Review of Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page

Review of Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page

Review of Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page

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Review of Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page

Product Name: Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page

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Description of Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page:

You Need Is One
Scripture and One Idea and You Can Be Constructing
and Preaching
100% Original Powerful Sermons in the Black Tradition!

Sherman Haywood Cox IIRe: 6 Month “Supercharge Your
Training Program

sermons is
perhaps the most time consuming and difficult job for us preachers.
 But you can create a system that makes it easier. Just think
the profound ultimate benefit –

learn a system to
construct new and orginal sermons every week almost  automatically.

And that
system is “Supercharge Your Sermons” 

most of the homiletic approaches emphasize what the text “SAID” versus
what the text “SAYS” today…

I’ll let
you in on a little

sermons the traditional way provides good intellectual sermons, but
they don’t automatically connect to the people.  Making those traditional
sermons connect to the people is very HARD!

Yes there are superstars who
can do this every week, but for the rest of us.  We need a system
that has congregational understanding and interaction built right in.  

personally constructed sermons for the last 20 years.  I read
the books and followed the examples.  But then I got ahold of
Black Preaching Tradition
and have never looked back.  You can
find more information on my homiletic approach at SoulPreaching.Com.

When I
tell you that connecting a traditional sermon to the people is
hard work, I’m speaking from experience.

Let me
explain why it’s so

Reasons Why Constructing a Sermon the Traditional Way is Very Hard Work

Sermons require removing yourself from the presentation. Great
preaching is truth through your personality.  However,
sermons assume that who you are does not affect the sermonic
construction.  Paradoxically, after totally ignoring yourself
thorughout the process, you are
to place yourself back in the process at presentation.  

So, if “traditional”
Sermons aren’t the answer, what is?  Good question…

Easiest Way To Create Effective Sermons is to “Supercharge”
Your Sermons


“Supercharged Sermon” (SS) consists of sermons that directly connect to
the people becuase they connect to the preacher.  The preacher
spends time connecting to the text, “experience the text” in a deeper

In a
nutshell, here’s what
you’d do in supercharging your sermons…

Plan for an effective experience with God
2. Exegete with the mindset of understanding
3. Preach while attempting to convey that experience.

And the
benefits are the
exact opposite of the barriers for traditional Sermons…

Sermons make reference to the preacher in every phase of the
preaching process! Who
you are will affect your exegesis, sermon construction, planning, and
presentation.  The truth will come through your personality
in a
much more stronger way when you allow it to affect the whole process.

“Supercharge Your Sermons: Preachers in Training Program”: A
Step-By-Step, 26-Week Training Program For
Planning, Constructing, and Preaching Effective Sermons!

developed the Supercharge
Your Sermons training program to teach you
how to create your own “Supercharged Sermons” from

week for onehalf year (26 weeks) you’ll gain access to another lesson.
 Each lesson will consist of a donwloadable audio and a textual
lesson.  Included in
the lesson is an assignment for you to complete so you’ll make progress
every single week.

Over the
coming 6 months
we’ll cover everything…

of  publishing this in a ebook or physical book,
I’m making it available to you week after week in action-sized
portions so you’ll actually get results.

don’t need another ebook
to clutter up your computer or physical
book to clutter up your
bookshelf.  What you need is a weekly “here’s
what you
do next” action step to complete. What you need is for
someone to
show you how to quickly get started and
then keep
teaching you week after week so you don’t get stalled
along the

that’s exactly what I’m
going to do when you join Supercharge
Your Sermons

As a
member you’ll receive

lesson is
strategically created in such a way that you’ll see results with the

Short And
Easy To Digest. These
lessons are nothing but “meat.”  And if you don’t like reading,
you can listen to the audios of each lesson.  There is a real
problem today with too much information.  I know you are a busy
pastor, you need quick data.  Each lesson is designed to give you
exactly what you need so that you can quickly put it into practice.

An Assignment To
Complete. Every
weekly lesson will give you a number of assignments to complete at the
close. Instead of telling you what I have done, you will receive
exactly what you should do this coming week.   Each week
you’ll have some easy-to-implement action step to complete before
moving on.

As You Go. Every
lesson builds on previous lessons. In the beginning we will discuss
some of the basics to quickly create sermons. From there, we’ll move
intermediate and then advanced tactics for multiplying and maximizing
the effectiveness of your sermons. Beginners won’t get lost from the
start and veterans won’t
get bored as I’ll throw in some golden nuggets along the way for our
experienced crowd.

You To Succeed Long-Term. While
many books pile on a bunch of information and leave you to put
it all together for yourself, that isn’t how things are setup in this
training program. By giving you information in bite-sized portions for
a half year (26 weeks!) you’ll be more likely to actually do something
with the content … and you’ll be more likely to see real results for

weekly lesson is
designed to be 

first lesson is coming
your way immediately upon completing your order. Included in your first

get this instantly after you join below. Everything you need to
understand the concept and get started is included in just a few short
pages. The format is simple –

Want to
know the best part?  –

Does not Cost a Ton of Money!

am the web minister of SoulPreaching.Com.  I would encourage
to visit there and look at my homiletic training methods.  I have
of Divnity Degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School with an emphasis in
Homiletics.  I could be teaching homiletics right now with
kind of background, but have chosen to make my training available over
the web.  

Now, a
course could cost thousands of dollars.  A Bible School course
could cost hundreds of dollars.  But I wanted to keep this
as inexpensive as possible.  It
is for that reason that I am not going to charge the thousands of
dollars that I could charge for this program. Instead, I’m going to
make it a no-brainer, and I’m going to make it downright
affordable for every budget.

Money Will Be Returned If you are not Completely Satisfied

here’s the thing:
I am going to offer you a 60 day money back guarantee. That means if you
request a refund in the first 60 days you will get all of your money back! I stand
behind my materials and know you’ll be completely thrilled with the
content and your results.  

for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available anytime for the
next 8 weeks by simply emailing me .

Now While
Are Still Available…

I want my weekly text and audio lesson to learn how to plan,
prepare, and preach my own sermons! I have
read and agree
the legal disclaimer below.

(Even if it’s 2:00 AM on a Saturday)

will receive an
email every week with a download link for your weekly .PDF/mp3 lesson.

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark
of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200,
Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not
constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or
opinion used in promotion of these products.

Every effort
has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential.
Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or
her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any
endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will succeed.


17817, Nashville, Tennessee 37217

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Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page

Review of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

Review of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

Review of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

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Review of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

Product Name: Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

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Description of Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools:

Sites for Teachers
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About Stevan Krajnjan
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More Education Links
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Return Policy
Terms of Use
Contact   Affiliate Links  

TIMESAVERS for TEACHERS specializes in printable, often-used classroom forms,
report card comments, spelling activities, practical teacher
tools, worksheets, and downloadable teaching materials that improve classroom management, saving teachers months
of valuable time. Be a
well organized and better prepared teacher by using Stevan Krajnjan’s 11 popular books and….  have more time for other things in life as well. Life is
way too short to waste time!


Please use a personal
email address to prevent my email to you from being
filtered or blocked.
We respect your email privacy

“The most precious gift you can give anybody is… more time.”“Life is too short to waste time.”

Have a website? Become an AFFILIATE! CLICK HERETIMESAVERS for is a member of the U. S. Department of Education’s GEM Project and UK’s Curriculum Online Service.
——————————————————————————————————————–——-——————TIMESAVERS for TEACHERS Tel: 905-874-0902

Copyright © 1999 – 2010 Timesavers for Teachers

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TeachersGet university degree at Redlands.eduTop Educational Web Sites

Collection of Often-used
Classroom Forms

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Substitute Teacher Instructions Kit(interactive)

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TimesaversOften-Used Math Forms

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Timesavers For Teachers – Popular, Often-used Classroom Tools

Review of Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System

Review of Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System

Review of Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System

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Review of Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System

Product Name: Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System

Click here to get Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System:

Attention All Gardeners!

From the Desk of Alison Rosenbrock ,Professional Garden Designer and Landscaper,
Lifestyle Gold Medalist and Winner of Elle Decoration “Wow Award”


var mydate=new Date()
var year=mydate.getYear()
if (year < 1000) year+=1900 var day=mydate.getDay() var month=mydate.getMonth() var daym=mydate.getDate() if (daym<10) daym="0"+daym var dayarray=new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday") var montharray=new Array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July","August","September","October","November","December") document.write("“+dayarray[day]+”, “+montharray[month]+” “+daym+”, “+year+””)
Re: Japanese Garden Designs the easy way…
Dear Gardener

f you are reading this letter then it is likely that you have a passion. You have a passion for gardening. For the most part you would have spent hundreds of dollars or more on gardening projects and plants. You probably look at your garden and think that something is still wrong! You just can’t put your finger on it.

I too felt that way, that is until I spent years and years developing my creative talents! What if I told you that you can get your garden done cheaper, faster and without headaches using my revolutionary Japanese garden designs…

Here’s the BIG dilemma: There is no quick fix or luck involved in a professional looking Japanese garden. It’s all in the “know how” .

Why is it difficult? Other sources including magazines and the internet do contain valuable information, but not in an easy to use way. You have to sift through tons of material to get a design that suits you, your budget and your yard. No wonder landscaping seems so hard!It is especially difficult to end up with complete and perfect Japanese garden designs. A further complication is having the insider tips on installing a Japanese garden that doesn’t violate the intricate Oriental symbolism. The truth is, you are left with more headaches than answers.
The Faster & Easier Way To Landscaping!

Well, luckily for you, these problems are a thing of the past because I have designed and installed gardens in North America, Europe and Africa. This hard earned experience has helped me put together this amazing Japanese Garden package with a clear, detailed, step-by-step system that doesn’t leave anything to chance.

Here’s a Preview of the Japanese Gardens:

I have many customers that are just thrilled to bits with my garden designs. Here are a few testimonials of happy clients that warm my heart:

“I’ve used Alison’s designs to improve my garden. It has made a huge difference and her ideas were very easy to implement.

One thing that really helped me a lot was the way in which illusion was used to make my focal point stand out. This is a real money saver as I bought a smaller statue, without losing the impact it created. She also helped me get the flow and balance of my garden spot on.”

Merl Erasmus
Toronto Star
Toronto, Canada

” My Garden Turned Out Better

Than A Show Garden … “

“I installed one of Alison’s Japanese garden designs after seeing her gold winning garden at the Lifestyle Garden Show. When I saw the bridge reflecting in the pond, I knew I had to have one as well.

The garden turned out to lots better than I’d hoped. I believe that it was even better than Alison’s show garden!

I sold the house a few months after the garden was installed, and made a handsome profit. The garden sold the house! Needless to say I installed another of Alison’s designs in my new garden.”
Sandy Davies
Johannesburg, SA

This Japanese garden design has been designed to blend in with nature. In keeping with oriental garden design, it is ideally suited for meditation and relaxation. This garden is packed with symbolic features that add interest and enjoyment.

Every single portion of this garden has symbolic meaning. E.g. the cranes symbolize longevity. The plan material has been carefully selected to represent the four seasons of our lives. The lanterns have been placed so as to light up the pathways at night. Rocks, all hand-selected are placed in well-thought positions to represent boats sailing to paradise island, the heaven rock and other important symbols.
The red and black colors in the Oriental garden are symbolic of good luck. Red upturned roofs symbolize the Phoenix in flight. There are many amazing features in this garden, with many more yet to be discovered in the actual design. This garden is also well-balanced according to the principles of Feng Shui. Enjoy this garden by relaxing in the gazebo or unwind by raking the gravel.

The Zenquility Zen Japanese garden design was designed for peace and tranquility. The elements that make up this garden were carefully thought out during the design and conforms to the strict requirements of this garden style.

The front garden is just gravel, with plants and boulders, the gravel helps to calm and soothe the individual as the gravel gets raked it helps release the tension and anxieties that have been place on us by life. In keeping with Japanese Zen gardens requirements, this Zen stone garden has loads of symbolic meaning.
Gravel is raked wavily when times are tough and straight and concise curves when times are smooth. The steppers to the front door are surrounded by gravel with two patches of moss on either side of the path. As one comes out of the house into the back garden there is a deck with cushions and a water basin on each side. Whilst sitting on the main deck you overlook the beautiful pond and water feature offering that relaxing feeling of being surrounded by nature. Whilst enjoying the calmness of the Zen garden you will be able to meditate and reach a state of mental well being.

The Desert Sun waterwise garden plan is a blueprint for an ecological low maintenance garden. The theme of this garden is to simulate a desert-cacti environment, while still showing the beauty and elegance that can come when using cacti to create a garden. Cacti are fascinating. They don’t need to be watered or looked after, yet they still have brightly colored flowers and are evergreen. The Desert Sun design is not a Japanese Garden Design, but the principles taught and plant selections will give you inspiration if you want to change your Japanese Garden to be less water dependent.

The front garden consists mainly of a large lawn space. The cacti beds are placed close to the house. The structure and shape of the pathway, rocks, plants and open space all contribute to a striking view.
The pathway leading up to the front door is made using light-beige paving. It is formed using a straight pathway that meets with a large, paved diamond area. The diamond has bright orange and yellow sun in its center, created using inlaid tiles. The sun’s rays stretch in all directions as the beams of the sun. This gives the garden a wonderful uniqueness and complements its title: Desert Sun. Along the edge of the pathway and the driveway, glass bricks with blue lights beneath them create an amazing atmosphere at night, lighting the pathways.
As you step out onto the back patio, you are greeted by a large, bright sun. This is done in a similar way to the front-door’s pathway. This sun is also made using inlaid tiles, but is much larger when compared to its front-garden counterpart. The two suns connect the two gardens together using the main theme. The back patio is shaded by a canopy. The back garden is mirrored from left to right. This means that the focal points in the left and right far corners of the garden are framed the same way.

This brief description of a small part of the garden only whets the appetite, the Desert Sun waterwise garden design contains loads more to make it a joy to be in.

Tropawaii is an indulgent tropical garden plan designed for relaxation. This garden is packed with features that will provide a functional yet professional appearance. The Tropawaii design is not a Japanese Garden Design, but the principles taught and plant selections will give you inspiration if you want to change your Japanese Garden a more tropical and humid climate.

Vacations are great, some of the most fantastic vacations you can have are on beautiful tropical Islands. The Sun peeping through the shade of the palm trees as you sit and enjoy your favorite drink under the shade of a thatched swing bench, as the waterfall drowns out thoughts of reality. Indulge yourself with a swim in the rock pool as the birds cheekily sing or sit under the grand umbrella with your guests as you enjoy a mouth watering barbecue. One works hard for their home, so why not enjoy the feelings of being at a favorite location in the comfort of ones very own garden? Spectacularly Tropical is Tropawaii’s theme.

For people with special needs who are find it hard to bend down and admire plants, or have difficulty maintaining a garden. The Special Needs design is not a Japanese Garden Design, but the principles taught and plant selections will give you inspiration if you want to change your Japanese Garden be suitable for someone with special needs.

This garden has been specifically designed for people with special needs. The beds have been raised so that it is much easier to do gardening or just enjoy the plants. Healing herbs and fragrant flowers (to lift the spirits) with special colors have been carefully placed to blend and harmonize with key focal points in the design.
The therapeutic sound of a water fountain is present to blend in with the surrounding sounds for a soothing effect. The selected colors are for relaxation and harmonize well to gladden the heart and uplift the soul.

Here are some of the awards that I have won, using the exact principles and techniques provided with each of the Japanese garden designs offered in this package.

Here are a collection of the gold medals I won for show gardens. Gold Awards were the highest award possible at these shows and few people achieved the standard required for gold.

I also won the Elle Decoration Award for outstanding design and for my ability to design a Japanese garden that provided a perfect environment for the integration of the garden with the lifestyle of its intended owners.
I was ecstatic about snatching the Elle Decor Award from many other professional garden designers. Only one designer could win this well sought-after award.

The crowd flocked around my double award winning Japanese garden design!

I Don’t Need To Hear More…
Let Me Order Japanese Garden Designs Right Away!

Just to to set your mind at ease… A few simple steps is all that is required : Everything is included in the Japanese Garden Designs Package!

Claim These Exclusive Bonuses If You Order Now…

If you get in today, I’ll give you 4 special time-limited bonuses that will help you get going with your Japanese garden project even faster…

If you order today, you’ll get 2 time limited bonuses. You’ll receive these bonuses if you order Japanese Garden Designs within 2 days.

The first bonus is a Garden Customization Guide for EACH of the 5 garden designs in pdf format.

Each Garden Customization Guide will literally

guide you through all the steps a Professional Garden Designer will take to create a bespoke garden for you! It explains how to change the design while maintaining all the design principles.

These unique guides, only available in this offer, contain essential information that is needed to convert the Japanese garden designs into a format that any DIY enthusiast can install.The Customization Guides contain:

A Description of all the Design Principles. A Step-by-Step Site Survey to determine your specific needs. Design Style Descriptions to help you select the best design for your home style and architecture. Essential practical elements needed in planning a functional garden. Expert tips on positioning focal points and hard landscaping  elements (including trees). Easy to follow guidelines that suit ANY garden size or shape.

You’ll also receive a free Garden Installation Guide for each of the 5 garden designs in PDF format.

Each Garden Installation Guide will literally

guide you through all the steps a Professional Landscaper will take to install a bespoke garden for you!

Installing a professional landscape requires some detailed knowledge. This guide provides essential information that will make it possible for the reader to install the flower garden design. It contains many of the tips and techniques used by the authors, which contributed to them winning gold medals for several show gardens.

These tips and techniques have never before been revealed to the public. Be the first to implement them in your garden.The Guide contains:

Preparing the Site. Installing the hard landscaped items, including irrigation,  lighting and measuring out the beds. Installing the backdrops. Positioning and Installing Focal Points. Positioning Shrubs and Perennials. Planting the Borders. Guidelines for installing the design in stages over a  period of time. Installation tips and techniques for a gold medal garden. Budget Saving Techniques.

You’re also going to recieve a lifetime membership access to Japanese Garden Designs Membership Area …

You will have access to all the videos, new designs, improvements and tips and techniques. New items are added on a consistent basis!

You’ll also receive a free Garden Walk Through DVD for each of the 5 garden designs. This is in a downloadable VOB format.

Each Walk Through Video will literally

guide you through the garden and explain garden design principles and show views of the garden from many different angles!

Viewing a garden in this way will help you to customise the design to suit your own needs and give you ideas for installing the garden.

This is an unique feature that will give you the confidence to design and install your own bespoke garden.

I am absolutely sure that you will not find a better solution to DIY Professional Landscaping anywhere else. I and my design team have spent many hours putting this complete package together and will give you the necessary support to make your garden a success.

And so you may think: “Professional Designs are just too expensive!”

Think Again! offers the perfect solution for DIY Professional Designs for a fraction of the price you expect. A solution that leaves no questions unanswered.

A Professional Garden Design takes between 30 and 40 hours to complete. This time extends to 80 to 100 hours to add the videos, customization and installation instructions. Why are we able to provide these professional garden designs for so little? By selling the same design to multiple customers all over the world, costs are shared. However the uniqueness of each customisation will ensure that no two gardens will turn out to be identical!

What is the Solution? Using Japanese Garden Designs’ step-by-step approach that provides you with all the resources you need and guides you through all the important considerations. By doing a lot of the work yourself, you don’t need to pay all the professional fees that you would expect. Professional Designers spend many hours getting to know your home, neighborhood and preferences. Time is Money! So why pay for something that you know better than anyone else ever could?

I hate seeing the word “guarantee” everywhere. What is it supposed to mean? Just words. Platitudes to get you to buy. So, I’m making you more than just a guarantee. It’s a personal promise to you.

My 60 Days, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I honestly believe this is the most complete Japanese Garden Design package currently available ANYWHERE. So here’s the deal…
If, for any reason within 60 Days of purchase of this course you feel that the product is not for you, simply let me know and I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. Heck, I’ll even let you keep all the bonuses – on the house!

As you can see, you have nothing to risk here. Download now!

So here’s the bottom line: If you have read this far, you only have one thing to do…

Each garden design contains everything you need from start to finish to transform your home with a professional landscaped garden that will be the envy of your friends and visitors.

After you order you will get instant access to the Complete Japanese Garden Design Package . There is no need to wait for shipping and you can get the information you want in seconds from now!

Get it now…!

Yes Alison, I Want To Order My Japanese Garden Designs Package Today and..

I’m ready and eager to start downloading the Complete Japanese Garden Design Package.
By taking action today, I understand that:

This special launch offer will close in just 3 days from now and you won’t be able to get in at this price after that even if you want to. Once I start receiving more testimonials, I’m going to raise the price accordingly.
So don’t waste any time! Take action right now.

Remember, you’ll only see this special deal right here on this page, so now’s the time to jump on this..

,Alison Rosenbrock

P.P.S: Remember…you have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. I am 110% sure you will be entirely happy with your package. But if for any reason you are not, no sweat. Your investment is guaranteed for a full 60 days.

P.P.P.S: This is a TIME-SENSITIVE OFFER! You will never have the opportunity to invest in this package again at this price once the introductory offer ends. Please do NOT click off this page unless you are positively certain you want to pass up on this offer forever. Give me the Complete Japanese Garden Design Kit right now »

Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat to read the guides and plans. The CD and DVD are in zipped format requiring, Winzip, 7-Zip or WinRAR to unzip.

*Represents total downloadable data volume of designs and supporting documents and videos!

               Support | Order Page | Privacy | Terms | Disclaimer | Anti-Spam | Affiliates

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Japanese Garden Designs – The Complete Landscaping System




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Click here to get LEARNING FOR THE 21ST CENTURY at discounted price while it’s still available…



Learning for the 21st Century

Delivereez offers a unique learning experience by providing information on a variety of topics which can be easily delivered to your computer. There is no need to leave your home or office to go sit in a classroom for hours at a time. The information you are looking for can be reviewed at your leisure sitting in the comfort and security of your home or office. You can relax, sip on your caffe latte and study any time of the day or night. The choice is up to you.

Speak French starting with your first lesson!

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A Canadian family’s four year expedition around the world in a sailboat.

Discover the places they visited, the people they met and what they learned about themselves and the world around them. This link is lovingly dedicated to the memory of Diane Stuemer, wife, mother and explorer who died in March 2003 after taking her family on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Do you have a specific need or wish to acquire a particular skill? Let us know. We will do our best to provide you with E-learning products that fill those needs. Our team is experienced in learning design, needs assessment and evaluation strategies. In addition to the products available on our web site, we can custom design learning programs to suit your individual needs.

Do you have questions about E-learning?

Send e-mail to:


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Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Click here for bigger image

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Product Name: ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Click here to get ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards:

Claim Your Urban Survival Playing Cards as part of a HUGE National Promotion

The Only Playing Cards That Could Save Your Life

These aren’t simply playing cards…they’re a powerful survival tool for you and your loved ones to use if you need to survive a disaster situation.

Our 1st printing SOLD OUT in 24 hours!  The 2nd & 3rd printing SOLD OUT before we got the order.  We’re currently taking orders on the next printing of 2,000 and they’re going FAST!

I know that you are going to love your Urban Survival Playing Cards. However, if for any reason at all you are not COMPLETELY satisfied within 60 days, I insist that you contact me for a full refund. Simply send me a note and drop the cards in the mail and I will issue you a prompt no-questions-asked refund.

“Fantastic information. When I go thru the deck I remember things that I have taken for granted. Well laid out info source.”

“Very nice deck of cards. Survival information good to have.
Hopefully won’t need, Be hard pressed to find more
information in such a small package.”

“I bought them for Christmas presents for my family andwhen my son looked at them he wanted more.”

“Good instructional usage.”

“They are really useful, I have used them here in the house
several times since I got them, in my storage
center and in fixing 72 hour kits.”

Copyright 2016 – Urban Survival Playing Cards – All Rights Reserved

Powered by OptimizePress 2.0

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ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of DirectMath Home Page

Review of DirectMath Home Page

Review of DirectMath Home Page

Click here for bigger image

Review of DirectMath Home Page

Product Name: DirectMath Home Page

Click here to get DirectMath Home Page at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of DirectMath Home Page:

DirectMath is a mathematical word processor and easy to use front end to the
Mathematica and Maxima computer algebra systems.
DirectMath makes use of a powerful pattern matching system to anticipate the calculation you want to perform, so you don’t have to learn a
programming language or wade through menus to get your work done. Computing integrals, solving differential equations, and performing a
whole host of calculation tasks is as easy as selecting the thing you want to calculate and hitting enter or clicking and dragging to launch the
calculation you want.

DirectMath is also quite useful when used as a standalone application.
The equation editor built into DirectMath is very easy to use and fully integrated with the editor. Coupled with DirectMath’s ability to export
content to the web, DirectMath becomes a powerful, yet easy to use editor for creating mathematical content. As
an added bonus, DirectMath also includes a sophisticated set of tools for making drawings with embedded geometric and symbolic constraints.
Learn more…

Click here for bigger image

DirectMath Home Page

Review of Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!

Review of Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!

Review of Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!

Product Name: Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!

Click here to get Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!:

Click here for bigger image

Pitchperfector Trains You To Sing On Pitch In 10 Minutes!

Review of Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets

Review of Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets

Review of Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets

Click here for bigger image

Review of Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets

Product Name: Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets

Click here to get Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets:

Why 97% of students score less than 70% in their tests…Because they can’t remember things for an exam.

Why most students settle for a measly grade of 48% – 65% in their exams…Because they can’t concentrate.

How YOU can EVOLVE and earn anywhere from 75% – 100% in a test no matter THE SUBJECT by simply applying my simple “Ultimate Study Secrets”

How I earned an extra 40% in two exams last year alone by applying these EXACT SAME study secrets … In FAR LESS TIME than it takes other students to apply.

From:  Rick AurtusTuesday, 12:45 PM

I want to tell you an important story about 2 students just like you…

Two students were fed up working day and night for the grades they wanted. They decided to try and find a new way of Studying for their College Exams. Both spoke to their teachers, spend money on study guides. Both tried to sit down and concentrate all the time. Remember everything they had read for their tests, get rid of their nerves, and MASTER managing their time when it came to a study plan.

Both came from similar families, had similar intelligence, and dedication. They were decent students in school and both knew they were capable of much, much more.3 years later, the same two students met at a seminar where they were trying to further their career, in the companies they respectively worked for. They were still very much alike. Both had become successful managers. Both had dramatically improved their income (from those student Jobs) both felt they had achieved success since leaving school. But there was one difference…   The first man did ‘ok’ at college and was now a successful marketing manager making an ‘ok’ five figures a year listening to his boss. Hoping for his Job one day… He only worked about 40 hours a week and had a good life.

What Allowed ONE Student To Score A+ Grades ALL THE TIME Like Clockwork?While The ‘Other Guy’ Was ‘Studying’ For The Same Amount Of Time And Only Scored A FRACTION OF WHAT HE DESERVED!

You see, the second guy was using closely-guarded study secrets I accidentally stumbled upon a couple years ago. While at university myself, there is one particular secret that a friend and I have kept to ourselves for awhile—and have been utilizing it to remember more, concentrate ALL the time for an exam …even REDUCE STRESS TOTALLY, and Score at least 90% in Exams with hardly ANY effort!

In fact, last year, I mentioned these exact secrets in a blog post, and all my fellow student buddies were DYING to find out. Whenever we chat on the phone or text each other, they constantly hounded me to reveal these secrets.

In fact, one guy (who’ll remain nameless so I won’t embarrass him) actually made fun of me when I told him the name of these secret strategies (the “Ultimate Study Secrets”)…but wanted in on the secrets too!

But at the end, I had the last laugh. Why? Well, here’s a short case study of how I was able to exploit just one—yet VERY rewarding—secret to earn a Distinction in a subject I knew very little about…One Week before the Exam!

EXCLUSIVE Case Study: How I EarnedA Sweet 90% In An Exam During One Of The BUSIEST TIMES Of My Life in 2007!

Last year, I picked up a physics course called “Electrodynamics”. I found out the FAILURE rate for this course was 62% and the average mark for this course was 58% (before the grades were scaled)

Now that might seem pretty bad, to most students but what EVERYONE missed (including my clueless professor, is within a few short weeks, I applied the ‘Ultimate Study Secrets” and multiplied that ‘average RAW grade’ 58% into 90% (on all exams and quizzes I sat for that subject!).

That’s a 32% difference from what the lecturer expected from his average student…

GUESS WHAT! The year before that I was FAILING EXAMS…YES that’s right, I had failed ONE subject three times and many, many more…


I Took 8 Subjects in one semester. Average Mark = 55%

…Applied The “Ultimate Study Secrets” I had recently discovered!

Boosted grades to over 90% in another 8 subjects in the next semester That’s Over a 60% improvement in ALL MY GRADES!!

Not Bad For a Guy Who was Close To Being Kicked Out of University!

Best Part?Even though I came in second place in the class for that particular subject, I slaughtered everyone else’s quiz marks by consistently earning 80% or more in them thanks to these powerful and potent ultimate study secrets!

The best part is I ALWAYS slept well at night, before an exam knowing That every bit of Time I spent for the exam was maximized and knowing my transcript overall looks better then the other guy, who beat me in that one subject. 

(In fact, I CONSTANTLY remind XXXX XXXXXXX—the guy who beat me out in that subject—that I completely annihilated him in Average marks across our entire course—thanks to just one of these secrets!)

Grab These Ultimate Study Secrets right Now

Now you may think this was a fluke. But I was able to do this six OTHER times last year with the same results! 

Believe me: after awhile, people started catching on and began asking me,
“How the HECK did you do that?” Since they know I still worked in a
part time job and love to go out! I WILL EXPLAIN MORE IN A SECOND…

Here are
just a few of the ‘problems’ that will never bother you again: IMAGINE…

Ultimate Study Secrets allow you to harness incredible power! Power to receive
WHAT’S YOURS, what you’ve worked your tail off to achieve!

what the ultimate study secrets allow you to do:

I can’t tell you everything now, what I CAN tell you is:

Discovered These Exam Secrets
from a Series of “Out-Of-Print” Guides I Found On eBay!!!

Here’s what happened:
I was browsing eBay a while back for study skills, eBooks, text books, ANYTHING
REALLY!!! I WAS DESPERATE I stumbled upon this rare CD from an extremely famous
psychologist and bought it right away from the UK.

When I got it in the
mail, I stuck it in my laptop and plowed through the information for a whole
night. The content absolutely BLEW me away as this particular author describes these
simple tricks no student EVER uses.

So I thought to myself,
“How can I apply these powerful secrets to MY OWN subjects?”

I applied them to the Physics
subject I took and to each and every exam I sat for, for the rest of my student
Career and the grades I DESERVED started to roll in. I kept these secrets to
myself in fear that other students would find out and I could not top the class

Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.  After
I told my closest friends… Someone leaked it at university in October and rumors
of it started spreading like a mutant virus. 

So I decided to reveal this NOW before
OTHER people on the net discover it and rehash it in all kinds of eBooks,
courses, and study forums! And forget that really these secrets are made up of VERY SIMPLE
Easy-To-apply Steps.

I told everyone there was ONE condition:

I Would
ONLY Reveal This Ultimate Study Secret at an “After-Hours” Session…

And The
Cameras HAD To Be SHUT OFF!!!

So for two FULL hours I spilled the beans. I revealed how
anyone can “bump” their grades with VERY LITTLE EFFORT and massively
improve what their transcript tells future employers. I also unveiled several
case studies of how I used the “Ultimate Study Secrets” in OTHER subjects
while studying at university.

In fact, I even told them why it makes
me sick to my stomach when students study for exams and DON’T implement these secrets. They’re just making

“heartbreak marks”…meaning they’re making enough grades to get by,
but aren’t making CLOSE to what’s possible (and what YOU deserve)!

After the two hours was up I had revealed
intimate details of how I used these Study secrets. People at the seminar
thanked me over and over. And I was GLAD the cameras were OFF because I didn’t
want these details spread all over the world…

…until Pete Morgan told me he secretly
hid a tape recorder and recorded the WHOLE thing from the back of the room
for himself to have.

I’ve since forgiven Pete.  And luckily
for you, I’ve since changed my mind about keeping these secrets since this is
critical knowledge the serious Student NEEDS to know to build a solid long-term

In fact, you’ll get every single detail
of these “Insider” Ultimate Study Secrets served to you on a silver
platter when you invest in:

“Ultimate Study

How To
Catapult Your Exam Grades From A Measly 48-58% To A Whopping 90% or MORE
Using A Couple SIMPLE Tweaks!!!

it really is that easy…

I CAN tell you is that it’s NOT a product or a software tool, but a simple
strategies that I’ve never really seen anyone else use before me, in
fact, I’ve never seen anyone else even try to copy it, yet…

Study Secrets Explains “How Study Skills Have Evolved”

Just imagine, you pick any subject or course
that you’d like to study. Where there are exams for this subject. 
You then pull out the “Ultimate Study Secrets” and apply it to
the subject you have chosen! 

And almost instantly you’ll see a huge
spike in your grades.  And what’s even cooler is that you can actually
apply the “ultimate study secrets” MORE THEN ONCE on other
subjects you are taking RIGHT NOW!!!

Now because these secrets are so powerful,
I actually am giving you the full secrets (in detail) to go over and over
again, but as an extra bonus.


These study guides will come to you as a
bonus if you download today!

Now I know you might be thinking, “OK
Rick. That whole ‘closely guarded secrets people have been
keeping from you’ line is getting REALLY old. I read that OVER and OVER
again and it sounds like a bunch of hype.

Listen: I understand where you’re coming
from. But, rest assured, I’m DEAD serious when I say I’ve never seen ANYONE
else do it before me. And the few people who DO know this potent secret haven’t
copied it yet!

Instead of hitting “singles” and
“doubles” every time you go up to bat and sit for an exam, you’ll be
hitting walloping Home Runs!

And does it work…?  Let me show you
the power:

Rick Had Told Me This Stuff A Year Ago, I Would Have Had a Scholarship By

Aiva Rollson
University of NSW

with Honors)

years ago I met Rick at a state sporting event he told me about HOW he USED
HIS TIME to study.
So I decided to put his ideas to the test and BLATANTLY COPY what he was

By just basically doing a COPY AND PASTE job, my grades went from
…to An AMAZING TURN-AROUND, I Literally re-wrote my

When I actually discovered all his secrets, and then applied them…Holy
crap…My grades just shot up even more.”

But I’m actually offering you genuine
strategies, and I won’t charge you even close to that amount.

If you act on this right Now…

Now before you think I’m
crazy, for giving away something of so much value I want to explain WHY I’m doing
this at such a HUGE discount…

First – This is an *introductory* offer, and it won’t last
forever – In fact I’ll be increasing the price without warning ANYTIME.

Second – You might
not believe me, but
I saw three great friends of mine use these ultimate study secrets and their
life has changed FOREVER.
It gave me such a natural Buzz, seeing that I could help 🙂


You Can Get Started Today
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That said, I didn’t want to just
“give away” these ultimate study secrets. Anyone wanting
these secrets would HAVE to put some “skin in the game” first. It
shows me that they will actually READ them and APPLY them

Plus the price is cheap enough that anyone
can skip going out to dinner and a movie with their buddies for a day (pack
a tuna-fish sandwich instead, and watch a DVD at home!) to discover these

Why not use a messily 27 bucks to discover
these simple study secrets that will allow you to live the life you deserve for
years to come?

I’m Going

These Seven Valuable Bonuses!

To be blunt: if you don’t see
the value in discovering what the “Ultimate Study Secrets” are all
about by investing such a small fraction to use these secrets right away, then
this isn’t for you. But if you read this far, then you’re one of the
“action-takers” I love to share invaluable knowledge with. So to
reward your action, I’m throwing in the following “Fast-Action”

To Use Your Mind for Study”

Harry D.
Kitson’s EXCLUSIVE Plan ON How To Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Other

you’re Jack Bauer from the hit TV show “24”. Instead of
having 24 hours from saving the world from the Ukrainian terrorists, you have
a gun to your head and you MUST use the most effective Study Habits to
sit for an exam within 24 hours!

the question most students get posed when time runs out! And they still need
to score a brilliant mark on their test.

best part is this:
once you implement these habits, it’s a piece of cake after that!

Here’s What
The Table of Contents For This 226 Guide Looks Exactly Like:

Chapter 1:
Intellectual Problems Of The College Freshman

Chapter 2: Note

Chapter 3: Brain
Action During Study


Chapter 4:
Formation Of Study Habits

Chapter 5: Active

Chapter 6: First
Aids To Memory, Impression

Chapter 7: Second
Aids To Memory: Retention, Recall And Recognition

Chapter 8:
Concentration Of Attention


Chapter 9: How We

Chapter 10:
Expression As An Aid In Study

Chapter 11: How To
Become Interested In A Subject

Chapter 12: The
Plateau Of Despond

Chapter 13: Mental
Second Wind

Chapter 14:

Chapter 15: Bodily
Conditions For Effective Study

Get The Secrets And
The Amazing Bonuses

Memory Techniques”

A Shortcut To Remembering
Anything For An Exam – These Little Tricks and Tips, Will Turn Your Brain
Into A Sponge!!!

know this letter is about using the simple secrets to Dramatically Score Top
Marks on your exams. Believe me, it’s probably THE easiest way to get what I

believe it or not, there are other tricks to REMEMBERING Anything you need to
know for an exam! This Book is BRILLIANT,

I decided to lay bare these “Insider” secrets for turning your mind
into a super computer! Believe me, it’ NOT as hard as you think.  (Heck,
I was able to churn through Courses during college—and I only had
1-2 FREE hours a day between classes and gym!)

that’s why I’m throwing in this Amazing Guide. It’s the ULTIMATE blueprint
for creating a PHOTO-GRAPHIC memory, you will LOVE IT!

Here Are
Just SOME Of The Things
You’ll Discover IN “Advanced Memory Techniques”


to pinpoint exactly how your brain works – And more importantly how to
memorize ANYTHING you will need before an exam

FIRST thing you need to do before you memorize anything (If you don’t do
this, your mind will be blank when you stare at the exam paper.

one thing you MUST do when you prepare study notes and revise just before an
exam. (All the successful students in the world are centered on this ONE


secret to dealing with large amounts of information you need to memorize
before an exam.

to properly maximize the time you spend studying (it makes me sick to my
stomach people aren’t doing this!!)

one format that…based on YEARS and YEARS of testing…is the way to remember
any list of things for any exam!


quick and easy way to recall information you hear in class, that will be on an

a Whole LOT MORE!!!

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Bonuses Right Now!

Guide to Memory Increase”

A Sure Fire Way To Increase What You Can Remember For An Exam

– Simply Follow
A Few Of These Tricks And You Will Be Blown Away With How Much You CAN

“I Have
Seen Students ‘try’ to increase what they remember – But Without this eBook,
time and time again they are doomed to FAILURE”

sounding to dramatic, after you have used master techniques from Bonus #2 to
remember anything you need for an exam. It will come to a point where you
will need to recall A LOT of INFORMATION for a test.

without “A Guide to Memory Increase” Student life only gets harder! And trust
ME you don’t want remembering a lot of information for an exam to be hard!!!
This eBook will solve that issue once and FOR ALL!

The Secret Principals For a Super Powerful Memory”

Part:  this
eBook will show you how to remember
what you have previously forgotten!!!  Students at a seminar
were AMAZED when they discovered how I used the EXACT Principals in this

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Insiders Guide To Time Management”

Discover How To
Get The Most Out of Your Study Time

–A Direct Way
to Make The Most of Your Time Before and During An Exam!

“The Are
Thousands of Students Out There And The One Thing I Hear The Most is BAD TIME

have literally had hundreds of emails come flooding in from students who
struggle with time. They feel that there is never enough time…One student
remarked to me that they “seem to spend hours trying to grasp one topic, and
in doing so loose track of time. Then end up rushing through other topics.”

Here Is
a Hint of What You will Master In “The Insiders Guide to Time Management”


to take the time to and Sit down and Study!

ONLY thing you need to do in order to Focus for a long period of time

to make sure there is ALWAYS enough time to sit down and study for an exam,
you might not think this is possible however…A Few secrets in this guide will
show you exactly how!


secret Time Management Skills that CEO’s of Huge Companies use –Where Their
Time means Millions of Dollars.

you Work in a job and still need to make time for study there are Three
Simple Steps You MUST FOLLOW!!)

one Thing YOU need to finish exams on time… I Love seeing Students follow
theses little tricks to absolutely astonish their teachers!


quick and easy way to ensure YOU NEVER LOOSE TRACK of TIME

to make sure you never worry time in an exam so more importantly you answer
the questions exactly as they are asked.

Would It Feel to Never Worry About Time Getting Away From You –

That You Can Manage Every Second Before and During An Exam? With Absolute

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and Courage”

“The Confidence
I had when I walked into the exam after reading one chapter of this book…

Just increased
Ten Fold!”

“I Could
Not Believe How Much My Focus and Concentration Increased When The Confidence
I Had In My Self Just Shot Up”

What else can I say about this book, It is easy to read, straight to the point
and it’s not very long at all. But WOW it is filled with

Student must understand when sitting for exams….

Here Is
a Taste of What You will Discover In “Confidence and Courage”

to become confident and relaxed, when put in uncomfortable positions – Like
speaking to a large audience!

to keep the focus off your nervous mind and on the task at hand, works
anywhere, anytime!

to deal with mistakes so you can jump right back on the horse again, you will
be amazed at the results…

secret to prevent yourself from always needing approval. Learn how this
prevents you from scoring top grades and how to change your thought about
this, once and for all!

how to trust the power of your subconscious mind to control the way you feel
when nerves do set in.

one secret you can use automatically to handle what ever comes your way!

Simple Steps you can use straight away to discover the courage and confidence
within your self…whenever you need it most

And Much,
Much More…

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Self Motivation Report – The science behind
continued motivation”

Imagine the
Feeling of 2 hours gone by and a whole course has been covered – You are
ready for the exam!

“It felt like
minutes had passed because I was that focused!”

Who Else
Wants To Know The Science Behind Continued Motivation For Students?

Report Is so precise that if followed – Will grant ANY Student such amazing
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lives of hundreds of students.

Do You
Want To Be Next?

This Report tells
the story of a person who would procrastinate about Everything. It follows
her story in a simple to read report with the exact detail of how an eminent
Dr solved this problem for her. The Exact steps that were taken are outlined
in full. In a way that can be copied exactly for any student. Which will
enable a student to be motivated and Focused for hours, either before and during
an exam…Or better yet, during the entire time they are sitting for their

These Simple Steps, And The Results Will Speak For Themselves – *GUARANTEED*

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Money Saving Tips For Students”

For Students to
Save Thousands of Dollars Each Year!

Following a
handful of these tips will pay for the entire Ultimate Study Secrets
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Everything You Wanted To Do At School. By Saving Thousands Each year

know student life can be great fun, if you’re smart about it and score the
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Listen, I kept the price low for a reason. Anybody can afford
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P.P.S. One more thing, it’s important. In case you’re STILL on the fence
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As well as receiving the 7 bonuses mentioned above –
The Next 25 people to download ultimate Study
Secrets will also have their hands on
another TOP SECRET BONUS…It helped 57 students last
year raise their grades by 25%!!!

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Secret Study Skills – The Ultimate Study Secrets

Review of Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package

Review of Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package

Review of Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package

Click here for bigger image

Review of Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package

Product Name: Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package

Click here to get Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package:

The Moon has seen a resurgence of interest in the last few years, both in space exploration and among amateur astronomers. Of course, it’s always been of interest to military people, hunters, fishermen and gardeners as well as to those where the Moon plays a large part in their religion.

Telescope sales have exploded in the last five years as the cost of a decent instrument has fallen so low that very good ‘scopes now only cost a couple of hundred dollars. This has opened up the skies to a whole new generation of skywatchers.

As our cities grow ever larger, the amount of lighting has also increased and many city-dwellers are hard-pushed to see anything but the brightest stars in their neon-glow skies. But the Moon, being the second brightest object in the sky (after the Sun) suffers no such indignity. It serenely crosses the sky, ever visible (providing clouds allow!) regardless of the amount of light pollution.

Take a look at the screenshots to the right

The software offers the following features:

The Daily View screen shows where the Moon and Sun will be during the day, overlaid on a blue band that shows morning and evening twilight and the hours of daylight. In addition, the height of the Moon and Sun on the day in question are also shown.

Anyone interested in sunrise and/or sunset will benefit from the the Sunrise & Sunset Positions screen as this shows where to look for both (as seen from your location) and also gives the compass bearing (azimuth) of both. Times of Nautical and Civil twilight are also provided as the available light around these times of day can make for great photographs.

Photographers and anyone intersted in the Moon’s cycle will appreciate the Moonrise & Moonset Positions screen as this shows where to look for both (as seen from your location) and also gives the compass bearing (azimuth) of both.

So What Do People Use LunarPhase Lite For?

Mankind is also going back to the Moon within the next 15 years. Many nations now have Moon programs underway, either in the planning stage, as exploratory spaceprobes or as fully commissioned ventures to return humans there. It’s about time! It’s been 36 years since Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon and 33 years since Gene Cernan, the last man on the Moon, removed his foot back in 1972. It’s been far too long! LunarPhase Lite will let you dip your toes in the water and learn about the Moon’s various phenomena. Get acquainted with our nearest neighbor!

This package also contains the Our Moon ebook

If you’re new to Moon phenomena and cycles or Moon observing and don’t know where to start or you want to learn some historical tidbits or about some misconceptions about the Moon, this 25 page ebook will give you that information.

Some of the topics covered in this PDF eBook are:

Bonus: A list of free online ebooks about the Moon and Moon exploration, hotlinked directly from within the eBook. The eBook also contains many links to online resources that provide background information to topics covered.

LunarPhase Lite will work on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

Partner Sites: LunarPhase Pro | Night Sky Observer | PageBuilder Elite | Keywords Manager | Guide To Great Landscape Photography

Click here for bigger image

Our Moon: eBook & LunarPhase Lite Software Package

Review of Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book

Review of Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book

Review of Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book

Click here for bigger image

Review of Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book

Product Name: Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book

Click here to get Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book:

Anyone who dreams of writing a book and getting it published…

Want To Become A
Best-Selling Author But Don’t Know Where To Start?

The Essential Guide On How To Start Writing Your Book With This
Powerful Writing Bible!!!

The dream of writing
a book and going on to get it
published is really appealing to the average person. Even those who
don’t consider themselves good writers secretly wish they were.
However, even the best writers often find the idea of writing a book

There are just so
many different things to think
about that it can be impossible to know were to start. This is why a
professionally published author is here to help, with more than 12
years of writing experience. I have written an ebook bursting with all
the relevant information I wanted to know when I first started writing
my book.

The Ready Steady
Write ebook is just like a bible
that you can refer back to whenever you want in order to fulfill your
dream of writing a book. It covers everything you need to know about
getting started on your very own book.

Just imagine the day
when you can sit back with
your published book in your hands and feel incredibly proud at what you
have achieved. When I had my first book published I never knew that the
road ahead
would have so many twists and turns, but with this ebook you will see
the light at the end of that road.

I describe the ups
and downs so that you
can plan your book with ease. The following points are all explained in
Ready Steady Write:

Identifying What Market To Write Your Book For

The Working Environment Which Suits You

How To Schedule Your Time In The Best Way

When I started
writing my first book I faced these
exact same issues and I spent weeks searching websites and books for
all the answers.

Unfortunately there
was no bible available for me
and I really wish there had have been, as it would have saved so much
time. I would then have been able to concentrate my time on doing what
really mattered; writing.

The majority of
people are so excited about
writing their book that they forget about something really important;
the right way to go about about writing it! This can be very costly and
many writers may find they need to rewrite a sizable portion of their
book before it is
suitable for submitting to publishers or agents. Don’t make the
same mistakes!

You don’t want to
wake up a year down
the line no further along your book writing journey. It’s much
better to know everything before you start, so that any gaps
in your knowledge can be cleared up in advance.

When I wrote my
first book I researched how to
write for months before I started. If I hadn’t have done this, I doubt
my book would have been published so soon.

Now I want to share
my personal experiences, so that you can learn from
them. Rather than feel lost when you start writing your book, I want
you to know exactly what steps to take.

Steady Write

This ebook has
everything you
need to help you start writing your book. From deciding what type of
book you want to write, right through to creating your characters and
scheduling your time. 

Here are the
most important parts of the ebook:

As you can see Ready
Steady Write is full of relevant
information for you to learn before you start writing your book. No
matter how many books you have already read there is nothing better
than real advice from a published author. 

Acceptance Form! 

As soon as your payment
is authorised (this usually takes less than a
minute), you will be given instructions on how to download your guide.

If you still need a little push in the right
direction, read some of the fantastic feedback we have had so

“Before I discovered Ready Steady
Write I had no idea what kind of book I could write, all I knew is that
I wanted to write one!

I devoured
the whole ebook in one sitting and by the end of it my head was
buzzing with excitement. There’s so much useful advice and information
in there that I
then went back through it all again, taking the suggested steps to
write my very own book.

came up with a great idea within just two hours and just 30 days later
I had
finished my first draft. The
next step is the scariest – submitting my book to publishers and

All you need is right
here. This entire bible to
start writing your book is here for the taking. You just have to want
to take the plunge!

I look forward to
sharing this information with
you so that you too can become a published author!

Keidi Keating (Your Book Angel)X

P.S. Just think about holding
your published book in your hands for the first
time – there’s no better feeling in the world!

P.P.P.S. Remember this ebook is
100 per cent money back guaranteed. Should you not be satisifed for any
reason you just need to request a refund…THERE’S NO RISK TO YOU

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is written by writers who have vast experience of writing a book.
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a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you
have any concerns about the legalities surrounding your own move you
should consult a solicitor.

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Ready Steady Write – How To Start Writing A Book

Review of – This website is for sale! – claimbuster Resources and Information.

Review of – This website is for sale! – claimbuster Resources and Information.

Review of – This website is for sale! – claimbuster Resources and Information.

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Review of – This website is for sale! – claimbuster Resources and Information.

Product Name: – This website is for sale! – claimbuster Resources and Information.

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Review of Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

Review of Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

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Review of Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

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Copyright 2002-2018 Luxury Wholesale Online – Luxury Designer Outlet – Luxury Designer Wholesale

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Luxury Designer Wholesale – Designer Handbags and more Below Wholesale

Review of Get Business Credit NOW!

Review of Get Business Credit NOW!

Review of Get Business Credit NOW!

Click here for bigger image

Review of Get Business Credit NOW!

Product Name: Get Business Credit NOW!

Click here to get Get Business Credit NOW! at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Get Business Credit NOW!:

Become a Business Credit Millionaire


Imagine Having MILLIONS of Dollars Available to Borrow for Real Estate, Business Finance, to Lease Vehicles/Business Equipment or for Lines of Credit at Your Fingertips Just for Having Established Business Credit…And Yes, This Money is Available EVEN During this Credit Crisis!

Dear Future Business Credit Millionaire,

I don’t know about you but I am SICK of hearing about how “bad” things are in the economy all the time and how there’s never any money available to borrow for real estate, credit cards, lines of credit, or to purchase a business…or even to purchase a car, for crying out loud, unless you have tons of personal assets to use as collateral.

Are you sick of the constant “economic crisis” like I am yet?

Yes, I figured you were.
Of course, our economy is getting stronger and stronger by the day but it doesn’t mean that we aren’t still suffering in its aftermath, especially since we’re coming up on yet another recession as we speak. This means that banks are still strict and tight with lending money to the “Average Joe” UNLESS you know how to pull the right strings!

And there’s NO reason you should suffer along side of everyone else out there in the world.

Smart Men and Women are CASHING IN on a Little-Known Credit Strategy!

In fact, there are smart business men and women out there who are TAKING ADVANTAGE of this crisis by getting real estate for pennies on the dollar, sucking up businesses super cheap, and accessing millions of dollars in lines of credit through banks, lending institutions, and private money sources…

They are smart, for one.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t access their secrets as well.

After all, when is the BEST TIME to buy up real estate and businesses?

When the economy is in the gutter, that’s when!

You don’t get deals when the real estate market is at an all-time high.  You don’t get top-of-the-line businesses for DIRT CHEAP during prosperous times.  You don’t get deals on massive amounts of inventory to sell on eBay or your website when the economy is solid.

No, all the deals are NOW and ONLY for those who have the cash to access these incredible opportunities.

But, as you know, the biggest problem is getting CASH.

The banks don’t want to lend it out to individuals.  Everyone is claiming that they can’t lend money.  So, creditworthy qualified individuals aren’t able to qualify for real estate loans, business or personal lines of credit, or even for a car loan in this day and age because they aren’t privy to the secrets of getting this available credit.

The unfortunate thing is that the Average Joe just like you has been excluded from knowing anything about this secret…and that’s a shame!  This credit “loophole” was designed for the wealthy ONLY and not for you.

I Have CRACKED THE CODE to Getting Unlimited Amounts of Business Credit…And I Can Show You My Secrets!

I have CRACKED THE CODE to getting business credit, even if you are an Average Joe who knows little about the business credit game.

Let’s face it:  Our whole WORLD is run on credit.  You need credit to buy property.  You need credit to purchase or lease a vehicle.  You need credit for lines of credit.  You even need credit to sign up for phone service or security monitoring service.  That is how reliant we are on credit.

Hey, I didn’t make the system the way it is.  But, you can bet I play the game the way it was designed to be played and by their rules since it’s necessary to winning in today’s economy.

All the wealthy have been using these techniques for decades and it’s about time you start using these secrets to CASH IN BIG.

Do you think Donald Trump has problems getting funding for anything from real estate purchases to business lines of credit?  No, not at all!  Not even in this lousy economy!


And Here’s the “Secret”…

Let me start with my personal story…and I’ll be quick about it.  I know you have better things to do than to read about my life story.

About 12 years ago I had to file for personal bankruptcy due to an irresponsible ex-husband who didn’t value credit.  So, I went from having PERFECT credit to unable to purchase the cheapest used car on a lot at some scummy low-life corner dealership.

How could this happen to me?

How could so many of my perfect credit accounts have been damaged because of an ex stealing my credit cards and running up my balances?  Isn’t that “theft” that could be prosecuted?

I guess the cops have better things to do than to tend to my credit problems.

So, I had to file bankruptcy and I felt horrible about it.  I knew that I would be considered credit “unworthy” for at least 10 years and I had plans on buying real estate, businesses, and getting involved in other lucrative endeavors…all REQUIRING credit!

My father has had a law office for many years having attorneys and paralegals working under him.  Initially he did bankruptcy, divorce, and even immigration law.  Later he decided  to change into corporate law and specialized in setting up corporations, trusts, offshore corporations, etc.

And he told me a little secret that BLEW ME BACK!

He said, “Open up a corporation, build some credit, and purchase the real estate you want to purchase!”

“I know NOTHING about building credit with a company.”

But he said he would show me how to do it.

Immediately I envisioned that I would have to start another “real” company (because at the time I already had one) and I didn’t want to go through all that.

He swore that I didn’t have to expose my current company and that I could start a new company credit file immediately.

But, there were tons of hows for me…

…build company credit within a few months?

…be able to build strong enough credit to buy real estate and businesses?

…build company credit without having to shell out a lot of money?

My dad said he would help me through all of it.

But, I didn’t want to bother him because he works a lot of hours.  So, I bought into a few courses and books about the subject.  I tried setting up a business and then using the techniques in the courses.

Some of the techniques worked while most didn’t.  I used strategies from Ray Reynolds and a few others.  They didn’t work so well…

Building and Using Business Credit the WRONG Way Could Equal JAIL TIME!

When my dad came over to my house, he saw a part of Ray Reynolds’ course on my coffee table.  He got really angry and said, “I told you I would show you how to build real corporate credit.  Those guru guys don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.  If you use their techniques you could get in a lot of legal trouble!”

I panicked.  I had no idea that building business credit the WRONG way could create a lot of legal problems, even jail time! 

If you don’t build credit the correct and legal way, you could end up in jail!

That’s pretty damn scary, isn’t it?

I had no idea.  So, I tossed all the books and courses I bought from gurus about building corporate credit and went under my dad’s wing.

It’s Much Easier to Build Quick Corporate Credit Than You Think!

When I first got started, I thought building good corporate credit would take years.  Boy, was I wrong!  It only takes a few months!

And what can you get with this newfound business credit?

How Many Financial Opportunities Are YOU Missing Out on Because You Don’t Have the Right Credit Profile?

Do you really know what it means to have UNLIMITED access to funds at your fingertips?

No, this doesn’t mean you should run out and get a big screen television or a new Mercedes-Benz SL600…although you could if you wanted to!


There is an untapped FORTUNE in real estate right now but ONLY for those who have access to CASH to close the deals!

And you can have instant access to that cash if you build your own business credit file/portfolio.

I did it!  You can, too!

What other opportunities other than real estate are there?

Here’s what a close friend of mine did with her new business line of credit:

She purchased five truckloads of close-out merchandise from a closed down electronics store, rented a huge warehouse, and is selling the merchandise online through eBay and other venues.

And she even used her business credit to lease the warehouse!

Because her personal credit score SUCKS!  She also had to file for bankruptcy a year ago and has a personal credit score of 483.

But it didn’t stop her from using this newfound TOP SECRET business credit strategy to make huge sums of money!

Yes, You Will Have Access to LOTS OF MONEY But You Should Use It to MAKE YOU MONEY and Not to Spend It Unwisely!

The whole purpose of getting a new corporate credit file is to use money to make money.  The rich use OPM (other people’s money) to fund all of their business ventures and real estate deals.

Why should you lose out on these lucrative enterprises because you aren’t privy to these secrets?

I will share these incredible secrets with you but you have to promise me that you won’t abuse your new power to access these funds by using the credit for money making purposes ONLY.

“I really doubted this would work!”

— Gabe Maher, Music Studio Owner

” I hit the wall with real estate funding…”

“I was using my personal credit to purchase investment properties and didn’t realize what dumb idea that was until one of my properties went into foreclosure and damaged my credit rating.  It didn’t matter because after buying my fourth apartment building, I ‘hit a wall,’ meaning I couldn’t get anymore credit anyway.  I got your course and discovered a new way of maximizing on getting other people’s money.  Since then I’ve been able to purchase another 11 apartment buildings with no end in sight.  If I didn’t discover the power of building and using corporate credit, I would have been stuck where I was.” 

— Peter Kim, Real Estate Investor

Imagine What You Could Do With UNLIMITED Funding At Your Fingertips!

You could become a real estate multi-millionaire.  You could purchase endless amounts of properties that would be for PURE CASH FLOW purposes.

You could purchase closeout inventory for pennies on the dollar from all the businesses going under and RESELL the merchandise for a nice profit on eBay or through other online auctions.

You could buy and sell cars for a profit.  I know a guy who does this and he rakes in a fortune buying car parts and reselling them on the internet!

You could buy a business.  You would be able to qualify for a bank loan and get an instant business line of credit to fund your business and pay for keeping it running until you start making business profits.

You could start a business from scratch.  How many times have you told yourself that you wanted to start a business but couldn’t afford to do it?  Not anymore!  You can start a successful business from scratch!  No more putting it on hold!!

Because with your business credit you qualify for:

Business lines of credit and credit cards come with a MUCH HIGHER CREDIT LIMIT than you can get with a personal credit card.

Having business credit is MUCH DIFFERENT.  You get HIGHER LIMITS because these banks understand that businesses need MORE credit than an individual does to keep a business going.  Many business owners use business credit for inventory, payroll, and other necessary business expenses.

But not anymore!  Not in THIS economy!  You’re LUCKY if you can access your home’s equity anymore…if you even have home equity!

Is It Really THAT Easy to Get Business/Corporate Credit?

If you’ve been suckered into buying other corporate credit building courses and feel you’ve gotten ripped off, you’re correct!  Most of those “courses” are taught by “gurus” who don’t have a clue how to get REAL corporate credit.

And other “gurus” teach methods are either illegal or unethical.

You have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL what methods you use to build your corporate credit profile otherwise you could either get into legal hot water OR end up not building a corporate credit profile worth a squat!

When considering ANY corporate credit building course, ask these questions:

·         Do you show me how to build credit with the 3 major reporting agencies and NOT only with Dun & Bradstreet (DNB)?

·         Are you offering a legitimate course that is legal and ethical on building corporate credit or can it potentially land me in jail?

·         Are you offering your cheap ebook to backend me on some expensive consulting or attorney-assisted program that will ultimately cost me thousands of dollars?

·         How up-to-date is your course?

·         Is this some lame course about getting a new personal credit file using an EIN (employer identification number) or forming an offshore company?

·         Is your service some service that will bill me monthly while you “claim” to be building me corporate credit (when really you are just sucking money from my bank account)?

·         Do you include resources and contacts I can go to in order to get business credit?

·         Do you “bait and switch” in your course by claiming I can build instant business credit then in your ebook tell me that it will take years and years?  (One major competitor of ours does this…claiming that you can build business credit within a few months then when you buy his super lame ebook he makes you feel like a stupid sap for thinking you can build corporate credit in less than two years!)

Here’s why my course is BETTER than anything else out there!

Here’s What You’ll Get in the Build Business Credit FAST! System…

This course is NOT a download.  It will be SHIPPED to you via USPS Priority Mail.



60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t realize the mind-blowing power of creating business credit or are unable to get the credit you believe you deserve through my course materials, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get it, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I am so confident that you’ll NEVER want to return this course once you start to see the power of how business credit can change your life and help you begin increasing your net worth!

The Bottom Line:  You Need Money to Make Money in This World!

If you don’t have money to make money then you are destined to be a slave working for meager wages until you die.

As you know, a business takes money to make money (inventory, marketing, etc.).  Real estate requires money down to get a loan.


Period.  No way around it!

You can choose to dream about one day being able to own a business.  Maybe you pray that your old Aunt Mildred dies and leaves you with a few hundred grand to get your dreams off the ground.

Or you can stop praying and dreaming…AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Rich people NEVER use their own money UNLESS THEY HAVE TO!

Donald Trump isn’t writing a check for his businesses or real estate.  He is borrowing like a madman!

No super rich person that I know of uses their own money for business ventures or real estate transactions…EVER!

You have been kept blinded to the real secrets about how the wealthy operate because they don’t want you to know what they know otherwise…who will run the cash registers at their stores?  Who will dig their ditches?  Who will work for them if everyone becomes an entrepreneur and no one works for them anymore?

Now you know why the rich keep these secrets under wraps…AND TIGHT!

Thanks to my dad, I was able to make HUGE strides in business and in real estate…

And now I can pass these secrets onto you.

How You Can Get Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Unsecured Lines of Credit…Even If You HaveBAD Personal Credit!  Free Report and Audio Seminar Shows You EXACTLY How to Do It!

We respect your email privacy

Powered by AWeber email marketing

We NEVER sell, trade, or give away your personal information to ANY outside 3rd party.  And yes, we HATE SPAM, too!

Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel!

If you think you know something about corporate credit because you checked out a book from the library written in 1997 about business credit, THINK AGAIN!

The rules have changed dramatically in the past 12 months in reference to building corporate credit.  And you better have the best, state-of-the-art information with an EXACT step-by-step guide otherwise you will be DEAD in the water!

Don’t think you need to start your business first and THEN get credit.  No, GET CREDIT NOW!

How do you think you will get inventory or advertise if you start your business first and then one day get credit?  You’ll NEVER get your business off the ground.

Same deal with real estate…don’t wait until  you are about to purchase a property because chances are you will realize you don’t have enough financial resources to get the deal done…and SOMEONE ELSE will close on YOUR deal!

My Complete Course for Mere PENNIES of What an Attorney Will Charge!

Don’t try to get cheap when trying to get your corporate credit set up.  You need to do it right from the start!

Yes, my course is a little more expensive but that’s because it’s up-to-date, it’s legal and ethical, and IT WORKS!

Yes, my course is a small fraction of what others will charge yet you WON’T get a sales pitch for some monthly consulting program or me asking you to pay thousands of dollars to help you set up your business credit!

This course is COMPLETE, up-to-date, and WILL help you get the credit you seek!  Guaranteed…or your money back!

You have nothing to lose…NOTHING…Except for all the business credit you’ll be missing out again.

Can you stand going to your job another day without feeling like you are going to dry heave?  Or…is your unemployment about to run out and you need to figure something out with your life?  Or…you want to close on that real estate deal but don’t have the funds to do it?


Start living like the rich person you deserve to be!

CLICK HERE to start getting corporate credit NOW!

And, if you have any questions, CLICK HERE and I will answer your questions!

Get your business credit course today!

P.S.  The longer you wait, the longer it will take for you to start building your corporate credit and getting those massive business lines of credit.  DON’T WAIT ANOTHER SECOND!
P.P.S.  The richest people in the world NEVER use their own money to make money.  Now you can get rich like them using other people’s money once you unlock the secrets to getting UNLIMITED AMOUNTS of business credit.Isn’t it YOUR turn to get rich??

Questions?  Check out my FAQ page by clicking HERE!



“I was able to start the business of my dreams!”

— Cynthia Jasen, Cosmetics Entrepreneur

“I got into a business I really love!”

— James Garcia, Pick Some Parts, Inc.

“New Infinity with a personal credit score of 462.”

“I wanted to buy a new Infinity but my personal credit was shot.  I could afford the payments because of my corporate job but I couldn’t qualify for the loan without them wanting 50%!  I tried your program to built corporate credit to lease a car.  The set up part was pretty simple and took about 8 weeks for me to do.  My first order of business was to go to an Infinity dealership to see if it would work…And it did!  I got a corporate leased vehicle with the lowest interest payment possible because my credit was so perfect.  I recommend this to everybody.”

— Elizabeth Stratton, New Infinity Owner

— Jake & Dana Willaby, Internet Entrepreneurs

Isn’t it YOUR turn?
Click here to get started NOW!

effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential.
Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check
in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using
the techniques, strategies, and ideas in these materials.  Examples in these
materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings.
Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our
product, techniques, strategies, and ideas.  We do not purport this is a “get
rich quick scheme” because it is not.  The testimonials and examples used are
exceptional results and don’t apply to the average purchaser nor are intended to
represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.
Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends
on the time you devote to the program and in applying the techniques presented,
your finances, acquired knowledge, and various skills.  Since these factors vary
from person to person, we cannot guarantee your success or income level nor are
we responsible for any of your actions.  Each individual’s success depends on
his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business
endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee
that you will earn any money.

Materials in our
product and on our website may contain information that includes or is based
upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995.  Forward-looking statements give our expectations or
forecasts of future events.  You can identify these statements by the fact that
they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts.  They use words such
as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “intend,” “plan,” “believe,”
and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of
potential earnings or financial

Any and all
forward-looking statements here or on any of our sales materials are intended to
express our opinion of earnings potential.  Many factors will be important in
determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve
results similar to ours or anybody elses; in fact no guarantee sare made that
you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s.  No guarantees are
made that you will achieve any results from our techniques, strategies, or ideas
in our materials.

25030 Avenue Stanford, Ste. 20
Valencia, CA  91355
(661) 295-5050

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Get Business Credit NOW!

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

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Review of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Product Name: How to Write a Formal Letter |

Click here to get How to Write a Formal Letter | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Write a Formal Letter |

Using information from the experts, this letter writing course will guide you in creating formal and professional letters and emails that show you mean business. With letter templates geared to suit many different aims and outcomes, this course will help you craft correctly structured letters and emails ready for professional use in no time at all. Further, the examples provided will ensure that your letter suits your intended purpose, whatever it may be, and uses the appropriate tone to communicate your message effectively.

Compose business letters and emails to correspond formally and professionally.

As a companion to our popular ebook, How to Write a Letter, this letter writing course will guide you in creating formal and professional letters and emails that show you mean business. With letter templates geared to suit many different aims and outcomes, this course will help you craft correctly structured letters and emails ready for professional use in no time at all. Further, the examples provided will ensure that your letter suits your intended purpose, whatever it may be, and uses the appropriate tone to communicate your message effectively.

This online letter writing course includes:

Push the envelope and get ready to sign, seal, and deliver professional letters!

For a complete course outline see: How to Write a Formal Letter Course Description

© 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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How to Write a Formal Letter |

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

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Review of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Product Name: ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Click here to get ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards:

Claim Your Urban Survival Playing Cards as part of a HUGE National Promotion

The Only Playing Cards That Could Save Your Life

These aren’t simply playing cards…they’re a powerful survival tool for you and your loved ones to use if you need to survive a disaster situation.

Our 1st printing SOLD OUT in 24 hours!  The 2nd & 3rd printing SOLD OUT before we got the order.  We’re currently taking orders on the next printing of 2,000 and they’re going FAST!

I know that you are going to love your Urban Survival Playing Cards. However, if for any reason at all you are not COMPLETELY satisfied within 60 days, I insist that you contact me for a full refund. Simply send me a note and drop the cards in the mail and I will issue you a prompt no-questions-asked refund.

“Fantastic information. When I go thru the deck I remember things that I have taken for granted. Well laid out info source.”

“Very nice deck of cards. Survival information good to have.
Hopefully won’t need, Be hard pressed to find more
information in such a small package.”

“I bought them for Christmas presents for my family andwhen my son looked at them he wanted more.”

“Good instructional usage.”

“They are really useful, I have used them here in the house
several times since I got them, in my storage
center and in fixing 72 hour kits.”

Copyright 2016 – Urban Survival Playing Cards – All Rights Reserved

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ClickBank — Urban Survival Playing Cards

Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

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Review of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Product Name: You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Click here to get You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach:

An essential GUIDE that EVERY ONE SHOULD Know about Generating PROSPERITY to assure YOU Enjoy the LIFE style of your DREAMS … Starting Immediately.

HEY! The BEST TIME to plant a “MONEY TREE” was 20 to 30 years ago. The SECOND BEST TIME is NOW!

If you judge those Nine Statements as untrue, after going through the e-Course and having done all the assignments in it, at least once, and substantiate that you did not get any improvement in yourself or your wealth and you want to return it in 60 days, you can do so by email and get my FULL REFUND

Fresh from # 1 Aussie Business – Productivity Coach and Life Coaching Mentors – Noel and Margaret Spann. Insights that supersede many of the old, out dated routines and life coaching methods as sold on the Internet.

To: Anyone serious about learning what will lead you to more Money and Freedom, here are the ANSWERS to learn what actually triggers the Synergies to Become RICH

From: Noel and Margaret Spann, an Australian veteran Small Business and Productivity Mentor and Spiritual Metaphysics Life Coaches with a Virtual kaleidoscope full of Life Skill and Entrepreneurial Insider ANSWERS.

Dear fellow Traveller on the Journey of LIFE

If you have ever worried or stressed about life; or if you are looking for answers are overwhelmed with all the information on the net – and don’t know where to start?

Then this may be the most important message you will ever read!

Big call? Maybe.And here’s why.

So let’s not beat around the bush. I want to do a bit of straight talking, mixed with some tough love. The fact is, I want to do my best to convince you … that it is high time YOU TOOK SOME ACTION to improve your life and affairs.

Look, in 60 days you could be enjoying massive changes in HOW you get a life.

Say you could get good ANSWERS to change some things about on how you think, feel and do things in your life – Just a Few – and you experienced an skyrocketed influx of Multi- wealth generating opportunities, how’d you feel?

Imagine what it’d be like to have a decent Cash flow; or you having a High Positive Impact on others – like your family friends and work mates? What would it be like?

What would it be like if Life evolved the people, opportunities and amazing never thought of ideas and ways that rapidly brought your Desire or Mission into being and in the synergistic kind of way.

And with it came a transformation – a lifting of all the sad feelings… the Stress, Fear, Struggle, Anxiety, Frustration and Uncertainty – all faded, gone or at least easier to deal with?

How would you feel if you had a Happier life like this? Or should I say … a more synergized Life

So then, why wouldn’t you at least want to have a look at the YOU CAN ANSWERS… and look at HOW you’d get synergies to happen in order to Transform your LIFE??

This is my Invitation to you … Join the YOUCAN “Family” of Achievers…

Seriously, the Answers for YOU to move yourself up the “Continuum of Life” can be found in the 20 lessons in the “Synergies to Get RICH and Get a LIFE” program – the #1 Life Transforming and Change Management on-line e-Course that took me more than 4 years to write.

Discover the pragmatic formulas all through the 20 lessons to help you elevate your human potential so you do have the working tools to lead a truly epic and exciting life.

You will learn to use the keys we found, that “Unlocks the DOOR” and gives you ANSWERS to live a passionate, liberated and exhilarating life … Skills you should have learnt when growing up, but never had a chance to.

You will learn how life happens through you, not to you; how we tend to be trapped in a humdrum life, doing mediocre things we don’t really want to be doing; where stress and fear rules our life and has us creating restrictions.

But the good news is this!

You can reverse it all, by following the answers and formulas set out over the 20 lessons.

This fascinating eCourse will help you learn new ANSWERS that takes “The Secret’s” Laws of Manifestation and old Goal setting rules up to ever higher levels of consciousness.

As you read, you will learn new techniques … like Quadrant Thinking and Master Planning Methods, and tapping the P-X factors of your Spiritual Synergies, the Creative Force; the “right way” to raise your consciousness in order to manifest your Desires; ways that’ll better position you in your calling; to “turn” your life, career and business affairs around and accelerate YOU towards your DESTINY.

It’s a big transformation – from feeling that “life is not good enough” into enjoying the happier life you deserve.

It’ll be where you’re up there among the geniuses, “walking” with the creators, the successful innovators, the happy ones, the zany ones…They have a way about them, a spark, a sense of charisma, an elusive state of being…

What is their secret – or is there a secret?

No, it is not a secret anymore. It’s not a secret because we made it into a YOU CAN Formula… as a way that you too can unleash your own greatness?

Look, to turn that formula into your reality, you don’t need a high education. What you do need is a real desire – one where you will do what ever it takes to transcend what is going on in your life. It is your birthright to release your “greatness“ and have everything good. We teach you “how to.”

In the 20 lessons, I will share my never before revealed Formula to tap the Synergies to get Rich and get a Life, to help you transform your self-sabotaging attitudes it into a mindset of being Rich.

I guarantee the Formula works and gets results. It changed my life! I can’t see why it won’t change yours!

Just be prepared to experience these kind of RICH side effects: Every day unfolds perfectly – Every interaction goes amazingly well – your self-sufficiency levels go soaring – You feel optimistic about your future – Your aspirations climb to even higher goals. Happiness becomes your Way of Life. And much, much more.

Look, I am pretty sure you’d relate to the story about how it all came about.

Some 5 years ago I worked as a Business Productivity Coach. As an outcome of the Global Recession I saw how so many managers didn’t have a life. Some were just 6 weeks off “going broke.” Many had been “intensive care” basket cases for years. I saw so many people looking for a “sprinkle of success” so that they could GET a bit of life.”

I co-founded the G25 Business Networking Clubs and taught small business skills clinics. I surveyed, “How did making money fit in with getting a life”. But I found only 1 or 2 out of 10 who attended, were fully applying what I taught

Those business owners who DID apply my “secret sauces” and strategies “took off” like a rocket. They made “big bucks” and lived a lifestyle to match. What I taught them, worked really really well. Then I caught up with about 60% of the remaining lot. They’d got differing levels of successes. The last 30% of the surveyed group were happy in their misery. They loved the warm fuzzies and the networking leads they got at each meeting, more than me challenging their practices.

Even then, I found, they would stuff up the simple skill of servicing networking leads, by not delivering “client satisfaction.” Their Club Mates even stopped giving them leads to contact.

Don’t get me wrong; they were great hard-working men and women.

But their fears and trepidation just killed what they learnt. Most ony wanted a “silver bullet” solution – a join the dots system; or hire a “fairy godmother” to “make it all better.” Crazy!

If you are not prepared to put in some time every week if not daily, to work on you and your enterprise … to be making some serious money so you “can get a life,” then stop reading now. Keep doing whatever you are doing … and good luck!

Maximising your happiness by ramping your enterprise in order to make some money… is not to be like an amateur dog breeder trying to make a few extra passive bucks – like you introduce your darling little girl doggie to a good looking, sexually keen, boy doggie, avert your eyes, and pretty soon, you’re selling puppies.

If you are happy to spend the time in front of your computer making Google Search your “research buddy” to patch what needs to be done all together, it’s okay. That is, if your aim is to become something like a big time professional dog breeder, going for the big bucks.

But if you want to “fire up the synergies” to open up all the channels and unanticipated support to make the “MONEY you NEED to GET a LIFE” … then to find those Answers you must go a lot deeper. In saying that, I suggest you etch this quote deep into your mind, “If you are going to join the dots together, make sure you are one of them.”

Here is the twist… The action step to get “into the zone” for the synergistic dynamics to happen… to generate wealth so you “GET the LIFE you WANT” … is relatively easy to do… But it is a lot more involved process for you to prepare your mind – raise your consciousness – for it to happen. So let me give you another “mind etching’ saying.

“If you want to grow a money tree, you’ve got to prepare the soil before you plant.”

That is where the work is… to look at the psychology of your thinking and feelings.
Don’t let the academically learnt “work or business skills” take priority over finding and unleashing your Spirit.

This is when the Synergy in what you think feel, look say and do multiplies and accelerates what ever you do – and it is in and through this dynamic that your destiny morphs into being what you desired and envisaged

Believe it or not, most of the old goal setting routines don’t “cut it.” Nor will learning new geeky work skills or buying into get rich quick scheme “leap frog” you into making your fortune – if your sub-conscious is on negative and your attitude tank is full of “glug”. Nor can you just “give lip service.” Because… for the Synergistic impact to work to your advantage you must be committed to make Happiness your preferred “way of life’, totally. By this you need to quit your “baggage,” stop “bad mouthing” everything and trigger the synergies that’ll make money so you get a good life.

Fact is…time after time, I saw negativity and fear absolutely deplete keen, smart, hard working people.

They desperately wanted to change – a better job; start or fix a business; be “someone.” They were trapped by their crappy thinking…fear, failure, poverty etc. It stuck in their minds. They constantly thought negatively, so they got more. And unfortunately, it would get worse and worse.

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a natural system, like the Laws of Creation. It produces results that can be different from or greater than the sum of the individual inputs. For example the synergistic result of the product of 1+1=2 can be greater. The Output Answer could be 3 or 23. It can be new elements or parts showing up in a result, which could be … people, hardware, opportunities, facilities, another leg: all things.

This synergistic multiplier dynamic as seen in teamwork produces a more magnified result than that flowing from one person alone. The magnifying impact happens for couples working in harmony on a common goal. In sport, it is the dynamic by why a champion team will beat a team of champions. When fans cheer their home Team, that team seems to “grow another leg.” This dynamic happens in the workplace. It’ll do it in you, after you set about raising your consciousness.

In short, it is in how and what you think …is what you’ll get back. If you are inclined to think negatively you get more of it. If you are inclined to think positive and up beat, you will get more of that. It is a Law of Life that success oriented people use to WIN and Win and Win again.

Now, let me Wind it Back … way, way back…

If you are like me, I am sure you have sensed the positive results of the synergies happening for you since you were a kid.If you were one who applied your imagination in your child hood exploits, you would be more keenly aware of them.

For me, I felt the synergistic movement happening in me at 10 years of age. It got me into my first business venture selling kindling for wood fired kitchen stoves to almost every house in the neighbour hood. I made money. I had a “Good” Life back then as a “Kid with Money”. So the powerful Imagination and Entrepreneurial bugs had bitten me, way back then. And my life ever since, has been like that intensive violin music piece “the flight of the bumble bee…but with me, it was and is with my Synergies flying.

How about you? Have you had the feeling?

Many folk have said things like, “Yes, but it gushes on and off like a wildcat oil well. It only blows in a positive mode every now and then … then defaults back to worry and stress mode …and my life tends to going to hell in a hand basket.”

Okay! But now … How about if I could show you a way to TRANSCEND the negatives and TRANSFORM your LIFE…

A way that you could get your consciousness into a frame of mind where positive “P-X Factors” would trigger 24/7, to help support, attract and expand the synergistic dynamics that goes into morphing whatever it is you truly desire… into your reality.

The “Synergies to Get Rich and Get a Life” e-Course I wrote as 20 lesson Plan to Raise ones Consciousness… actually does that. It will Transform your Mind and your Life from Misery to Happy

To develop the tools and support to help people examine beliefs and desires; to raise the glass ceilings; to unblock past mental conditioning as in fears and self-limitations, has been a life’s work. It took 4 years of writing and testing to get it into a system.

I am NOT promising you won’t be challenged. I am sure you will be. I am NOT promising you won’t fervently disagree with some things I’ve written and answers given. You probably will. And I am NOT promising you a wishy-washy reading and very vague learning experience. Because, I doubt that will happen.

What I am promising YOUJourney to find YOUR Answers.

And because of it, you will wind up agreeing that the nine statements I set out on page two of this letter are absolutely true and inarguable.

This e-Course is the Source to develop a lot of crucial thinking and considered answers on your part.

First, this is what this e-Course is not.

Prompting your … Synergies to Get Rich and Get a Life, whether it be in any the Areas of wealth, health, happiness, relationships, spirituality, your business/career as one or the lot… is not an ego trip … of where you rush out in a “wild eyed” frenzy, exercising your intellect, and go about brainstorming and massaging all number of tactics into becoming a quasi project plan with all the critical activities listed out. And it is not one of those dubious stocks or property investing processes, bristling with “false promises” to jump-start your wealth.

This e-Course tunes your consciousness to bring on the synergies in a Way that boosts your LIFE.

And, by the way… just in case you are wondering.

There is a bit of a time consuming self-searching analysis you need to do of you, to sort out the incapability’s in your thinking… to unlock and open the doors of your mind and get on to the right path.

“Hi… My Name is John Gregg. I am a Lawyer offering Legal services to my niche market… The support Noel Spann gave me as in what he outlined in his Program “The Synergies to be Rich” made a big impact on me. For instance, over the past few years I have halved the resources I was using in my practice; doubled the income; and completed some “wild” ventures, way outside of my comfort zone. To be shown how it’d all happen and I did it, is priceless in anyone’s money. John Gregg Brisbane Australia

Hi Noel, From where we were, facing ruin, to what we are achieving now in life and business, we have been Doubly Blessed. 1) To have met you. 2) To have had the Opportunity to Work with YOU. Hector and Rondell Johnson of Logan City Australia

What now follows is a list of the key points answered in the 20 lessons 0f this eCourse. Even as good as these revelations may be, there is more. Greater “ah ha” insights will appear as you do the assignments.

I urge you to take a slow, careful, thorough look at this short list of potentially life-transforming changes.

There is even some value to be had just by studying this list – even if you don’t buy the Program.

In this case, try thinking of this list as a “quiz” or “test” about your own knowledge, skills, ability and attitude that’d trigger what you need to BE and DO and HAVE in order to get Rich.

By “Rich” I mean it could be in “health, wealth, happiness, relationships, spirituality or business/career. One,the other or the LOT. Ask yourself how many of the “Areas of Life” are you certain you know all the answers to, right now?

Words can’t explain feeling the intense flood of satisfaction that fills my heart when people write to tell me how “got” their thinking and feelings together, raised their consciousness and successfully made the money they needed– so they got a Life – and changed their old mediocre world into one of “happiness, joy and laughter”.

Call me crazy, but I swear you’ll have to suck lemons to keep the smile off your face.

Anyway…you’re going to absolutely LOVE what this e-Course can do for you!

So what do I mean when I say “a whole lot more”? Let me explain…

I wanted you to have quite a bit more at your finger tips so that you didn’t have to go searching for anything more online to stimulate your success oriented thoughts and feelings!

So I’ve put together these EXTRA SPECIAL BONUSES for you…

For FREE! Now that’s a pretty good deal, right?

In truth, these Bonus gifts have some pretty powerful stuff in them to help you reach the “Purple Patch” in your life. I know because I experienced them. I know you’re going to love them as much I do, because of the outcomes you’ll get .

I gave a copy of each of these Bonus Mini eCourses to my Lawyer John, for a critique read of what I had written and give me some feed back. He read them all in a week and phoned me saying, “Noel, each one of these eBooks would be worth any kind of investment… on their own. And you want to give them away in your “all up” total deal? Crazy!”

That was a nice complement, in a round about kind of way.

Never the less I thought I should give you a brief synopsis about these Bonus eCourses. And all the eCourses complement each other. Each Mini eCourse has its own 40-day Self-Coaching Plan.

All the old Goal Setting routines we know and use, won’t ever work properly… to make money and improve our Life… if we continue to set them on a foundation of your emotions, which are usually and constantly out of sync with your thoughts. And those thoughts are directly influenced by our beliefs, attitudes, emotions, experiences and actions.

This Mini eCourse will help you break that “mould” and get started on understanding the mind dynamics within goal setting failures and successes. In the process you will gain a well intended mindset boost on your Journey to finding the Secrets to Live a Successful Life.

The central theme to this Mini eCourse expounds the reality that Thinking Smarter Makes You Richer in Health, Wealth, Happiness and Relations. I have used the analogy of “ Growing your own metaphoric Money Tree” to help you Learn how to be Spiritual and get really, really, really RICH – Generous, Peaceful, Balanced and Kind.

You will discover how to plant the “right” Money Tree seed in order to use the seldom talked about wealth generating secrets the natural way … to raise your consciousness; to stimulate your “P-X Factors; to switch on the synergistic multipliers; to manifest your desires; and to marvel at how it all miraculously manifests from areas and opportunities that you never thought possible.

This eCourse focuses on helping you achieve a transformational makeover of your full potential. It outlines the Quadrant Thinking techniques to raise your three levels of Consciousness to achieve a harmonic balance in your thoughts and feelings.

After reaching that point in the manifestation process, your prosperity comes under the influence of the synergistic factors that exponentially multiplies the outcomes. Part of the process is teaching you how to prepare a simple one page MASTER PLAN

No doubt you’ve been doing a mental calculation … thinking … this investment in this pretty powerful 20-lesson eCourse with those three bonuses, will cost me a fortune… right?

Frankly, that is the best part – the price. To be honest with you the countless hours over 4 years in research and writing plus the invaluable years of business and life coaching I have tapped into, then I would have to charge you thousands of dollars.

I would love you to get started on tapping into your Synergistic Powers to discover the joys of self- sufficiency, your way. But, in reality it all has to work in your favour.

I have no idea how you would react to my OFFER – is it too little or too much to you?

My Accountant George said I was crazy to offer all that..

“What are you ON?” he asked. Then he warned me, ”People are going to get on the Internet – buy your stuff real cheap – get a lot of your secrets to running a successful business, let alone get a life – then ask for their money back – and laugh all the way.”

But you know what? I don’t even have to be in this online business.

But I “walk my talk”. I’ve chosen to believe that most people out in Cyber Land are too fair-minded to want to do that. I am sure that the good people out there would appreciate the Answers they will get from this online e-course to not act deceitful like that. Besides when they read its material, they will know exactly how such negative intent deletes them.

Even so, if my introductory Fast Start offer with its three powerful Bonuses still feels “too much” to you, then I’ll only ask that you question your-self about what exactly do you mean, and whether or not you ‘d be correct in rejecting this offer. If you say, “I can’t afford it,” you definitely need this Transformational e-Course. Desperately!

In fact, you need to urgently erase ‘I can’t afford it’ poverty thinking from your mind. There is truly nothing that a successful or success-oriented person cannot afford.

Just think for a bit, on how you can make it happen … and the Answer will come.

Yes, I agree, the folk who “have a life”, do make reasoned, hopefully prudent, some-times frugal decisions about what to buy or not buy – no matter if it is simple or sophisticated. But at least they are not squashed by what others say, think or do.

If this is your case, or if the price is a barrier, then you may very well need this e-Course more than any other person reading this letter. If it means you think this Program ought to be cheaper, or you resent what you guess would be my profit, then you are looking at Rich… as in Health, Wealth and Happiness etc… all wrong.

You’re looking at the wrong person… me… Instead; you should be looking at you. You’re too focused on cost, not the value in investing, not the value in the Process and how it can release your mental blockages about becoming Rich so you get a Life.

These are profound lessons here, just in you thinking about buying this e-Course.

Well my friend, that’s as hard as I’m going to work to justify price and investment.
You know, if I still had a selling career, I’d work a lot harder to spread the love.

So for now, I will leave it up to you, not so much out of my laziness but out of my growing a strong preference to sift and sort people for my team of high achieving clients; to be able do more with those who “get it”, and less with those who don’t.

This is one of the rare privileges of me being a veteran high-achiever. I attract the winners in life and we have a whole lot of fun talking about achieving mucho stuff.

And you can be RICH – with or without money. But with money, you’d agree, it is a whole lot easier.

It’s important that you start asking yourself the question…”Am I ready to DO THIS?”

Because if YOU ARE, then this e-Course DIY Personal Transformational process is different to what you’d normally get when you are learning new skills and operational secrets.

The YOUCAN Life Coaching training process, because of it’s experiential adult learning methods, is aimed at helping you to “smash through your glass ceilings” and open the “Window of Change.” When you start working on the routines to effectively change YOU and Your LIFE, your abilities lift and what successes you want out of this world, happen.

In this eCourse, you are going to get the “Synergistic Life CODE Building Plans” for things to happen.

This IS a fantastic investment in you and for you. And I know that it’s going to pay off in a big way.

Your Life need NOT be dismal … because this is what we discovered … as you will … when on our Journey of Transformation – to change, to become RICH and get a LIFE.

So if you’re ready to Transform yourself Up to the next level in life – and you are ready to DO IT properly this time, then we’re looking forward to helping you make it all happen.

P.P.P.S. Let me remind you that you’re totally covered by my 100% “No Questions Asked” guarantee! So there’s no risk on your part at all.

So what are you waiting for?

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You Can Become Richer with YOUCAN Life Coach

Review of

Review of

Review of

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Review of

Product Name:

Click here to get at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of

Don’t kid yourself!
Normally when you ask for help the Judge says to turn around and see the
court. If he gives you help, he will have to give it to everybody else.
Of course you do not get understanding from a Judge!

We Don’t Argue the Facts or the Traffic Ticket, We Use the Rules of the
Court and the Court Procedures!It is Your ONLY GUARANTEED way to WIN.

Others on the internet have a service that will charge you for trying a
written appea and several postponements. Of course they will guarantee
their results, and if it doesn’t work then they will give you a portion
of your money back. Don’t be fooled by
We are the only one who will give you the info straight right out of the
legal court books.  You can also visit our

CATicketBusters blog for more information.  It’s there for you now; but you don’t have a clue on
where to look or how to find it, or more importantly –
what to do when you do find it! I’ve spent
hundreds of dollars for:

AND I have spent months reading the information and then testing it
in court perfecting my system. I needed to know what I was doing, I
needed to know my rights and so do you but without you having to put in
all of the hours and money that I did. And
the people I have helped have WON their cases every single time. 

– Because it works every time.

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