Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

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Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Product Name: fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

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Description of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo:

can find Giant Fossil shark teeth




friends and I have been searching for fossils for over
20 years. I’ve authored over a dozen
books, hosted the Dive Wreck Valley cable TV series and
run the charter dive boat Wreck Valley. This book will help you
identify many of the fossils Black Water river divers can
recover in South Carolina and Florida.

Capt. Dan Berg


New Fossil ebook is heavily illustrated with color photographs. Divers, fossil hunters, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, or fossils will surely find
this ebook informative, fascinating and the perfect addition
to their library


Black Water Fossil Diving Identification Guide is a 39 page downloadable, printable PDF booklet. The text is packed with information and color images. Find out what Fossil diving in South Carolina is all about or use the guide to help identify your own fossils.

100% “Love It or Leave It”
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You’ve got a

to try out the material. This is a
no questions asked, no fuss
money-back guarantee.

Here’s How To
Order Right

 Once your
credit card is
approved, you
will be taken
to a special
download page
where you will

have instant
access to the








with a Credit
Card by Secure


Capt. Dan Berg

Check out Capt. Dan’s shipwreck and diving eBooks

Suggested Reading -Fossil Hunting Books

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fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

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Review of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Product Name: Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

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Description of Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! -:

From: Coach Kyril and Mauro Marcos

Dear Fellow Tennis Player,

The video above is an excerpt from our DVD, “Secrets Of The Power Serve”.

We really do know how frustrating it can be to want to improve so badly, and yet feel you’ve been denied the ‘talent’ that you’ve been told is ‘necessary’ to achieve your tennis goals. We’re here to let you know that you really CAN improve your tennis game, beyond your wildest dreams!!!

All you need is the CORRECT information, motivation and application – a plan, so to speak.

And that’s where we come in. To get you started, and to prove ourselves to you, we’re laying out the most detailed information available ANYWHERE on how to hit a POWERFUL SERVE that will leave the opponents you normally play wondering just how the heck you do it!

In short, they will be in awe.

We’ll get to that part in the DVD.

This is something that almost EVERYONE tells us they feel once they’ve watched and applied what they’ve learned from our videos! Don’t just take our word for it, though; here’s what people just like you are saying about our videos:

Thanks so much for all your video lessons sent to me. As you know, I am myself a tennis coach and all three of my kids played Div I college tennis with full scholarships at top tennis schools: Michigan, Illinois and Dayton.

I am using so many tips from your tennis instruction, not only with Denise, but also with my own tennis students. Your lessons are so smart, simple and logical that any beginner player can improve tremendously.

I really do appreciate so much what you guys are doing to improve American tennis.”

Not too long ago, a friend asked me who the “Italian tennis teacher guy’ by the name of Mauro was and what I could tell her about his tennis abilities? I quickly called her back and told her that Mauro was Brazilian, number one, and that Mauro could teach “COWS” how to play tennis.

As far as I was concerned, I told her, there was NO ONE who could teach tennis better than Mauro, and stand by what I say. I am 50 years old, I have played tennis since I was 18, I have taken countless private lessons, group lessons, college lessons, tour lessons… and the list continues.

No instructor has ever been able to catch, in a matter of hours as he did (two max), why I was hitting a wall, and why I was not improving. I had given up playing as it had become “zero fun.”

I could tell that I was doing something fundamentally wrong and no instructor could determine what it was; the focus kept being on turning, moving, closing…Mauro made me visualize and named my handicap for me in one sentence, which was affecting (imagine that!), my forehand and backhand, and therefore the whole game.

Within a few lessons, I have become a totally different player, doted with speed and strength, loving the game and looking forward to how much more I can learn now that the wall has been torn down thanks to this incredible teacher. Why aren’t there more Mauro’s around, I wonder??!?

Austin, my Twelve Year Old son, said the following: “I think Mauro is a great tennis teacher, because he taught me that tennis is not only about the strokes, (which is important), it’s also about moving your feet, and thinking about what you are going to do.

Mauro taught me that the game is more than just about winning. He taught me how to be a good sport, how to keep going, even when you are loosing in a match.

Mauro knows how to explain things in a way that always everyone understands. He would work me hard, make me laugh, and he helped me love tennis. What he taught me on the court I take away and use it in everyday life. I will always remember Mauro. Whoever has Mauro as an instructor should feel lucky! Thanks Mauro!

Bowen, my Fourteen Year Old son, said the following: “Mauro is a great tennis coach for so many different reasons. And with a constant flow of encouragement, he taught me the skills I needed to become a great player.

He tuned my tennis strokes to perfection! He is a good guy. He has a great personality, and he is a gift to any Tennis Club. Thank you Mauro!”

– Stuart Baker, Austin and Bowen’s father

I have had the pleasure of calling Mauro my friend for 20 years, (1989/Sarasota, Florida). He’s also been one of my most influential coaching mentors as well. His use of analogies and understanding of the body and it’s capabilities/limitations is second to none.

His lessons were always upbeat, fun, and challenging. He infused a lot of energy and athleticism (flying backhand!!) into every hour he taught. I always marveled at his ability to approach each lesson like it was the first of the day, even after 6-8 hours on the court. Mauro is a great tennis professional, but a greater friend!! Thank you!!

– Jack Bailey, Avila Golf & Country Club, Tampa, Florida

Mauro’s method of teaching with analogies is so effective that I feel like light bulbs are lighting up all around me throughout our lessons. He makes so much sense!! That, coupled with his enthusiasm for seeing me improve, makes him an instructor like no other! My kids (ages 7 & 9) have also taken lessons from Mauro and his teaching approach is just as effective with kids.

Mauro Marcos is by far, without comparison, the best instructor of tennis I have ever seen! It became apparent to me after about 15 minutes into our first lesson. He was different. He immediately pinpointed my stroke mechanics and corrected my technique. I know his corrections were good because when I played like he instructed, my game felt much more natural and effortless.

After Mauro, I felt as if I was playing a different sport. This form of tennis was full of grace and power. I felt much more confident, but naturally so. My body was doing the work and not my frustrated brain.

Mauro teaches tennis using all the contemporary techniques of the current tour players. He combines his years of experience with his very current grasp of today’s contemporary power game.

My lessons with Mauro are truly the highlight of my week. He takes the time to explain the game, both the physical techniques, but more importantly, the mental side of the game. He explains things in ways that are very unique and extremely vivid (funny too); trust me when I say that there is no one like him out there.

I have worked with many teachers and coaches . I can unequivocally recommend Mauro Marcos to anyone. I will go so far as to say that I feel very lucky to have been one of his students. I know the benefits of my time with Mauro will last a lifetime. He has given to me the gift of tennis.

– Chris Coomber, Chestnut Company

To Figure Out How To Hit Like The Pros By Trying To ‘Imitate’ What You See Them Do & Watching Them On Video, You Would Have To:

Once you reach a certain level in your tennis game, the only way to reach higher levels is to improve your tennis skills. We will help you get your game to the next level – no matter where you are right now.

Subscribing now guarantees that you’ll immediately receive access to everything you need to get your tennis game going in the right direction – no matter what your current level of play!

Joining now will give you immediate access to ALL the resources in the Vault! And before you even ask: YES, you can contact us to cancel your membership at ANY time, for any reason, immediately and without hassle. There is NEVER any obligation or long term contracts, either. You are billed once per month for as long as you are a member – that’s it!

***As part of the over 10 hrs of streaming online tennis instruction, we have uploaded our first four in a series of HD video instruction to the Tennis Vault Members Area!

We went all-out shooting you this new material, shooting from three different angles with three separate High-Definition video cameras. Heck, we even had a fancy-pants Hollywood director ‘run the whole show’ so YOU get the best instructional and viewing experience possible.

Q: So who are you guys, anyway?

A: Coach Mauro Marcos is a veteran PTR Professional Level tennis instructor with over 30 years of teaching experience, and has helped everyone from tiny toddlers to world-class junior tournament players to the everday ‘weekend warrior’.

Mauro and Grand Slam Champion Tennis Legend Stan Smith, shooting the instructional video “Common Faults of Match Play” by Prince in 1990.

Mauro and former World #1 Jennifer Capriati in the early 90’s. Mauro taught at Rick Macci’s International Tennis Academy in the late 80’s, where besides Jennifer, he also helped Rick coaching future pro Tommy Ho.

Mauro With Thomaz Koch, Brazilian Tennis Legend & World Top-Ten Player At Carlos Goffi’s Tournament Tough Tennis Academy.

Mauro with World Famous Coach Nick Bollettieri in Miami at the 2003 Sony Ericsson Open.

Clients from around the world have flown to the U.S. to get private instruction directly from Mauro, and Mauro has personally taught dozens upon dozens of private students overseas on three different continents, so yeah – he gets around!

Kyril Popoff is a former NCAA Div. 1 All-Conference Tennis Player, Author, Coach and tennis instructor. Thousands of people from over 120 countries have turned to him for advice and training and now you can have access to the same material for only pennies a day.

See the big guy in the photo below? That’s Tom Antion, and he’s a multi-millionaire who can afford to hire any tennis coach he wants. Guess who he called when he wanted some help with his game?

Tom Antion (Pictured with Coach Kyril & Coach Mauro), Certified ‘Tennis Nut’ & Multi-Millionaire Professional Speaker, Author, and publisher of the largest Public Speaking newsletter in the world.

Get This Free DVD In Two Simple Steps!

1. Take a risk-free 14-day trial as a Tennis Vault Member!

2. We’ll ship you the DVD right away!

Q: So just why the heck are you making this offer?

Pretty simple – because we have HOURS upon HOURS (over 10 hours worth – that’s 60+ videos!) of tennis instruction that myself and Coach Mauro want you to get access to, so we basically want to ethically ‘bribe’ into trying us out! Once you get a peek inside of The Tennis Vault Members Area, YOU will, like so many others, be saying…

Q: What exactly is the ‘Tennis Vault’ members area?

A: The Tennis Vault is a private, members-only resource for those serious about becoming great tennis players (and coaches). Within the private, members-only area, you’ll find a comprehensive source of in-depth videos (over 60 videos!) that will help you get the most out of your game.The insight you get into how to improve your tennis game is coming from a couple of guys who’ve “been there and done that”.

Q: How much does a membership cost?

As soon as you become a Tennis Vault Member, we’ll ship this DVD to you IMMEDIATELY – plus, you’ll be able to watch it right away in the Member’s Area as well!

When you become a Tennis Vault Member, we’re also going to give you the following BONUSES to ‘sweeten the pot’! 🙂

The Ten Laws Of Tennis Success E-Book:

I have broken up the training in this 48 page E-book into ten (10) action-oriented training sessions, available for instant download, where I walk you through the Ten Laws one-by-one, complete with:

“Coach Kyril’s product is one of those rare gems of the highest quality, written by an experienced coach who has shared his expertise in an ebook and related videos. If you are serious about improving your game, then Coach Kyril’s Ten Laws of Tennis Success is a must on your digital shelf…” – Tomaz Mencinger, Best-Selling author of “How To Play Tennis” & “The Mental Manual For Tennis Winners”.

The Ten Laws of Tennis Success Course Checklist and Workbook:

The Course Checklist & Workbook E-Course is a companion to the Ten Laws Of Tennis Success E-book. In it, you will discover:

If that seems like a lot of information to pack into 10 lessons, it’s because it is; and an improved game will be your reward!

And in the end, you can either 1) stay at the level your at, 2) improve your game slowly, or 3) improve your game quickly.

Hopefully #1 is not even an option, and between #2 and #3, I’d take the latter. How about you?

This is the book that started it all.

You see, I didn’t just write Focus & Win one weekend and then decide to slap it up on the internet the next. No way! I actually wrote this 72 page e-book FIRST as a companion to the coaching techniques I was using for my private coaching students.

This allowed me to get feedback from my students and see if there were any ‘holes’ in my system so they could be completely plugged before I officially released the training.

In this e-book, you will discover:

The Ten Laws Companion Online Video Series:

The original Ten Laws system did not include videos. After awhile, my customers started emailing me, asking me if I planned on doing any videos. At first I hadn’t; but they kept beating me about the head and shoulders on the issue. So I did the only cool thing you can do in a situation like that: I whipped some up and gave them access to them for FREE.

But I wasn’t really happy with the quality of the videos. So, I re-shot the whole series with better lighting and audio, with a ton of exclusive video instruction that you won’t find anywhere else. Over TWO HOURS of online video that covers every aspect of the Ten Laws of Tennis Success Course.

Remember, you get the first 14 days of access FREE so you can check us out and see that this material is the ‘real deal’ – AND you have our 60-day money-back guarantee. PLUS, you can cancel at any time and keep the entire Ten Laws Course, Focus & Win E-book and your DVD as our gift to you.

Just click the “Add To Cart” button below and you can access everything online in the next 3 minutes (even if it’s 2 am!):

See You Inside The Tennis Vault!

Mauro Marcos & Kyril Popoff

P.S. We KNOW there will be some who refuse to jump on this offer.

Well, we can tell you right now that you won’t find this kind of eye-opening, hands-on, real-life ‘here’s-how-to-do-it’ instruction ANYWHERE else – at ANY price!

Like we said before, worst case scenario: You join The Tennis Vault, and if you cancel your membership you’ve still got your entire Ten Laws of Tennis Success course material and your DVD that you’ll be going back to over and over again!

We honestly don’t know how to make this any easier or more fair for you.

So why not check it out now, while you still have time?

You have nothing to lose and a KILLER new tennis game to gain!

Copyright 2015 · · All Rights Reserved

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Secrets Of The Power Serve DVD Offer! –

Review of How To Sketch

Review of How To Sketch

Review of How To Sketch

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Review of How To Sketch

Product Name: How To Sketch

Click here to get How To Sketch at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How To Sketch:

Well, now you can, using the accumulated knowledge of artists from all around the world!

Introducing… the completeHow To Sketch guide!

Hello my artistic friend,

Are you searching for the perfect book that teaches you how to sketch? If you are frustrated by books bogged down in too much theory, then this book is your answer!

I enjoy studying old art books written long ago. After years of research, I felt that I must share all this valuable information with you because it really is the legacy left to us by
past artists.

Essential instructions have been gathered together and condensed into one easily accessible version – saving you hours of trawling through numerous books!

This book has everything you need
to learn the basics of drawing and sketching …and it’s here now!

You discover great tips that have been forgotten over the years.

I also show you which methods taught me how to sketch and to quickly improve along the way.

Imagine yourself admiring a view and then being able to simulate it on paper with just a few strokes in a few minutes!

Well, guess what? …It is now quite possible for you to be one of those clever people who can jot down an instant visually!

All of us have the potential to be able to draw or sketch and that potential is accessible at any age!

You don’t need any special knowledge to take up this hobby, you can start straight away and all the while you will experience the wonders of creation as you watch yourself grow and improve.

Find out for yourself that you can successfully create images following the techniques in this how to sketch guide. There is no risk, I really do
have your best interests at heart, if you’re not 100% convinced you can create a sketch within 60 days, I want you to get your money back. No questions asked. No hassle.

”A sketch has charm because of its truth – not because it is unfinished.” – Charles Hawthorne.

Sketching is such an interesting pastime, there are many of us who love and admire sketchwork. Looking at sketches is like being privy to the artist’s thoughts and feelings and that’s something that has always kept me fascinated.

The how to sketch guide is unique because it explains the simple concept of sketching based on my own study, experience and progress.

Plus, all the hard work has been done for you, I’ve collected years and years of fantastic tips and tricks and they’re altogether in this one guide!

Once you are shown the basics, it’s a life-changing moment when you see you can create a great sketch with just a few strokes!

For example, learning how to sketch trees is easier than drawing trees because sketching is drawing simplified!

Illustrations in the eBook show you how to achieve this look – see the example (on right) of how to sketch a branch – it’s like trickery with a pencil.

In next to no time, you will be comfortable with sketching and actually getting the results you desire.

Visualize yourself depicting a simple reflection of a scene — it’s peaceful, it’s just you and Mother Nature — and you realize you’ve left behind all stress and worry. Sketching naturally takes care of
your mental health and that’s a huge

”Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

Why Should You Get This Book?

It is of little use to sketch until you have some real knowledge that guides you, principles that help you to sketch intelligently.

Fortunately, after much digging, I found good, clear directions on how to sketch and now it gives me great satisfaction when I see that I can produce what I visualize.
I share all of this information with you, there are no secrets in this house!

Remember, these remarkable tips and techniques will serve you for a lifetime.

When words won’t do, sketching offers an alternative to putting your thoughts onto paper.

Here are just a few more benefits of learning how to sketch:-

Really, there are endless positives, too numerous to mention. This is a hobby you can be proud of.

I think sketching is a personal adventure so there are no hard and fast rules. In the book, I encourage you to use what works for you to help you create your own unique works of art.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

Variety Is The Spice of Life…

There are numerous ways to create great sketches. We are all different so you are shown various methods used to create a sketch.

The how to sketch guide gives you a plan to follow, the main point is to start simple and learn the basic steps.

Just think, once you know how to sketch, you can replace your camera with a sketchbook — every sketch will transport you back to that time and place just as effectively or better than a photo can.

But I Can’t Draw Or Sketch…

I wasted 40 years thinking that I didn’t have the natural gift that was required to draw. I don’t want you to experience the sadness I feel when I realize my life could have been so much richer having sketching as a hobby.

Each one of us has the ability to draw. All it takes is a little instruction or guidance and your excitement starts the same moment you realize I’m telling you the truth!

This book makes learning how to sketch so quick and easy, you’ll be amazed at how soon you will be producing great sketches.

Walt Disney was so right when he said…

”If you can dream it, you can do it.”

You don’t need to be experienced or talented, once you know how to sketch, your drawing skills will also evolve and come alive! The book is lightweight reading and you might discover that sketching is just the thing for you.

All you have to do is practice along with me so you can understand the process.

If we are taught to swim by analyzing movement etc, we will drown! However, if we are taken into the water and shown how to swim, we can learn without a word of explanation.

It’s true, we all learn best by seeing and doing. That’s exactly what you are encouraged to do in this eBook, ”How To Sketch”.

Learn by example with a little explanation and you will learn a lot. Yes, we learn how to sketch by sketching — more rapidly than by any other means combined.

** Disclaimer: I receive commission if you buy via my links, at no extra cost to you. **

There’s certainly great value in things that last forever and this eBook is one such item.

It contains information that will never go out of date. It’s actually better for you to read it over and over again, you’ll pick up hints you missed first time around. Sometimes things make more sense as you practice, grow and learn.

”This book introduces you to a hobby that is very addictive!”

Imagine yourself getting compliments about your sketches – you become more energized and that impetus really helps your sketching skills to develop faster!

How is it different from normal books?

How is the book delivered?

The How to Sketch guide (plus all bonus books) is delivered in PDF format, viewable on any computer (PC or Mac) and printable on any printer. This is a downloadable product because that is the fastest way for you to start using the information. It also means the book is cheaper because you don’t have to pay for printing and shipping.

If you haven’t got Adobe Reader on your computer, you can easily install it by following the instructions
to download the latest Abode Reader for Free.

Is it secure to order online?

Yes, absolutely. I take your security very seriously.

The payment process is managed by ClickBank, the world’s number one provider of downloadable products since 1997. Clickbank process payments via VISA, MasterCard and PayPal and your transaction is encrypted via ClickBank’s secure server.

Your eBook purchase is 100% safe and secure – and 100% risk-free.

What happens after I pay?

Once your order has been processed, you are granted immediate access to begin downloading your book and FREE bonus material.

You will receive a receipt of the transaction by Email so make sure your Email address is correctly entered on the order form.

The How To Sketch guide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for an entire 60 days after you order. This is absolute, no questions asked.

The 100% refund policy is backed and administered by, the internet’s largest seller of digital products.

Read the whole book, try the techniques and if you find it’s not for you, simply email and they will refund you in full.

Invest in your discounted copy of How To Sketch right now.

What You’ll Learn in this Book:

(Every chapter is stacked with diagrams, examples and illustrations.)

Chapter 1: Sketching With Pencil

Of course, you can use any medium, but this guide’s focus is on pencil so you’re not procrastinating over which medium to use before you

A brief explanation of the few things required.

Chapter 3: Applying the pencil

The difference between drawing and sketching is sometimes blurred so we discuss that here plus some exercises on how to limber up and get ready.

Chapter 4: Quality of Pencil Strokes

Tactics you employ to get the best looking sketches.

Find out first what the medium can do, and then learn to do it expressively as you sketch.

Chapter 5: Direction of Strokes

Taking small steps, we start with the simplest way to put down a sketch.

Chapter 6: Character of Strokes

Building on what you learn in the previous chapter, you start to create more interest in your sketches.

Chapter 7: Grouping of Strokes

Ideas to further enhance your sketches by revealing which indicators will guide you.

Chapter 8: Measure with a pencil

The secret to proportion – a technique that you’ll use for life.

Once you know this tip, your sketches will always be true.

Chapter 9: Sketching Buildings

Examples and ideas of easy ways you can sketch buildings of any kind.

Chapter 10: Sketching Foliage

Guidelines and illustrations for the best way to recreate nature on paper.

Chapter 11: Sketching Animals

The tips and tricks for sketching animals.

Chapter 12: Sketching The Figure

We discuss reducing this complicated subject to its simplest form.

Chapter 13: Light, Shade and Shadows

Delving into the important aspects of light and shade, you learn how to work it into your creations.

Chapter 14: Sketching Exercises

Fun and easy exercises that introduce more speed into your work.

Also, for your convenience, there’s a Glossary included at the end of the Sketching Book which gives the meanings of common art-related words.

You also receive these FOUR extra books that are complimentary to your artistic success:

If you haven’t got a spare sketchbook, you can always quickly make one of your own from things just lying around the house. In this book you’ll find a really easy step by step process to

A collection of my most favorite helpful tips.

More than 60 good-sized drawings and sketches of varied topics from past artists – these are great practice for you to copy and learn from as you go along.

A step by step drawing book that’s great for young and old alike. A definite favorite of mine that I had to share with you. Even though it’s actually a ‘How To Draw’ book, every bit of practice helps you to get those ideas down on paper quickly!

That’s right, when you purchase the ”How To Sketch” eBook, you also receive FOUR bonus products as a token of my thanks.

Your One Time investment will be…

That’s way less than one hour with an art teacher yet it lasts you a lifetime!

Yes please, I want to get started Now!

You can go through these books at your own pace, no deadlines and no pressure, only pleasure!

Here’s a Quick Summary of What You Get…

Please note: This is a fullly downloadable e-book and NOT a physical book. You will gain immediate access to this eBook, straight after your order is processed.

(You get instant access – simply download to your computer and start sketching!)

Who knows, you could be selling your sketches on eBay this time next year!

The ”How To Sketch” eBook provides you with the foundation to become a sketch artist. All you need besides this book is a desire to learn how to sketch.

”There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

You can learn how to sketch with confidence! I wish you many delightful and rewarding moments with your favorite sketching pencil – don’t you deserve that?

P.S… Do something special for yourself, buy this book right now!

P.P.S… Please Don’t Wait Too Long – Make Sketching A Priority in your life Now. You’ll LOVE it!

Copyright © 2005 – 2018 All rights reserved.

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How To Sketch

Review of Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission

Review of Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission

Review of Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission

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Review of Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission

Product Name: Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission

Click here to get Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission:

Hello my friends, I greet you and hope that you all train for our great master’s exam in october in hamburg. I wish you a great weekend and post here two wisdom of a great friend and master. best regards from grandmaster arndt!

All men’s and his familys a nie holiay today worldwide! We present only the best.


— Products shown: T-shirt – Dont Mess With Karate Girl.

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Taikunedo-imaff Honorable World Commission

Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

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Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Product Name: | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Click here to get | How Not To Slice Golf Ball at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball:

Are you tired of right sided fear and slicing the golf ball and sick of solutions that don’t work? Then keep reading, as I’m about to show you…

You have much to gain which is winning your Golf game without slicing the ball.

You are going to help you to DISCOVER the following BENEFITS:

We respect your email privacy

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Review of :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System

Review of :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System

Review of :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System

Click here for bigger image

Review of :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System

Product Name: :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System

Click here to get :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System:

In these 5 days we give you a COMPLETE test run.

You see all the members step-by-step videos, all of our past
history, and EVERYTHING you need to make a serious income from wagering on sports.

Sports Cash System is a world-class system that was developed by myself, Tommy Krieg, a streetwise college math whiz turned pro sports handicapper. This system was developed for those who want something that works stable, like clockwork, and year round in every sport to drag in profits from wagering on sports 365 days a year.

You decide how much you want to make… it’s all up to your starting bankroll… and it’s all about REINVESTING your profits month after month..

The truth is.. that if you just wager on sports recreationally, your chance of actually WINNING at the end of the year is next to none. But if you start to treat sports betting like investing in stocks, following a system that has proven itself year after year in every sport.. then your chances of winning increase tremendously.

Listen to this testimonial of a real member who has been able to change his life using Sports Cash System.

Remember, by joining today you will get 3 free bonus offers in addition to our main Sports Cash System. First, you will gain exclusive access to our 3 extra bonus systems inside the members area. Every day you will get access to our 3 bonus systems that include 3 top recommendations from our top handicapper. Follow these selections exactly as our bonus systems tell you to and you could easily triple your profits every month!

Second, we will give you a completely FREE eBook written by Tommy Krieg himself. These are Tommy’s “TOP 10 Tips to Betting Like a Pro With ZERO Risk.”

He wrote these tips to help put you in the best mindset so that you are constantly profiting from Sports Cash System and never falling into mistakes that over 95% of other sports bettors make to lose their money. You will be able to download this eBook directly inside the members area.

Third, we will give you our 100% free audio gift that covers how the system works, the history of the system, the profits you can expect, and how easy it is to get started.
The interview was recorded from a major sports handicapping syndicate and the interview was focused on Mike Taylor, the lead handicapper/sports picking expert of Sports Cash System It’s an eye opener for new members wanting to learn more about the system, sports betting, and how Sports Cash System works.

Click here for bigger image :: The #1 Sports Investing System – Best Sports Investing System

Review of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

Review of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

Review of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

Click here for bigger image

Review of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

Product Name: Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

Click here to get Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video:

Click here for bigger image

Understanding Your Game Tennis Ebook & Video

Review of The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Review of The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Click here for bigger image

Review of The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Product Name: The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Click here to get The Ultimate Bowling Guide at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Ultimate Bowling Guide:

The good news is, there are a few simple
“tweaks” any bowler can use to instantly tack on
20, 30, even 50 or more points a game. And it
doesn’t take that much effort.

There are five “dirty little secrets”
among professional bowlers… secrets that no
amateur ever learns on their own… and
the pro’s like it that way.

These five “dirty little secrets” are
extremely simple to master (once they are
revealed to you)… and yet they INSTANTLY
allow you (no matter how butt ugly you think
your game is right now) to “lock into” your own
personal “Perfect Shot”.
Which means on your very next game, you will:

How can this be? How
can you not transform your game… and
suddenly — and I do mean SUDDENLY —
start playing like the top pro’s at their

Actually, it’s very simple. Much more
simple than you could ever imagine.

You see… you ALREADY have the goods
when it comes to bowling the best game you’re
capable of… just not WHEN IT COUNTS.

You heard right. You’re “blowing your wad” on
your PRACTICE THROWS, if you’re like 99%
of the amateur bowlers in the world. And you’re
leaving your best game behind. And
going out on the lanes with the WORST
game you have.

If you’re like most bowlers, you like
to warm up with a few frames before you start a
game, right? At the very least, you get to the
lanes every once in a while to “practice”.
Everyone who takes their game seriously does
this. I know I do.

The professionals spend a little time
practicing, too. Throwing ball after ball.

But the pro’s do something DIFFERENT
than you do. Unlike you (and every other amateur
in the world)…

Pro Knows How To “Capture” His Best Shot
During The Warm-Up… And Bring It With Him
To The Game!

Amateurs, on the other hand, LEAVE
their best shot behind. Let me explain: There
you are on your lane, warming up and testing the
lane conditions, launching a fairly-decent hook,
getting a strike here and there, maybe missing
an occasional spare, setting up again and
correcting your lift, launching another pretty
damn good shot…

Wait a second. Stop right there. The
difference between you and a top professional
just went right by you. While
you threw a strike, admired it, and then
set up your next shot, the professional
used his five “dirty little secrets”… and…

That Breathtaking Shot
Into His Body, Where He Could Bring It Back
At Will,
In The Game Where It Would Count The Most!

That’s what separates the professionals from the

You, however, blow right past the few
perfect shots you throw practicing, not storing them
at all, and thus you can’t find them when it
counts. Those great shots you launch on the practice
lane are lost forever. Even more
depressing… there’s a 90% chance the shots
you do throw in the game will be among your
WORST! Because, you’ve done
EVERYTHING WRONG at the warm-up.

And what’s really frustrating is you don’t even
know you’re doing it… because these five
little secrets are NEVER discovered by
amateurs! They’re the secrets that separate
the guys who can make a living off the game, and
everyone else who can’t buy a break.

And… just like most things that are so
simple they get completely overlooked…
no one has really understood how these secrets
work before. Not the professionals. Not the teachers
of the game. Nobody.

Until now. You know, every time I go to bowl a
game, I bless John Jowdy. Because he alone
has studied the game scientifically…
actually coached the professionals for years
and years (Parker Bohn calls him one of the best
coaches the PBA Tour has ever known)… and is
ALONE among professionals in his willingness
to see the game the way the amateur needs to
see it. John reveals the secrets the other
professionals refuse to admit are even there.

These five “dirty little secrets” of the
professionals will change your game forever…

And Do It Literally Overnight!

If I could just explain it all to you, I would
right here. But you have to TRY these five
secrets for yourself to “get” them. You have to make
them a part of yourself… an extension of your
game. You need to OWN them. So we put
together a comprehensive guide explaining everything
— literally everything — you need to know.
(I convinced my partners here to sink a few bucks
into the guide — even though we’ll never
make our money back, because there are just too few
guys like you savvy enough to understand how
important this stuff really is!)

What about the simple adjustments I mentioned?

That’s how you’ll cold-cock the competition every
time. Even on a “bad” day. Especially on a
bad day. Here’s what I mean:

The key to playing like a pro is pinpointing
opportunities… and EXPLOITING them…
before your opponents take you down like a wounded

Let’s face it. You are going to have games where
you’re not playing your best. For whatever reason,
your regular game plan won’t be working for you.
This is where these slight adjustments–your
backup plan–kicks in.

It’s the difference between the winner and
runner-up. (On a bad day, it’s also the
difference between bowling respectably and coming in
dead last.)

Tiger Woods is certainly one of the best pro
golfers. But even he has his ups and downs. That’s
why after one of his many victories he said, “I
didn’t have my ‘A’ game today.”

In baseball, when Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and
Roger Clemens win, they often say things like “I
didn’t have my best stuff today, so I just tried to
rely on good location.” That’s when you know they
relied on their backup plan, their “B” game.

Basketball legend Michael Jordan averaged more
than 30 points a game for his career. But when he
wasn’t pounding out 35 to 50 points a game, he
defended his man, blocked shots, stole the ball, set
picks, made assists, whatever it took to win…
with his “B” game.

Highest Compliment In Sports
You Can Get Is When Other People
Talk About You As “Being Able To Do It All”!

It’s no different with Bowling.

So these adjustments are designed to get you rock
solid on your backup plan…your “B” game. Because
sooner or later you’re going to rely on it. And it’s
usually when you least expect it.

Get ready
to shock the status quo when you learn…

the ball is great, but one thing you
don’t want to forget is still
converting your spares. Making
spares is still the most important
key to success in most competitive

And remember…those techniques are for your “B” game. They’ll dial-up your “A’ game too, but the real “meat” is the five insider secrets that amateurs don’t know.
And that’s the way the pro’s like it.


* How a dry lane can make a plastic ball look like the latest ball of the month.

* Ball Mechanics: How it skids, hooks, then ideally rolls (end over end), just as it enters the pocket.

* How poor ball placement can affect your balance and timing.

* A slight grip change that will magically jumpstart your hooks and boomers.

Just Fill out this short easy form for FREE Instant access

Yes, I want access to the Ultimate Bowling FREE Email Course…
(Your information will be kept private)

Your privacy is guaranteed.

The first of these five secrets is how you
calibrate your shots for lane conditions. I’ll
show you exactly FOUR shots that
you’ll take one right after the other. Those shots
will locate your proper breakpoint, and lock in your
game to match the conditions of the lane.

Once you’ve “zeroed” your pocket shot, you’ll use
the other four secrets to commit your best shots to
muscle memory–and to burn four “triggers” to your
mind–so you’ll be able to throw strike after
strike when it counts.

It will take you only an hour or two to learn
this system. And then you will possess these
simple “dirty little secrets” that allow
professionals to “capture”… and store their
best shots–then release them on
demand. And you will be able to do the same
exact thing yourself, the very next time you
hit the lanes. You’ll finally be that “one in ten
thousand” amateur player who gets into the same
“Bagger Zone” the pro’s do.

It really is that simple.

And then, the next time you throw a few shots,
simply pull out the four “triggers” from your
memory. You can do everything you need to do
by throwing just FOUR shots, too. That’s all
you need. And the secrets are “locked in”.
All the things you need — stance, approach,
visualization, finish, all of it… it’s all “locked
in” and on autopilot from then on out.

And your game is changed forever.
Just like that.

The result? Power hooks that never land in
the gutter. Accurate throws that glide down
the lane with head-shaking precision. More
fingers with “eyes for the pins”. Perfect
shots all the time, one after another, without
stress, without second-guessing.

Sounds good, huh? You bet it does. It’s what
bowling is all about.

I’m sorry to be so secretive here, but you
wouldn’t begin to understand what this is all about
without TRYING it for yourself. I would just
screw it up for you trying to explain it all
here. It really is simple…


That’s why we had to make sure you tried
these techniques on the lanes yourself after
we’ve revealed the secrets to you in our guide.

Try It 56
Days Risk Free!

You can try it for FREE, of course,
if you like. Our policy here at Yes
Bowling! has always been NO RISK,
with a complete, no-questions-asked,
100% money-back guarantee of your
satisfaction. Take a full 56 days to
try these secrets for yourself. If you are
not happy, for any reason (or for NO reason
at all), you’ll get a prompt, cheerful
refund. And we’ll still be friends.

That’s the only way I ever want to do
business. It’s the way I wish other
companies treated ME. No risk. No
nonsense. No bullshit at all.

Click here to try it risk free!

And, if you’re not satisfied, for any
reason at all, you’ll get a fast refund
of your money. It’s that simple. Like I
said, if the secrets weren’t so
INTERACTIVE with your body’s
feedback, I’d just explain it here in
the letter and be done with it. But I
can’t. You have to TRY it for

Please hurry, though. Once the introductory
copies are sold, the cost will go back up to full
price (which is still a great value). You
won’t see this offer in the magazines, either —
it’s only available on this website until we decide
to close the door forever. (We can’t let everyone
get their hands on it, or it wouldn’t be a
secret anymore!)

You must order right now, while this letter is
still on your screen. Otherwise, you’re gonna forget,
and you’ll NEVER know what these five “dirty
little secrets” of the professionals are that make
their game so automatic. It’s all so
simple, you’ll be amazed.

But it’s also so powerful, you’ll
never bowl the “old way” again. Remember —
you don’t have to overhaul your game… just
“lock into” the part that is already
“perfect”… and learn the five simple secrets of
unleashing it in your game, where it

Simple. Stress-free. Change your game literally

But you gotta order right now.

Click the button below that says, “Click Here to
Order Now!” You’ll be taken to Clickbank, one of the
largest payment processors in the world. As soon as
you complete your order, you’ll be immediately
directed to the download page. It takes less than 5

Dean Shaw
Yes Bowling!

P.S. To sweeten the deal even further, I’m
also going to give you a very special guide when you
order now: “The Ultimate Bowling
Troubleshooting Guide.”

Does your ball hook too much or too little? Are
you clobbering the pocket one minute and way off
target the next? Maybe your approach timing is off,
and you’re flagging the foul line. Relax.
These are common problems that get to everyone
sooner or later. And the solutions are easier than
you think.
The Ultimate Bowling Troubleshooting Guide
will have you toppling your king pin again in no
time flat, and it’s yours FREE when you order today!

P.P.S. Here’s a few comments from people
who already know what these five “dirty little
secrets” are — I thought you’d be interested:

Bowling has improved big time.
Before I read the ultimate bowling guide I had a
avg 139-144. My avg is now 150 and I now have 41
200 games and I bowled 2 200s before christmas.I
bowled 216,209.I even got another 500 the total
is 514 and I was even 97 pins over my avg one
week.I have 29 years in bowling experience and
19 trophies.I have a handicap of 266.My team on
the ladies league is in 1st place.I picture the
headpin who I can’t stand the most that week and
I get strikes,have  bowling tips memorized I use
weekly.I haven’t got a 300 yet.I almost had a
triplicate a couple weeks ago and was only 2
pins off from it.It would’ve been my 1st

Yes.My bowling game improved dramaticly. I
fixed my timing, I fixed my release. I went
from 173 average to 199 average. I got rid
of my hip pain. I adjust to conditions much
faster (within a frame or two), before I
read the book it took me one complete game
or somtiemes even longer or not at all.

I am now the best player in my club. I also
bowled my first perfect game. My average is
still going up. The best thing I ever bought
for bowling is this great book. Thanks again!

Tomaz Erzen

One tip
from the book helped me keep my ball in more
control (keep the ball right side of me
instead of middle of my body at the starting
position). I used to bowl around 90-100. I
bowled over 200 twice last week!

Thanks for your pointers on how to get a 12 lb. light weight bowling ball to hook on the lanes. Since I do have arthritis in my right wrist I am now able to hold on to a 12 lb. bowling ball with control with no problem. Yes, this 12 lb. bowling ball feels like a feather but my wrist can hold that weight and my wrist and arm doesn’t get tired.
Now the problem is how to get a 12 lb. bowling ball to have more track on oily lanes.

Now I sand the surface of my 12 lb. bowling ball with a fine piece of sand paper to a dull surface before I start bowling gives the ball to react with more accuracy and control. The bowling ball looks dusty among the shiny bowling balls on the rack but who cares as long as that bowling ball is doing the job for me.
From low bowling scores that I was always getting like 123, 145, 157 has now picked up in scoring and now I am bowling much higher games like 175, 198, 203, 244.

Now as being a Golden Senior I have got my confidence back into bowling once again. This has changed my life and attitude on bowling making me feel that now that these bowling problems were solved you can let other Golden Seniors know and pass this little information on to them. It works for me and now I feel that with a light weight 12 lb. bowling ball I still can bowl higher scores just by adjusting my arm speed with more swing so that the bowling ball has enough roll and power when it comes into the pocket.

When I am finished bowling my 3 games I do not feel tired at all and that I could bowl another 3 games.

Dean thank you for taking the time and interest in solving my bowling issues and the problems we Golden Seniors are having in our Golden Years.

Thanks Again!
Bob Taylor
Northfield, Ohio

Click here
buy The Ultimate Bowling Guide!

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Dean Shaw

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The Ultimate Bowling Guide

Review of Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main

Review of Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main

Review of Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main

Click here for bigger image

Review of Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main

Product Name: Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main

Click here to get Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main:

NEW! Amazon Kindle Version Available:  CLICK

“You’re About To Learn The
‘Secrets’ That Most Hunters
How To Take BIG Bucks…”Learn More Tactics, See More Deer and
Harvest Trophy Bucks Like You Never
Thought Possible Before

To:  All Deer Hunters
From: Charlie Hicks

If you’re like me and love to talk about deer, deer hunting
and ways to harvest big bucks then keep reading….  this might be one of the most important letters you could read
this year!

Here’s what this is all

Here’s what this is all

Read on…  there’s valuable information
here just for you!

Here’s What This Is All About:

Taking a BIG buck, a trophy buck, is a dream to most hunters. 
To be able to do it consistently is what separates the experts from the wanna-bees.

Think about it – deer hunting is all about knowing deer habits, where and how they spend their time and what
they do under varying conditions.

Successful deer hunting – finding and taking those trophies – happens when you discover all the secrets to get
into the right position to harvest them.  That, my friend, is what this book is all about!

TWO New Chapters Added For This Season:

As we promised, we updated the book and added some excellent content.  The first new
chapter is “Scoring Deer on the Hoof: Shoot or Don’t Shoot?” and covers
all the details of what to look for when you are trying to decide to shoot that posible record book buck.  Learning how to
quickly score them while in the field is something a trained hunter can do – but you have to understand how to judge size and
know what to look for. 

The second new chapter is one almost all hunters will want to know: 
“Using Trail Cams To Increase Your Trophy Buck Harvest”.  This
is one of the most complete discussions of trail cams you’ll find anywhere.  You learn how to use them, how to choose
them and be introduced to advanced methods that will put you onto big bucks that are in your hunting

“I was able to see over twenty deer per day using your scent control
methods and used the goal setting plans to finally bring down a buck I can be proud of.”

After three years in the field and countless hours, I was still unable
to bag a decent buck.

Your book and e-mail pointers helped me identify and locate the best
places to hunt on my parent’s land. I was able to see over twenty deer per day using your scent control methods
and used the goal setting plans to finally bring down a buck I can be proud of. Thanks for your

Ryan S.,  Nebraska City, NE

“I took your advice and went into the thick

I just bagged my meat buck, on the windiest day of the week, gusting up to 64kph out of the
west.  It was a nice 5×5, scoring 150 with only 2 inches of deductions, net typical of 147 and

I took your advice and went into the thick undercover and found a nice trail and stood and waited for
a couple of hours.   The deer were moving thru there like ants on a sugar cube. 
Just one more tag to fill, and I can hardly wait to take that big Sask. whitetailed monster.

Till then  keep up the awesome work.

Tim L.    Saskatchewan, Canada

“….  thanks for all the great info…”

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info and show you my results from all of

This is an Alberta, Canada whitetail deer taken with a 25-06 at 300
Darryl B.  Alberta, Canada

Scored 167 (just shy for the record books)

Anyone can get lucky…  but to be one of those who can consistently locate and
actively hunt big bucks in almost any territory requires lots of professional tactics, special knowledge and inside

Most new and ‘average’ hunters are satisfied with marginal results year after
year…  yet, with just a little help, some excellent inside knowledge, and tips from successful hunters….  well –
their ability to harvest the buck of their dreams comes into the realm of possibility.   You still have to work at
it…  but it makes a huge difference when you have the knowledge working for you.

Even if you only want meat for the table or only have a tag for a doe, this advanced
hunting information will help you be a better hunter and teach you how to maximize your time in the field.

 There’s some real critical things
most hunters don’t know:

Just a Few Responses From
Those Who Purchased The Book:

– “I liked the in depth stuff about where to find trophy bucks. Wind currents and thermals

– “The section on scents and calling was very helpful this year. I pulled a 170lb
10pt right in on me after reading.“

– “I’ve been hunting for 3 years now and it’s helping me to understand the different phases
of hunting…”

– ”I liked all the specific details to almost every aspect of deer hunting. I just started
hunting again after about 20 years off so I am learning all over again”

– “The book is a great review for the “seasoned hunter”. After years of hunting the same
places a person gets somewhat complacent. You tend to forget the life of the whitetail. Also the book is
to the point. What should be done and how to perform certain tricks of the trade to be successful.
People will use this book often before and during the hunting season.”

– “I liked your book and benefited most from the chapters on still hunting, stalking and

– “I like that the book went over material that I may have already known, but have
incorrectly trained myself not to fully implement. Since reading your book, I have been very well prepared this
season and felt more confident even before I leave my house. By reading your book before I left home to get in
the field, I made my list of materials I need and how I will use them when scouting/hunting. “

– “Good content presented in a straight forward manner.”

– “What helped me most this past season was searching for the secondary trails bucks use
instead of the main ones and I found a couple of good ones. Also the ridges I hunt I was able to identify some
good funnels for the next season.”

– “I Loved the information on Still Hunting.”

– “Just about any deer hunting question I have is there in this book. Its very

– “I learned a lot about thermal air currents and sent control.”

– “The book was very informative and it helped me locate more deer than before.”

– “Great information on every subject can’t wait to use it next year”

– “It hits all the points you needed to know without all the bull”

– “Very good descriptions about deer’s habits, where they are and what are they doing during
the day and season.”

– “I liked the info on hunting heavy cover for big bucks as well as good times to still hunt
and stalk.”

– “What I liked about this book was very clear “get to the point”

– “… the one thing in your book made me forget about just being in the woods, and that’s
great !! I used to enjoy hunting – just taking in the stuff going on in the woods, and if I
harvest a deer that was a bonus. That’s what I forgot; I was just too tied up on bringing home the deer.
Great book”

Here’s Just A Few Of The Secrets
You’ll Discover In This Book

That’s a small sample of what you’ll discover.  You simply can’t afford to go
into the field without this knowledge if you want to be successful.  Your opportunities to harvest that big buck are not
endless…  so maximize your chances and discover the secrets of the experts.

“… the highlighted tips in the book are like Gold!”

I bought the book (download) just 3 weeks ago.  Already I’m seeing more deer than I ever thought were
there.  I was doing a lot of things wrong!  I see a lot more signs now that I know what to look
for.  I’ve scouted the area using your tips (with a map now!) and I have moved my stands into
a much better location.  I can’t wait for my season to open.  You cover lots of great info but for me,
the highlighted tips in the book are like Gold!  Thanks.

”My Guarantee: Either You’re Satisfied
Or I’ll Give You Your Money Back”

No questions asked, no problems, no hassles.. If you are not 100%
satisfied, then send me an email and I’ll refund your money. It is just as simple as that.

I know these secrets and tactics work. I know they will give
you that edge to become the hunter you are ready to become. I know that you will never find anything as powerful
and effective as discovering the habits and secrets of whitetail deer.

This is a one-time purchase that you can use again and again. But,
if you try it and don’t have success or don’t believe you discovered enough valuable information to make you
successful, then just email me and I’ll give you a full refund….

The only thing that I ask is that you actually put the information to the test before
asking for a refund.  That’s fair for both you and me.

You Risk Nothing:  If you don’t
discover valuable insights and strategies that put you onto big bucks (or if you think I’m just full of BS), then
return it for a full refund.  Fair enough?

You Also Get
These GREAT Bonus Books:

Always a common question with hunters.  Here’s a definitive guide with pictures
to show you how old your deer is.Now you can know for
certain using the methods described.  Based on many years of research and
scientific study.

Confusing for many, here’s a quick guide to show you exactly how to use a
compass with your topo maps.  Very informative and useful for anyone going into
the outdoors.

This is an EXCELLENT book to reference and has
an amazing amount of detail on how to hunt various game.  We bring the entire
book to you FREE as another bonus for buying our book

Another excellent book that you’ll love to read in deer camp or while you’re chilling
out around home.

This is a book that takes you story by story through multiple hunting, fishing and
outdoor situations that will have you laughing out loud… It’s a great read and one you’ll go back to time
after time.

Over 400 tested recipes for wild game including 100+
for venison, jerky, etc. and recipes for pheasant, quail, ducks, geese, and more!

“Okay, I want it… how do I get my downloads?”

With Your Purchase You’ll
Download Your Copy Of”Deer Hunting Secrets EXPOSED”

NEW! Amazon Kindle Version Available:CLICK HERE

Check Out Everything You Are Getting With
Your Purchase of “Deer Hunting Secrets Exposed”:

Deer Hunting
Secrets ExposedWith Premium Bonuses

 Deer Hunting
Secrets Exposed

 Saxton Pope
Hunting Bow + Arrow

NEW! Amazon Kindle Version Available:

Seriously, No Other Expert Deer Hunting Book On The Market
Provides A Collection of Excellent Material for Such A Low Price!

You will be given instant download access to the
books.  You can save them, read them on your computer or print all or part of
them.   It is that simple.

By offering digital downloads, we can give you a significant discount over what
you would normally pay for such a collection of expert hunting information.

Internet Security Note:
The secure order form on the next page will look like this:

It will only take a minute to check out and
you’ll be given access to download the PDF eBooks immediately. You’ll be reading and discovering all the 
“Deer Hunting Secrets EXPOSED”  in just moments!

Order Now…  and start getting REAL opportunities in the field.

All The Best With Your Hunting,

P.S. Remember – you’re getting the download versions of the book “Deer Hunting Secrets EXPOSED” AND
the Bonus Books as you choose.  Don’t go out to the field again until you know the secrets, tips and tactics
of the expert hunters that will put you onto the big bucks that you’ve been dreaming about!

NEW! Amazon Kindle Version Available:  CLICK HERE

Copyright © 2015 Charlie Hicks – Deer Hunting Secrets Exposed

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Deer Hunting Tips – Whitetail Deer Hunting – Mule Deer Hunting – main

Review of Heal Your Dog Naturally

Review of Heal Your Dog Naturally

Review of Heal Your Dog Naturally

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Review of Heal Your Dog Naturally

Product Name: Heal Your Dog Naturally

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Description of Heal Your Dog Naturally:

A Canine Naturopath, Research Scientist & Zoologist Reveals The REAL Way Your Dog Can Achieve Incredible Health.

A Solution Based Insight Into How You Can Heal Your Dog Rapidly & Easily & Save Money At The Same Time.

To:      Devoted dog owners who want their pets poor health
           improved once and for all…

From:   Sara Rooney BHSc. ND., DC, DASc., GDSc. (Hons) Zoology, MATMS, MHATO.

           Canine Naturopath, Naturopathic Physician, Research Scientist &

Subject:  A Unique ebook That Provides Solutions So That You Can

               Heal Your Dog Rapidly & Easily & Save Money At The Same


Are you sick and tired of …

Well Don’t Worry, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I know it may be hard to believe … but after

treating dogs for many years, you could be on the verge of safely and effectively treating your

dog’s health problems for good – like thousands of other pet owners have … so

that they respond more rapidly and more remarkably than they ever have


Imagine:  Feeling a huge sense of achievement that you are treating your dog in the safest way possible, avoiding all toxic drugs (unless they are absolutely necessary) and better still, you are addressing the underlying causes of their health problems – not just giving them drugs to stop their symptoms.

Imagine:  How you will feel when your dog’s health problems have totally gone and they are so much happier and able to live longer, more contented lives without any more pain and suffering.

My name is Sara Rooney and I am a fully qualified Canine Naturopath, Naturopathic Physician, Zoologist and Research Scientist here in South Australia.  I have helped thousands of pets all around the world through ‘Naturopathic Animal Services’ ( 

From more than 20 years of treating dogs with natural medicines and doing enough scientific research at university to just about make me go cross-eyed …

You see, as a research scientist, I have never just been content to treat dog’s presenting symptoms without identifying the underlying causes.  In other words, working out WHY the dog has the symptoms or the disease in the first place.  And reversing these causes.

That’s why you won’t find another book like mine on the market … because most practitioners don’t have a clue what caused the dog’s health disorders.  They only know what to prescribe to STOP the SYMPTOMS!

Unfortunately, just treating your dog’s symptoms does nothing to actually heal your pet though.  At best … it just suppresses their symptoms.  At worst – it will cause a more serious disease or more severe symptoms than they had before … and cost you a lot of money in the process.

The treatment programs in my book were born from my love of animals and of helping others look after their pets in the best possible way.  My Purpose is to empower you by giving you powerful information so you don’t need to be dependent on others for your dog’s health. 

Something that seems impossible to find out these days.

I set out to systematize the information I gathered.  So now … just about anyone could pop open this ebook and instantly begin to use the sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, professionally experienced and clinically validated treatment programs it contains.  They’ve been proven to work by dog owners all around the world … over and over again.

“I found your wonderful book over the weekend and it has helped me to understand my girl’s problems. I have gained a lot of information from your book and the extra informative booklets – they are excellent about how to help my girls. It is in plain English and extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Faye Wall

Vic. Australia

“Muffy is a purebred Maltese who suffered red tear-stained eyes and repeated occurrences of vomiting, diarrhoea and gastric pain. He had been depressed and tired for a few months culminating in another one of these episodes. Muffy is like a new dog. He is playful, full of energy and very, very happy. Thank you so much Sara. If it weren’t for you, Muffy would not be the new boy he is and be able to play like a puppy with his new brother Sammy.”

Robyn Kay

Mount George, South Australia





Find Out How Sara Rooney Has Healed Dog’s All Around The World Faster Than People Ever Thought Possible – Without Ever Having To Use Drugs

“Sara, I can’t thank you enough for helping Emmy. She continuously suffered from itchy skin and ear infections before using your advice. The puzzle is finally solved and so are all her problems!

Thank you so much Sara.”

Maureen Collins


Real Solutions for the True Underlying Causes of Your Pet’s Problems!

Remember … I am not some fly by night “guru” offering you a quick-fix, get rich scheme or a stay at home pet owner just trying to get your cash by trying to sell you some ‘magic potion’. 

I have studied hundreds of thousands of hours to get my qualifications (Canine Naturopath, Naturopathic Physician, Scientist, Zoologist), researched health, naturopathic medicine and the animal sciences for over 20 years and most importantly, treated dogs like yours all around the world, through ‘Naturopathic Animal Services’ and helped them achieve excellent health without the use of potentially toxic drugs.

… written theory is nothing until you have put it into real life practice:  measuring, testing and learning from mistakes that is the true school of life.  AND the best part is you get to reap all the benefits at the click of a button. 

If you want solutions for your pet that don’t take years to figure out … and cost thousands of dollars.  Then, this is the solution for you (because I’ve already been through all that for you!).

“Heal Your Dog Naturally”

For Too Long Now,  I Have Witnessed So Many Sick Pets That Have Only Had Their Symptoms Treated, And I Felt It Was Time To Let People Know About The Real Causes Of Their Pets Problems So They Would Have The Opportunity To Treat Them Completely And Permanently.

Just Prescribing Animals Drugs To Suppress Their Symptoms Does Not Usually Offer Them Any Long-Term Solutions And Can Cause Them Even More Problems.

The Underlying Causes Of Your Dog’s Health Disorders Need To Be Addressed So That Your Pet’s Problems Can Be Treated At Their Very Core – Not Just On The Surface.  After Many Years Of Trial And Error And Finding Out What Works And What Doesn’t, The Most Effective Treatments For Common Health Disorders Have Been Identified And Can Be Found In This eBook.

Through Many Years Of Research And Clinical Experience, I Have Identified The True Causes Of Most Dog’s Health Problems.  It Doesn’t Matter Whether They Are Suffering From Skin Problems, Joint Pain, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Infections, Autoimmune Disorders – Almost All Health Problems Can Be Treated Using An Effective System Of Healing That I Have Established.

Packed With Cutting-Edge And Vitally Useful Information, “Heal Your Dog Naturally” Takes You On A Guided Tour of How to Heal Your Dog In The  Most Rapid and Profound Ways.  It Covers The Real Causes Of Your Dog’s Health Problems, Nutritional Advice, Herbal Treatments, Nutrient Therapies, and Much, Much More, So That You Are Able To Help Restore Balance To Your Dog’s Health Again.

The Principle Naturopathic Philosophy On Healing Is That The Body Has The Ability To Heal Itself, When It Is In Balance – Even From Major Illnesses Such As Cancer.  This Book Shows You How You Can Easily Help Bring Your Dogs Health Back In To Balance, To Allow It To Repair Itself.

In Fact, Many Scientists Claim That When The Body Is In Balance, It Doesn’t Suffer From Allergies or Skin Conditions, Cancer or Heart Disease, Diabetes or Thyroid Problems or Any Other Diseases – As All Of These Disorders Are Simply Signs That There Is Some Kind Of Imbalance In The Body.  This Book Will Help You Identify The Cause Of Your Dogs Imbalance And Help You To Reverse and Correct It As Quickly As Possible.  Treating Your Dogs Underlying Problems Will Give Your Pet The Best Possible Chance Of A Complete Recovery, Rather Than Just Temporary Relief From Their Symptoms.

If You Are Looking For Clinically-Proven, Safe And Effective Ways To Help Treat Your Pet Quickly And Naturally – Then This Is The Book For You!

“Every Dog Owner In The World Should

Read This Book!”

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this book (& Sara’s advice) has saved Igor’s life! After many months of tests, Igor was diagnosed with SLE (auto-immune disease) and the vets put him on cortisone and told us that’s all they could offer him.

They warned us that he will not see old age and that autoimmune diseases were common in bull mastiffs – not very helpful or positive advice. The vets also didn’t know ‘why’ Igor got the disease – maybe they should read this book then they might learn something!

To look at Igor now – You would never know he had been so ill!

His skin is now excellent and he is 100% symptom-free.

Jim Bower,

Bathurst, NSW. Australia

If You Have Wasted Money On So-Called “Expert” Books On Health For Your Dog – That Simply Didn’t Deliver What You Really Needed To Know…………… Or, You Have Paid Good Money For Books Written Only By Amateur Pet Owners With No Clinical Or Scientific Knowledge ……… Or, You Are Interested In Really Solving Your Pet’s Health Problems Once And For All And You Want To Avoid Huge Vet Bills, Then You Can’t Afford Not To Buy This Book!

This Book Totally Changes The Way I

Look At Disease

Never before have I read a book that offers so much information that can truly help dogs. I have bought many books over the years about natural healing but they all just offer basic advice on treating different disorders. This is entirely different! Sure it offers treatment advice for various problems but more importantly it provides real answers about the actual causes of disease – not just feeble advice on how to treat the symptoms. It will be my “No. 1” reference book from now on! This book totally changes the way I look at disease altogether – I can’t wait for Sara to write more books on health!

Veronica Robertson

Natural animal therapist

Epsom, UK

Imagine How You Will Feel When Your Dog Has All The Health, Wellbeing & Vitality That They Had When They Were Puppies….When They Are Running Around Totally Pain-Free And Blissfully Happy To Be Alive. Your Pet Does Not Need To Suffer From Agonizing Skin Conditions, Joint Pain, Recurrent Infections, Digestive Problems Or Any Other Health Disorders A Minute Longer!

Think Of The Satisfaction You Will Get From Knowing You Have Given Your Pet The Best Chance of Living a Longer, Happier, Healthier and Pain-Free Life!




Please note: This is not a hard copy book. After payment, you will be able to download ‘Heal Your Dog Naturally’ to your computer straight away.

“Heal Your Dog Naturally” Delivered Everything We Needed to Know and More!

Our 6 yo boxer, Milly, was diagnosed with a candida infection which had ‘No known cause’ – and this book explains exactly how she got it! We then followed the diet and treatment advice given in the book and Milly’s candida is now totally gone! No more itching! Her skin is now beautiful; her energy has returned; and best of all she is happy again. We now understand what we need to feed our dogs; what supplements we need to give them both and how we can prevent a whole host of other problems from developing. “Heal Your Dog Naturally” delivered everything we needed to know and more! Thank You Sooo Much Sara!

Linda Carlton



At Last … Now You Can Help Stop Your Dog’s Pain And Suffering Rapidly and Safely …Without Drugs and Without Leaving Home – And, As A Bonus, You May Help Prevent the Onset Of Future Disease in Your Dog Using The Information In This Book.

“Heal Your Dog Naturally” Reveals The Safest Methods For Treating Pain, Inflammation And Other Distressing Conditions In Your Dog …

This Is Not Just Another Book On How To Treat Skin Conditions, Yeast Infections Or Joint Pain In Your Dog, …….Nor Is it Just A Book on The Correct Diet For Your Dog….It Is ALL of That And Much, Much More!

If you are even remotely interested in learning the truth about the underlying cause of your dog’s health problems and finding out how to reverse these problems once and for all – you owe it to your beloved pet to at least read the information in “Heal Your Dog Naturally”.

Your Dog Deserves To Live A Happy Life,

Free Of Pain.

Our Beautiful Boy Is Happy Again!

Clive was suffering from severe arthritis and his vet had him on pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications and said he needed to be on these for the rest of his life.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH! We wanted other answers.

We wanted to know ‘What’ was causing his arthritis – not just ply him with pain killers for the rest of his days. He’s way too precious for that. This book gave us all the answers and, better still – provided us with a successful treatment plan that DOESN”T cause more problems than what it treats.

We can’t thank Sara enough for what she has done for Clive. No more pain. No more digestive problems and way more energy! Our beautiful boy is happy again!

Barbara Langston,

Dover, Delaware


This Could Be YOUR Dog Soon Too!

More And More Dogs Are Now Suffering From Serious Health Problems Than Ever Before – Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Joint Conditions, Skin Problems, Autoimmune Disorders …And At Much Younger Ages! The Truth Is That Most Conventional Drug Therapies Do Not Treat The Underlying Causes Of Any Of These Problems And In Some Cases They Cause Even Greater Problems Than Your Pet Originally Suffered From – Resulting In Long-Term Damage To Your Pet’s Health.

Fast, Effective And Permanent Relief For Your Pets

“Heal Your Dog Naturally” provides both clinical and scientific advice that may assist you to treat conditions in your dog which may help them to live healthier, longer and happier lives. 

It provides the guardians of animals, not with more theory – but with advice that can be used to treat the real causes of their pet’s health problems as well as provide advice on how to give their pets fast, effective and permanent relief from pain and symptoms. Not only can this significantly increase the quality of life for their dogs but it may also help to extend their life.

Keep These Bonuses To Refer To Forever – Even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our iron-clad, money-back guarantee and return “Heal Your Dog Naturally” for a full refund.

When you are selling a quality product that you feel confident that people will want to recommend to others….. it is the best form of advertising.

P.S. The Free booklets that are currently available with “Heal Your Dog Naturally” may not be available in the future and may change at any time.

Once you place your order on our secure server, you will be directed to the download page where you can download your books and get started IMMEDIATELY. The e-books are in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or MAC). You can read them right on your computer screen or you can even print out your own hard copy.

As soon as you have read the book, you can start treating your pet straight away and help to improve their quality of life without delay!

Consider this – The small amount of money you invest in this book is a drop in the ocean compared to the amount of money you’ve probably already wasted on treatments that don’t work or caused more problems than when you first started. The best news is that the cost of this book is absolutely nothing unless you agree that this book provides you with useful information that can help your pets to heal rapidly and effectively because you receive a…..


You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything To Gain To Help Your Much-Loved Pet Achieve Fabulous Health.

Please try the treatment methods found in ‘Heal Your Dog Naturally’ and If you are not thrilled with the results you get for your dog, I want you to simply write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt and courteous, no questions asked, 100% refund.

“That’s my personal promise to you”

On the other hand, if “Heal Your Dog Naturally” helps you to treat your precious dog successfully so that they become healthier than they ever were before, then I want you to email me your success story or testimonial to tell me the great results you achieved – and please tell all your friends about it too.

If You’re Finished For Good With All The Hype, Claims and ‘Quick Fix Cures” That Have Failed You In The Past And You Are Fed Up With Reading Books Written By Amateur Pet Owners With No Real Knowledge About Health or Science Or Any Clinical Experience And You Are Sick of Enormous Vet Bills That Do Not Resolve Your Dog’s Problems Permanently, Then This Is The Cutting-Edge, Scientifically-Based, Clinically Effective Information You Have Been Searching For On How To Heal Your Dog And Stop Their Suffering With Safe and Successful Treatment Methods That Have Been Tried and Tested, Time and Time Again on Thousands Of Dogs Around the World. 

You Can’t Afford NOT To Buy This Book!

Click Below To Start Saving Money Today!

Please note: This is not a hard copy book. After payment, you will be able to download ‘Heal Your Dog Naturally’ to your computer straight away.

Get instant access – even if it’s 2 A.M.

When you click the order button, you get instant access to ALL of the information so you can start healing your dog straight away.

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Heal Your Dog Naturally

Review of Instant Help for Georgia Anglers!

Review of Instant Help for Georgia Anglers!

Review of Instant Help for Georgia Anglers!

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Review of Instant Help for Georgia Anglers!

Product Name: Instant Help for Georgia Anglers!

Click here to get Instant Help for Georgia Anglers! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Instant Help for Georgia Anglers!:

Georgia’s Unicoi State Park is a fantastic destination for fishermen – and here is everything you need to know to enjoy that fishing on your own!


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Instant Help for Georgia Anglers!

Review of Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats

Review of Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats

Review of Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats

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Review of Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats

Product Name: Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats

Click here to get Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats:

Twin Screw Tutor
Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats© 2016 CS Bamberg

A simple, yet
complete system used at the helm of your own boat
to understand the actions
and results of gear, rudder & throttle manipulation.

Laminated Flash Cards
or Download

Sample Page of Moving Sideways, Parallel to Dock

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Twin Screw Tutor Learn to Maneuver Twin Engine Boats

Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

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Review of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Product Name: | How Not To Slice Golf Ball

Click here to get | How Not To Slice Golf Ball at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of | How Not To Slice Golf Ball:

Are you tired of right sided fear and slicing the golf ball and sick of solutions that don’t work? Then keep reading, as I’m about to show you…

You have much to gain which is winning your Golf game without slicing the ball.

You are going to help you to DISCOVER the following BENEFITS:

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Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

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Review of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Product Name: fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Click here to get fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo:

can find Giant Fossil shark teeth




friends and I have been searching for fossils for over
20 years. I’ve authored over a dozen
books, hosted the Dive Wreck Valley cable TV series and
run the charter dive boat Wreck Valley. This book will help you
identify many of the fossils Black Water river divers can
recover in South Carolina and Florida.

Capt. Dan Berg


New Fossil ebook is heavily illustrated with color photographs. Divers, fossil hunters, armchair sailors or anyone with a general interest in history, diving, or fossils will surely find
this ebook informative, fascinating and the perfect addition
to their library


Black Water Fossil Diving Identification Guide is a 39 page downloadable, printable PDF booklet. The text is packed with information and color images. Find out what Fossil diving in South Carolina is all about or use the guide to help identify your own fossils.

100% “Love It or Leave It”
60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You’ve got a

to try out the material. This is a
no questions asked, no fuss
money-back guarantee.

Here’s How To
Order Right

 Once your
credit card is
approved, you
will be taken
to a special
download page
where you will

have instant
access to the








with a Credit
Card by Secure


Capt. Dan Berg

Check out Capt. Dan’s shipwreck and diving eBooks

Suggested Reading -Fossil Hunting Books

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fossil hunting, fossil diving, FossilHuntingExpo

Review of How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan

Review of How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan

Review of How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan

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Review of How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan

Product Name: How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan

Click here to get How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan:

For years now, teachers give golfers 2-3 things to go work on … sending them to the range to go pound golf balls.

On one hand, there are people who bust their butts working on their swing, day after day … grinding away for hours … thinking about the process of doing it correctly.

But then on the other hand, there are those who seem to have found a better way.

I’m talking about golfers who play golf on their own terms.

They’re people who have learned how to get the ball in the hole, yet they seem to practice when they want to … where they want to … with whom they want to. What’s more, they enjoy playing golf … sticking it close … rolling the rock.

For these golfers, the idea of swing thoughts, “I must make this putt,” and “I hope I don’t 3-putt” are as foreign as the “grinding” practice world they left behind.

In this world, it’s not unusual to shoot scores that are lower than they ever shot before … To be seated in the 19th hole tossing jabs while their buddy is taking the slow walk to the driving range.

The fact of the matter is, these golfers live in a different world. A world where low scores have a different meaning … and there are plenty to go around.

You may know some of these golfers.

And my guess is … you’d like to be just like them.

In fact, I know you can. I’m living proof of it.

It wasn’t long ago that I was struggling … jumping from one tip I tried to another I tried more … never improving more than a stroke or two (and that didn’t even last).

But then I discovered something that changed my golfing life!

I learned the simple secrets to playing the kind of golf you’re reading about right now.

The secrets most “lessons” don’t teach you.

I’ll tell you … It’s the lack of an easy, step-by-step plan designed to Focus Your Attention to those shots that directly affect your Ability to Score.

Sure, you can continue to gather 2-3 tips at a time to “work on” … but there’s no plan that teaches you everything you need to know to Get the Ball in the Hole … and save 11+ strokes … until now.

A question that comes up a lot, “How do you teach feel with the Putter?” If the truth be told, feel is not something that you learn, it’s discovered or found with-in yourself … On Day 5 of the training we get to DISCOVER FEEL, this is where we capture the essence of your game.

Why is feel so important?

When your feel is good, you’re free to stroke a confident putt … in other words, you trust it. The great thing, it’s not technical and it’s something any golfer can do … Developing Feel for distance control is the ‘must have’ skill in golf and will lead you down the path to shooting lower scores. Without Feel, your game will suffer the consequences because feel flows from the putter to chipping, the wedge game and all the way to the tee box.

I created an entire training program to help my students, commit to and see the line, feel the shot and stop thinking about the process of doing it correctly.

To be honest, I had no predetermined thoughts about how to do this … just the knowledge of a plan … where I focus on those skills that quickly lowered my scores. When it came down to it, I just wanted to create the best scoring improvement plan anywhere on the Internet … something that’s missing in modern golf instruction.

I bet you’re thinking, “that’s great, but it sounds too good to be true.”

Do you wish you could hit the ball like Dustin Johnson?

Me too … but the odds of making that happen are almost zero.

In my case … it’s almost ZERO.

Can you putt like Dustin Johnson?

It’s certainly possible because … Putting is the one skill in golf that anyone can compete with the best players.

Every golfer has the physical ability to putt great … even as well as a Tour Pro.

You don’t have to be flexible, stout, or in top shape … You don’t have to be a Low Handicapper either.

For a Golfer of Any Level, Learning How to Score is Where It’s At.

The problem we all have is TIME.

We don’t have time to practice.

When we find an open slot in our busy life, we head to the range without a plan … plow through a bucket of balls in record pace … repeating bad-habits, swing thought after swing thought.

This will not reward you with lower scores … I’m living proof.

When you grind over a bucket of balls, working on the process of doing it correctly … you train your mind to think Mechanically on the Golf Course … it’s very difficult to play golf this way… it’s frustrating.

If you only have small amounts of time to practice, we better invest the time you have to those skills that help you get the ball in the hole … those skills that focus on the Scoring Game.

Answer “28,” and you’ll never have to worry about your golf game or rely on others to improve your score. 

Instead, you’ll walk to the next tee with confidence, and can’t wait to get the ball in the air. It’s a wonderful place to be, your rewarded with better golf swings, without the stress.

If your answer is “39” putts per round, you join thousands of golfers that are shooting scores in the 90’s … because there is direct relationship between the number of putts per round and your score.

A little-known secret about your golf clubs … the putter is the most important club in your bag.

On average, 41.3% of your strokes are gobbled-up by the club that goes the shortest distance.

A 3-foot putt counts for one stroke, just like a 300-yard drive, but the putt is more meaningful to your ultimate score.

“Scott, why 28-Putts? What’s the significance of that number?”

The best players in the world average 28 putts per round. When I set out to achieve 28-Putts per round, my scores went down … substantially … and stayed down!

When you look at the world #1’s … the common denominator is that they are rolling the rock great … when Tiger dominated the tour, he was the best putter in the world … In 2015, Jordon Spieth seemed to make everything he looked at from 15-feet and in on his rise to #1 … Dustin Johnson made enormous improvement to his putting in his clime to the top.

When I score well, the common denominator for me? You guessed it … 28 putts or less. When I “go low” the number can drop to the low 20’s … but scoring is virtually always tied in with number of putts per round … the putter is the most important club in my bag.

You’re going to see exactly how your going to do it … It’s simple once you understand the fundamentals of getting the ball in the hole … You learn there’s 3 things that you must focus on to save strokes and keep them off:

In-Home Training with putting, chipping & wedge game fundamentals

Time Saving Practice Planning at the range or on the green

“Not Thinking” About the Process of doing it Correctly

But more than anything else, it’s an opportunity to “reinvent” your golf game … and learn a valuable skill that will quickly lift you above any average golfer … forever.

What’s more, you can use the new scoring skill in so many ways.

Use it to turn-up your golf passion into a fun and rewarding diversion from the daily grind. Use it to help find a cure for the 3-Putt or chili-dip. Use it to become a scratch golfer (for practically nothing) – or win your club championship.

And what a blast it is! This life of rolling the rock like a tour pro and knowing your next round just might be better than you ever shot before.

Once you have this scoring skill, you can do and accomplish anything.

I know. Like I said, I went from a frustrated (grinding) player that couldn’t compete to winning multiple amateur tournaments.

And I’m not the only one. Many golfers have discovered this amazing little opportunity in the flat stick … just like you’re about to do today.

I know that may surprise you …

That sinking putts and controlling distance with your wedges can payoff so well.

But, as you’ll learn by reading on, scoring plans like this one serve as the foundation for your complete golf game.

And the demand is now so enormous that, as soon as I finish writing this letter, I will reply to an email from one of my students that says he has never felt so confident when stepping in to a shot.

I’m not bragging. That’s just the way it is when you can focus on scoring the ball … the full-swing improves by default … your just playing golf without the stress. After all, a good wedge game can generate many birdies over the course of a round. So why wouldn’t you take this same approach with your long game?

“The 28-putts scoring plan is a keeper and a must read for anyone interested in lowering their scores. It addresses every segment of all shots from 100 yards out to the bottom of the cup. It is easy to read and follow with pictures of proper mechanics and smart practice drills. The explanations are clear and in plain language. Thank You!”

And it’s very easy to learn how to score.

Just a few simple secrets … including one with your “wedges,” which I’ll share with you in a minute. (Learn it and you’ll be well on your way to playing the type of golf we’re talking about – it’ll make you a far better player, period)

Here’s a little secret: I learned the basics of the putting motion by studying and copying the kinds of motions that I wanted to be like. Then I just kept “trying out new secrets” I learned from the best along the way.

And I’m here to say, in no uncertain terms.

If I can do it – so can you!

Today, I’ll tell you all about how the scoring plan works – and show you why, if you’re willing to learn the very basic secrets to playing with a scoring game like this one, you too can save 11+ strokes training a few minutes a day that starts from the comfort of your own home.

But first, is this opportunity for you?

That’s pretty easy to determine …

If you’re someone who needs the structure of modern golf instruction or thrives pounding balls on the range, then you’re probably not going to embrace the kind of “do-what-you-like-when-you-like” golf training that comes with 28-Putts.

And that’s fine. Theirs is no single “fit” for everyone.

But if you’ve ever fantasized about what it would be like to play golf free of “swing thoughts” …

If you’ve always wanted to escape the grind, face new and exciting challenges every round, and have the freedom to wake up on Game Day and say, “I’m prepared” …

Or if you’re just sick of not living up to your potential in golf … and you feel like the time to make any real changes is quickly slipping away.

Then my hunch is that this opportunity is ideal for you.

It really is a chance to “take back your golf life” – from grinding on the range, from the teachers who decide your swing thoughts, from the headaches, pressures, and (these days, especially) the insecurity that comes with modern golf instruction.

And let me make one thing very clear…

This is not a “become a tour pro” proposition.

It doesn’t have anything to do with wacky grips … or some secret sauce that no one else has.

You learn the fundamentals of the putting stroke … reading greens … speed & distance … feeling the role of the ball … and much more! You then learn that the chipping motion is very similar to the putting stroke … we add a little foot work to get the ball in the air. You learn how to control distance with your wedges inside 100-yards … the wedge game incorporates correct swing path and clubface angle … position of left (front) wrist at impact … the relationship between clubhead, hands and body through the hitting area. These are the same factors we must deal with in the Full-Swing.

Success won’t be automatic. Nobody will do it for you. You’ll need to know what fundamentals go into every successful putt, and you’ll have to make the effort to learn them … indoctrinate the correct movement to memory … incorporate the sensations they teach you into the On-Course Drills.

That said, once you have this skill, you’ll have unlimited potential.

Weather you simply want to learn how to play golf … or shoot in the 80’s … or shoot in the 70’s for the first time … or win the club championship … this skill will help you do it.

Now I know it may be hard to believe that you can lower your score by 11 strokes and change your golfing life so dramatically by learning how to score … and being able to do it on your own terms … a few minutes a day.

But let me take it one step further …

Sometimes, in a way, it’s better that you’re not … just maybe, you don’t have lingering swing thoughts going through your mind.

You see beginning golfers, all the time … the first place they go is the driving range … there first lesson? The full-swing … YIKES! I’ll show you the simple fundamentals of getting the ball in hole. If you enjoy golf, you too can have the golfing life we are talking about – just by learning the power of starting at the hole with your training … then moving back towards the tee, one step at a time. To be a great putter, you just have to enjoy golfing—understand the simple rules that go into making an assertive stroke … the number one rule is: Be Yourself! In other words, don’t try so hard to be a golfer …

You’ll learn all there is to know to get the ball in the hole … Where simple fundamentals of the putting stroke can produce the foundation to a complete golf swing.

Where you walk to the next tee and can’t wait to get the ball in the air.

But before I tell you just how we plan to put all this incredible information at your fingertips, let me explain how this opportunity has landed in your lap today.

First, I gathered all my best scoring game secrets – secrets I used to become a scratch golfer.

I studied the best players and teachers in the world – started at the hole and worked backwards. Armed with so many short game secrets, I went to work organizing and incorporating them into a powerful step-by-step plan for improving your scoring game – from putting like a tour pro … to hitting your chip shots within tap in range … to the power of controlling distance with your wedges … to taking your wedge game fundamentals to the Full-Swing … and everything in between.

I divided the secrets into 11 days of training.

But besides cramming the plan full of the most powerful scoring game techniques on the internet, I also made sure the material was easy to learn and fun to do, most important, though, I worked extra hard to create a plan that anyone with even the most basic golf skills could succeed with.

And I promised myself that no one would ever see this plan if it weren’t the absolute best ever on the subject of the scoring game. (Anyone who knows me knows I’m a perfectionist. If my name were to be associated with it, it had to be the best.)

And the plan I created – the 28-Putts Scoring Plan – has been revised, updated, and bolstered with all the latest scoring game techniques …

And the demand for new students?

Still greater than ever … thanks to: huge internet growth … which has made it easy and affordable to reach new students and spread the secrets to scoring the ball.

That’s why, if you’re looking to learn a powerful, stroke saving skill that will last you a lifetime, the 28-Putts Scoring Plan will give you every opportunity to succeed right away in this very exciting game of golf.

“When a Golf Teacher explains a swing thought with words alone, interpretation of those thoughts seldom results in the action the Teacher or Student need to accomplish. Drills allow an individual to FEEL the correct movements in their own way, especially when they’re performed with regularity. Drills Focus on small parts of the game, ingraining correct movements to memory. Until this happens, a player will be Thinking Too Much about the words of the Teacher, called Swing Thoughts. Once correct movements are committed to memory, we can FEEL it, when done correctly. Drills applied to the Putting Stroke or Wedge Game are essential—because they communicate FEEL without verbal explanation. The Drills offer a vivid picture of what we’re trying to accomplish, we know what it FEELS like and can more readily apply it on the Golf Course.”

Right off the bat, in Day 01, you’ll learn how easy it is to spot good and bad putters … just look at their setup … if setup correctly, your stroke will flow effortlessly; setup badly, and you’ll be off line before you ever pull-the-trigger … You’ll learn, the 5 secrets to the putting setup.

In Day 02, you’ll learn, if setup properly, the stroke is very simple to learn if you have 3 fundamentals in place … once in place, you’ve taken the first step towards rolling a putt without thinking about it.

Day 03, we can now focus our attention to “How to make more putts” and “eliminating the 3-putt.” This is where we move past any mechanical thought of right or wrong and start the process of feeling the roll of the ball.

Most cups are not cut on a flat surface but are on some sort of slope. On Day 04, we learn the secret that tour players use to diagnose the angle or direction the golf ball will enter the cup from.

We are finally here, Day 05, where we get to discover feel … where we get the speed right without thinking about how hard to hit the ball. The neat thing about it, it’s not technical and it’s something any golfer can do.

On Day 06, we build your pre-putt routine … the best way to become a great putter is to get on with it, don’t waste any time … taking longer only ups your stress level and start doubting yourself. You’ll learn that by speeding up the process, it keeps your energy flowing … when you slow things down to a snail’s pace you can do more harm than good.

The only way to avoid bad misses when chipping the ball, is with distance control. The only way to control distance is to hit the ball solid with the right club head speed. In Day 07, we learn, just like with putting … it’s about feel and touch, but only after we have 8 fundamentals in place.

On Day 08, we learn distance control with all your wedges and even your 9-iron for golf shots inside 100-yards … it’s the 2nd most important skill in golf. I teach you how to practice distance control with all yardages inside 100-yards … most importantly, I teach you how to get these shots in contention to make a putt.

Day 09, time saving practice planning, the curriculum is organized to build your scoring game through a structured path of learning … starting at the hole and working backwards … using drills designed to work quick and then move on with your day or to the next drill. This is by design, if you have a plan for your practice sessions and follow it … you will accomplish so much more than grinding over a bucket of balls.

If you show up to the first tee prepared, your mind is focused on making decisions and moving forward with purpose. On Day 10, I present a plan that takes a total of 40 minuets (not including drive time) … a 10-minute drill at home before you leave … a 15-minute drill on the range … a 5-minute drill on the chipping green … a 10-minute drill on the putting green. You’re on the way to the first tee with your body and mind in a good place … You do all of this without the thought of right or wrong—you’re ready to play golf. GO LOW!

Day 11 – Taking the Next Step … making the transition to the full-swing. Getting better with the full-swing often is a matter of breaking bad habits … most don’t realize that by going through the previous 10 days, you’re breaking bad habits. Most golfers over-think the golf swing, who can blame them … it’s a hard game … but if you keep it simple, it might not be as hard as you might think. Next Level—that means hitting more fairways, more greens in regulation and only having 28-Putts.

The 28-Putts Scoring Plan is much more than an 88-Page eBook full of the most powerful scoring game techniques on the internet, I also made sure the material was easy to access on your phone, pad or desktop computer.

Remember, I promised myself that no one would ever see this plan if it weren’t the absolute best ever on the subject of the scoring game … When you purchase the 28-Putts Scoring Plan, you gain exclusive access to the Scoring Plan Member Area … For Life!

With over 38 drills and 45 additional articles on the steps behind the drills, a responsive web design ensures Scoring Plan Members have a good viewing experience no matter what type of device you’re using. 

Take the Scoring Plan with you to the golf course, hotel room or at home.

If there was one thing that stopped me from doing drills when practicing, it was because I forgot to write the drill down … very easy mobile access to pull the specific drill up in seconds.

You’ll want to go back and review the steps to the scoring plan for each day of training … now you can easily pull up the content, anywhere, anytime!

Now I know this might sound like a lot to you. And it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed by it all.

But please understand that there’s a logical sequence to everything you do in ‘The 28-Putts Scoring Plan’ – and that it starts at home, entirely at your own pace.

The initial part of the plan teaches you about the fundamentals of the setup … and how to prepare yourself for your new golf game.

Before you know it, you’re on your first drill … practicing the same skills and knowledge the worlds best players use every day to hit a straight putt on their desired line.You’ll dig into the meat of the plan … where you learn the basic structure of the putting stroke … and what every stroke needs to be successful.

With that foundation in place, it’s just a matter of discovering, absorbing, and incorporating the powerful scoring game secrets that follow … each one designed to take your scoring game to the next highest level.

In short, if you don’t become a much-improved player with all the resources I’ve put in place for you, it’s only because somewhere along the line you’ve decided this isn’t for you. (Which won’t insult me, by the way. In fact, if you decide scoring game training isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t pay a dime for the plan! I’ll tell you all about our no-risk guarantee a little later …)

After all, remember why this plan exists: We need scoring game teachers … badly! And I want you to succeed. Because guess what? 

I develop relationships with some of the top golf training companies in the country. They will see the kind of scores 28-Putters are capable of shooting. And I’m more than happy to give them results.

Take Dan Sallee, one of my new students who recently started the In-Home Training … I like his progress through the putting drills and I love his attitude. He recently sent me this note:

“I have spent a lot of time and cash on golf lessons over the years, with some limited success, but always finding myself thinking too much about one area of focus or another and never seeming to perfect anything. The simplicity with which Scott lays out an easily achievable practice plan to perfect the parts of the game where the real scoring occurs (putting and chipping) is very impressive. I have never had what I felt was a successful putting lesson until now. In just a couple of sessions, using his drills in my home, I feel my putting technique has improved significantly. I obviously need to give it some more time, but it feels right, and I can hardly wait to take it to the course. I will update you with my progress once I have had some time to put your techniques into action. I will also be doing some recruiting for you with my golf buddies in Texas.”

The fact is, students are thrilled with the opportunity 28-Putts Scoring Plan has gives them … more are sending me notes every week.

Bottom line is this. When you succeed, the scoring plan succeeds. And when my peers see the high level of improvement coming from the scoring plan – I succeed too.

But perhaps no one benefits more than you. Particularly if you’re at a point where you’re just not happy with your golf game … with the scores you shoot … or the strains and stress that come with modern golf instruction.

If that is the case, I’d love to see you give 28-Putts Scoring Plan a try.

You can do it for shooting lower scores, yes. (I’ve shown you how top players do it. To this day, I have to shake my head and smile when I receive another success story!)

But, more importantly you should do it for yourself.

There has never been a better time to put your golf game squarely in your hands – and master a valuable skill that will forever control your scores … now and right through your retirement years.

And not just because of this rare opportunity to learn a fun and golf-transforming skill – one that can free up your mind enough that you’re able to roll the rock like the best players in the world do … and turn every golfing day from here on out into an exciting adventure.

Imagine approaching a shot of 58-yards and smiling inside … knowing you know how to hit this shot … you’ve done it … you’re thinking about where the ball is going to land … not what’s going on above the ball.

As a 28-Putter you have the tools to do it.

But here’s why now is the ideal time to see if “the 28-Putter’s golf world” is the golf world for you.

You’ll get complete access to everything you need to live the scoring game life for a full 30 days. Take that time to go through the plan … start the learning process … learn about the wedge game inside 100-yards … what this scoring game is all about.

But if you want to continue with your scoring plan training beyond the 30-day “try it out” period – and take advantage of a lifetime of plan updates, interactive coaching opportunities and ongoing access to the Members Only Area, that are included – simply do nothing and continue the training.

You’ll get everything you need to live the golfer’s life, including full access to the plan, all practice drills, and your subscription to ‘The Members Only Website”, packed with some of the most successful In-Home and On-Course training drills.

But I’m not finished guaranteeing your success just yet …

Even after your 30-day trial, we still want you to take a full 2 months to get your scoring game life on track. And if it doesn’t happen – you pay nothing.

If you want to continue with the plan and learn this invaluable skill, simply do nothing and continue with your training, with lifetime access to the online program and all the benefits that come with it (including ongoing updates and additions).

Then take another full month to master the skills and grow your scoring game. Work on the plan and start shooting lower scores.

Why I’m I going to such great lengths to ensure you’re completely comfortable and satisfied with the opportunity I’m offering today?

It’s because one thing I’ve learned over the years of showing golfers how to become successful on the golf course is that my reputation is only as good as the golfers whose scoring game I help launch.

If you’re serious about learning the scoring game life, I’ll be here to help you master the skills whenever you need me. But if it turns out it’s not for you, the last thing I want is you left with that nagging feeling that you “wasted” your money.

That’s why I’ve structured this offer the way I have:
• You can try it for very little money … and no risk whatsoever.
• Then take a full 60-Days to see if “the golfers’ life” is for you – again, with absolutely zero risk.

And now you can get started for the cost of a one-hour lesson.

So, if you’re ready to put the “grinding golf life” behind you – and choose a golfing life that’s powerful, and enormously more rewarding … get The 28-Putts Scoring Plan through this very special “trial” offer today.

Remember, there’s no risk for an entire 60-Days.

And if you love it – and decide the golfers’ life is for you – your very first “lowest score you ever shot” will send you to a wonderful place … where you’re rewarded with better golf swings … without the stress.

When you click the ‘Order’ button now you’ll be taken to Clickbank’s secure payment page where you can pay for this. After Clickbank has processed your payment, you can then securely download the Scoring Plan. Then click the ‘Return to Merchant’ link and you’ll be taken to a very special page, where you can get login access to the Members Only Area.

So go ahead….click the ‘Order’ button below, to place your order and begin to learn the golfers life, and I’ll speak to you again in just a few minutes.


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How to Improve at Golf Quickly – The 28 Putts Scoring Plan

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Review of Jog Run Win

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