubt that you trust their suggestions and advice about bearded dragons, but you are assuming that they are well experienced with diet, care, and habitat setup for bearded dragons. Just because they have a bearded dragon, don’t assume they are an expert and know how to care for one.

Get a Care Guide from Your Local Vet
Unfortunately, not every vet will have a care guide available for bearded dragon care, and those that do will only have a 1-2 page sheet that gives basic facts (these sheets will usually contain information on other reptiles too). Trust me, I know, because I have contacted hundreds of vets (403 to be exact) to provide them with free bearded dragon care guides and many of the vets told me that A) they would only accept a guide that could fit onto one sheet of paper (front and back), B) that they referred customers with questions to care websites online, or C) They didn’t have enough bearded dragon clients to merit them having a guide to pass out.

Get Care Information from Free Websites Online
This is the most common option, and the chances are that you have already done this yourself. There are a lot of great websites online regarding bearded dragon care, however most of these websites are created by hobbyists and their care instructions are sometimes lacking or incomplete. This is one of the reasons why I created (which is currently one of the most popular bearded dragon websites in the world), however I couldn’t include too much information on the site because it would make the pages so long and technical that it would deter most people from reading the page.

Or You Can Learn the Care and Handling Techniques Experienced Bearded Dragon Owners Use by Downloading Our Step-by-Step Guide…

It doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s not expensive to keep your bearded dragon in 100% health and looking his or her best at all times. This same information has helped countless bearded dragon owners and it will help you too!

Our guide contains step-by-step instructions telling you exactly what you need to do and what to look for so you can know without a doubt that your bearded dragon will live a long healthy life.

In as little as 5 minutes from now you can be reading this guide and applying the techniques to your bearded dragon.

You can either print the guide or read it off your computer, iPhone, Tablet, or Smart Phone. Unlike other guides you will never lose our guide. Since it is downloaded and saved to your computer you can always print off another copy of the instructions.

I guarantee The Bearded Dragon Guide will benefit you and your bearded dragon or we will give your money back!

If you feel The Bearded Dragon guide was not worth your investment, simply contact me within 60 days and I’ll issue you a full 100% refund with no questions asked!

I 100% Guarantee that you WILL see a positive change in your bearded dragon’s behavior, appearance, and/or attitude, or I will give you your money back.

Yes, I am ready to improve my bearded dragon’s life. Let me try The Bearded Dragon Guide for 60 days and if for any reason I am unsatisfied I will receive a full refund.

Don’t Hesitate, Download The Bearded Dragon Guide today and get all the techniques, methods, and care instructions the experts and breeders use to expand the lives, increase the coloring, and improve the health of their treasured bearded dragons!

P.S. – Remember, The Bearded Dragon Guide comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so you have 8 solid weeks to try out all the care techniques to improve and extend the life of your bearded dragon and if you’re unsatisfied in any way, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

Home | Contact | Privacy Policy | Download The Bearded Dragon Guide

© 2018

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The Bearded Dragon Guide » How to Care for Bearded Dragons

Review of Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex

Review of Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex

Review of Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex

Click here for bigger image

Review of Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex

Product Name: Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex

Click here to get Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex:

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Prostate Massage: What Every Man Needs To Know For Health & Sex

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Click here for bigger image

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Product Name: fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Click here to get fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo:

can find Giant Fossil shark teeth




friends and I have been searching for fossils for over
20 years. I’ve authored over a dozen
books, hosted the Dive Wreck Valley cable TV series and
run the charter dive boat Wreck Valley. This book will help you
identify many of the fossils Black Water river divers can
recover in South Carolina and Florida.

Capt. Dan Berg


New Fossil ebook is heavily illustrated with color photographs. Divers, fossil hunters, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, or fossils will surely find
this ebook informative, fascinating and the perfect addition
to their library


Black Water Fossil Diving Identification Guide is a 39 page downloadable, printable PDF booklet. The text is packed with information and color images. Find out what Fossil diving in South Carolina is all about or use the guide to help identify your own fossils.

100% “Love It or Leave It”
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You’ve got a

to try out the material. This is a
no questions asked, no fuss
money-back guarantee.

Here’s How To
Order Right

 Once your
credit card is
approved, you
will be taken
to a special
download page
where you will

have instant
access to the








with a Credit
Card by Secure


Capt. Dan Berg

Check out Capt. Dan’s shipwreck and diving eBooks

Suggested Reading -Fossil Hunting Books

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fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

Review of Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

Review of Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

Click here for bigger image

Review of Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

Product Name: Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

Click here to get Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide:

If you have decided to pursue a career in law enforcement and become a police officer, you need to know a couple of crucial facts before you start the process:

First… When it comes to passing the Police Written Exam, nobody cares what kind of grades you got in High School or College—and nobody cares if you made the Dean’s List or graduated with honors. It doesn’t matter!

Second… If you’re not 100% ready to absolutely “ACE” your police oral interview…or if you’re thinking that just passing is enough to get you hired…you are COMPLETELY misinformed.. PERIOD!

How do I know that? Because the cold hard fact is that only 30% of all candidates will pass and only 5% of those people get offered a position…

That means you’re going into the exam with the odds stacked against you before you even show up! It also means that even “good” students flunk the exam all the time.

Look, nobody wants to fail the exam because it’s a fact if you pass the police exam and score high on the oral board interview… you’re all but hired.

But fail…or pass with just a meager score…and you’re off to break the bad news to your friends and family members and everything you’ve done up to this point is wasted.

You don’t want this. And, you don’t have to go through it, if you prepare properly for the exam. After all, it only makes sense to take advantage of the best preparation possible. That’s where I come in…

My name is Officer Forestal. I’ve been a police officer for over a decade now.

I hold a Bachelors degree in criminal justice and psychology from Defiance College in Ohio.

So when it comes to knowing police work AND the best coaching methods available to help you land a career in law enforcement, I got you covered.

Using the exact same secrets you’ll find in Pass the Police Exam, I took two police exams from two different departments in two different states.

The results?  I aced each exam with flying colors and landed the job soon after.

Don’t believe me, here’s what other people are saying….

There is something you must do before you get the chance to take the written exam and oral board interview…

“What do you mean successfully apply? Don’t you just fill out the application and send it in?”

Well sure… you can do that! Just don’t expect anything to happen!

What do I mean? Simple…

Police departments all across the country get a constant flood of applications for relatively few openings. So the first task the department has to do is weed out most of the applicants. They do that using the application.

In fact, many departments are so busy that they use a computerized screening process to reject applications that don’t measure up. In other words, a whole bunch of people get rejected before their application is even seen by a human!

What this means is that filling out the application correctly is every bit as important as doing well on the exams and other phases of the department’s selection process.

You must understand that there are many, many things that can knock your application out of the running. Stupid things like misspelled words (there’s no excuse for those!). You cannot treat the application in a casual way. It has to be perfect and represent the best you have to offer. I will show you how that’s done.

Oh, one more thing… If your application is rejected, you never find out why! You do not  get any feedback that lets you know where you made mistakes so you can fill out the application the right way the next time.

One of my friends decided he wanted to be a police officer. He went through the application process and was quickly disqualified. So he went through the process again—but this time he asked me to review his application before he sent it in.

I was shocked to see all the major mistakes he had made. I helped him complete his application correctly and trained him for the written exam and fitness test, and finally the oral interview. He aced everything, got on the eligibility list, and eventually got hired within nine months!

I can do the same for you! I will walk you through the application step by step and make sure you do not leave any careless mistakes behind—mistakes that will get your application rejected.

The application is the crucial first step. It has to be 100% perfect! I will help you make sure it is!

Now, Pass the Police Exam will be at your side to take you through the next phase.

There are a lot of key points you need to know, and Pass the Police Exam covers them all.

Plus more police test tips, tricks, and secrets that will help you breeze through the exam!

If you follow everything I teach you in Pass the Police Exam, you will walk in owning the exam, and walk out having passed it and ready to move onto the next phase. I am so sure of this that I am willing to guarantee your success! I’ll tell you more about that in a moment…

The second major hurdle is the oral board interview. (Some departments schedule this right before the polygraph examination. Regardless—you’re going to have to pass this test at some point.)

Unfortunately, the sad fact is police oral boards eliminate more prospective police applicants than all other parts of the police testing process…combined!

And its for this reason, you’re absolutely going to love what I’m about to reveal…

In my pass the police exam package I absolutely take the lid off what happens in that dreaded, nerve-racking interview room. I Iiterally hold you by the hand and take the unknown out of the picture…You’ll know exactly what questions will be asked and how to answer them…

Trust me if you follow my oral board interview blueprint you’re virtually guaranteed a top spot on the eligibility list.

By the way… how much is it worth to you to get all the secrets you need to know to fill out the department application properly, pass the police written exam, and pass the oral board interview? And to guarantee your results! Think about that..

I Am Determined to Give You EVERYTHING You Need to Succeed In Your Quest of becoming a Police Officer—

These bonuses are designed to round out the entire process—from successful applicant… to candidate… to rookie… to seasoned officer.

Not only will you have the most downloadable law enforcement prep guide on the planet, but you’ll also receive sample test questions that will help prepare you for even the trickiest questions. It doesn’t get more done for you than this. All you have to do is download this book and read it.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll learn inside…

Police work can sometimes be like the military: long periods of routine calm, punctuated by short bursts of adrenaline-pumping terror! Of course, a lot of people thrive on that. It’s something that the average citizen never experiences in their humdrum lives. But you must still know how to deal with it and remain in control of your emotions.

You must be able to stay focused on what needs to be done right now to survive a dangerous situation. Controlling your fear is the key to this. If you can be the master of your fear, everything else will fall into line and you’ll be able to function as you should. There is no substitute for real-life experience to really teach you how to do this. I’ll share my experience with you so you will go out armed with the necessary tools to stay in control.

Unfortunately, even with all the preparation I have included in Pass the Police Exam, there are still some people who suffer from test anxiety. Some of them freeze up. Some of them forget everything they’ve studied. Others get so emotional that they can’t concentrate and start to panic.

The end result is that all their preparation goes out the window and they end up failing the exam, which is a real shame. I would be remiss if I didn’t address this issue for those of you who might be prone to test anxiety. I don’t want you to go to all the trouble of studying the information I give to you, only to have a meltdown in the exam room. This bonus book will help you cope with your fears and overcome them.

I give you the tips, secrets, and advice you need to make this time as beneficial as possible. If you are committed to law enforcement as a career, you don’t want to just squeak through the academy. Your career will be that much more rewarding if you know how to excel during your time there. I’ll show you how to do that.

I see this scenario play itself out all too often. An excited applicant makes it through the hiring process, and then the police training academy, and finally through their rookie year. They are genuinely excited about the work they do. Officer X take pride in his/her work, and it shows in their job performance. Then something happens. They stop caring about their job. They lose that zeal that made them such a good police officer.

They got burned out, lost track of what’s most important, became bitterly negative about everything. It’s no surprise that most days they dread going to work. So, what happened to that young officer that was ready to help his/her community. I’ll tell exactly what happened, and how to avoid it.

In this report, I will share with you how a positive attitude can influence and motivate yourself and others. Learn some key factors that will turn you into a cop that will continually challenge yourself, one that take pride in his/her work; and who have a passion and desire to grow professionally.

Have you ever come across a recruit who met all the credentials to be a great cop, took the physical assessment test, only to fail & be sent home? I have. They were sent home not because they weren’t cop material. On the contrary, they were sent home for being grossly out of shape.

Trust me you don’t want to get booted from the agility test center. If that happens to you chances are you’ll have a hard time EVER getting a job in law enforcement. Think about how you’d explain this when you try to apply again. I’ve seen recruits when asked what happened, lie and make up a story.

To avoid this embarrassing scenario, I’ve included a fat loss program that will snap you into shape and get you ready for the physical assessment test.

Exam and fitness tips delivered right to your email every week! A valuable resource you can look forward to! Keep current with the latest advice for taking the exam. I’ll also help keep you in great shape with weekly exercise and fitness tips—the exact same ones I use as a personal trainer to coach my students.

I’m dedicated to make sure you’ll never be “behind the eight ball.” Every time I learn something ground breaking in the police community or fitness related, I’ll pass it on to you.

When you come on board and download your police study course, I will be with you for the long term in continuing to find ways to make the program better, more complete, and easier to follow. Every time a new updated version of Pass the Police Exam is completed, you will get it for free! If you are still in the application process when a new version comes out, I won’t leave you behind. You’ll benefit from the latest information.

That’s one of the great benefits of e-books… No longer will you have to go to the store and get the new edition, they will be sent to you immediately via email, for FREE! That means you’re covered… for the rest of your life!

By acting right now, you can get my entire 8 component “Career Success Kit” for the introductory price of only…

That’s right. I’m willing to slash the price down to make this incredibly powerful information affordable for everyone.

Could I charge double or triple that amount?

But I won’t do that because I truly want to help as many future cops as I possibly can. For that reason I did everything in my power to get the price down as low as it can be.

There are a number of programs out there that claim to help you get through the police exam process. But you have to ask—who wrote them and what kind of credentials do they have? If you’re smart, you’ll ask yourself these questions:

I can truly say that I practice what I preach: I used the inside secrets found in Pass the Police Exam myself and blew both tests right out of the water.

And you can too! I’ll show you how. My expertise, my experience, and my skills are all yours—with Pass the Police Exam!

You need to give yourself all the advantages you can! Why would you compromise  by going with an inferior program? You’ll only hurt yourself and hurt your chances for success. Get the real deal written by the real deal!

Remember I asked you earlier how much it is worth to you to get all the secrets you need to fill out the department application properly and pass the police written exam? And to guarantee your results? Have you put a price on that yet?

Of course, you also have to ask what it’s worth to not fail the exams! How much is it worth to avoid the frustration and embarrassment of flunking the exams and having to go through the whole process again? Can you put a price on that at all?

But you won’t pay anywhere near that. I want to help you start your career as a police officer, and part of that help is making it affordable to get Pass the Police Exam right now so you can jump right in.

You’ll spend more than that for dinner and a few beers at your favorite night spot!

You don’t have to wait for Pass the Police Exam to be delivered! Pass the Police Exam is a convenient e-book in PDF format (there are no printing costs, so we can keep the cost really low!). It’s available for instant download as soon as you complete your order. You can view it right on your computer screen or print it out if you want to.

Too many great candidates are needlessly eliminated at the beginning of the process because of mistakes they make that are completely avoidable. It has always bothered me that so many good people—folks who would make great police officers—never get past the first steps. If only they can make it through the initial screening process, their communities will benefit by having them on the force, and they will have a chance to enjoy rewarding careers.

I hate to see these great candidates get kicked out of the system prematurely. So I am determined to give them everything I can to help them survive at the beginning—and into their careers.

That is why I have created Pass the Police Exam. I don’t want you to be one of those great candidates who doesn’t get a chance to pursue a career as a police officer. I’m giving you that chance!

Earlier I said that you need to give yourself all the advantages you can to successfully apply and then pass the exams. That is true. But you must also be honest enough with yourself to know—for certain—that this is the career you want. Police work is a noble profession with a long proud history. But it requires a special person with special qualities. Most people who start the process give up when they fail just one phase of the process. You must be willing to do what it takes to pass the entrance exams and make it through the academy.

If you have read this far, my guess is that you are serious about pursuing this path and doing whatever it takes. And that’s the kind of person I’m looking for! I am here to help you reach your goals and join an elite group of men and women serving their community and enjoying an exciting profession that people with routine 9 to 5 jobs never experience.

If you are motivated enough… if you are willing to work hard… if this is your big dream… if you want to be set free from boring, commonplace jobs… if you want to be one of the few who make it… then I want to help you do it!

Order Pass the Police Exam today! And let me set you on the path to success as a police officer!

Please Note: This is a downloadable e-book program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering.  This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

E.L. Forestal Founder/Author – Pass The Police

P.S. Don’t delay any longer! People that keep putting off their goals rarely ever get around to pursuing them. STOP procrastinating and making LAME excuses for how you aren’t ready for the police test.  Arm yourself with the knowledge RIGHT NOW, and get the info that will help leverage your time and ace the exam.

P.P.S This study guide is the real thing. I have poured everything I know about how to pass both the agility test, and the written test. I know this manual will help you and I have testimonials of REAL people to prove it. And with my “no questions asked” total refund guarantee, there’s no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose by at least trying Pass The Police Exam ebook, so click below to order now!

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Pass The Police Exam: Police Written Test Study Guide

Review of Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops

Review of Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops

Review of Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops

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Review of Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops

Product Name: Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops

Click here to get Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops:

Welcome to the best online resource for DIY Chicken Coop Plans.

You’re ready to reap the benefits of having chickens.And you want to build your own coop.

But you know there are many different blueprints on the market.

So you need the right one. 

And you’re eager to finally start living an eco-organic lifestyle.Raise your own Cluck Norris and Yolko-Ono.Have your own farm fresh eggs.Every. Single. Morning.

But you need a simple place to start.

… Is easy to build (Even if carpentry isn’t your forte)… Takes the research and prep-work out (No wasted time on measurements and material)… Provides the exact step by step process (No vague pictographs here, my friend)… Saves you money (Prefabricated coops are costly + never buy another overpriced egg from the market again!)…Is Predator proof (Stop letting those raccoons steal your glory)

You’re housing your own chickens, and your healthy pets lay delicious organic eggs for you to enjoy the freshest omelets, eggs benny’s, and heaps of baked goods…

Meanwhile, your garden vegetables – the squash, tomatoes, and red french lettuce – are overflowing the garden bed as a result of your very own chicken fertilizer…

You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished – both the beautiful coop AND the lifestyle you’ve created.

You can easily and cost-effectively build an admirable chicken coop that you and your family can benefit from, again and again, month after month.

You know how they say don’t put all your eggs in one basket?

Our 15 in 1 chicken coops are designed for the DIY’er ready for huge success in raising chickens. And it’s simple to accomplish with Easy Coops. These perfectly designed blueprints will guide you through the entire process of building your very own coop for any backyard or garden.

Ideal for small ranchers. It is associated with a medium amount of difficulty to put together, as well as featuring handy entry points with regard to serving, cleansing, and collecting eggs or even baby birds. The style is fixed and has dual access hatches to reach the actual nesting places.

Ideal for customers looking to maintain a large number of chickens or to boost the size of the chicken herd. It provides plenty of living area and a couple of large walk-in doors. In addition, the Scandinavian style makes this hen house a pleasant inclusion to your outside living space.

The construction of this coop should take several days. The hatches that give access enables a simple routing for tidying up and also maintaining birds and also their eggs. The ladder within the design enables your chickens to easily get into and leave the completed coop.

The construct of the coop allows for warmness and defence during the tough weather. The chicken run gives complete protection from potential predators, and the doorways on the connected nest containers allow the hens to move without restriction directly towards the run.

The double hatching cases permit ease of collecting your eggs, along with recovering hatchlings if you need to. The integrated stairway assists your birds to enter the elevated nesting region. Multiple accessibility doors make the operations of washing, serving, and harvesting very easy.

The gable style rooftop provides refuge in the most dangerous weather conditions, and several access entrances allow for effortless entry in order to feed, thoroughly clean, and harvest two areas: the run and also the nesting location. The linked hatching situation makes for quick access to the nesting area.

This is definitely going to have plenty of area for development and simplicity of use.Two various doors provide entry towards the main chicken breast run and also to the roosting area. An additional hatch doorway on the back allows an extra way to gather eggs or simply access regarding cleaning.

If you happen to be the kind of individual committed to increasing your own fresh and offspring, then you are most likely willing to undertake the construction of your coop. This is actually the plan to take a look at first due to its practicality, simpleness, and cost.

Its gabled roof provides sturdy security, even in weighty storms. The very raised having their nests area furthermore provides extra defense against predators. Along with proper padding and high-quality materials, it may also house your current chickens via most chilly spells.

You can shift it to the location to provide natural feeding. The arch design offers free circulation of air flow and makes the particular frame more durable during goes. The rear having their nests area gives plenty of defence against predators. A stepladder is included to get full floor access for the birds.

The around is designed along with protected locations for having their nests and roosting while continuing to allow a place for running around while the can result in is shut. There are also cupboard style gates for access to the having their nest’s box, therefore egg selection and cleanup is a take there too.

It is an immobile structure, including nesting parts, windows, and even doors for the birds and then for you to clear, feed together with collect ovum or hatchlings. It has a durable, permanent base, and the gabled roof supplies great climate protection.

Chickens may have roosting as well as nesting space without creating a huge presence in your lawn or neighbourhood space. This features a full-size access entrance for nourishing, cleaning, and also harvesting as it, birds, along with hatchlings, in addition to a window, to fit increased airflow.

The dimensions of the house can home even the biggest flock. Together with two individual cage areas, there is a lot of room pertaining to roaming. At the same time, the hen house is walk-in with a full-sized door. This enables easy access for you to cleaning, providing, egg series, and hatchling harvest.

This beautiful chicken house is easily accessible and has hinged hatch front door for egg cell collection. The doorway includes a windowpane for you to sign on to your feathered friends for them to acquire some sunlight. There is certainly plenty of area for your pleased, healthy fresh to wander.

Because that’s who we’ve made them for!  

These easy to understand guides give you the exact measurements of every material and hardware you need to accomplish your very own hen house.

We’ve linked arms with certified constructors + tested these prints with other first-time coop builders.

The results have been flawlessly crafted, attractive coops time and time again.

We know you’re ready to take on your own at-home project. Therefore, we have studied the needs and behaviors of chickens for years and have perfected easy-to-build chicken coops that create a well-organized and functional home for your chicks – all while allowing you to enjoy the basics of woodworking.

Here are some excerpts providing the clear instructions of Easy Coop’s simple building process:

Certified constructors design ALL our plans- these poultry palaces are both practical and efficient. Chicken breeders have then reviewed them to ensure ease of use, style, and productivity. High attention to detail has been delicately intertwined into every aspect of the coops including:

Specific materials and measurements needed for each coop

Strong ventilation, lighting, and insulation

Nesting box quantity according to flock size

Spaciousness for adults to walk in – to clean or collect eggs

Designed by certified professionals

The market was missing realistic coops that could be built for beginners – most of them were too complicated and had many unnecessary steps of construction elements.

Or alternatively, plans shout ‘free’ online, however, they are not detailed enough, leaving too much guesswork for the end user. Nest boxes are a must inside the chicken coop, and often not enough are provided for the ratio of laying hens. Other important elements that are often missed in coops are roosting bars,  ladders, and ventilation.

Our plans have carefully combined every essential part while eliminating any unnecessary and complicated instruction of building coops.

Quite frankly, our name says it all.

Our plans are easy to use and understand, guiding you from beginning to end with clear written and illustrated step-by-step processes.

The extensive real-life and market research of Easy Coops has brought a level of unsurpassed quality that we are proud to bring to your family.

Approved by constructors and woodworkers, and then reviewed by chicken breeders (as opposed to internet marketers), these thoughtful plans are brimming with detail. Plus, we’ve already put in the extensive research to eliminate your workload upfront including:

All our measurements are listed in actual size compared to many instructions that are nominal sizes. This simple yet often overlooked concept confirms you are purchasing the correct hardware the first time around – no wasted money.

Foundation plans for structural integrity

Structural integrity is a necessity for any building. Therefore, Easy Coops have implemented cement foundation plans to ensure the confidence, safety, and durability into your pet’s coop.

Step-by-step instructions

All plans comes with 30-50 detailed steps that cover all corners of your coop: from foundation to roof and every inch in between. Plus, we’ve included extra tips on how to make sure your DIY project is a raving success!

This holds true with the materials and tools needed. We’ve removed every complicating factor – so you don’t need any fancy or overpriced tools, nor extensive woodworking skills to successfully build these coops on your own.

Durable to withstand weather

Our buildings are structurally sound to withstand the weight of all elements. Ample devotion has been put on the safety of your pets to secure them from the changing weather conditions.

Materials adjusted to give you best price/quality ratio

Staying true to our name, these plans have been fashioned to favor ease and simplicity also regarding your tools and materials. We have incorporated the most cost-effective materials while giving you the highest quality coop.

Nesting box according to flock size

Chickens require nesting boxes with enough space in order to lay their eggs. All our plans are calculated in size, giving at least one nesting box per every three hens.

Predator-proof design coops are included to protect your pets- we want your chickens to be well taken care of! These coop plans help avoid predators, giving your chickens a comfortable and cared-for living environment.

Designed for proper ventilation

Ventilation is important to create air flow, and allows the ‘soiled air‘ out and fresh air in. Carefully designed ventilation is included in all 15 coop designs to save your chickens from diseases and overheating.

Easy to print and get things going really quickly. Plans will also look great on any mobile or tablet device.

Any questions along the way?
We are always in close cooperation with our clients and provide after sales support to all our valued customers!

There are no shipping costs as plans are available instantly by digital download. You will have immediate access to 15 different coops plans, plus ongoing and smooth after sales support. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your plans, all orders come with a 60-day money back.

You will be redirected to secure order form. After successful payment you will be able to download your plans immediately.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

© 2018 EasyCoops™. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of User Terms and Privacy policy. Visit our affiliates page for advertisers.

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Homepage – Easy Chicken Coops

Review of How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling

Review of How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling

Review of How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling

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Review of How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling

Product Name: How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling

Click here to get How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling:

Los Angeles based fitness photographer Natalie Minh is internationally recognized for her work. Her images have appeared in global advertising campaigns and the NYC Times Square billboard, model portfolios throughout well known European and American modeling agencies, and national American television shows such as, TMZ, Access Hollywood, Celebrity Rehab. Publications include Newsweek, FLEX (USA), Muscular Development, Oxygen (North America), Muscle & Fitness Hers (USA), IronMan (USA), BODY (Sweden), Ultra Fit (UK), World Physique (USA), Physique (Dubai), Marathon Muscle (USA), Inside Fitness (Canada), Muscle Insider (Canada), Status Magazine (Canada), MMA Uncaged, etc.

Dear Fellow Fitness Friend, Forgive my bluntness, but the fact that you’re on this page now tells me that you are trying to break into the fitness industry and WANT straight answers from someone who has walked the walk. I KNOW how to solve your problem of trying to become the next big fitness model because I was in your position before. My name is Natalie Minh and I have walked the walk, documented the lessons learned in my fitness journey and am ready to open the doors to the world of fitness modeling to YOU. I was very frustrated back in 2007 when I decided to dedicate my free time to building my body and online presence as I could not find a PRACTICAL resource to tell me exactly what I needed to do, what kind of pictures I needed to take, who are the industry market makers, did I have what it take to get published on a magazine cover, how to get a sponsorship, if i could really make money as a fitness model, etc etc.

You’ve got amazing pictures in your hand. Now you just have to get it into the right hands at the magazine so that you can get published… How do I find out WHO this person is? I did the hard work for you. During my time working as a professional fitness model and later fitness photographer, I have amassed an exclusive Rolodex of the Who’s Who at every major fitness magazine. I later commissioned a team of research analysts to work over the past year to find every fitness magazine still in circulation, in the WORLD, along with the key people who run the magazine. The final result is the world’s most comprehensive list of fitness magazines and their contacts EVER CREATED.

“I had the fortunate pleasure of seeing Natalie in action and the first thing I noticed was her infectious energy. The models she happened to be working with were all very novice and timid, but Natalie was able to make each one very comfortable immediately and therefor captured amazing images of which I’m using to promote my business. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over two decades and have worked with some of the best and I would have to put Natalie right up there with the rest of them for a variety of reasons. If I were to sum all of those up in one word it would have to be “professional”. I highly recommend Natalie’s services as a photographer and hang my reputation on her ability, not only to get things done, but get them done efficiently. I’m available to answer any further questions if necessary.”

A month ago I was in shape but didn’t know where to start in becoming a fitness model. I purchased Natalie Minh’s book, The Insider’s Guide to the Business of Fitness Modeling and read it the same day. It’s full of valuable information and left none of my questions unanswered. Natalie and I did a fitness photo shoot the following week where she blew me away with her talent and personality. Two weeks later I was signed to the biggest sports and fitness agency out there and I know a huge part of that was the amazing photos I was able to present to them. Could there be a better testimonial to Natalie’s knowledge. worth, and talent? Less than a month and I’m there. On the top of that she is an amazing woman; full of light and energy. She is a multi-faceted force in the fitness world and I am so thankful to have met her!

I am asked ALL OF THE TIME how to get Into fitness modeling. If you are serious about giving it a go then YOU MUST READ THIS! The author Natalie Minh knows this business Inside and OUT. She personally helped me turn a Stage Hand day job in to an 18 month paid Athlete contract!

Natalie , l recently had a chance to read your book and I wanted to drop you a quick note of feedback… More often than not, so-called ‘how to’ books end up being the rantings of an industry- established person tooting their own horn as opposed to really delivering innovative, helpful strategies for success. Your book was pure and landmark simply because it lays it all out in an organized, forward-thinking fashion without the unnecessary Huff. There are many people with potential talent out there, but without a meticulous plan for success, they usually burn out before they ever really get started. I never truly imagined a unique niche opportunity in the industry until I ready your book. You are in inspiration to so many and ‘The Insiders Guide to Fitness Modeling’ is just another example of your many talents and pioneering work in this multi-billion dollar industry. Very proud of you, and congratulations!

Owner of Barry’s Bootcamp Irvine (“Best Celebrity Workout” by Allure and Los Angeles Magazine!), Fitness Competitor and Mom.

Check out Natal ie Minh’s new E- book. This lady has been on both sides of the lens. She was a successful Fitness Model, landed a few covers and won the European Fitness Model title back in 2008 (stage coached by me in 2008). Now she is one of LA’s BEST Fitness Model Photographers and has her own Fitness and Lifestyle Magazine … and more. She has done it all and done it well. I think her tips are worth reading if you want to make it big in Fitness Modelling.

I am a commercial photographer shooting a lot of fitness athletes, many of which are interested in moving on to a fitness modeling career, and your book is a wealth of information, both for myself as a photographer and these aspiring models. The information is accurate and lays out everything they need to get started in their careers. I will be doing a presentation to a group of fitness athletes next month, and with your permission I would like to pass the link to your book on to them. I don’t know of anywhere else where they could this information in a down to earth, no non sense package as you have provided.

Hi Natalie! I want to say a huge thank you for writing this comprehensive, easy to understand and easy to read book. The quality of information is absolutely excellent!

Natalie has a wealth of knowledge of the fitness and modeling industry and it definitely shows. This book is an outstanding resource for aspiring models on how to get ahead in this industry and how to maintain your competitive edge. Natalie Minh is a fantastic writer, talented photographer, and an amazing model who is very passionate about what she does.

Her dedication to fitness and extensive knowledge of the industry, exotic looks, “can do” attitude, in addition to intelligence all have contributed to her success as an ambitious female entrepreneur who serves as a role model to many women.

Natalie is definitely someone to admire, because in addition to graduating from school with honours, earning two masters’ degrees in 2.5 years, and excelling in athletics, she was able to win the WNSO FAME European Fitness Model Championship as well as get featured in countless print media both as a model and photographer.

If you are looking to invest in your fitness modeling career, then this book should definitely be your first investment. It will teach you how to to avoid the pitfalls of this industry and rise to the top.”

This will be a great resource for anyone looking to work with fitness models – Natalie is a true authority in this area!

I finished reading “The Insider’s Guide to the Business of Fitness Modeling,” and I would like to share my thoughts with you about how much I enjoyed it.  It’s truly THE BOOK OF THE YEAR for me.

I truly believe that this ebook is helpful to me personally. Your words spoke to me and I was able to understand your advice very clearly and easily. As an aspiring fitness model, your words provide me with a lot of useful information inspiration. A lot of my questions about the business of fitness modeling were answered with your help, and I feel even more prepared to take my next steps into the industry. Each section of your book went into the perfect amount of detail, explaining everything one needs to know in order to make it into this industry.  I specifically appreciate the way that you described Ian Lauer’s work and the importance of maintaining a good work ethic. It’s the perfect example of professionalism and dedication required to succeed.

Being able to gather this large amount of your experiences and share them, is priceless. I would like to thank you again for sharing your knowledge and I feel very fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to have access to read your book.

When I first saw the promotion for the book, I had no doubt that It would be a great investment! That’s why I had to have it! I just remember your willingness and sincerity when you were sharing tips of how to break into the fitness industry while at the same time focusing on capturing high quality photos for me. I am so excited that you have took the time to put the most pertinent information in a book. Already, did a quick-read of it, and can confirm that it is a no holds back kind of book that takes endless research on finding success and lays it out clear and concise without any gimmicks. I believe that I along with many others who read this book will find it as an Invaluable stepping stone to the next level in any goals that they may have thought were unattainable or have possibly given up on. Thank you so much Natalie!!!!

It has been my daily read. I’m loving every single tip on it. Very down to earth and clear!

Heard about on lan’s interview with you. I had to have it after that. Very informative indeed!

Diana Miko, Fitness Model Short Class Winner –

First and foremost, please accept a BIG THANK you for organizing a high profile event filled with endless opportunities. A few weeks have passed and I am finally able to gather my thoughts and wrap my head around everything that has transpired as a result. As you know, I have been anticipating this event since the day you told me about it. Going into it I didn’t know exactly what to expect but given that it was your idea I knew it had FANTASTIC & FABULOUS written all over it! Good job on keeping all of the excitement to yourself until the day of the event! Again, “BIG Thank You” to YOU, Mitchie and Gary for all of your hard work and time put into making PowerTec a success. I am certain that this event will not be forgotten by me and the other attendees for more reasons than I can list!

First and foremost, I think it’s important to place emphasis on the guest list. You managed to gather many industry leaders and decision makers to be a part of this event, and while I can only speak for myself, I know that all of the competitors are grateful for the opportunity to be placed in front of them. Needless to say, I absolutely loved seeing you again, enjoyed meeting the judges, guests and all of the contestants. I have made some wonderful connections with people I heard so many incredible things about, finally met some of my Facebook friends in person, and I know that I have made some great, long lasting friendships that will only cultivate with time.

Moving on to the evening of the finale I don’t even know where to begin. The set up at Drai’s rooftop and the surrounding views were beautiful and put together with the atmosphere and an upbeat DJ made an ideal party combination. Runway, cameras, action! I will say however that the mermaids were the highlight of my night (putting aside all the male models walking around exhibiting their six packs in their swim trunks!). In a nutshell and without going into too much detail, there was not a dull moment throughout the evening.

The aftermath is more than I could have imagined. I walked away with 1st place in Short Fitness Model Division and 2nd in Overall Fitness Model Category which was a huge accomplishment and honor for me given that it was my first competition. As a result, I am now officially signed with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited Agency and look forward to working with them on upcoming projects! I cannot express my excitement and gratitude for this opportunity. As if that is not enough, I am fortunate to have won photo-shoots with two amazing photographers with whom I have wanted to work with for quite some time. Aside of all that, I was able to network with several wonderful individuals and I hope to have the opportunity to work with them as I move forward with my aspirations.

A special thank ‘YOU’ for all of the help, support, guidance and encouragement you have given me leading up to the event. It is greatly appreciated. I look forward to utilizing all of the potential opportunities you have provided and to further unfolding my path on the journey into the fitness industry.

With much gratitude, Diana XOXO

“There are many investments in life you take and wonder if it’s all worth it at the end. The success factor of any business or brand relies on empirical based facts and the synthesis of said information.  For the fitness industry you can be sure to receive accurate & reliable information from the multi-talented industry professional Natalie Minh. I was one of the lucky ones to get to read “The Insider’s Guide to the Business of Fitness Modeling”. It’s the Bible of Fitness Modeling Books. It offers tremendous value by providing you with detailed fitness industry tips. The book also explains the do’s & don’ts and the keys to becoming successful with building your brand. I have no doubt this information packed master piece will direct you through your fitness journey.

Get your copy asap if you are serious about achieving success in Fitness. It’s priceless!”

Alexa Trafalis Overall Female Fitness Model Winner, (pictured right) “Who would of thought going to a fitness show in Sacramento with my best friend Yolanda Mejia-Dixon I’d be blessed with all this! Natalie Minh approached me at the show, asking “who are you and what do you do?” I was literally siting at a slot machine ready to leave when Natalie gave me her business card and invited me to be in her Model and Fitness show.

I was over shows and competing, I wanted something different. I was looking for a new drive, other than working at my gym (Team TAF- Total Athletic Fitness). I emailed Natalie and made it clear I did not want to just do any show, I had done a couple of shows in the past to get noticed and to get my name out there hoping one day to also get into more modeling. Unfortunately it was not the marketing I needed, I needed more and thats what Natalie promised me her show would provide.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and this is a perfect example of that. Wow, I got more than what was promised! Not only did the whole crew Gary, Mitchie, Clark and most of all Natalie put me in the best networking environment yet! I set a few personal goals and achieved those and so much more!

I have now made history by being the 1st female fitness model to win the overall award. From my winning I was promised a modeling contract in which I signed with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited Models and Talent Agency TODAY! I was promised photo shoots and I have 6 lined up for weeks approaching. Not only did this show help me find my drive again I was given the best oppertunities possible. I know this is just the beginning of so much more to come.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am so excited and I fell so blessed. I wouldnt have got here without my TeamTaf, Team Ventura and the Powetec Team!”

Thank you, Alexa Tafralis

Mehmet Edip, 1st Place Male Fashion Model Winner –

“I have travelled to the USA on numerous occasions to compete and each time was an amazing experience, but even just entering the Powertec Model & Fitness contest allowed me to connect with industry professionals which I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to connect with.

Being able to network after the event was worth travelling for in itself. Many events will give you a pro card and allow you to compete at the highest level but the M&F show allows you to push your career forward, which in all honesty is what every aspiring model wants.

Winning the show was an added bonus for me as the show allowed me to sign for one of the biggest talent agencies in LA as well as one of the biggest casting agencies, and I also had the privilege of shooting with 2 top published photographers the day after the show with further shoots with leading photographers in the pipe line.

This show allowed me to network with some big industry professionals, make some new lifelong friends and another added bonus was being able to rub shoulders with some A list celebrities such as Magic Johnson, Marlon Wayans, etc.

This event was amazing from start to end and I would recommend this show to anyone who is serious about pushing their career forward.”

Natalie Eva Marie – Overall Fashion Model Winner of Model & Fitness Event

“I have been modeling now for a few years ever since I graduated college and recently just became way more serious since the competition. The best benefit of modeling for me so far is the travel and people. I get to go to some amazing places and get to interact and meet people that I would have never gotten the opportunity too. I feel extremely blessed and grateful for that. Natalie Minh is a huge example of that because of this competition I not only got to meet her but also shoot with her, she seriously is someone who I really look up too because she is a triple threat not only is she beautiful she is extremely business savvy in her brand, I can only hope to follow her foot steps.

I seriously don’t know how to express my gratitude to Natalie Minh, Powertec and FMI. Ever since winning this competition my life has changed dramatically I was able to sign with one of the top sports agencies in LA Sports Lifestyle and Fitness, I work regularly I have done 2 fitness campaigns, a Sketchers commercial, graced 2 covers, launching my website and the list continues, this is all within the last 2 months I am beyond thankful and just am really excited to continue on this journey. “Sky’s the limit!”

You guys Natalie Minh is incredible. I have used her tips for about 6 months now and she has changed my life. Thank you Natalie for sharing your knowledge with us

Don’t miss to shoot with one of the best photographers in the business. We proudly choose Natalie as our photographer.

“If you love photography and fitness you should be following @natalieminh one of my favorite people in the industry!”

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How To Be A Fitness Model | The Insider's Guide to Fitness Modeling

Review of Home – ::

Review of Home – ::

Review of Home – ::

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Review of Home – ::

Product Name: Home – ::

Click here to get Home – :: at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Home – ::

Do You Want To

Cruise Ship Employment Is Your Answer…

“What other job requires you to travel all over the
planet while your bank account grows by thousands
of dollars every month? There simply is no other job that
offers these kind of life-changing benefits.”

Seriously. Who doesn’t want to live that kind of dream?

Luckily, it’s much easier to achieve than you might think…

Before I show you how to get into this incredible industry, let me quickly introduce ourselves.

My name is Derek Baron and I’ve worked on board 10 different cruise ships as a Tour Manager over the past 6 years. Liz Aceves, my closest friend and one of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet, has spent 3 years on board ships, working in some kick-ass positions that few people even know exist!

In the end, we’ve each traveled to 6 continents while earning more money than we ever thought possible at this point in our lives…and we have nothing but ‘ship life’ to thank!

Every single crew member on every single cruise ship around the world uses the term ‘ship life’ to describe the unique and unbelievably rewarding lifestyle involved with working and living on board cruise ships.

And when it comes to ‘ship life’, Liz and I (as well as practically every other crew member you’ll talk to) both agree that our experiences have exceeded all of our wildest hopes and expectations. If you ever meet us personally, you’ll see that we pretty much don’t stop talking about how lucky we’ve been to have discovered the life-changing opportunity that is ‘ship life’.

WORLD TRAVEL – You’ll visit and explore (yes, you will have free time to explore) such parts of the world as Alaska, Australia, the Baltic, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Eastern & Western Europe, Hawaii, India, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Norwegian Fjords, islands of the South Pacific, South America and Southeast Asia.AMAZING SOCIAL LIFE – Sure, you may work between 40-60 hours per week (over 7 days), but you’ll have plenty of free time to live it up while on board. You’ll have access to crew bars, crew lounges, dining areas, internet cafes, hot tubs, swimming pools, a crew gym and even a crew-only sunbathing deck, not to mention endless (and usually crazy) crew parties and theme nights!SPECIAL PRIVILEGES – Depending on your position, you’ll be allowed to socialize in the passenger bars, night clubs, lounges and theaters when you’re not working. Get all dressed up, take in a Broadway-style show, listen to live bands and dine in the five-star passenger restaurants…so that you can feel just like a passenger from time to time!INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIPS – Working closely with hundreds of other crew members from around the world guarantees that you’ll form long-lasting friendships with some amazing people. You’ll learn about their cultures, celebrate their festivals (watch out for the Filipino New Year!) and enjoy a social life like you’ve never imagined. And when you’re on vacation, you’ll have plenty of money to visit your new friends in their home countries!LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITIES – Working on board a cruise ship is more than a job, it’s a valuable path to future opportunities. You’ll be able to do a ton of global networking with other crew members, with locals in every port of call and with the passengers, and you never know where your conversations will lead! Through networking on board, I’ve been offered a job in Greece, a free vacation to Costa Rica and a business partnership on the stunning Caribbean island of Barbados.2-4 MONTHS OF VACATION! – What other job gives you up to 4 months of vacation per year? Yes, that’s right, up to 4 months per year! Think about all of that time off that you’ll be able to spend any way and anywhere you wish. The cruise line will even pay for your flight home. In the end, you’ll actually be working less and saving more money than if you were working on land!
If the above sounds like a work environment you may be interested in, keep on reading because it gets even better…


“I always say that working on cruise ships as an Entertainment Host was the ultimate job. Who else would pay me to hang out with passengers all day, travel the world and meet amazing people? BEST EXPERIENCE EVER… AND I was able to pay off all my debt in a couple of contracts and then purchase my first home!”

– Leah Bolton, Vancouver, Canada

Here is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Applying for cruise ship jobs is not the same as applying for a job on land. The rules are different, the process is complicated and to put it simply, it’s near impossible to do on your own. Without knowing the specific steps involved, cruise lines just won’t notice you and your resume won’t even get a first glance.

Of course, there are “Cruise Agencies” floating around that make some pretty wild claims, such as making guarantees that they’ll get you a cruise ship job within a few weeks. Of course, all you need to do is pay them a ridiculous amount of money first. And unfortunately, the sad fact is that once you part with your money, these agencies often do very little to help you at all.

Actually, this is something that Liz and I both discovered first-hand…

Liz also used a cruise ship recruitment agency the first time around and the agency actually lied to her about the salary that she would be earning. When she arrived on board the ship to start her first contract, it was too late and she had to settle for 50% of what the agency had promised. Basically, these agencies receive commissions from the cruise lines for every crew member they hire and so they often tell applicants whatever it takes to get them to sign up with their agency.

There is just no reason for you to waste any time or money on any of that stuff.

All you need to land a job on board cruise ships is to know exactly how the actual hiring process works. Only then will you be in a position to get hired.

If you really want to enjoy the unbelievable and endless benefits of ‘ship life’, it doesn’t get any easier than having experienced crew members guide you step-by-step through that process.

The good news is: HERE WE ARE!! 🙂

Well, for a long time, both friends and friends of friends would contact us several times per week asking us to help them find work on a cruise ship. After all, once they heard our stories about what ‘ship life’ is really like, suddenly everybody wanted to follow in our footsteps.

So, Liz and I would email back these long replies, full of detailed, step-by-step instructions, job descriptions and specific cruise line contact information.

And…it worked!! People were being hired by every major cruise line out there, and in a range of positions. We were thrilled every time we received the good news because we knew that another person’s life would NEVER be the same again (in a wonderful way of course!).

Then it recently occurred to us that instead of writing email after email, we could take all of our insider information and knowledge and create a cruise ship employment guide that will instantly benefit anyone who reads it. After all, our goal is to help as many people as possible enjoy the same benefits of ship life that we’ve enjoyed and such a guide is clearly the answer.

We worked extremely hard for several months to put this material together, so that before long, your life will sound a lot like this…

“Deciding to work on a cruise ship gave me the change I needed in my life. At the age of 24 I’ve now traveled to 6 continents while reaching a level of financial and personal freedom that I never dreamed of! It’s definitely been an experience of a lifetime, especially when I think about all of the countries I’ve visited and great friends I’ve made from all over the world.”

– Carla Sciarri, Brazil

*By the way, the information in THIS GUIDE WORKS FOR EVERYONE, no matter where you’re from or what country you live in!

The low, one-time cost for this jam-packed, life-changing guide is only:

Without a doubt, it’s going to be one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make. When that first paycheck comes in, I guarantee you’ll laugh at how little you had to spend for a job that allows you to save so much.

Instant Access! As soon as your order is placed, you’ll receive a link via email that leads directly to our secure download page. You’ll then have instant access to all of the material! (Your guide will be in Adobe PDF format.)

Yes, you read that correctly. We offer a full 60-day money-back guarantee on every order. We’re so confident that this material is going to exceed your expectations that we want you to try it, without any risk whatsoever.

If you don’t believe that the information you receive will help you find rewarding work on a cruise ship, you have a full 60 days to ask for a refund.

All you need to do is send us a quick email and we’ll refund the entire amount without any questions asked.

This is more than just a typical guarantee, this is our personal promise.

And here’s one last thing we’d like to offer you…

When you order our guide, you’ll also be able to contact us directly with any questions you may have along the way. You’ll receive our direct email address and we’ll literally be there for you during every step of the process. We’ll do our very best to help get you on board a cruise ship as soon as possible!

P.S. Once you do get your job and start to work on a cruise ship, we hope you’ll send us an email and tell us all about your experiences with ship life. We’d love to know what ship you end up on and what part of the world you’re exploring!

– Stefanie Octavio
(In the port of Gerainger, Norway)

“Working on cruise ships was the perfect opportunity for me to see so much of the world and make friends with so many people from different countries. Every time I received my paycheck, I couldn’t believe I was getting paid to do this! This was definitely one of the best experiences of my life so far.”
– Agda Salas
(Ship: Queen Mary 2)

“Sometimes I think of working on land, but I’m not ready to give up the money, the travel and the friends just yet!”
– Eva Rollerova
(Ship: NCL Jewel)

“I followed this guide precisely and in less than two weeks I have landed a job on board a major cruise line! I’m headed to Alaska, a place that I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever get to see. I’m so excited to begin this journey and to those of you who want to work on board a cruise ship GET THE GUIDE!!! It helped me tremendously and I know it will help you! Thanks again Derek & Liz!”
– Santana Mackline, NYC, USA

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Home – ::

Review of Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

Review of Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

Review of Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

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Review of Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

Product Name: Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

Click here to get Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On? at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?:

60-day Money Back Guarantee

~ Rebecca Turner, creator of The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track.

30 expert tutorials and audio meditation tools to produce your first lucid dreams.

Targeted advice for beginners to intermediates to fast track your development.

Original insights and first-hand lucid dream accounts to deepen your understanding.

Instant online access, enabling you to start your first lesson in the next two minutes.

Direct and manipulate dream themes, settings and plots at will.

Seek out artistic imagery and technical solutions to apply in waking life.

Initiate profound conversations with your true self.

Overcome fears, anxieties and grief in the safety of your dreams.

~ Dr Clare Johnson, author of Dreamrunner, Breathing in Colour and Deep Lucid Dreaming, and the first person to write a PhD on lucid dreaming and creativity.

Children are known to teach themselves lucid dreaming using the intuitive methods described in this course. Even Alzheimer’s sufferers – who may have severe cognitive problems – have lucid dreams as a side effect of their medication.

You already possess the natural, untapped potential to have lucid dreams.

In the 40 years since, numerous ongoing studies have verified more of its features using EEG (brainwave) and fMRI (blood flow) data. There is no question that lucid dreams are a real and measurable state of human consciousness.

Lucid dreaming has been scientifically proven in the laboratories around the world.

Once you create the mindset to recognize when you’re dreaming, you can have lucid dreams for the rest of your life. The more you desire to lucid dream and practice key lucidity skills while waking, the more lucid dreams you’ll have.

Lucid dreaming requires an intuitive change in mindset that will overhaul your dreams.

~ Dr Stephen LaBerge, PhD, founder of The Lucidity Institute.

You’ll learn how to remember many more of your dreams, as well as specific guided meditation practices to produce lucid dreams.

This is a goldmine of information for beginners including background philosophy, tutorials, troubleshooting tips, first-hand insights and more.

~ Tim Post, speaker and author of

You’ll learn the most effective techniques including wake-induced and mnemonically-induced lucid dreams, dream chaining, supplement use, sleep cycle adjustment, visualizations, and more.

The idea of developing your awareness through meditation is emphasized to have minimal disruptive impact on your sleep patterns.

~ Marlon Doll, founder of

You’ll learn how to avoid common mistakes and maximize your dreams with my personal examples of unconscious dream principles.

By harnessing dream control for both fantasies and personal growth, you’ll improve your waking life, feeling more liberated, more philosophical and more whole as a conscious human being.

Instant online access. Risk free 60-day money-back guarantee.

“Love the Fast Track guide. It is incredible.” – Lee Breeze

~ Fred Tracy, lucid dreaming student

This home study program is designed and written by lucid dreaming expert, Rebecca Turner, to the highest professional standards. You’ll receive the smartest, most streamlined and rewarding learning experience possible.

Quality bonus materials include lucid dreaming hypnosis sessions, Swedish composer Marcus Knudsen’s BlissCoded Sound meditation, and our in-house subliminal training videos.

We’re confident that these are the most powerful lucid dreaming techniques available you to today – even if you’re starting with zero experience.

The program is designed for your success: to maintain your motivation and momentum through the course of your lucidity training. This is essential to scoring your first lucid dream. What’s more, if you don’t lucid dream, we’ll issue a full refund with no questions asked.

Learning to lucid dream will help you get more out of your life, simply because of the endless applications that dream control brings. It’s not just a tool for entertainment!

Tapping into lucidity can lead to waves of improvements in every area of your life, from your career, to relationships, to personal fulfilment. Of course, lucid dreaming feels awesome in and of itself, and there are no words to describe that freedom.

Wondering if lucid dreaming is right for you? Let’s talk!

Yes, experts believe so. One of the world’s leading lucidity researchers, Dr Stephen LaBerge, has long maintained that: “Everyone has, in theory, the capacity to learn to dream lucidly, because everyone dreams every night.” There’s also the compelling fact that children as young as four have reported lucid dreams, as well as the elderly. Even if you think you never dream, you really do. It’s just that you don’t remember. Fortunately, that can be fixed; in fact, improving your dream recall is the first stage of learning to lucid dream.

Lucid dreaming was first scientifically proven in a sleep laboratory by Dr Keith Hearne in 1975. He did it by monitoring the eye movements of a lucid dreamer during REM sleep with an electro-oculogram (EOG). His co-ordinated lucid dream eye movements were expressed by his real life eyeballs, signalling to the outside world that he was controlling his dream. Today, lucidity is more often measured by recording brainwave frequencies (via EEG) and brain bloodflow data (via fMRI). Experiments using lucid dreamers are ongoing in sleep labs around the world today, revealing a growing number of secrets about human consciousness.

That’s up to you. If you follow these tutorials, the goal is to get you having lucid dreams within a few weeks. I’d like to be more specific (in fact, one study did find that a group of students were able to have their first lucid dream within 3-21 days of consistent practice). However I find it more helpful to maintain the positive attitude that it could happen any time – perhaps even tonight.

For beginners, the biggest underlying cause of a lucid dream is the desire to recognize when you’re dreaming – and everything I teach in Phase One and Two of the course supports that goal. Just know that something magical happens when you deliberately induce your first lucid dream, so do whatever you can to push yourself there and experience it!

My name is Rebecca Turner and I’m a long time lucid dreamer. It wasn’t always this way – I used to have regular dreams like everyone else. Then, when I was 14 years old, I discovered the possibilities of lucid dreaming. It excited me so much that I made it my mission to experience it myself. And I did. I’ve been lucid dreaming for almost two decades since, giving me a rich depth of personal experience.

In 2008, I launched what’s now one of the world’s most popular lucid dreaming websites and forums, World of Lucid Dreaming. I reach millions of people each year. The subsequent user feedback led me to adapt my teaching style, helping people quickly overcome common hurdles. While other books and courses can gloss over key details, I explain exactly what you need to do to achieve lucidity and how to avoid the major pitfalls (for instance, how to stop yourself from waking up prematurely in your first lucid dream). In short, I’ve learned everything from the bottom up and I’ve spent the last 7 years teaching people how to lucid dream as my career.

Forever. When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a private username and password. Please check all your mail folders if it doesn’t come through to your primary inbox. Those details will be good for life, giving you permanent 24/7 access to a library of continually updated lucid dreaming tutorials.

Instant online access. Risk free 60-day money-back guarantee.

“Love the Fast Track guide. It is incredible.” – Lee Breeze

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Why Do Some People Lucid Dream While Others Sleep On?

Review of Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal

Review of Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal

Review of Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal

Click here for bigger image

Review of Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal

Product Name: Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal

Click here to get Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal:

This is the Official Site for the book
“Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog”
This site is owned and operated by the author Cyndi Smasal

This book addresses Canine Liver Disease – 
the 5th leading cause of Non-Accidental Death among dogs!

When my Vet came into the examining room and told me my dog had less than a month to live I was devastated. But I didn’t give up. I figured I had nothing to lose and the life of my dog to gain. I did everything I could to save my dog and it worked. The results of my research, trial and error, and ultimate success in healing Norman’s liver disease is captured in this book “Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog – The Complete Story”. I wrote this book for people like you who love their dog and want to find a way to keep them. This book has the answers you’re looking for.

Hope For Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog contains a personal story about how Norman (my then 10 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel) and I battled against canine liver disease. The Vet gave him a month to live, and after the treatment described in this book he was healed in 3 months and lived an additional 2 years without any further liver problems. I’ve put a wealth of information together from all my research into an easy to read, concise book that will help you take care of your dog.

This is the 3rd edition of this book. I didn’t think I would update it again after the last update, but I found that there was new information and I wanted to make sure everyone who read my book had the latest and greatest information. Things have changed since I wrote my first edition in 2003 and updated it in 2007. There are many new supplements designed specifically for Liver Disease in Dogs and Vet’s are now more accepting of Alternative Treatments.

What makes my book special is that it is easy to read and has specific instructions. Most of the information out on the Internet is technical and you have to look at several sites to get all the information you need to put together your own treatment. Now, there are old articles and web pages that are wrong and do not have these updates. This book contains the latest information on canine liver disease.

Find out what food and supplements protect, reverse and heal liver damage. And discover the miracle diet that inspired this book. This book includes 10 Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes that you can use to help your dog live longer. Plus you will learn how to create your own homemade dog food recipes that are just right for your dog.

Find out why liver disease is usually well advanced before any symptoms are noticed. Learn how to care for your sick dog and what symptoms to watch out for. And how to treat liver related illnesses that might come up.

This book has been read by many people and helped extended the life of thousands of dogs’. I get emails from people who have used my book to save their dogs life. It can help you.

My book does not have the answer to every type of Liver Disease but it does have a positive effect on treating the liver no matter what’s causing the problem. Your Vet can work with you to determine the best treatment, but no dog has been harmed by taking the treatment in this book. It is safe. It is well tested. (Just read a few of the testimonials) Vets now have better medication to treat liver disease but they are not using everything that’s possible. They are making great improvements but there is still more you can be doing. This book covers all of the ways you can treat liver disease.

The main thing I want to give you is HOPE. It IS possible to improve the quality and duration of your dogs life. Liver disease does NOT have to be a death sentence.  

You can do what I did, and do the research yourself. Canine liver disease can be treated with diet and supplements. I know you are probably worried about your dog right now, and want to learn as much as you can, as soon as possible. I can save you a lot of time. All the information you need is in my book. Order the e-book now so you can start helping your dog today. Plus there’s a “Quick Start Guide” to get you started right away.

Biggest update in 4 years! All new and improved Chapter 3 – Dietary Treatment and Management of Liver Disease. Plus Balanced Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Liver Disease with Diet Analysis.

This video reveals the alternative treatment for healing canine liver disease.

“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.” – Sydney Jeanne Seward

It was close to Christmas 2001 and something inside me kept telling me that there was something wrong with Norman. I thought the worst. “It must be cancer. He’s going to die, I just know it.” I finally decided to face my worst fears and take him in to see the Vet. I took him to the same Vet he had been seeing for 8 years. The symptoms I described were: excessive drinking, accidents (overabundance of urine), vomiting, diarrhea (soft stools) and flecks of blood in the vomit. Dr. X did a blood test, came back and told me he had liver disease. I asked what the treatment was for liver disease and he said there really wasn’t anything he could do. The next step was to determine how bad and how far along it was by doing an ultrasound. Norman had also been taking Rimadyl for Arthritis pain in his hips and knees. Dr. X. told me to stop giving it to Norman since it could be harmful to the liver. So, I scheduled the ultrasound, stopped the Rimadyl and started feeding Norman a prescription diet food for liver disease.

The next week Norman seemed to get worse. He swelled up like a balloon weighing in at 34 pounds. I thought he was going to pop he was so big. I took him in again to see if there was something that the Vet could do. A different Vet (Dr. Y) saw him and said that the fluid should not be removed and that the body would absorb it. The ultrasound was done while Norman was in this bloated state.

The Vet who performed the ultrasound consulted with Dr. X and they decided not to do a biopsy because the liver was too small, there was too much fluid and the prognosis was not very good. Dr. X didn’t see any point in spending more money on a dying dog.

I started taking Norman in to see either Dr. X or Dr. Y every week to check Norman’s blood levels.

The last time I saw Dr. X he further diagnosed the ultrasound as Cirrhosis. At this time, I asked Dr. X for prognosis and treatment options. He said he would probably live 14-30 days and that there wasn’t a formal conventional medical treatment for Cirrhosis. Just like humans, it was a slow and inevitable death. He said Dr. Y recommended a natural supplement (Milk Thistle) that she believed in but he didn’t necessarily offer any real hope. Dr. Y shared with me that the liver is an organ that can rejuvenate but not if it’s damaged beyond repair. She ordered the Milk Thistle for me and we started giving Norman Milk Thistle and Vitamin E along with the prescription diet food for liver disease.

I went home and began to mourn over what seemed to be the inevitable death of my 10-½ year old cocker spaniel. I held Norman in my lap and hugged on him like he could die tomorrow; and I prayed to God for a miracle.

“Lord, I thank you for putting Norman in my life. I know it seems silly to pray for a dog, but you know how special he is to me and how much I love him. So, I ask if it is your will, to allow him to live. And if it’s not, I ask that you take him soon so he does not suffer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

With my prayers in God’s hands, I began to do research to see if there was anything else I could do to take better care of Norman.

I started my research on my computer, searching the Internet. I found very little, but I did find one article that gave me hope. It was called Sunny’s Miracle Diet. Sunny’s story seemed very similar to Normans. Sunny had all the same symptoms, and using a natural home cooked diet, Sunny was still alive after 6 months. This hope spurred me on to find out as much as I could about liver disease, Cirrhosis, Natural Diets and food remedies for liver disease. All the information I found was scattered, and one seemed to contradict the other. So, I continued to search, and purchased all the books I could find on Natural Dog Diets and Natural Dog Care. One thing was becoming clear. The ONLY treatment for liver disease was through a radical change in DIET.

During the time I was collecting my data and doing research, Norman had been on a prescription diet food for liver disease. I started noticing that Norman’s love for eating the new food was growing into what looked like a mad starving animal. He seemed to be hungry all the time and was always wanting more and more to eat. This concerned me, but it wasn’t until I noticed Norman going to the extreme of actually eating his own stool that I knew this wasn’t good for him.

I decided to take a chance and made Sunny’s Miracle Diet for him to eat instead of the prescription diet food. I didn’t have all the information about natural diets at this time, so I didn’t know that it wasn’t the “perfect meal” for Norman. But, I thought it had to be better than the prescription diet food.

Norman loved the home cooked meal and seemed to be very satisfied with it. Although I did allow him to eat more than I normally would, I didn’t let him eat until he stopped on his own. He didn’t seem to want to stop. But, I did allow him to eat several bowls of Sunny’s Miracle Diet.

As I started compiling the research and learning more and more about Natural Diets, I found that none of the books really had a “perfect meal” for Norman. I realized quickly that there was no sure-fire “perfect recipe” that I could follow. I was going to have to either hire a Nutritionist or learn what I needed to know and do it myself.

I was short on finances, so I decided to learn for myself.

The rest of this book is a compilation of what I have learned after more than a year of caring for Norman. I include what I have tried, what I have learned, what worked and what didn’t. I hope that this book saves your dog’s life and gives you everything you need to care for the dog that you love.

Since the Vet told me Norman was likely to live only another 14-30 days, trying a different food couldn’t be any worse than doing nothing and allowing him to die. I decided I had nothing to lose, and I wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing.

1)      Stop using Conventional Medications! (Antibiotics, Pain Medications)

2)      Start dosage of Milk Thistle (Silymarin) to support the liver (150mg 1/day)

3)      Start dosage of Vitamin E to help detoxification (400 I.U. daily)

4)      Start dosage of Ursodiol to add Bile Acid to help digestion

5)      Start dosage of Multi-Vitamin with antioxidants (1/2 of human Multi-Vitamin per day)

6)      Stop feeding prescription diet food for liver disease

7)      Start Basic Natural Diet with recommendation for Liver Diet

8)      Start using Distilled Water

Three months later, I went in to get a follow-up blood test for Norman. I asked the Vet about the Natural Diet and Sunny’s Miracle Diet. She was not in favor of changing Norman to the Natural Diet and stood by the prescription diet food. I told her I had already made the switch and was going to stick to it.

She ran a full-spectrum blood test to see how Norman was doing. I also suspect she wanted to show me some deficiencies from Norman’s diet to convince me to put him back on the prescription diet. The results came back that everything was NORMAL. Three months of Natural Diet and Supplements and Norman was back to NORMAL!

Norman’s liver was more than likely still damaged, but it was rejuvenating just like I hoped. My prayer had been answered. Norman wasn’t just living with liver disease, he had survived it!

Once diagnosed with liver disease, you can never fully recover as if no disease had ever occurred. So, it was never an option for me in my mind to stop the Natural Diet and Supplements.

My research continued as I searched for ways to improve Norman’s diet.

I continued to find more and more information about liver disease (in humans and animals) and how to treat it with all sorts of alternative treatments, including food remedies. I started compiling a list of all the foods that were “good for the liver” and anything that was “not good for the liver”.

Several months into the Natural Diet, Norman started having new symptoms.

Normans new symptoms included: vomiting up his undigested food in the middle of the night, waking me up to let him outside 2 to 3 times a night, having accidents if left alone for more than 4 hours, and diarrhea. At it’s worst point, Norman wouldn’t eat, and his stool looked bloody. I took Norman in to see the Vet again and she kept him overnight to determine if he was having Liver Failure, or something else. She kept an IV in him with Vitamin B-12 in it all night, and in the morning I was there to feed him his Natural Breakfast. He ate it up and we went home. Norman was better, but he was still having many of the same symptoms. He was waking me up at night, vomiting his undigested meal, and had occasional diarrhea. I was unhappy with the last visit with the Vet.   So, I decided I needed some more help with Norman’s diet and supplements. I wanted a Vet who would explain more to me about his condition and give me the support I needed to improve Norman’s diet and his condition.

I interviewed a Homeopathic Vet who did not practice conventional medicine anymore. She opened my eyes to the world of Homeopathic medicine.   We spoke on the phone several times, and I tried some of her homeopathic prescriptions to help Norman with his upset stomach. But, the end of this crisis came from due diligence on my part with careful note taking, and noticing all of Norman’s behaviors and reactions after every meal.

I began my analysis by taking a scientific approach to diagnosing what was causing Norman’s reaction. My hypothesis was that something in his diet was causing or contributing to his upset stomach, gas, diarrhea and vomiting. I just needed to figure out what it was. By this time, I had a very sophisticated diet consisting of a variety of meals and supplements. In order to determine what the culprit was, I was going to have to change only one variable at a time and see if it had any effect on his system.

I did this by sticking to one meal all day for several days to make sure that it came out (in the stool) okay. It takes 12-16 hours for a meal to go all the way through Norman’s system from feeding to stool. I know this through giving distinctively different meals, then watching and timing when they came out. For example, carrots are not always completely digested. Feeding carrots in one meal and not in the next will allow you to tell when that meal was digested.

For 3 days I made notes on everything that Norman did, when he did it, how he did it and what it looked like. I removed one item from his diet at a time and waited at least a day before removing the next item. Finally, I found the culprit. Rice! Once I removed rice from Norman’s diet everything went back to normal again. You must stick with the same meal that works for several days to make sure that everything is truly back to normal.

Since I am still improving Norman’s diet, I often run across something else that Norman cannot tolerate. I use the same approach when trying new items and to determine what is causing gas, stomach and gastrointestinal problems. I have found that, when liver disease is present, gastrointestinal problems frequently occur when something new is not tolerated in the diet.

Soon after this crisis, I received a call from the person who would become Norman’s veterinarian. I had found a list of Holistic Vet’s on the Internet and e-mailed one that was in my area. I had called during the crisis and she got back to me after it was over. When she called, I was pretty hard on her. I asked her a lot of questions and explained Norman’s history briefly. I told her I was looking for a Vet who would take other alternative treatments into consideration and workwith me on Norman’s diet and supplements to help me take the best possible care of him. Dr. Forster answered all my questions and we scheduled a visit for her to come over to my house and take a fresh look at Norman’s case. In order to do this, I needed to get all of Norman’s Vet records from his previous Vet. Dr. Forster gave me great insight into what all the blood test results meant and the sonogram diagnosis. This fresh look at Norman’s history was very educational and enlightening for me.

Liver Specific blood tests:

ALT – is a liver-specific leakage enzyme that is high when the body is losing cells.

AST – occurs in the liver, determined in conjunction with other liver tests (ALT, GGT).

Bilirubin – is formed in the liver before excretion in the bile.

Bile Acids – are synthesized in the liver from cholesterol.

Cholesterol – is produced in the liver and synthesized into bile acids. Low levels may indicate liver disease.

GGT – is an enzyme originating from the liver and is used in conjunction with other liver tests.

Potassium – low levels may indicate chronic liver disease.

One of the most important first steps in treating liver disease is finding the cause. Without knowing the source of the problem, you are only treating the symptoms. Dr. Forster’s initial consultation and review of Norman’s history not only helped me understand his condition, it also identified several red flags. Those red flags were then looked at with 20/20 hind-sight (perfect vision) and used to determine the best course of treatment.

The first major red flag was that 3 months before Norman was diagnosed with liver disease, I had taken him in to have his teeth cleaned and annual vaccinations. The blood test done before the teeth cleaning showed that his test for liver disease (ALT) was normal, but he was Anemic (low red blood cell count).

During and after this visit, Norman’s body was bombarded with drugs and chemicals.

If Norman’s liver was already damaged, all of this medication pushed him over the edge. The Anemia could have been a sign that he was not in the best condition to have all of this done at once.

The next red flag was his Gingivitis. Bad teeth and gums produce toxins that are harmful to the liver. And, it’s a general sign of bad health.

Finally, I couldn’t help but kick myself for giving him NSAID pain killers (Rimadyl) for his Osteoarthritis on a daily basis for over 2 years.

This reminded me of his not-so-severe symptoms of loose stools, constant drooling and gas, which I had ignored for years.

Of course, I was also feeding him the expensive commercial pet food (with rice). I had taken him in for gas and a sensitive stomach 7-years ago and never even considered that the pet food was the problem. I had been taught to feed Norman “the good pet food” and thought I was giving him the very best available.

I feel like I didn’t know anything before all of this happened. I didn’t know to ask questions. I didn’t know medications could have harmful side effects. I didn’t know commercial pet-food could contain toxins. I didn’t know bad breath, drooling and gas were signs of poor health.

Well, now I know. So, I question everything now, and I do my research. I’m educating myself and, hopefully, educating other well-meaning dog-lovers to do the same.

I can’t say for sure what caused Norman’s liver disease. But, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was probably caused by a combination of: long-term use of NSAID pain killers, untreated Gingivitis, food sensitivities (rice), over vaccinating, old-age, and poor diet (not-so-healthy commercial pet food), combined with a dog breed that has a tendency to have liver problems.

Now that we knew what caused the liver disease, Dr. Forster helped me formulate the best treatment for Norman.

Dr. Forster then did her own research and consulted another Holistic Vet and an Internist to give me additional information. She recommended other supplements and vitamins.

Notes on Supplements and Vitamins: I list brand names along with contents when available so that you can find your own source of these supplements and vitamins. There is a lot of variability in different brands, and sometimes they may not actually contain what is claimed on the label. So, stick with well-known and proven brands. I am not advertising for these items, only for their effectiveness in treating liver disease.

A complete list with recommended dosages has been compiled for your use (see Appendix A).

Since I started feeding Norman homemade dog food, specialized for his liver disease and added the additional supplements and vitamins, he has been sick four times. These were related to diet or arthritis. Each time he got sick I learned something new about how his diet (intake) affects his system.

I wish I could tell you that developing the perfect diet for Norman was easy, and that I got it right the first time. But, that’s just not the way it happened.

Instead, I would develop a meal, let Norman eat it for several days or weeks and watch to see how he did on it. Sometimes the meal would be great for a few days, and then he’d be sick again. I’d go back to the drawing board to find out what went wrong and try again.

I don’t know if I can say, “I’ve tried it all.” But I’ve definitely tried many different recipes over the last year. And, I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Now you have the benefit of learning my lessons without having to go through it yourself.

The rest of this book is the compilation and presentation of all my research. The goal is that you will be able to digest this information quickly, and start putting together your own homemade diet with supplements for your dog. As I found out with Norman, there is no “perfect diet” for all dogs. That is the main reason the prescription diet for liver disease did not work for him. It is a one-size-fits-all recipe. You will need to do your own experiments with the ingredients and recipes that I give you to find what works for your dog. I recommend that you also work with a good Vet who believes in the use of homemade diets and natural supplements.

Over a year and a half after Norman’s initial diagnosis, he is doing great. The last blood test a month ago came back with everything still normal. (See Appendix D for a copy of blood test report)

Norman also has Arthritis in his hips and knees. This is why he was on pain medication for so long. Now that he has a damaged liver, he can’t have any of the typical pain medications.

About nine months after I started Norman on a healthy diet and supplements for liver disease, he gave me a scare. Norman had been a ravenous eater and very excited around mealtime. But now he was more than just excited. He was anxious, restless, drooling, panting, crying (barking), not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time, inhaling his food, pacing around the house, hunting for cat poop outside, and eating it.

I tried everything. I tried various homeopathic remedies for gastritis. I changed his diet, increasing and decreasing the amount of protein and fat in his food. I gave him more Vitamin C and B12. I gave him Bach’s Rescue Remedy. I fasted him for a day. I gave him Gas-X. Nothing worked.

After 5 days of trying everything I knew to try, I took him in to see Dr. Forster. We did blood tests and everything was still normal. Her guess was that he was in pain. But we didn’t know why.   We decided to try a pain medication called Torbutrol.

I gave him the medication and fed him as usual. I left him alone for a couple of hours and when I returned he had urinated and soiled the house. He was lying on the floor as if he couldn’t get up. His mouth was dripping wet from panting constantly. His back legs were so weak he could barely stand to potty. He was limping on his back left leg. He was so restless he wouldn’t sit or lie down. He just kept walking around or standing with his head in a corner.

I called Dr. Forster and described his condition. She offered to come over (at 9:30pm) but said, even if she did, there wasn’t anything she could do until morning at the clinic. She didn’t think it was life threatening, but I had never seen him act this upset before. I was a scared, frantic mother afraid this was going to be the end for Norman. The best thing she told me was to get control of my emotions because my emotional state was affecting Norman.

She was right. I was an emotional basket case! I was so worried he was going to die I worked myself up into a panic. I immediately prayed for peace and for Norman’s health.

Norman and I finally went to bed, but it was the longest night of my life. Norman got up every couple of hours, and I got up with him. Finally, at 7:30am we went to see Dr. Forster at the clinic. She worked Norman and me in as soon as possible. He was still acting the same. She said he looked like he was in pain. She kept him at the clinic to do x-rays and other tests to figure out what was causing the pain.

I left him there and went off to take care of myself. When she had the test results back, she called me to tell me why he was in so much pain. His back hip has severe Osteoarthritis, irregular joint surface and severely calcified discs. At his age and condition, surgery was not an option. She recommended that I try acupuncture for the pain. I took Norman for six acupuncture treatments but, ultimately, I found diet change and homeopathic remedies for arthritis and pain worked best to keep the pain under control.

Without homeopathic remedies for arthritis pain, I would have had to put Norman to sleep. He was in a lot of pain. But now, he is doing fine. He still has a limp. But he has no signs of anxiety, crying (barking), restlessness or panting. He sleeps throughout the night, sleeps most of the day and seems to be comfortable. He doesn’t hunt for cat poop anymore and waits patiently to be fed.

I am convinced that alternative treatments for liver disease and arthritis in the form of diet, supplements and homeopathic medications WORK. I wouldn’t be writing this book if they didn’t. I know that I would NOT have Norman with me today if they didn’t work. I wouldn’t be recommending them to you if I didn’t believe with all my heart they are safe as well as good for your dog.

I hope you find the answers you’re looking for, or at least the hope to keep looking for a way to help your dog heal. I know that if you love your dog as much as I love Norman that you will want to know what you can do to keep him at your side for as long as your dog isn’t suffering.

I pray that you have as much success with your homemade healthy dog food and supplements as I have. I encourage you to ask your Veterinarian questions. Don’t give up without trying. And, take good care of yourself and your dog. You’ll feel better knowing you did everything you could for your dog.

This treatment has saved hundreds of dog’s lives over the last 9 years. It works!

Foreword            6

A Note of Caution            7

Introduction       8

Chapter 1 – Norman’s Story        9

Chapter 2 – Liver Disease & Cirrhosis       21

Liver Disease — What is it?           21

Liver Disease — Diagnosis             21

Liver Disease — Treatments         22

Liver Disease — Causes  23

Liver Disease — Common Symptoms       23

Cirrhosis of the Liver       24

Chapter 3 – Healthy Homemade Dog Food for Liver Disease        25

Healthy Dog Food Basics               25

Why Diet and Supplements Work for Liver Disease          29

How to Prepare a Homemade Meal        30

Foods That Heal                32

Chapter 4 – Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes          34

Chapter 5 – Supplements for Treating Liver Disease         44

Milk Thistle’s Silymarin  44

Healing Herbs and Supplements               45

Multi-Vitamin, Dietary Supplement & Digestive Enzymes              48

Avoid These       49

Chapter 6 – Caring for Your Sick Dog        50

Good Veterinary Care    50

Communication from Your Dog  50

Potty Patrol        51

What diarrhea tells you about your dog52

Vomiting              52

Urination Accidents        53

Soiling Accidents              53

Begging or Demanding Attention or Acting Very Needy53

Changes in Behavior       53

Changes in Eating Habits               54

Changes in Sleeping Habits          54

Signs of Progressing Liver Disease            55

Special Needs of Dogs with Liver Disease              56

How to Give Your Dog a Quick Check-up                56

Creative Ways to Give Your Dog a Pill      57

Bathing and Grooming   57

Non-Toxic Flea & Tick Control     58

Heart Worm Preventative            58

Vaccinations       58

Emotional Health             58

Chapter 7 – Liver Related Illnesses and Treatment            60

Allergies/Sensitivities     61

Chapter 8 – Gratitude and Faith                63

This Book is For You        63

Afterword           64

Update on Norman         64

Rainbow Bridge                66

Appendix A: Complete Shopping List      67

Appendix B: Healthy Powder      68

Appendix C: Blank Checklist        69

Appendix D: Norman’s Case History        70

Appendix E: Quick-Start Guide   81

Step 1 – Gather Data      82

Step 2 – Where to Start85

Step 3 – Care for Your Sick Dog  88

Step 4 – Check Results   90

Conclusion          91

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About the Authors          96

By Deb Forster, B.S., D.V.M.

“This is vital information that needs to be available for every pet-lover who has a dog with liver disease.”

In my 20 plus years as a veterinary practitioner, I’ve treated many cases of liver disease, and I’ve followed both conventional and alternative methods of healing. In these pages, Cyndi Smasal has compiled an excellent guide to help treat liver disease in dogs, our best friends and companions. And, it’s in a great format that will allow readers to download it off the World Wide Web.

I started working with Cyndi and Norman four months into her alternative treatment. I’ve never met a more dedicated pet owner. She became a student and now a teacher of alternative veterinary medicine, nutrition, supplements and homeopathic remedies. I have personally seen Norman benefit from her loving care, homemade dog food and nutritional supplements.

The concept of a special diet for liver disease is not a novel one. But in this book, Cyndi addresses the topic from a very personal and truthful level. She has tried everything that could possibly be helpful for her dog, much more than what she’s listed in these pages. She’s put all the results of her research into an easy to read, concise book that fills a tremendous need in the pet-lover community.

You will find her determination inspiring in addition to solid information about a complex disease. This book is by no means the answer to all of your dog’s needs, but it provides a great start for treating your dog with liver disease in collaboration with a qualified veterinarian.

This is vital information that needs to be available for every pet-lover who has a dog with liver disease.

Deb Forster, B.S., D.V.M.
Four Paws Vet Hospital
San Marcos, TX 78666

The material in this book has been written for educational purposes ONLY. It should not be regarded as veterinary medical advice. I am not a veterinarian. Please consult with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or a holistic veterinarian before applying what you learn from this book.

My approach to treating liver disease is considered to be alternative by definition. My approach has not been investigated or approved by any regulatory agency. Do not use this book as a substitute for treatment by a veterinarian. Rather, use this information in conjunction with veterinary care. Always discuss the use of alternative approaches like this one with your veterinarian before trying them.

I did not receive an enthusiastic response from my first veterinarian when I discussed this approach. So, you may want to consult with more than one veterinarian regarding the treatment that is best for your dog.

Ultimately, you are responsible for the care and treatment that your dog receives. I am not responsible for any adverse reactions or effects resulting from the use of the information contained in this book.

By Donna M. Hilbig, M.Ed., L.P.C.

I have been privileged to witness the events described in this book, because of my acquaintances with both the author and Norman, the spunky Cocker Spaniel upon whom this book is based. In the following pages you, too, will sense the depths of the relationship between this dog and his human. From the beginning, it was obvious that he claimed her heart, and they belong to one another.

Being a “cat person,” it was a foreign concept to hear someone say they have to go straight home after work, “because Norman is by himself.” Seeing a dog sit and sleep in a person’s lap in the same way a cat does was mind-boggling to me. But all it took was one incident of Norman having an irritation of his “third eyelid” to understand that these two were connected in a way beyond my sensory ability. There were tears of frustration, because Norman was suffering and Cyndi wanted to help him feel better. “He doesn’t complain unless he’s really feeling bad,” she said. I went over to help as she gently rinsed his eye, and he was better. In time, I would see for myself that Norman truly is a very happy dog with a very loving personality.

Norman is also a very communicative dog. He smiles as he pants when he’s happy. And he actually “frowns” when he realizes Cyndi is going somewhere but he’s not invited. Granted, Cyndi hates having to leave him and has often fantasized out loud about taking him to work with her! So, when he’s sick, it’s very easy to tell. Norman just isn’t his normal, happy, playful self.

When he was diagnosed with liver disease, it was almost as if he had already died. He was very uncomfortable from having a swollen belly, and Cyndi just couldn’t stand to see him suffer. Amazingly, the swelling went down quickly. Then, something more amazing happened. The woman I knew as a very skilled Quality Assurance Engineer in the computer programming industry began to approach Norman’s medical condition as if it were “defective software.” She put her analytical skills to work overtime, believing that there was an eventual solution.

I was a witness to a miracle in progress as she tried one intervention after another. After each effort, she would develop a “new and improved” process. Through it all, Norman’s blood tests just got better and better! Today, if it weren’t for his debilitating arthritis, Norman would easily be mistaken for a two-year old puppy. He is truly a special dog, and he has chosen a very special human with whom to share his life.

Even though Cyndi is Norman’s “provider,” he has given her just as much, if not more. Together, they have learned to love unconditionally and to roll on the ground just for the pure joy of it. Norman’s philosophy of life is “smell everything, lick as if your life depends on it, wear your heart on your sleeve – then it’s easier to get to when it’s hurting, always express your feelings, and forgive every time you’re asked.” Sounds like a great way to live!

How much better can your dog feel when you implement the steps in my book.When you visit any of the online user groups for canine liver disease you’ll find reference to my book as “a must have”.As you debate about buying my book, think about my no-questions-asked, 60-day money back guarantee.

But if for any reason you are not happy with the material you find in this book we offer a comprehensive 60-day money-back guarantee. You won’t be asked any questions. You ask for a refund and we will give it to you. Just send an email to and we will process your refund immediately.

Disclaimer: This treatment does not work for every dog or every type of liver related illnesses. It’s not the answer to all of your dog’s needs. It does not replace the need of a qualified Veterinarian. Please read the full Disclaimer and Word of Caution

I just wanted to quickly thank you for writing such an amazing book. Your story made me feel like I was not alone in my craziness, as my Papillion Kenzie was told she would not live through the night on Nov 11th from liver failure. After reading everything I could, and reading nothing but contradictory information, I was lost and confused. I also was not going to sit back and watch her die. You gave me hope. I am writing this with Kenzie in my lap on January 14th 2015. She made it through the holidays and is pushing through thanks to your advice and menu options. I don’t know how many days I have left with her, but I know you have given me special moments I would have never had. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I have attached a picture of my Kenzie :)” –

Kelley Smith

“Hello Cyndi,
I have attached a dog picture of my 15 (almost 16) year old chihuahua named Bud. He was diagnosed with liver problems almost 9 years ago. The first sign he was sick was the vomiting. He also would hide under our bed and no amount of coaxing would get him to come out, not even his favorite snacks. When we took him to the vet, they we’re not sure why his liver enzymes were so elevated. A lot of tests and money later, the only thing they could tell me was his liver was a poorly functioning liver, probably from birth, and it was on a micro vascular level. Not a lot they could do. Fortunately, I had a vet that was willing to try several different approaches including supplements and diet changes. I found your book online, and was willing to give anything a try. I printed all the information that you provided, and took it to my vet to make sure it was the right way to go. The vet looked things over and said anything we could try would be helpful. Without doing something, my dogs enzymes were skyrocketing so fast, she felt he had only a matter of months left. So, I started on your food list, continued the supplements the vet had already given me, and added milk thistle per your information, and am so happy to say that almost 9 years later, our baby is doing well. I’m so thankful we have gotten all of the extra time to spend with him, and to my husband and I (who are childless), everyday is a blessing. He’s now older and having some issues with age, but on the whole is doing really well. And age related problems are expected at this time in his life, instead of seeing a young dog wither away as he was. So, I know this is lengthy, but I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for all the information you provided online. Hopefully, it will continue to help dogs and their heartsick owners.

Thanks so much!” –
Ron and Kathy Bowling

“Hi Cyndi I wanted to leave you a well over due big thank you well actually 4 years overdue! Where do I begin well nearly 4 years ago in 2010 our world came crashing down, our beautiful little cheeky chappy Cocker Spaniel Charlie who had been full of life suddenly from nowhere with no warning like your dear Norman and all the other little fur babies classic symptoms after all the usual tests the dreaded Liver Diseases had been diagnosed and we were told that Charlie had only a few months to live! We were told there was nothing could be done and that all we could do is enjoying him while he is here with us. They put him on lots of terrible medications also high dose steroids and some disgusting prescription food that was not suitable for Charlie because it had far too much high fat in it he then got Pancreas problems then kidney problems which made him far worse. I felt I could not stand around any longer and just watch someone I loved suffer and wait for him to die I had to do something myself so I searched the internet to be honest I didn’t know what I was searching for? But I just knew there had to be something then there it was! That connection I was searching for ‘Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog’ after reading a small sample of your book .The connection was the story of Norman. I bought your book, and it was the best thing I did! After a full night of reading we went back to the vet taking the this book with us armed with all the great information and now with new HOPE we presented the vet your amazing book showing recipe’s and ideas advice and from then Charlie has been off all the medications except for his milk thistle and multi Vitamins he has a wonderful variety of food from your book. The vet kept my book for three weeks with the hope of helping other dogs and was ordering one herself. The Vet calls him the little miracle dog! I tell everyone about your book when people ask about Charlie. Thank you Cyndi From my heart to yours thank you XXXX”

– Binki Dan

“Morning, or is it evening?! Anyway max went bk in for more amino acid, vet was amazed by is appearance! His liver enzymes have halved, skin almost back to normal, coat looking great, still slim but not losing weight! Full of fun and being shouting and barking and looking for cuddles! She has been taking pix of him cos she can’t believe just how far he has come in basically 2 weeks! Thank you cyndi if u didn’t write ur book I wouldn’t have known how to care for him, heal him and believe. My boy has come on so well, and there is a long way to go, but we r on our way, thanks for the lift! Lol xxx”

– Catherine Monaghan

“Two years ago my beloved dog was sent home to die when her liver began failing after a series of emergency surgeries and heavy medication. Our vets held out no hope for us. I found this book online and started the basic protocul Cyndi outlines. Today our vets are astounded, her liver values are almost back to the normal range and her health continues to improve. I cannot stress enough how important this book is for dealing successfully with – and surviving – liver disease and liver-related conditions.”

– KJ Anderson (Amazon review)

“Hi Cyndi,
I downloaded your e-book last Friday after receiving the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver in our 5 year old cocker spaniel, Tanner. You don’t know how much hope you have given my family with your extensive research. I am so glad I came across your website. I was in such despair Thursday after Tanner’s ultrasound and  the internal medicine Dr’s prognosis. My husband and I refer to your book often and call it our “bible”. We wonder if Norman was at all picky about some of the vegetables and new textures at first? Tanner doesn’t seem to like tofu, even with chicken broth on it. I guess we will resort to the granules.  I know I will have many more questions to ask and observations to share with you, but I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for helping all of us who feel so helpless with our best friend’s health concerns.”

– Lori and Tanner 

Consultation with author Cyndi Smasal

“Enlightening and Time Saving”

This is a specific consultations for designing an alternative treatment for liver disease in your dog. We will be following the guidelines laid out in my book “Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog”. This includes information found in my book as well as a list of resources. We will be discussing your dog’s specific situation and I will perform an evaluation of your pet’s lifestyle and environment. We will discuss detoxification, supplements and how to transition your pet to an appropriate liver diet. I will also communicate with your dog to evaluate their emotional condition and relay any information that you want them to know. Follow-up emails and answers to your questions are included in your consultation.

This newly designed Quick Start Guide has been written to guide you through the initial crisis when your dog is first diagnosed – letting you get started today!

e-Book: How to Have a Healthy Dog

“Discover How You Can Insure That Your Dog is the Healthiest Pet Alive!”

“How to have a Healthy Dog” is for the dog owner who wants to better understand the health of their pet so they know when it’s appropriate to take serious action to assist a vulnerable or ailing dog.

e-Book: Healthy Homemade Dog Food

“Find out what’s good about homemade dog food compared to store-bought ones and how to create a well-balanced dog food plan. “

eBook: Help Me! My Dog Won’t Eat

“The Most Comprehensive Guide to Solving Your Dog’s Appetite Loss.”

New Release by Cyndi Smasal. This quick guide will help you understand why your dog may not be eating and what you can do about it. No matter how well you know your dog, it can still sometimes be difficult to understand what is causing them distress. If you are worried about your dog’s lack of appetite this guide will give you the tools you need to get your fury friend back to normal.

It’s been over 10 years since my dog Norman was sick and I was taking care of him. My little book has lived on to tell the story and help save many dogs. I have received so many emails and letters about how the information in my book saved their dog’s life. It makes me cry every time I read about another dog whose life was saved by the information I wrote in my book. This is why I wrote it in the first place. I had to do hundreds of hours of research and buy dozens of books to learn everything about liver disease and how to treat it. I put this book together so other dog owners wouldn’t have to do all the work that I had to do to save my dog’s life.

Things have changed since I wrote my book in 2003. Thankfully other alternative treatments have been created to specifically treat this disease. It’s much easier to treat liver disease now. Your chances of saving your dog’s life are much greater. But there are still many options and how do you know what to do and what will work. There’s much more information out there than there used to be. But some of it is conflicting. Some Vet’s still support the same traditional treatment that doesn’t work as well. Others have made steps in the right direction. But my book still has the most comprehensive information and treatment that actually works in many cases. In fact many of the websites out there are just taking the information from my book.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you take on healing your dog from this deadly disease. Whether you buy my book or not, I hope you are successful in saving your dog’s life.

Cyndi Smasal is currently an Animal Health Coach and Pet Communicator who uses a unique method of coaching pet parents on how to take care of their sick pets with a combination of natural holistic treatment and communicating with the pet to determine their physical and emotional health all along the way.

Cyndi was born and raised in San Antonio Texas. She has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and had a 15 year career in Software Quality Assurance and Testing as well as over 10 years experience in Internet Marketing.  Her love of saving dogs led her to leave the computer world and embark on a new journey to communicate with animals and coach others in nutrition and naturopathic healing.

This website is not designed to, and does not, provide veterinary advice. All content (“Content”), including text, graphics, images and information available on or through this website are for general educational purposes only.

The reader understands that the author is not engaged in rendering veterinary medical advice or services. The author provides this information, and the reader accepts it, with the understanding that people act on it at their own risk and with full knowledge that they should consult with a medical professional for medical help.

The author shall have neither liability or responsibility to any person, pet, or entity with respect to any loss, damage, or injury caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book.

This treatment does not work for all dogs.

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Copyright © 2003 – 2017, Cyndi Smasal, (210) 960-6449

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Hope for Healing Liver Disease in Your DogHope for Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog by Cyndi Smasal

Review of Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts!

Review of Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts!

Review of Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts!

Product Name: Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts!

Click here to get Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts!:

His incubators, on the other hand, were made with parts that can be bought at any local hardware store.

He sent me home with a few instructions on how to make one myself. On the way home, I stopped to pick up the supplies, which were surprisingly cheap. That same evening, I built my incubator. Yes, it was that easy!

Even better, after putting the incubator to the test, I noticed I had a 95% hatching rate! Fabulous!

Next, instead of just showing how to hatch chickens, I showed my students how to make incubators of their own. This part of the course was by far the most fun.

This was years ago. Now, I make a living by teaching others how to build incubators.

And, that’s exactly what I’ll show you in my step-by-step system: Incubator Maker™Incubator Maker™ also includes instructional videos, so you can practically watch over my shoulder as I make egg incubators with a high hatching rate and at a fraction of the cost of shop bought incubators. Incubator Maker™ will teach you…

And here are just some of the results that Incubator Maker™ has achieved for my clients…

If you decided to raise chickens or other birds you probably already know that the benefits are many. Home grown poultry are healthier, you will save a lot of money, and you will have home produced eggs. As a by-product of your chickens, you will also have the best fertilizer for free!

These are just some of the benefits. However, as any other endeavour, raising poultry can be a tedious task if you don’t have the required knowledge. This book will teach you from the very basics to advanced techniques used by professional hatcheries – a must read if you plan on raising chickens or other birds successfully and hassle-free.

So, you’re planning on building a chicken coop but don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry. You’re about to get your hands on all the information you need on various chicken coop plans, designs, building materials, chicken breeds, what factors to consider before you get down to building your own chicken coop and how to construct it.
Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a readymade chicken coop, you can now save on at least 50% of the cost by constructing it yourself. It’s one of the best investments you can ever make!

Are you incubating eggs? Then you should learn to analyze your hatch!
By analyzing your eggs, you will keep track of the progress of your egg incubation. This book will teach you how to monitor many things including the egg fertility, embryo viability and moisture loss (humidity).
By being able to identify and remove non-viable incubating eggs, you can also avoid the risk of a rotten egg exploding and contaminating your hatch with dangerous germs.

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Incubator Maker – How to Make a High-Quality, High-Hatching-Rate Incubator with Cheap Parts!

Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

Click here for bigger image

Review of Crypto Coin Ranking

Product Name: Crypto Coin Ranking

Click here to get Crypto Coin Ranking at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Crypto Coin Ranking:

Hi. My name is Michael and for years I struggled in crypto, especially with
finding winning coins and buying at the right times; that was a real pain! Based
on greed and FOMO, I bought bitcoin at an all-time high in 2014 and then had to HOLD it
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This amazing tool allows you to create your own systems using popular indicators of technical analysis and backtest your ideas based on historical data!

The best part – your new system will be automated and start giving you signals in REAL TIME! So it’s not just a historical-analyzer, but it is also an active signal tool that can generate real monetary profits for you!

The system supports over 500 popular coins! With this system, the possibilities are endless.

This rating allows you to choose from the hundreds of previously created systems. Each system gives you exact details about its past performance while providing real-time signals you can follow!

Simply click on the system to load it into the backtesting tool, check its active signals and past results! You can also create your own systems, and if you let them go public, they will appear in the ratings as well!

We are privileged and grateful to have been able to build this amazing small-but-very-helpful closed community of successful crypto traders and investors who are here to help you and share their tricks, trading strategies and secrets.

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We are using the live data from Twitter, Reddit, google trends, Facebook and Solume to calculate and analyze social media volume and sentiment comparison to the price of cryptocurrencies.

The system automatically gathers the top tweets on each currency and lets you track and analyze the dependency of the price and social media volume. Recent studies have shown that the price of a cryptocurrency directly depends on the social volume and the level of its public interest. You can also set alerts to see which coins get a spike in social volume and Sentiment in the last 24 hours.

The system also allows you to sort the coins the way you want; You can click on the charts to zoom in. The recent top 3 tweets are also displayed automatically. If they are not in English, the google translate button will appear.

This quick search engine allows you to get access to the database of upcoming important news for any of the thousands of supported coins!

Find out all about upcoming big events, airdrops, big announcements, wallet updates, listings on big exchanges, forks and all other price boosting events.

A set of essential indicators for any serious crypto traders such as Ichimoku, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci, RSI,

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This is one of the best parts of your premium membership. This gives you access to the beta test of our new unique trading bot that allows you to auto-trade your crypto account safely via API.

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What are Weisenberg and Stallman ratings and how are they calculated?

The goal of Weisenberg and Stallman ratings is to help investors make an educated decision about the risks and rewards of each cryptocurrency by grading them from A to D.

Each currency is analyzed using Risk Index, Reward Index, Fundamentals Index and Technology Index.

In a bid to thoroughly evaluate risks, we also take into account the price fluctuations and recent “crashes.” The proprietary formulas are developed by Dr. Weisenberg and Stallman, experts in stock and crypto market trading.

The ratings are fully automated, unbiased and updated automatically.

I really want you to succeed and get the results you are striving to achieve. I really want to hear your success stories on how the crypto investing worked for you, and allowed you to achieve your goals!

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Crypto Coin Ranking

Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Click here for bigger image

Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Product Name: Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Click here to get Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! – at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! -:

From: Coach Kyril and Mauro Marcos

Dear Fellow Tennis Player,

The video above is an excerpt from our DVD, “Secrets Of The Power Serve”.

We really do know how frustrating it can be to want to improve so badly, and yet feel you’ve been denied the ‘talent’ that you’ve been told is ‘necessary’ to achieve your tennis goals. We’re here to let you know that you really CAN improve your tennis game, beyond your wildest dreams!!!

All you need is the CORRECT information, motivation and application – a plan, so to speak.

And that’s where we come in. To get you started, and to prove ourselves to you, we’re laying out the most detailed information available ANYWHERE on how to hit a POWERFUL SERVE that will leave the opponents you normally play wondering just how the heck you do it!

In short, they will be in awe.

We’ll get to that part in the DVD.

This is something that almost EVERYONE tells us they feel once they’ve watched and applied what they’ve learned from our videos! Don’t just take our word for it, though; here’s what people just like you are saying about our videos:

Thanks so much for all your video lessons sent to me. As you know, I am myself a tennis coach and all three of my kids played Div I college tennis with full scholarships at top tennis schools: Michigan, Illinois and Dayton.

I am using so many tips from your tennis instruction, not only with Denise, but also with my own tennis students. Your lessons are so smart, simple and logical that any beginner player can improve tremendously.

I really do appreciate so much what you guys are doing to improve American tennis.”

Not too long ago, a friend asked me who the “Italian tennis teacher guy’ by the name of Mauro was and what I could tell her about his tennis abilities? I quickly called her back and told her that Mauro was Brazilian, number one, and that Mauro could teach “COWS” how to play tennis.

As far as I was concerned, I told her, there was NO ONE who could teach tennis better than Mauro, and stand by what I say. I am 50 years old, I have played tennis since I was 18, I have taken countless private lessons, group lessons, college lessons, tour lessons… and the list continues.

No instructor has ever been able to catch, in a matter of hours as he did (two max), why I was hitting a wall, and why I was not improving. I had given up playing as it had become “zero fun.”

I could tell that I was doing something fundamentally wrong and no instructor could determine what it was; the focus kept being on turning, moving, closing…Mauro made me visualize and named my handicap for me in one sentence, which was affecting (imagine that!), my forehand and backhand, and therefore the whole game.

Within a few lessons, I have become a totally different player, doted with speed and strength, loving the game and looking forward to how much more I can learn now that the wall has been torn down thanks to this incredible teacher. Why aren’t there more Mauro’s around, I wonder??!?

Austin, my Twelve Year Old son, said the following: “I think Mauro is a great tennis teacher, because he taught me that tennis is not only about the strokes, (which is important), it’s also about moving your feet, and thinking about what you are going to do.

Mauro taught me that the game is more than just about winning. He taught me how to be a good sport, how to keep going, even when you are loosing in a match.

Mauro knows how to explain things in a way that always everyone understands. He would work me hard, make me laugh, and he helped me love tennis. What he taught me on the court I take away and use it in everyday life. I will always remember Mauro. Whoever has Mauro as an instructor should feel lucky! Thanks Mauro!

Bowen, my Fourteen Year Old son, said the following: “Mauro is a great tennis coach for so many different reasons. And with a constant flow of encouragement, he taught me the skills I needed to become a great player.

He tuned my tennis strokes to perfection! He is a good guy. He has a great personality, and he is a gift to any Tennis Club. Thank you Mauro!”

– Stuart Baker, Austin and Bowen’s father

I have had the pleasure of calling Mauro my friend for 20 years, (1989/Sarasota, Florida). He’s also been one of my most influential coaching mentors as well. His use of analogies and understanding of the body and it’s capabilities/limitations is second to none.

His lessons were always upbeat, fun, and challenging. He infused a lot of energy and athleticism (flying backhand!!) into every hour he taught. I always marveled at his ability to approach each lesson like it was the first of the day, even after 6-8 hours on the court. Mauro is a great tennis professional, but a greater friend!! Thank you!!

– Jack Bailey, Avila Golf & Country Club, Tampa, Florida

Mauro’s method of teaching with analogies is so effective that I feel like light bulbs are lighting up all around me throughout our lessons. He makes so much sense!! That, coupled with his enthusiasm for seeing me improve, makes him an instructor like no other! My kids (ages 7 & 9) have also taken lessons from Mauro and his teaching approach is just as effective with kids.

Mauro Marcos is by far, without comparison, the best instructor of tennis I have ever seen! It became apparent to me after about 15 minutes into our first lesson. He was different. He immediately pinpointed my stroke mechanics and corrected my technique. I know his corrections were good because when I played like he instructed, my game felt much more natural and effortless.

After Mauro, I felt as if I was playing a different sport. This form of tennis was full of grace and power. I felt much more confident, but naturally so. My body was doing the work and not my frustrated brain.

Mauro teaches tennis using all the contemporary techniques of the current tour players. He combines his years of experience with his very current grasp of today’s contemporary power game.

My lessons with Mauro are truly the highlight of my week. He takes the time to explain the game, both the physical techniques, but more importantly, the mental side of the game. He explains things in ways that are very unique and extremely vivid (funny too); trust me when I say that there is no one like him out there.

I have worked with many teachers and coaches . I can unequivocally recommend Mauro Marcos to anyone. I will go so far as to say that I feel very lucky to have been one of his students. I know the benefits of my time with Mauro will last a lifetime. He has given to me the gift of tennis.

– Chris Coomber, Chestnut Company

To Figure Out How To Hit Like The Pros By Trying To ‘Imitate’ What You See Them Do & Watching Them On Video, You Would Have To:

Once you reach a certain level in your tennis game, the only way to reach higher levels is to improve your tennis skills. We will help you get your game to the next level – no matter where you are right now.

Subscribing now guarantees that you’ll immediately receive access to everything you need to get your tennis game going in the right direction – no matter what your current level of play!

Joining now will give you immediate access to ALL the resources in the Vault! And before you even ask: YES, you can contact us to cancel your membership at ANY time, for any reason, immediately and without hassle. There is NEVER any obligation or long term contracts, either. You are billed once per month for as long as you are a member – that’s it!

***As part of the over 10 hrs of streaming online tennis instruction, we have uploaded our first four in a series of HD video instruction to the Tennis Vault Members Area!

We went all-out shooting you this new material, shooting from three different angles with three separate High-Definition video cameras. Heck, we even had a fancy-pants Hollywood director ‘run the whole show’ so YOU get the best instructional and viewing experience possible.

Q: So who are you guys, anyway?

A: Coach Mauro Marcos is a veteran PTR Professional Level tennis instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience, and has helped everyone from tiny toddlers to world-class junior tournament players to the everday ‘weekend warrior’.

Mauro and Grand Slam Champion Tennis Legend Stan Smith, shooting the instructional video “Common Faults of Match Play” by Prince in 1990.

Mauro and former World #1 Jennifer Capriati in the early 90’s. Mauro taught at Rick Macci’s International Tennis Academy in the late 80’s, where besides Jennifer, he also helped Rick coaching future pro Tommy Ho.

Mauro With Thomaz Koch, Brazilian Tennis Legend & World Top-Ten Player At Carlos Goffi’s Tournament Tough Tennis Academy.

Mauro with World Famous Coach Nick Bollettieri in Miami at the 2003 Sony Ericsson Open.

Clients from around the world have flown to the U.S. to get private instruction directly from Mauro, and Mauro has personally taught dozens upon dozens of private students overseas on three different continents, so yeah – he gets around!

Kyril Popoff is a former NCAA Div. 1 All-Conference Tennis Player, Author, Coach and tennis instructor. Thousands of people from over 120 countries have turned to him for advice and training and now you can have access to the same material for only pennies a day.

See the big guy in the photo below? That’s Tom Antion, and he’s a multi-millionaire who can afford to hire any tennis coach he wants. Guess who he called when he wanted some help with his game?

Tom Antion (Pictured with Coach Kyril & Coach Mauro), Certified ‘Tennis Nut’ & Multi-Millionaire Professional Speaker, Author, and publisher of the largest Public Speaking newsletter in the world.

Get This Free DVD In Two Simple Steps!

1. Take a risk-free 14-day trial as a Tennis Vault Member!

2. We’ll ship you the DVD right away!

Q: So just why the heck are you making this offer?

Pretty simple – because we have HOURS upon HOURS (over 10 hours worth – that’s 60+ videos!) of tennis instruction that myself and Coach Mauro want you to get access to, so we basically want to ethically ‘bribe’ into trying us out! Once you get a peek inside of The Tennis Vault Members Area, YOU will, like so many others, be saying…

Q: What exactly is the ‘Tennis Vault’ members area?

A: The Tennis Vault is a private, members-only resource for those serious about becoming great tennis players (and coaches). Within the private, members-only area, you’ll find a comprehensive source of in-depth videos (over 60 videos!) that will help you get the most out of your game.The insight you get into how to improve your tennis game is coming from a couple of guys who’ve “been there and done that”.

Q: How much does a membership cost?

As soon as you become a Tennis Vault Member, we’ll ship this DVD to you IMMEDIATELY – plus, you’ll be able to watch it right away in the Member’s Area as well!

When you become a Tennis Vault Member, we’re also going to give you the following BONUSES to ‘sweeten the pot’! 🙂

The Ten Laws Of Tennis Success E-Book:

I have broken up the training in this 48 page E-book into ten (10) action-oriented training sessions, available for instant download, where I walk you through the Ten Laws one-by-one, complete with:

“Coach Kyril’s product is one of those rare gems of the highest quality, written by an experienced coach who has shared his expertise in an ebook and related videos. If you are serious about improving your game, then Coach Kyril’s Ten Laws of Tennis Success is a must on your digital shelf…” – Tomaz Mencinger, Best-Selling author of “How To Play Tennis” & “The Mental Manual For Tennis Winners”.

The Ten Laws of Tennis Success Course Checklist and Workbook:

The Course Checklist & Workbook E-Course is a companion to the Ten Laws Of Tennis Success E-book. In it, you will discover:

If that seems like a lot of information to pack into 10 lessons, it’s because it is; and an improved game will be your reward!

And in the end, you can either 1) stay at the level your at, 2) improve your game slowly, or 3) improve your game quickly.

Hopefully #1 is not even an option, and between #2 and #3, I’d take the latter. How about you?

This is the book that started it all.

You see, I didn’t just write Focus & Win one weekend and then decide to slap it up on the internet the next. No way! I actually wrote this 72 page e-book FIRST as a companion to the coaching techniques I was using for my private coaching students.

This allowed me to get feedback from my students and see if there were any ‘holes’ in my system so they could be completely plugged before I officially released the training.

In this e-book, you will discover:

The Ten Laws Companion Online Video Series:

The original Ten Laws system did not include videos. After awhile, my customers started emailing me, asking me if I planned on doing any videos. At first I hadn’t; but they kept beating me about the head and shoulders on the issue. So I did the only cool thing you can do in a situation like that: I whipped some up and gave them access to them for FREE.

But I wasn’t really happy with the quality of the videos. So, I re-shot the whole series with better lighting and audio, with a ton of exclusive video instruction that you won’t find anywhere else. Over TWO HOURS of online video that covers every aspect of the Ten Laws of Tennis Success Course.

Remember, you get the first 14 days of access FREE so you can check us out and see that this material is the ‘real deal’ – AND you have our 60-day money-back guarantee. PLUS, you can cancel at any time and keep the entire Ten Laws Course, Focus & Win E-book and your DVD as our gift to you.

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Mauro Marcos & Kyril Popoff

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