Review of Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber

Review of Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber

Review of Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber

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Review of Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber

Product Name: Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber

Click here to get Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber:

Memorygrabber is a 321 page downloadable life story workbook.

It is ideal for writing an autobiography or for getting an aging parent or grandparent to finally open
up and get those cherished family stories preserved for the ages.

This workbook will ask questions that will make you dig deep…

…and the responses that come about because of that digging, will generate the most valuable gift that you
could ever give your kids and grand kids.

It will be the gift of knowing about your life, their family history and their heritage.

Memorygrabber downloads as a PDF-formatted e-book. An e-book is simply a downloadable
“book” and is read using any free PDF reader, such as the Adobe Reader. (NOTE: Additional function, such as being able to type and save one’s answers directly onto the Memorygrabber pages can be had by using the free FoxIt PDF Reader. More information on this is below. FoxIt currently works only with a PC and  Apple Ipads).

Memorygrabber uses memory-stimulating questions, activities and exercises to “Mine Your Memories” and to
help you recall events, people, places and more!

I think that you’ll be surprised at all that you’ve forgotten over the years.

Besides it being a wonderful journey down memory lane for you… Memorygrabber will supercharge your
memory, causing a wonderful recollection of stories and experiences from your life.

Of course, it will also help you organize and preserve the memories that you still cherish and have on the
forefront of your memory.

I’m not a memory specialist, but who I am is a person that is very passionate about you leaving more than a
mere obituary behind, when your days in this life are over.

Your story and life experiences are, by far, more valuable than anything else that you will leave your
kids and grand kids.

Memorygrabber’s powerful memory triggers will help you preserve hundreds of things that your kids and grand kids will want to know about your life someday…

…. but won’t think to ask until it’s too late!

“There is nothing more you can do to turn your children’s hearts closer to yours than by keeping a journal and writing your personal history. Your children will ultimately love to know about your successes, your failures and your peculiarities. It will tell them a lot about themselves, too!” ~Hartman Rector, Jr

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As a child I can’t remember a time that my grandmother didn’t include a few photo-copied journal entries
in with my regular Christmas present.

She was always good about keeping a journal about her life, but these journal excerpts were those kept
by her parents, grandparents, great grandparents and then even her great-great grandfather.

She’d usually included only about 20-30 pages each year.

The oldest journal/life history that she has in her possession is that of
her great-great grandfather John Murdock. He was born in the 1790s.

On Christmas afternoons, during my later teen years, you would have
found me with my nose stuck in those pages.

I can’t even remember what my actual gifts were….maybe a new shirt
or pair of pants…

…but all I really remember now are the stories contained in those
journals and writings.

These kind of things have real value and they are still a treasure to me and
my family today!

Everyone has a story to tell and every family deserves to know a little
about from whom they descend.

My hope is that this workbook, after the many hours that I’ve put into
it, will inspire you and help you to tell the story of your life ….a story
that no one else in the entire world is more qualified to tell than you!

…they don’t often do anything to preserve those stories.

I’ve met people who have told me stories of fascinating things that they’ve
done and exciting places that they traveled to.

These were stories that really gave me an insight as to who that person
was and what made them the person that they presently were.

Even though I usually knew the answer before asking it…I would ask them:

“Have you written any of those stories down for you kids”?

Most of the time I would get a response like this…

…and so on and so on!

One thing I can tell you, for sure, is that when my ancestor John Murdock
wrote what he did, he didn’t have the benefit of spell check like we do
today! And yes, sometimes that fact is obvious in his writing.

But who really cares. I’m very glad that that didn’t stop him from writing what he did.

After realizing that the above was common of most people, I began
thinking of how I could help people overcome the concerns they typically
would have about writing their autobiography or lifestory.

I just wanted them to actually get started and, in the end, have
something in hand…that could be passed on to posterity!

Anything is better than nothing!

I had always been a fan of memory prompt books that I’d find in
bookstores. These books had some questions followed with lots of space
for you to write in the answer to each question.

Eventually they’d get a little boring, so I set out to improve upon those and to come up
with a “Mega” memory prompt book!

Memorygrabber is the result of that work!

I have seen different books in the libraries, but never one that is this easy and is capable of sparking so many memories that otherwise you never would think of!

…to come up with such an incredible how-to book is amazing!”

Yvonne Johnson, MemoryGrabber User, Pennsylvania, USA

1. Complete the Sentence Exercises

“My earliest recollection of my father is….” or “The oldest relative that I
can remember, as a child, was…” are examples of completing the sentence
excercises that you will find in the Memorygrabber workbook.

These questions are simple yet powerful.
2. Fill In The Blank Methodology

the choice of a blank tablet or a fill-in-the-blank workbook, most
people will choose the fill-in-the-blank method to write about events
from their lives.

It is easier because it takes the pressure
off of having to decide what to write about and it doesn’t require great spelling and grammar skills.

It will lead you from topic to topic, one page
after another!

3. Mental “Walk-Throughs”

Use locations from your past such as your childhood home, newlywed
home, your first grade classroom or your old neighborhood to recall memories!

Focusing all of your attention on a specific location from your past, you
will sketch out all that you remember about minute details of that location

In the instance of a childhood home…point out details like:

Treat it as if you were giving someone a tour of places from your past.

Trust me, the memories will come flooding back! A copy of Memorygrabber
will give you many more location ideas
4. A Quick-Response Questionnaire

A lot can be said with a simple yes or no answer. Then stories about why you are the way that you are can be shared.

and many others are but a few examples.

There are 7 pages of yes or no questions in Memorygrabber.
5. Life Timeline Construction

One of the best ways to start telling about your
life, is by building a timeline of your life

Given a certain year and your age during that year will be the basis for matching life events with spots
on the timeline

You start out by putting major life events and
milestones onto the timeline first. Examples may
include …

…your birth, birth of siblings, marriage, births of your children, anniversaries, job changes, started school and more.

Memorygrabber provides a simple timeline format that covers up to 105 years

6. Daily Journal Template

This will save you time and give you an unending number of things to journal
or write about on a daily/regular basis

7. Self-Interview Formatted Questions

8. List Creation Drills

List all kinds of things from your favorite ways to relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon to first-time
experiences such as your first kiss and your first airplane ride!

The real “GOLD”, of course, lies in the stories that these lists will trigger!

Your past is important, but that is only one part of the “total package” that Memorygrabber seeks to help
you capture!

There are other areas that complete the story of your life!

A completed Memorygrabber workbook will help you make a very clear statement of:

This kind of thing really amazes me!

All the data in your memory banks could probably fill an entire library!

Seriously, if you were to have everything that is stored in
your memory put down on paper, including everything you’ve learned, heard, seen, done, experienced etc …
you’d have a whole library on your hands.

“When an elder dies, it is the same as if an entire library burned to the ground”
~ African Saying

I think it amazing how a mere mention of a name from your past, a sudden scent of perfume or a glance at
a photo you hadn’t seen for many years can suddenly trigger a dormant memory from a long time ago!

How does the the human mind do that?

Would that memory have ever resurfaced if
not for the outside stimulation?

I can’t say for sure, but I do know that our memories sometimes
need a catalyst or a spark….a trigger!

Memorygrabber provides that spark and it will be the catalyst for you to go in and “Mine or Memories.”

There are several ways that people use the Memorygrabber workbook…

No, Memorygrabber is an e-book published in a PDF format. It is viewed by
using a PDF reader such as the Adobe Reader.

The Foxit PDF Reader adds the ability to type your answers and responses
right into the PDF file. Yes, it is now possible. This is relatively
new technology.

What Others Are Saying About Memorygrabber

Memorygrabber is being used in homes and schools around the world, from New Zealand to

Over the years, it has also been used in professional capacities:

Do you believe any of these excuses?

That You Have to Be a Great Writer to Write Your Lifestory?

Memorygrabber takes this one away because it is, in large part, a fill-in-the-blank workbook. There are
parts that are just like filling out a job application. Anyone can fill out an application, right?

From there add one or two sentences to convey an experience or a memory. Some of the workbook is as
easy as answering yes or no! Write as little or as much as you wish. Something is better than nothing!

That It Isn’t That Important to Write Your Lifestory?

This one has been covered on this page already, but if you still believe this, do it anyway and let your
kids and grandkids make that decision. I think you’ll find that they’ll disagree with you!

That Your Life Has Not Been All That Special, Enogh to Write About? 

If you still believe this after giving Memorygrabber a legitimate try, contact me and I’ll refund your
money…but I’ll be shaking my head in disbelief!

That You Wouldn’t Know Where to Start?

Pick any of the 321 pages that interests you the most…just get started

That Autobiographies and Life Stories are Only for Celebrities? 

All of the above assumptions are simply not true!

If you gave a person a blank piece of paper and told them to start writing about their life, chance are they wouldn’t get far and they wouldn’t enjoy the challenge!

Give them a fun, fill-in-the-blank bio to fill out and the result will be very different….it would probably be hard to get them to stop, because most would consider it fun!

Memorygrabber is a great conversation starter… especially with parents
and grandparents that are sometimes reluctant to talk. Sometimes we just have to take the initiative
to start the conversation with our aging family members.

Back in 2001 a grandmother on the Rootsweb Nostalgia Message Board responded to one of my posts and said
the following: 

“I know that we (grandparents) would also love it if our children would be interested in our stories now while we are alive instead of waiting until we are gone, to look for them.” Sandy 2001 

I realize that not all of our elders think like this, but I think most do…to some degree or other.

Get a copy of Memorygrabber and take it over on your next visit to see your mother, father or aging grandparent.

…Or take a copy to the next family reunion and see what conversations and wonderful memories you can stir up!

Memorygrabber is one the greatest investments you ever make….and at such a low price, it seems a “no-brainer” to most!

Once you are satisfied with all of the stories and information contained in
within your life story document, you will be able to send copies of it to
whomever you wish and thus insure that someone will always have a
copy of it….it will never be lost.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with Memorygrabber. If
for any reason, you believe that this workbook will not be of benefit
to you and your family, just ask for a full refund.

I will process that refund within minutes of receiving your refund request. This is my promise to you.

If you have questions about Memorygrabber, please contact me
and I will get an answer to you just as quick as possible.

NEW! Memorygrabber is available in a British English version. This version reflects
British spellings, wording/expressions,etc.  Apartment = flat, diaper = nappy, realize = realise, and so on.

You’ll be given the option to download either version, on the download page.

Purchases may be made via Credit Card, Phone, Fax, Mail or PAYPAL

To Purchase and DOWNLOAD your copy in the next few minutes,  Click the Link Below

Promote Memorygrabber and earn. Learn more.

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Memorygrabber is being used in homes, schools and in professional capacities throughout the world. Here are some examples:

“A Valuable Piece of Work””(Memorygrabber)…it’s a valuable piece of work!….I can imagine the time and thought you spent developing it. It shows!” “There’s no excuse now for ANYONE to say their life story can’t be written. You’ve eliminated all the excuses.””After buying your first Memorygrabber, I wrote an 85 page story of my life, my 75 years.” “After going through your new (version), I know I can and will fill in at least another 100 pages.”  — Bill Parks, Texas

Michael, Thank you for having the wonderful idea for all the work that you have done. I don’t know much about my family and I have struggled with that my entire life. Now that I am 35, I am just starting to ask questions. However, it’s too late to ask my grandparents. My parents never asked either. I want my children to know as much as they possibly can. Thank you again and keep up the great work. — Cecelia A.”Now I Have … More Focus””The task just seemed far too overwhelming before. Now I seem to have more of a direction and also I am more easily focused (with MemoryGrabber)” — Eliza, Memorygrabber user”…Speech about my Life”Your Memorygrabber is awesome…this is just what I needed to do a speech about my life!  –Paulene L, Bahamas

“Strongly Recommend””I would strongly recommend (Memorygrabber). It really is the most useful tool I’ve come across. There are some really neat links, too, for remembering stuff in certain decades, fads, styles, etc. Made my head spin!” Shani, Memorygrabber user, Florida, USA

“From All of us at Sol Amor Hospice We Just Wanted to say THANK YOU!””Michael, We are working on a new program and we will be doing life reviews on all of our patients.  From all of us at Sol Amor Hospice we just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! We … love the (downloaded) book (Memorygrabber) and our patients will too!” Tricia HoltLife Care Coordinator, BSWSol Amor HospiceTulsa, Ok”I’m Amazed by all You’ve Included” Michael, “I am a graduate student at the University of Central Oklahoma, working to complete my Master’s of Gerontology. For my final project I am designing a life history program to be conducted, by myself, at our local senior center. Your passion is evident in your product. Thank you for allowing it to be a part of my program.I reviewed the entire Memorygrabber again today and I’m amazed by all you’ve included!” — Jennifer Nance”One of the Best Things that I Have Ever Come Across!”Dear Michael, I am looking forward to working on this long project and I am looking forward to finishing it to share it with the family.   I have 14 nieces and nephews and I am glad that I will be able to share my life experiences with them as they get older. Memorygrabber has just been one of the best things that I have ever come across!Thank you so much for your support and efforts to make my life story a success!! Take care and I will keep you updated on my progress.  — Elizabeth Fox,  Michigan

September 2011—————“MIchael, Thank you so much for this program. I’m going to use, use and use this! You are an angel!” – Frances S, MemoryGrabber owner “Capable of Sparking so Many Memories””I have seen different books in the libraries, but never one that is this easy and is capable of sparking so many memories that otherwise you never would think of…to come up with such an incredible how-to book is amazing!” Yvonne Johnson, MemoryGrabber User, Pennsylvania, USA “Didn’t Know Where to Start””I’ve always wanted to do this (write my life story), but was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to start.” — Ola Norman, MemoryGrabber User, North Carolina USA  “Well-Organized … User Friendly””It’s well organized, colorful and fun to do…a great combination! It makes writing family history user-friendly.” — Margaret Knorr, Kaleidoscope Journal “Addicting!”I just wanted to let you know instead of taking my Sunday nap today, I opened up Memorygrabber and spent over an hour filling in blanks about my life. Wow, that gets addicting, but fun! — Crissy Butts,

Copyright © 2000-2018 by Michael Boyter,

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Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook – Memorygrabber

Review of CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of  fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems

Review of CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems

Review of CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems

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Review of CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems

Product Name: CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems

Click here to get CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems:

Perfect for busy families…and children of any age!These simple, yet proven exercises will transformyour child’s abilities, boosting their confidenceand self esteem!”

Fun, Effective & Proven Way To Help Correct Your Child’s Sensory Motor Skills Problems!

Sensory Motor Skills are products of our central nervous system. Specifically they are the relationship between our sensory skills (seeing, hearing, and touching) and motor skills (muscles and their movement).

Ideally, our motor skills take the information our senses receive and process it into an appropriate action. These skills are very important in childhood development.

To explain it simply, when someone has poor Sensory Motor Skills they misinterpret or have a hard time connecting everyday sensory information with the motor skills required. This may lead to them feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or exhibiting strong emotional behaviours (sometimes described as ‘melt downs’).

First of all it’s important to know you cannot cause Sensory Motor Skills problems. Many parents question, “What did I do wrong when my child was younger?” And the answer is: you did nothing wrong.

It’s not uncommon for children to experience Sensory Motor Skills problems. In fact, Sensory Processing Disorder (the umbrella that Sensory Motor Skills problems fall under) is a complex neurological condition that affects 1 in 20 children.

Problems with Sensory Motor Skills occur when the brain and central nervous system have breakdowns in transmitting messages throughout the body.

Many people on the Autism Spectrum struggle with their Sensory Motor Skills.

Occupational therapy produces truly fantastic results and many parents bring their children to weekly visits with their practitioner (which the kids love because they have so much fun doing the activities!).

However stretched finances and hectic schedules can be a concern for families. That’s why the CoordiChild program is the ideal solution, because it’s done at home with common household items. Plus at only 15 minutes a day…

We’ve taken the exercises we use in therapy, adapted them for the home environment, and packaged them into fun, easy to follow instructional videos that you watch in your own Member Area on

Upon purchase, you get instant acces to the first exercise and can get started right away. Then each fortnight you receive a new exercise (together with equipment list, progress checklist, tips and hints).

We recommend you do the exercise for five consecutive days, then give your child two days rest to give their brain the opportunity to “cement” the new structures. Repeat the activity again for five days, rest another two and then the next activity will arrive!

Note: The whole family can enjoy these exercises! You may need to guide or help your child with some of the exercises. This in turn encourages a good relationship, allows you to have fun together, and helps you gain a better understanding of your child’s underlying issues.

Marga Grey (MSc OT) is an occupational therapist with 37 years experience with children exhibiting the above-mentioned problems specifically.

She was in private practice in South Africa for 20+ years, specialising in sensory integration therapy before migrating to Australia seven years ago. She has since worked in both private and public settings in Brisbane, including as Clinical Educator at Queensland University.

Marga developed the occupational therapy department at Tyack Health (the largest multi-disciplinary practice in Australia) and is currently Head of Occupational Therapy there. This department focuses on paediatrics and addresses sensory processing issues in children, including problems with sensory motor skills.

She also initiated and coordinates Bayside SPD Professional Interest Group, an organisation providing interaction and learning experiences for professionals of all disciplines interested in Sensory Processing Disorder, including sensory motor skills.

Lindy Thompson (BAppSc(HMS). MO) graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Science (Human Movement Studies) and a Masters in Occupational Therapy

Since graduating Lindy has worked in private practices specialising in Paediatrics, both in Australia and South Africa, as well as for Autism Queensland, a large community based organisation enriching the lives of people living with an ASD. She is currently involved in clinical practice at Tyack Health, a large multidisciplinary practice in Brisbane.

Lindy is passionate about human movement and the effect movement has on living a functional, independent, meaningful life. Her special interest lies in working with children and families who are dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder, saying “There is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than watching a child becomes the person they are meant to be – happy, confident and able to achieve their own personal goals.”

Too many children do not get the chance to reach their full developmental potential because they did not optimally develop their sensory motor skills. The consequences are serious.

There is nothing wrong with your parenting skills – so take a deep breath and relax

 The latest research indicates how exercise can contribute to the building of new pathways to develop many skills not traditionally linked to exercise, such as problem solving, memory and many others.

With our support, your child will learn important skills and develop confidence in his own abilities. We follow the natural neurodevelopment to make sure your child has a solid foundation from where he can learn.

Watch your child make huge leaps with their learning and rapidly transform into confident, capable young adults, ready to take on the opportunities available to them.

There is no price that a parent can put on that sort of outcome for their child.

The long term benefit of building a solid foundation that gives your child the best possible chance in life far outweighs any short term costs and is infinitely better than trying to add levels to a wall that is riddled with empty spaces.

Our experience makes it easy to pick up where there are gaps and we stimulate them in the right way to ensure the child is ready to learn.

Some therapies are expensive so we’ve developed a program with all the exercises to make it easy for parents at home starting with sensory phases and basic movement skills building your child up for the next stages of the program and the many challenges of your child’s daily life.

This will benefit any child, they can practice skills they already have and gain new skills to leave them with a strong foundation to learn and to develop.

The most loving thing you can do for your child is to give them your undivided attention for 15 minutes every day.

CoordiChild makes it easy to spend time with your child while having fun, learning and developing. The exercises you do together benefit them at intellectual and physical levels and provides that precious connection that is so lacking in today’s busy lifestyle.

Imagine being supportive, encouraging, available and loving all at once while you know your child is developing important skills.

We compiled the Foundational Program with levels that follow on each other to ensure that your child is well developed before embarking on the more challenging tasks of planning, ideation and working memory.

Marga Has Been Using The Same Therapeutic Principals For Most Of The 35 Years Of Her Career With Hundreds Of Success Stories Of Children Flourishing After Being Involved In Therapy.

Marga Grey Has Unmatched Insight Into Childhood Behaviours

ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 1444 S. Entertainment Ave., Suite 410 Boise, ID 83709, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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CoordiChild – Childhood Development Programs | Online eClasses for children with sensory integration problems. The lack of fine and gross motor skills. Concentration and dyspraxia problems

Review of How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes

Review of How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes

Review of How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes

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Review of How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes

Product Name: How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes

Click here to get How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes:

My name is Dr. Reena Sommer. I am a divorce consultant and coach and I work exclusively with
divorcing people, couples and families. My 20 years of experience in this area comes from working with
clients from all parts of the U.S., Canada and even as far away as Europe, India and Australia.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed
many of the challenges that people face when they divorce. These challenges can cause considerable heartache,
hardship and expense. However, many of these divorce related difficulties can be avoided – if clients avail themselves
ahead of time of
the proper information about the divorcing process.

The reality for most people getting divorced is that it is their first – and hopefully –
only experience of this kind. However, this lack of experience leaves
them quite naive and under-informed about what the divorce process is really all about.
A lack of appropriate information leaves people vulnerable to many divorce pitfalls including
a potentially vindictive
spouse who has absolutely no interest at all in being fair or equitable.

That is what lead me to write my special ebook, “How to Avoid the Ten BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes” I want to share with you my insights about the pitfalls in the divorcing process and what you can do to prevent them from happening.

Divorce takes a tremendous toll on people mainly due to the following major factors:

1. The stress and emotional trauma brought on by divorce causes people to be on edge and not think or behave as rationally or objectively as they normally would.

2. The conflict that existed in the marriage (and led to your divorce) becomes magnified when discussions about dividing assets and co-parenting are involved.

Most people
going through divorce are generally overwhelmed by the magnitude of the change in their lives,
the stress of having to make important decisions and by the emotional toll it has on
them and their children. To get through this difficult time of life, you will need all the help you can get to avoid losing all that is important to you.

One of the points
I make throughout my ebook is people need to be informed and take charge of their own divorce.
My special ebook can help you do that.

When it comes to getting divorced, being properly informed is just as important as having a good attorney. This
e-book will help you:

1. work effectively with your attorney
2. be in a better position to instruct your attorney
3. be better able to make informed decisions about the settlement you will need
By the time you finish reading this e-book, you will be properly informed
about the things you need to do to protect yourself from what is typically know as “being taken
to the cleaners”.

“IF you are even THINKING about starting a divorce, you need to read this BEFORE you hire your attorney!!”

other identifying information withheld by request

“I just finished “How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Divorce Mistakes” and it was “outstanding.” Short, straight to the point and very easy to understand. It should prove very beneficial to many!”

Allen Cowling
Cowling Investigations,

“I found your information on establishing boundaries with your ex-spouse excellent.”

“It is informative, is easy to understand and yet gets to the point without a lot of paper work.
I think you have done a great job on it. Thank you for your great effort!!!

“I really thought I had a hopeless case until I found your ebook. I had no idea that things could have worked out as they have. You have no idea the misery and the exspense you saved me. Thanks so much.”

Jason Lloyd
Scranton, Pennsylvania

Being an ebook,
there are no hidden and costly delivery and handling charges tagged onto your purchase at the end.

You will receive a fullsize ebook loaded with built-in resources, tools and information.
All of this is readily accessible, and immediately useful without having to move away from your computer.

The process takes just a few minutes to complete, and in less than 10 minutes ,
you will have the information in your hands ready to read. There’s no need to wait.

Finally, your purchase
comes with a 60-day unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.
If for whatever reason this ebook does not live up to your expectations, simply contact us and you will receive a full refund without question.

You can begin benefiting from the ebook’s information now – today!

Wishing you the absolute best,

The following additional divorce related information products are provided along with your
purchase at no added cost:

Dr. Reena Sommer & Associates PLLC
Dr. Reena Sommer,M.Sc. (Family Studies),Ph.D.(Psychology & Family Studies)
Divorce & Custody ConsultantLeague City, Texas 77573 Phone:

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How to Avoid the Ten (10) BIGGEST Divorce Mistakes

Review of The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading

Review of The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading

Review of The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading

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Review of The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading

Product Name: The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading

Click here to get The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading:

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The Revelation Effect – Mentalism And Mind Reading

Review of Potty Training By Noon

Review of Potty Training By Noon

Review of Potty Training By Noon

Click here for bigger image

Review of Potty Training By Noon

Product Name: Potty Training By Noon

Click here to get Potty Training By Noon at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Potty Training By Noon:

I know that when my son was two years old, changing his stinky, loaded diaper was NOT at the top of my “Things I Love Most About Motherhood” list!

Here’s the thing, though. While you look forward to the day when your little angel will wear “big boy” or “big girl” underpants, you’re also just not sure about how (or when!) to potty-train your child. Don’t worry, though, because you are NOT alone!

For example, you may have heard about the technique where you let your child wander around the house and yard – butt naked! – with the intention that your little one is supposed to have accidents (on himself AND your furniture), at which time you’ll provide “positive discipline” and “reassuring guidance.”

Sorry, but as a mother, I’m not about to let my child run around naked, peeing and pooping on himself and everything in sight. And I’m pretty sure decent carpet cleaning costs more than seventy-five bucks! Especially when you consider what you’re asking the carpet cleaner to remove…YUCK!

No, to potty-train your toddler…

And preferably, it should be a little-known method that other parents have used quietly – but successfully! – with their own kids. And I want to share that potty training method with you, right here, and right now…

Introducing the latest, most recently updated version of my book: “Potty Train Your Child By NOON…And Have FUN Doing It!”

Indeed, the time-tested potty training technique revealed in this book is…

Well, the good news is that…

As a matter of fact, you could have the complete book in front of you in only a few minutes (PDF download). Read it today – and potty train your child TOMORROW, perhaps in as little as THREE HOURS.

And best of all, you have my 100% guarantee that this method will work for your child – no questions asked!

Why pay for “fluff,” when what you want is the good stuff?

Get your digital copy of this book now, and in
LESS THAN 30 MINUTES you’ll find out:

And best of all, you and your child will have FUN doing it…no crying, no humiliation, no tense moments…just you and your little one having fun together, getting rid of those diapers once and for all!

And what a happy day it will be! Words cannot describe the true sense of accomplishment that your little one will feel when she uses the toilet all by herself for the very first time…

And remember, I guarantee your satisfaction 100% with this book. If you don’t like the method, or if it doesn’t work for you or your child, you can return it to me within 30 days. I’ll give you back every penny that you paid. Every penny!

But don’t just take MY word for it! Check out these…

I just wanted to thank you for your book. As I mentioned to you before, my son turned 2 over the summer and he is now completely potty trained. We’re expecting a new baby in December and the stress of having to worry about potty training and bringing in a newborn is now gone! Not to mention that we only have to buy diapers for one now.

You had asked me to jot down how we got Jack to use the potty… well, we set aside Friday (our fun day) in the morning to do this. I felt ready for the task, but I was also scared to death. We had a great time that morning and followed the plan exactly as you laid out. I couldn’t believe it when it was time for Jack to use the potty…I think it was less than 2 hours after we started! He has done so well since that day. He doesn’t even need pull-ups at night!

Thank you so much again. Best of luck with everything!

Sharon C.
Cape St. Claire, PA

I appreciate the nice feedback, Sharon! And here’s another one…

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Words can’t even describe how excited I am that my daughter Amanda is finally potty trained.  We have struggled with this since she turned two, and even though I felt she was ready then, I can see now that I wasn’t doing the right things to get her to use the toilet. After almost six months of torture, it took only one day (less than a day, actually) of your method and Amanda is finally “there”! 

I’ve recommended your book to about a dozen friends and family members and I do hope they’ll order from you. I told them that one of the best parts is that it’s such an easy method to learn and that I actually read everything I needed to know in about 20 minutes. A couple of them were skeptical, but they’ve seen how Amanda is now completely diaper-free and they also see how proud and happy she is to use the potty. She feels like a “big girl” now!

She did have one little accident in the middle of the night about a week after we trained, but I think it was because she was overtired that day and slept right through the urge to pee.  Other than that, though, she has been in underpants with no accidents — day and night!

In a few months, it’ll be my son’s turn and you can be sure I’m going to use your method again! Thanks so much again, Kim!  I can’t tell you how much easier life is now!

Jennifer A.
Park City, UT

Happy to help, Jen! I’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with you…

I never in a million years thought that I would ever enjoy the potty training experience, but I really did. My little boy and I had a ball following your book, and we followed it to the letter!

Between the hopping and the laughing and the dancing, we had a blast! Who knew that such a daunting task could be so much fun?  And by the end of the day, he was in underpants and completely dry. That was two weeks ago and he hasn’t had one issue yet. I couldn’t be happier or more proud!  Thank you so, so much!

(My husband thanks you, too, because he changed our little boy more than half the time because of my work schedule.  So you’ve got two huge fans here in Michigan!)

I’ll be sure to recommend your book to anyone I know who needs to potty train their child!

Kathy C.
Flint, MI

I’m glad that hubby’s a fan, too! I always enjoy hearing success stories like yours, Kathy…

Now, you don’t have to be envious of fantastic results like these. You can HAVE THEM TOMORROW, but only if you order your potty-training book TODAY!

And remember, when you get your copy of this guaranteed potty training book, you’ll need LESS THAN 30 MINUTES to read the whole thing from beginning to end.

Isn’t it worth LESS THAN TEN BUCKS and 30 MINUTES to be rid of diapers forever?

Of course it is! And remember, if for any reason you don’t like this potty training book, just return it to me and I’ll offer you a complete refund of every penny paid.

You literally have nothing to lose! (Except diapers, of course!)

Remember, this method is…

On that no-risk basis, get your copy of this potty training book NOW!

Most sincerely yours,
Kim MacPherson

Get Your GUARANTEED Potty Training Guide Right Now!

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Potty Training By Noon

Review of Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess?

Review of Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess?

Review of Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess?

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Review of Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess?

Product Name: Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess?

Click here to get Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess? at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess?:

now = new Date();

oneweekago = new Date(now.getTime() – (7 * 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000));

months = new Array(“January “,”February “,”March “,”April “,”May “,”June “,”July “,”August “,”September “,”October “,”November “,”December “);
years = now.getFullYear();


Date: ” + oneweekago.getDate() + ” ” + months[oneweekago.getMonth()] + years + “

Dear Future Loving Parents,

Have you ever longed for that “missing
piece of the jigsaw” to complete your dream family?

Isn’t it scary to leave it entirely up
to fate to decide if you’re going to have a boy or girl?

you be devastated if you can’t find the one piece of
information that will put your mind at ease and help change your life

And wouldn’t you give almost
anything to have the odds in your favor when it comes to planning
your baby’s gender?

Hi there! My name is Alicia Pennington and this is
a picture of me and my family.  My daughter, Marie is 6 years old and my
son, Dylan is 2 years old.

My husband and I had specifically wanted a
daughter first and then a boy.  Today, I am able to live my dream due to
effective natural methods of gender selection which I have discovered and I am here to
share with you on how you too can plan your baby’s gender like we did and 
enjoy a lifetime of completeness.  

You may be thinking that this is too good to
be true but all I ask is 3 minutes; and this will be the
important 3 minutes of your life. I know that you are here
today to learn how to accurately choose the gender of your future baby and I
am here to help you make that choice. You may ask how I involved myself in
preconception gender selection methods, so allow me to explain.

I was a midwife for 12 years and during
this time, I have had the opportunity
to speak to many pregnant women (several hundred in fact!) until after the birth of their child.  My
career as a midwife had been fulfilling as I was able to lend support and
share the joy of each couple after the birth of their baby.  

In my second year, however, I came across a
mother who suffered severe post natal depression after delivery of her baby girl. 
After a few sessions of consultation with her, she finally confessed that
she had high hopes of having a baby boy as she desperately needs to complete
her family after having 2 daughters.  I did my best to console and gave
her words of encouragement but even I could not change the fact that she
incomplete without a son even though she loved her 3 daughters dearly. 

It had affected me emotionally, and that was
the turning point of my career.  I didn’t want this to happen to any
mothers in future and this motivated me to find out about
perfecting baby gender
selection methods. 

I started researching into baby gender
selection methods, attended many courses on pre-conception conducted by
reputable doctors and interviewing couples (who were mostly my patients) that
had tried baby gender selection methods. 

Coincidentally, my husband and I wanted to
start a family then.  I knew that this was the perfect opportunity for me to put my research into

As I could not afford to pay the hefty medical
fees for laboratory treatments and surgeries
(not to mention the risk I was NOT willing to take as I came across 
studies which have suggested that kids conceived through these medical treatments
have a higher risk of rare health problems), I concluded that my
best option
(risk free and safe) is to apply the natural preconception methods of gender selection.

After extensive research and
time spent studying different natural gender selection methods, I  hand
picked the best methods which were proven to be
most effective.  I then
summarized the best methods into a simple methodology and was so excited with my findings and could not wait to put it to
the test.

And I approached my husband and convinced
him to try my methodology.  My husband was
skeptical at first but he finally gave in and
agreed to try it out knowing that there is nothing to lose.  After all,
it is was easy to apply and completely natural while being
100% risk-free.   

We were so thrilled when my baby
girl Marie arrived 9 magical months later.

However, being my pessimistic self, I
thought to myself that it could have been “pure luck”
that got me my baby girl. I needed to know for sure that my method was
perfect and was the best out there.

Not surprisingly, many were initially skeptical but as I
continued to explain to them about my personal experiences and the extensive
effort that was put into my research, I managed to convince most of those who were planning
for their next child.  The bottom line was simple:

It is natural, safe, effective and absolutely
risk-free; they had nothing to lose!

And in the first year of introduction, 117 couples used this method
and I am so proud to declare that 112 couples had conceived the baby
gender of their choice! 

Word started spreading and my reputation began
to grow as a midwife, renowned for my baby gender selection method!  As the
number of patients wanting to find out about my method were increasing rapidly,
I knew I had to do something drastic when my phone kept ringing off the hook
even at 4am! I therefore decided to be a full time consultant on baby gender selection,
to help as many people  achieve their perfect family by having the perfect

I now feel delighted, knowing that I am
making a difference in the lives of mothers and families.  With my
son, Dylan who is now 2 years old,  I now have
the family that I dreamed of having since I was nineteen!

You can be as happy, no matter where you are, this is a real opportunity
for you to create your dream family. I have compiled my
findings from all my years of research into a reader friendly e-book which is made easy
for all to understand. 

I don’t expect you to
blindly trust me as there are many sites out there that gives conflicting
details, false materials and misleading information which could very
well turn out to be scams.  My friend, here are some pointers of what
you should beware of when looking for true and reliable information
relating to baby gender selection methods:

Don’t leave gender selection of your baby to chance
as you may end up having a family of 3 boys or 3 girls. There is an easy solution right here!

My method is
100% natural,
100% risk free
and above all, the Prince or Princess Guide provides you with a
simple 3-step guide.   It’s easy to understand and even easier to

Don’t let all the free information out
there teaching you of different theories relating to baby gender selection
methods confuse you.   I was where you are once when I first
started my research into this topic but after spending months of continuous
research, I have since selected only the workable methods, which I have
tested and proven on my patients and put it methodologically into a simple
3-step guide 

Yes, it is as easy as 1-2-3 and let
me explain to you briefly how it works.

When you know more
about how your body conceives and nurtures your baby you will want to take
the best care of yourself you can.

As a woman, there are
very short periods of time when you are likely to conceive. In these
short periods of time, certain factors will decide to whether a 
boy or a girl is conceived.

It is as simple as

If your ph is
alkaline you are much more likely to have a boy.

If your ph is acidic
you are much more likely to have a girl.

You’ll also find out more about the
importance of basal body temperature and how to take
it. The facts about cervical mucus and many more things you, as a woman,
need to know about your body to help you conceive.

To cut the long story short, the timing of
your intercourse is vital and the Prince or Princess Guide will give you
a clear picture of how and when to time your intercourse.

a woman when you decide to conceive a child you need to change your
lifestyle. Most of us do not take as good of care of ourselves as we
should.  I cover what a good diet is for conception as well as specific
diets which can help to increase your chances of getting a boy or a girl
baby. The diets are very easy to do, with minimal preparation.

You will be able to
understand how small changes in your diet, either leaving out foods or
adding certain foods will raise the ph or lower it. This is needed in
order to increase the probability of you conceiving a certain baby

I also cover good and
bad foods for pregnancy and how you need to be concerned about your
alcohol, tobacco and other drug treatments when pregnant and if you
decide to nurse your baby later.

The decision to have
a baby is not a light one and you and your partner should consider all
the changes and sacrifices that will need to be made to have a
healthy baby. Having your new baby will be worth it all!

I cover the
different sexual positions and which ones work the best for a boy or a
girl. The positions are normal ones, very easy to do and comes with
sketched graphics for better understanding. You will find out how
different positions will help to place the either the “X” or “Y”
chromosome sperm in the best position to be fertilize the
egg which ultimately determines the sex of the baby. 

YES, it is that simple!  Are
you ready to try it now?

And this is a sample set of details of what you will find in the

Now that you know what the Prince or
Princess Guide covers, you may be concerned whether you will be getting
what I have promised you.  Well, don’t worry… if you don’t get
what you expect for whatever reasons,  I will give you back your
money with no questions asked. 

Yes and I repeat..
a rock solid 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions

But if you are still concerned that the guide will
turns out to be some useless guide with very basic content, here are a list of items you will NOT find in the
Prince or Princess Guide:

And do be reminded that this method will also work
regardless of your age, your nationality or race and your medical condition. 
The Prince or Princess Guide is about ensuring your safety for you and for your baby,

You can plan your baby’s sex with over 94% accuracy and now is the time to take
control your family’s destiny.
Just click the “Add to Cart” button below so you can
read all about how to conceive the baby of the gender you chose. Do it right now
and start planning the family you have always wanted or live to regret it

Don’t let procrastination be the decider of your baby’s gender… you be the

Have the baby you have always wanted and start picking out the curtains
and paint for the baby’s room right now!

But for it to work for
you, there’s one thing you must do…

Here’s your
chance to get the baby and family of your dreams, by using the secrets
that over 8529
satisfied customers have been using for over 10 years.
Maybe you’re still skeptical, and I understand that. I was like you once and I
know what it’s like to be worried about not having that beautiful baby girl of
wonderful baby boy to love.
The good news is that you can be using these secrets as early as tonight,
totally risk-free!

Select the gender of your child and
have the little boy or girl of your

Having a child is one of the great miracles of our lives, you can have the
the boy or girl you want, and you can have all my books in your hands just moments
from now. It’s all up to you…

Wishing You a
Dream Family

P.S. Remember… it doesn’t matter how old you
are or how many times you’ve tried. Plan My Baby will help you achieve the
perfect baby… and give you the IDEAL family you’ve always dreamed about. This
isn’t just a promise… It’s guaranteed in writing!

P.P.S. – Since I mentioned the guarantee, let me clarify… I
don’t want you to think there’s a certain scenario that must take place in
order for you to ask for your money back. Let me state as directly and
clearly as I can…
If you sign up and are unhappy for
any reason at all, just write me for a refund and you’ll have every
last penny of your money back in your hands within 72 hours. It’s that easy!

I Don’t Want to Wait A Minute Longer.
I Don’t Want to Miss Out On the Special Package Price.
Sign Me Up Alicia!

It’s Time, Alicia… My Time
To Finally Get With The Program.
Time For Me To Control My Own Baby’s Destiny.
I’m Signing Up Now! 

Copyright © 2011 – All Rights Reserved.

NOTE: The Plan My
Baby™ course is in a downloadable format. No physical products will
be shipped. After ordering, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to
download theentire course onto your computer. The e-book format
is Adobe Acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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Plan My Baby – Baby Gender Selection – Prince or Princess?

Review of Holistic pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy diet, pregnancy nutrition

Review of Holistic pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy diet, pregnancy nutrition

Review of Holistic pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy diet, pregnancy nutrition

Click here for bigger image

Review of Holistic pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy diet, pregnancy nutrition

Product Name: Holistic pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy diet, pregnancy nutrition

Click here to get Holistic pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy diet, pregnancy nutrition at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Holistic pregnancy, healthy pregnancy, pregnancy exercise, pregnancy diet, pregnancy nutrition:

Attention Pregnant Moms – Finally,
a safe and proven system
what will show you…

How to Defy the
Baby-Weight Myth AND Attain Holisitc Health for You and Your Baby with this All-New Fitness and Nutrition Breakthrough….

I know this is an exciting time for you. I’m sure everyone is
rushing to give you advice …bear with me because I have something
exciting to share with you…

For a moment, think about a mom who just breezed through their pregnancy.
You never heard them complain and they always seemed to glow. Sure,
they had some tough days – but it seemed they were able to take
it in stride.

Here’s the amazing part – they probably looked better AFTER
their pregnancy then before! Now, you may have mixed feelings about
this – right? Part of you wants to scratch the goodie-two-shoes
eye out (we’re being honest here!); the other part of you wants
her secret!

If you want the key to a fit and healthy pregnancy then you’ll
enjoy this quick note –

But first, I want you to take a deep breath and try to forget about
the pregnancy horror stories you’ve heard. Yes, your body will
be going through some incredible and exhausting changes. Yes, you will
have mornings that you wish you could stay in bed…

But, the next 9 months could ALSO be a healthy milestone for

• Steadily improve your fitness level safely and comfortably
throughout your pregnancy.

• Avoid many of the physical aches and pains like swollen ankles
and wrists, sore back, and strained shoulders.

• You can ease the roller-coaster hormone-induced emotional battle
and feel great the ENTIRE 9 months of your pregnancy!

• Actually BOOST your energy levels and put more pep in your
step (your girlfriends will wonder how you are doing it).

• Have confidence that you are eating the right foods to give
you and your baby the nutrients you need to stay in top physical condition.

Oh, and one more thing –

Ignore the Baby-Fat Myth!

You can ignore the baby-fat nonsense. It is 100% possible to drop your
baby fat within months of delivery. I know because I’ve experienced
it myself…

My name is Laura Flynn. My friend and fellow coach Michelle Ladd and
I have some exciting news for you…but first let me tell you a
bit about my story.

I’m passionate about your health. I’ve spent my career
as a nutritionist uncovering ways for women to manage their health and
feel great at the same time! I don’t believe that fitness and
nutrition should be torture. I also know you are busy (and are about
to get a lot busier!).

I’m also a proud mommy.

When I first learned I was pregnant I quickly became obsessed with
my nutrition. I wanted my baby to be healthy. I didn’t want to
be shackled by my own belly! And, I didn’t want to spend years
losing my baby weight.

Here’s the problem. All of the books I read (and I studied dozens
of them) just didn’t feel right. Some put me on a diet that would
have made a Billy goat puke! Others were just plain wrong (even dangerous).

But that was only half of it…

I work out regularly and didn’t want to get soft on my routine.
But I also didn’t want to be unsafe. So I needed what I call a
“goldilocks workout” Not too hard, not too soft –
but just right.

However, I ran into the same frustrating problems. Either I read books
written by Marine drill sergeants that thought my pregnancy was a “challenge
to be overcome” (ugh) or guides that assumed that my “condition”
made me an invalid!

I had enough. I decided to use my 11 years of diet and nutrition expertise
to create my own program.

I also had an ace up my sleeve.

My close friend Michelle Ladd offered to help me solve the fitness
side of the puzzle.

Michelle is a respected Exercise Physiologist, trainer, and holistic
lifestyle coach. I call her the “Girl Whisperer.” she understands
in her bones what it takes to keep women healthy and incredibly fit.
Her clients look amazing (and no they didn’t start out that way).

She is tenacious and a fitness encyclopedia. When we sat down to craft
a “Pregnancy Friendly Nutrition and Fitness” regimen, we
both were blown away by what we created.

The best part is that it wasn’t theory. I immediately put our
new regimen to work in my day-to-day routine.

The results were more than I hoped for…

How I lost ALL of My Baby Weight in just
8 Weeks

Not only was my pregnancy easier than I imagined (minimal morning sickness,
great energy level, no stiff joints, or swelling), I also created healthy
habits that erased my recurring constipation and hypoglycemia.

I felt great and was even able to bring my sweet tooth under control!

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. With Michelle’s
blend of strength, cardio and stretching exercises I only gained 29

And shed every last pound of it in 8 weeks.

I knew we were on to something big…but I wanted proof.

So we taught our system to a few (brave) women to see if my story was
a fluke…

Here’s what they had to say –


“I had
the most amazing labor – 1hr 9 mins!!!!!!

I ended up at 75kg, 10kg / 22 lbs total preggy
gain, AMAZING and I couldn’t have done it without you!!
I taught up to 6 days prior to my due date and felt great
for it, I continued to walk for a few more days also. I am down
7kg from the day I had him at 75kg, 68kg, so sitting just
3kg above my pre-pregnancy weight of 65kg!!!!!

Everyone is saying I look very well, no
puffiness, skin is great etc. I am soooo proud to say I have fed
bubs so well and I couldn’t have done it without you, THANK
Shar Twyman
Perth, Australia

difference in the way I look and feel

“As an experienced fitness professional,
I thought I knew everything about pregnancy exercise and pregnancy
nutrition. How wrong I was! The FHP Guide opened my eyes
to key changes that made a huge difference in the way I look and
feel. Even in the late stages of my pregnancy, I felt
functionally strong, in great posture, and without the aches and
pains that so many of my pregnant friends think is normal.

Sarah Bucher
Toledo, OH

might just start a revolution for holistic mothers worldwide

The combination of her traditional dietetics
education, extensive studies in natural and alternative health
and nutrition, real-world experience as a working mom, and her
“tell it like it is” personality, make for an inspirational
role model and coach.”

Dr. Tamara Strickland, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Columbus , OH

and easy to follow program

“As a new mom-to-be, and working
full time, I really needed a practical and easy to follow
program to keep me and my growing baby healthy.
The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide gave me all of that and more!
It helped me to gain only an optimal, healthy amount of weight
and deliver a beautiful baby boy.”

Michelle Woodham
Columbus, OH

benefit every mother and child

“As a pregnant mother of an eleven-year
old boy, it was hard for me to find the time to eat “right”.
Laura’s FHP book gave me direction by helping me understand the
benefits of eating better, but also how EASY it
can be. After the birth of my daughter, I maintained
a high energy level while nursing with the right quality foods,
and it helped me to lose weight while still giving my
baby proper nourishment. The awesome guidance that Laura
has provided has been invaluable to my family and me. Her
passion and insight on real healthy eating can benefit every mother
and child.”

Leanna Anderson
Columbus, OH
Mother of two

happy with the results

“‘Fit and Healthy Pregnancy’ has terrific
advice for all levels of fitness. As a marathon runner, I thought
I was in pretty good shape before I became pregnant; however,
The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Guide pointed out some much needed
changes to my fitness routine. I also used the nutrition section
as a guide for my eating. I haven’t seen another product
like this anywhere and have been really happy with the results.

Joy Pochalita
Excited Mom-To-Be
Arlington, VA

we want to put our all-newFit and Healthy Pregnancy SystemIn your hands Now!

First, let me explain why this is a System. Along with our Fit and Healthy
Pregnancy Guide, we also offer coaching and specific fitness aids. You
will have everything you need for the entire 9 months.

Here’s what you’ll learn with the Fit and Healthy
Pregnancy System

• Easy exercises and stretches that anyone at any fitness
level can do just about anywhere (I’ll show you exactly how to
perform the exercises with clear step-by-step illustrations).

• The safe way to add cardio to your exercise routine and boost
your energy.

• Equipment-Free exercises that will keep weight gain
minimal and keep you limber.

• How to customize your stretching program for your fitness level
and body type. (And the 3 “Secret Muscles” that pregnant
women need to stretch….).

• The secret to eliminating 90% of pregnancy aches, pains,
and discomfort – it has to do with your spine and it’s the
foundation of my program.

• How to keep your “bump in front” and fight gaining
weight in the wrong places.

• A custom-designed strength training program that is
simple, safe and guaranteed to keep your joints and ligaments pain free.

• How to prevent the pregnant slouch that leaves you looking
worn out and “bigger” than you are…I’ll show
you how to nip this common problem in the bud immediately!

• Key precautions you must take to keep you and baby

• Real-world advice on Fatigue, stretch marks, morning sickness,
high-blood pressure, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, C-Section, and

• Why some fats are essential for a healthy pregnancy
(you won’t hear this anywhere else).

• The right nutrients for boosting your baby’s brain development.

• The “Baby Blues remedy” every mom should
have in their cupboard; and

• That’s just the beginning!

We’re excited about what you’ll learn. The great part is
that everything you’ll discover is safe, fun, and easy to implement
in your day-to-day routine.

Here’s What’s Included in the Complete Fit and Healthy
Pregnancy System:

When you order the System we’ll give you immediate access to:

We worked hard to put every scrap of what we know about pregnancy-friendly
nutrition and exercise in the Guide. But, we know that you may have questions
that the guide doesn’t cover.

So we’ll send you our personal email addresses for any questions
you may have. We’ll be there for your entire pregnancy.

Hypnosis for birthing is a safe alternative for large amounts of pain
killing drugs, and is approved and used in hospitals and clinics around
the word.

Now is your chance to grab this ground-breaking Childbirth Hypnosis
Solutions Audio CD in an instant down-loadable format for FREE!

Just think about how relaxed you’ll be preparing for your big day knowing
that you will:
• Welcome your baby into the world in a calm and connected way
• Have a simple and successful delivery
• Be able to disconnect from the pain… and focus on the joy
of the experience
• Promote bonding between you, your baby and your birthing companion
• Encourage a rapid post-natal recovery

This hypnosis CD takes you step-by-step through a complete session
designed specifically for the soon-to-be mom.

It couldn’t be any easier! All you need to do is sit back and relax,
and listen to the CD for 20 minutes a day to reap all of the benefits.

Hypnosis is a fantastic and easy way to feel relaxed during your delivery,
but it also works on the everyday stress that us pregnant women feel
from time to time (sometimes feels like ALL THE TIME!) 😉

Sit back and listen to the session, and relax away all of your worries
and stress. You deserve a time out period for yourself, and we’re giving
you the perfect tool for it.

Here’s why…We want your feedback! You see we can go on
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If you order your System now, Michelle and I will immediately send
you 3 bonus guides:

Free Bonus #1:
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We’ve created a convenient two week shopping list that you can
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Free Bonus #2:
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Here’s just a sample of the delicious meals you’ll soon discover and
enjoy… And YES, these are all good for you and your baby:
• Coconut Pudding
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Free Bonus #3:
Eye-Opening New Book – “In the Beginning”

Linda is a professional wellness coach with a wide variety of cutting-edge
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A Special Five Minute Morning Energy Routine – to keep you on the top
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The Simple Test to find out which foods and products are a good match
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The Health Recovery Process – An easy, do-it-yourself treatment to
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How to teach young children age appropriate (and fun) energy games
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One Last Thing, Just In Case You’re
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Michelle and I are proud to back the entire Fit and Healthy
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a holistic pregnancy book that I can truly recommend to my
Laura and Michelle have done an excellent job of debunking
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This book will be in my office and
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Eric Serrano, M.D.
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So you don’t have to wait another second to start living
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P.P.S. – We’ve gone to every length to be as descriptive as possible of what you’ll find in The Fit and Healthy Pregnancy System, but in the event you have any more questions, I’ve included an FAQ that I think will help you out.

Fit and Helathy Pregnancy FAQ

Q: Is my credit card information safe?

Q: Does it matter what country I’m in and is the sale in US dollars?
You can order online no matter what country you’re located in. We’ve processed orders from over 63 countries so far. Our secure credit card processor will automatically convert the US dollars to your country’s currency.

Order Online 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days
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365 Days A Year

The success statements
and examples on this website are not intended to represent or guarantee
that everyone will achieve the same results. Each individual’s success
will be determined by her desire, dedication, effort and motivation to
work and follow recommendations. There is no guarantee you will duplicate
the results stated here.

We take your privacy very seriously. To view our terms & conditions and privacy policy click here

Holistic Pregnancy Pregnancy Exercise Pregnancy

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Review of Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read

Review of Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read

Review of Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read

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Review of Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read

Product Name: Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read

Click here to get Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read:

Enter your name and e-mail and you will receive: 1) A copy of our FREE report titled “A Guide to Teaching Your Child to Read”; 2) Our 9 part mini-series which contains tons of helpful information and tips on how you can teach your child to read. 3) A FREE subscription to our information packed newsletter on topics relating to teaching children to read.

Now at 2 years and 4 months, he can read an entire book by himself! He is reading at a 2nd grade level! At our church school, his teacher was amazed.

My son was picked up for reading support services in first grade. We completed your program and his reading teacher said that his reading abilities exploded and he is on grade level!

Jim’s program takes the mystery out of teaching children how to read. My older child is in grade 1. The teacher said her reading and writing is beyond grade level. My 4 year old in preschool reads several books a day on her own.

– Parminder S., Surrey, BC.

I couldn’t stop her! It’s amazing to see her read and be so confident about it too! I was completely blown away. After a week from starting your program, she can actually spell 3-letter words on her own and not from memory!

– Farah Lyn G., Dallas, TX.

He brought home his report card this Friday and we were so excited that he went from an 81 to an 87 in Language Arts.

I have taught in Catholic schools for over 20 years in grades Pre-K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades and used various Reading programs/series. My own child is 22. I wish I had known about your program 20 years ago! I am excited to see my little 3 year olds at school learning phonemic awareness so easily and in only a few minutes each day!

My daughter is in grade 2, and it was brought to my attention by her teacher that her reading level was below grade level. After 2 months, my child is now reading at grade level, and she has started beginner novels and reads on her own!

We are so grateful and thankful that you came up with this kind of reading program. I avoided having my daughter being taught using sight words and whole language approach.

Thanks to the program she is able to read out most of the books her level with minor guidance on some words that can’t be sounded out.

Wow, She is Reading!!! Nowadays, she is so competent that she corrects me while I read to her.

After Kindergarten my son could not read at all! His teacher said he would never be able to keep up or catch up in 1st grade & wanted to hold him back… then we found your program… When he started 1st grade, he is reading and the teacher is ABSOLUTELY AMAZED and RAVES about his progress. You are a lifesaver!

It is one year since we began your program, and I could not be happier and more impressed with my son’s reading progress. He is now reading chapter books, around a late 2nd grade level. He tested at 3rd grade level in sight words. And, best of all, he LOVES LOVES LOVES to read.

Makaela is in grade two. She was reading below grade level expectations. That disheartening report told me Makaela needed reading help – now! That’s when I found your program. We have recently completed Lesson 18 in Stage Two. She just got her March Progress Report and it states: “Makaela is reading at a beginning grade 2 level. Last week, we were told she would no longer be receiving reading intervention.

– Walter R. Edmonton, AB. Canada

I first started her learning through the Hooked on Phonics program,but I slowly noticed that she could not decode new words. I had to find another way to help her. Using your method, she can now sound out a lot of new words that she has never seen before. She has become more and more confident in reading.

Before we started she only knew the letter alphabet not the sounds. After 3 weeks she started reading already and we’re very happy about it. She always loves books and now she loves it more.

I am a Early Childhood Special Needs Teacher and I have to say I have never seen anything like this. It’s amazing! My daughter bought it and taught my granddaughter, M’kaela, to read at 3 years, she is now in kindergarten and will be 6 in January and she is at a 3rd grade reading level.

We started your program about a month before he started kindergarten, and I’m just amazed how fast he’s learned to read in a short period of time. I wish I would have discovered your program a long time ago.

The final result turned to be an absolutely great success! …such a smart way to teach children reading, and the phonics you teach through your program is the most thorough and practical way – and it is easy and fun to learn!

My 6 year old’s reading was not improving and he was trying every trick in the book to get out of doing his reading homework. Your program has turned things around. He has gone from a level 6 or 7 to a level 14 in his school reader homework. He is also reading junior chapter books by choice! I love it.

My son who will be six in July is responding to the lessons with amazing results. Seeing him struggle with his homework is the reason why I chose to buy the full kit, and oh boy, money well spent.

I teach 15 Native American children. The results have been amazing! According to the 1st grade teacher here, my students are much further along with their reading ability than any other class has been so far since she has been here.

– Janeil S., Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

My son could barely blend words and was reading below expectation before I came in contact with your program. I am most grateful for this destiny changing experience with this program with my 5 year old son.

I have a 6 year old son who had some pretty significant delays due to liver disease. I never thought he would take off reading the way he has! He’s doing so well with your program he will not have to repeat kindergarten. We are so pleased with your reading program! And super excited our son gets to go into first grade all because his reading skills are so good! He’s a better reader than most of his friends his age who have never had delays or medical issues.

Zavier loved doing your program and I found it very easy to teach. His reading has improved so so much! After just 2 weeks his teacher noticed a difference and was asking me what we were doing at home! Before he started your program he was on a level 10 and has now progressed to level 17!!!!

– Amber & Marco, Australia


100% No Question Asked, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

After trying our program, if you’re not satisfied in any way, simply ask for a full refund within 60 days. You will receive a full refund with NO QUESTIONS ASKED!We can offer such an ironclad guarantee because of our absolute confidence in our program. You have absolutely nothing to lose here, and your child has everything to gain!

On the other hand, if you find our Children Learning Reading program to be an exceptional resource for teaching children to read, then I want you to send me your comments and testimonials. Tell me all about the tremendous progress your child has made towards reading, and how proud you are of your child’s wonderful achievements.

Your results may vary and the results described in the testimonials here are not claimed to represent typical results. All the testimonials posted here are real – from real parents, grandparents, and caregivers who have used the Children Learning Reading program to teach their children to read. These results may not be typical, and the learning to read results cannot be guaranteed for all children and parents. See our full FTC disclaimer here.

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Children Learning Reading Program – How to Teach Your Child to Read

Review of IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

Review of IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

Review of IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

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Review of IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

Product Name: IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

Click here to get IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby:

“You must know and take control over the environmental factors that determine the intelligence quotient (IQ) and the emotional intelligence of your child. You can take action to improve it!”

Are you a responsible parent that wants your child to be intelligent, healthy, happy and successful in life?

 If your answer is “yes” then this will be the most important website you will ever read. Let us show you how you can make all the differences for your baby, from conception to school.
The intelligence of a child is the result of several independent abilities, which are combined to contribute to his overall performance as an individual.
Heritability measures how much of that IQ variation is caused by genetics. Various studies, including an authoritative American Psychological Association report, have found the heritability of IQ to be between 0.6 and 0.8 in adults and 0.45 in childhood in the United States [1][2][3][4]. So, you could get 60% of your intelligence from your parents’ genes and the other 40% from environmental
influences in your formative years that may also contain the direct influences from your parents.

The intelligence (IQ) of a child begins before birth, with the education of the parents

This book is really only for those parents who want to make an extra effort on behalf of their children and who believe that their children are one of the highest priorities in life.


In order to improve the IQ in a baby, parents must know how they can positively influence each step in the development of the baby’s brain, even from conception, until the school age.

By knowing and understanding the genetic and environmental factors involved in the conception and the
development of the baby’s brain, as well as the understanding of how nutrition and the appropriate techniques for stimulation can positively influence your baby.
Parents will be able to improve their baby’s IQ.

The different types of intelligence:

General Intelligence
or ‘G’, defined as the capacity to solve abstract problems by rapidly integrating ideas to formulate (usually) one correct response. This involves the ability to limit a problem’s scope,
to come up with possible solutions and, to quickly identify the one best fit to solve a particular problem. 
The standard and most widely accepted method is by measuring a person’s “intelligence quotient” or called IQ

– Emotional Intelligence
(EI): This refers to an individual’s ability to
understand and to be aware of his own emotions, as well as
those of people around him. This ability enables the individule to
handle social interactions and relationships better

– Multiple Intelligences:

More recently, scientists dissatisfied with the traditional idea of a single
intelligence, and they postulated alternate the theories of “multiple
intelligences” – that is, intelligence is the result of several independent
abilities which are combined to contribute to the total performance of an
individual. Psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences
states that intelligence can be broken down into 8 distinct components: logical,
spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, naturalist, kinesthetic, musical and

IQ and intelligence might be dependent on the child’s growing environment, and specifically the quality and quantity of education
and stimulation that he receives


There’s tremendous variability in human intelligence, ranging from profound mental retardation to genius. In humans, the average IQ is between 90 and 109, which accounts for about half of the population. Only 25 percent of the population has IQs at 110 or above, and this number goes down rapidly as IQ increases: 10 percent has IQs 120 or above, 2 percent
is 130 or above, and less than 0.5 percent are at an IQ of 140 or above.

To see this fact in a
real perspective, people in the average range with an IQ score of about 100, are capable of earning a college degree. People in the 110-119 or “high average” IQ range are more capable of succeeding in professional activities that are more intellectually demanding – managers, lawyers and so forth. People in this range might have better memories, faster processing speeds and higher decision-making skills. When we go up to the “superior” range, an IQ score of 120 and above, that’s when you get into medical doctors, scientists, academics, engineers,

That isn’t to say that you can’t be a professor with an IQ of 100. In fact, you could very well be a great professor. It just means that it may be somewhat harder to attain this level of education than it is for someone with an IQ of 120. Other factors besides IQ also play significant roles in each of these careers, including interpersonal skills, creativity, opportunity, and so on.

National IQ averages

USA: 98,  Canada:97,  UK:100,  Germany:102, 
Japan:105 China:100, Rusia:96, Colombia:88, India:83,  Mexico:87,  Nigeria:67
   (Source: Wikipedia)

Research on the role of the environment in children’s intellectual development has demonstrated that a stimulating environment can dramatically increase IQ, whereas a deprived environment can lead to a decrease in IQ. A few such research studies are listed below.

As a typical American couple, if Dad’s IQ is 98 and Mom’s IQ is 102,
the future child would, in all probability, have an IQ
of 100 (+/-2). When the child is 6 years old, his IQ and intelligence will be largely dependent on the family and child’s environment, and specifically the quality and quantity of education that he receives.

So, if the child is raised
in a home with educated, lovely and devoted parents, with the right cognitive stimulation and the right nutrition, his IQ by te age of 6
could be in the range between 110-120, in the best case.

However, if
the child is raised in an average American family, with average education and medium income, but
without any interest and knowledge of early stimulation
(unfortunately they do not know this website), the child’s IQ at the age of 6, would probably remain in the same range of 98-102, in
the best case.

The American Psychological Association’s report “Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns” (1996) states that there is no doubt that normal child development requires a certain minimum level of responsible care.
Severely deprived, neglectful, or abusive environments must have negative effects on a great many aspects of development, including the IQ. Consequently, if a child is raised in a deprived environment (troubled
parents, malnutrition, alcoholism, etc), his IQ at the age of 6 could be lower, probably in the range
between 75-90. These results have been proven in several studies woldwide. They confirm that IQ is all but a fixed quantity.

If you want an intelligent child with the highest IQ, you need to go the extra mile ! 

How to change the environmental factors?

Since genetic factors are uneasy to be changed, we can work on environmental factors.Environmental factors responsible for our intelligence can be as high as
40%, and it is not too small a strength. When we talk about environmental factors that influence baby’s IQ intelligent development, we mean almost all of the things that can have effects on brain growth, and thus it is really
complicated. This is also the reason that parents are recommended to have better education before conception, since education background will help parents to understand the principle of complex brain growth.

Every single chapter of the IQ-Baby book will assist you to use all of the possible ways in daily life to improve different environmental factors, in order to stimulate brain
development towards better intelligence. For instance, before conception, a chapter will discuss about how to prepare you and your partner, and how to learn about the methods to know your exact ovulation date in each month. When you are certain about your ovulation
date, the content will further assist you to learn about how to preserve your partner’s sperm with higher numbers and better qualities. These knowledge and training will
actually improve and optimize the environment factors in your body towards the goal of an IQ baby.

After you are pregnant, some chapters will show you how to establish
a womb school at home with your partner. The methods and protocols are so simple and easy, and you can use what you already have at home, and there will be no expensive item to purchase necessarily for this purpose.

All you need to do is to follow the procedure step by step, and methods described in details will guide you through the whole pregnant period, from the first trimester to the last one. These methods will enhance the environmental
factors in your womb to bring you a baby with better intelligence and health conditions.

Another chapter of the IQ Baby book will guide you through the delivery process smoothly, to protect the baby that you and your partner have spent years to prepare for, and 9

-1/2 months of hard work to take care of. It will show you what you need to do to prepare yourself for the delivery, and how many choices you may have to choose a certain delivery way that fits you the best. It also tells
you what you need to know and prepare at home for the home coming baby, and in delivery center of the hospital of your choice.

After the baby’s birth, a chapter will show you how to take this chance to initial an infant education as the earliest stage after birth, to ensure that the results of your hard work will be fully preserved and developed further in your
baby’s early life. And another chapter will help you to explore the math learning, which is considered one of the most difficult and boring learning processes for most of the kids in North America. The purposes of these chapters are to modify the
environmental factors in the earliest life of your baby to help the further development of IQ intelligence.

If we can’t change genes and genetic factors (DNA, etc) inherited by your child…. what can we do in order to get the best results from the nature and improve the baby’s future IQ?

Besides the idea of finding a partner with intelligent genes, it is found recently that there are other ways to change the genetic factors that have impact on IQ development, which was thought impossible in the past decades. We
have learned within the past few years that our genes can be modified by many simple ways, and one of the most accessible ways is through food consumption.

Our bodies are built up of proteins that are made by our genes, when proteins are made according to genes, it is called gene expression meaning that genes are expressing themselves as the forms of proteins.
And thus different genes make various proteins to build different parts of the body, from muscles, teeth, hairs, to brain cells.

“Although we can’t change the structure of genes, it is now possible to change the way our genes work, food, exercise, stress and our emotions can all switch genes on or off”
says Dr. Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London. The information tells us express is up to us, our behaviors and what we eat will determine at least partially the buildup of our bodies and our brains, especially
in a sensitive stage like early life of a baby.

For example, a study published on a journal called FASEB (the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology), conducted
by Dr. Mihai Niculescu from Nutrition Research Institute at the University of North Carolina, showed clearly that diet prior to pregnancy alters mothers’ DNA and passes these changes along to their offspring in mice, and subsequently change the metabolism
within the bodies of the pups.

This means that when a pregnant woman takes in diets before and after her pregnancy, it will have chances to change her gene expressions as
proteins, and during this time, one of the most important gene expressions -the fetus, will be possibly changed and modified. For instance, folic acid, as one of the recommended vitamins to be taken for pregnant women, can prevent birth defects, because it
can switch off hundreds of genes that may cause problems to a newly forming baby.

Besides food diets, vitamins and other nutrients, other factors like exercises, emotions and stress, are all potential factors that will be able to change gene expressions and protein forms during pregnancy. You should be aware of all of these factors, and try
your best to provide ideal environment and conditions for your future baby.

Click Here to Order
Your IQ-Baby book

This book IQ-Baby book is going to consider all of the factors, like food diet, nutrients, emotions,
stress and exercises, to design a practical plan fitting to most of your needs before and after your pregnancy, as well as to offer educational strategies for your baby during your pregnancy and after your baby’s birth. When you read this book, you will find
out the myth and tricks of all of these amazing and effective methods, advices, and protocols that you are looking for. They are simple and easy to be understood, and ready for your use.

In an ideal world, the future parents should be properly educated and they should have all the full information with regards the process of conception, gestation, stimulation, nutrition, motivation, etc. before starting the natural process of gestation and pregnancy.

As a matter of fact, men would rarely want to go see any physician to discuss conception. Your ideas and suggestions to your man could be the only chance that your partner has to gain this knowledge.

“Mother Nature has plainly not entrusted the determination of our intellectual capacities to the blind fate of a gene or genes; she gave us parents, learning, language, culture and education to program ourselves with.”
(Ridley, 1999, p. 77)

The rule #1 to have an intelligent baby is to find an intelligent partner. If you did not have chance to meet an intelligent partner you still have hope: you should just carefully read every chapter of this IQ-Baby book

You must be aware that
the information about popular things suchs as conception, pregnancy,
intelligence, stimulation, nutrition, etc, can be found in several books, magazines, videos and websites. But, the question is –
do you really get the time to source the information?

The funny part of pregnancy is that the majority of women out there do not even know where to look for the information. The
even funnier part is that they have absolutely no idea what exactly they are
looking for!. So, what are you still waiting for?

Stop investing your valuable time in locating the answer for each of your doubts.
Forget your worries and leave them to us. Just concentrate on planning how to welcome your angel in your life

If you don’t take action today, you risk nothing. But your child may have to pay for your inaction. In the rest of his or her life.

Your actions could make a difference in whether your kid ends up as a cashier at Walmart, becomes a successful doctor
or engineer. How much is that worth to YOU?

Don’t miss this opportunity. If you do not take action now, you will probably lose the chance to improve the IQ of your child, for ever!. If you do not take action now,
chances are that you will NEVER find this website again !!

Basically we can define the term intelligence as the ability to reason abstractly, to learn quickly, to adapt and apply knowledge to manipulate your environment, as well as the capacity for original and productive thought.

If you are planning to have a baby, you are currently pregnant or you have a little baby, you need to learn how to give your child something that you will never again be able to give!


There is no period of time more crucial and important in the life of a human being in which the mother has in her hands and chooses the opportunity to influence positively (or negatively as well) in the formation of the structure of the brain of her baby and therefore to directly influence his/her future intelligence and IQ during the period of the pregnancy.

Thousands of women out there want to have smart and healthy babies, but they do not even know where to
look for. The even funnier part is that they have absolutely no idea what exactly they are looking for!

A well-planned conception will result in a baby with higher intelligence quotient (IQ) when compared with a casual and unplanned conception. Your family doctor or physician will not necessarily tell you about these points because these are not their jobs, or are not within their professional field.

Medical doctors, including gynecologists, do not learn anything of these in their medical school years, because the main purposes of medical school training are for fighting health problems and diseases, but not for training of assisting parents to have healthy babies with higher IQ!

As a matter of fact, men would rarely want to go see any physician to discuss about conception, and they simply just won’t. Your ideas and helps to your man could be the only chance that your partner may be able to learn about the knowledge. By reading this e-book you will understand how important it is to keep your partner’s sperm in the best condition and maximum number possible.

Children are getting smarter every day. In the 1980s, a scientist James Flynn, realized that IQ is increasing in all countries most of the time, at an average rate of about 3 IQ points per decade.
Specialists suggest that children today live in an environment with visual stimulation richer than the past, and with more educated parents.

Life is an intelligent competition from the beginning. Every day, 350,000 babies are born over the world. Every day there are less resources and more people on the planet. Help your baby to
build the best possible brain that he could during your pregnancy!

There have been numerous studies conducted to investigate the role of the environment on a child’s intellectual development and all of them have concluded that a child’s IQ can be negatively or positively affected by
the environment. In fact, they suggest that a stimulating environment will impact positively on
the intellectual development.

Parents spend an absolute fortune on educational toys for their children, yet there is nothing more important, that you will ever do in your child’s life, than to help him build the best possible brain that he can during your pregnancy.

IQ is strongly related, probably more so than any other single measurable human trait, to many important educational, occupational, economic, and social outcomes.

We are selling this IQ-Baby book of on affordable price because we really want to help as many people as possible, including those who would not be able to afford it
for a higher price. After all, every baby should be healthy, highly intelligent and naturally gifted!

As a parent, you must know about how to help your baby develop higher emotional intelligence after birth.

Baby’s health and intelligence is interconnected, you can’t improve one without improving the other.

Research on the role of the environment in children’s intellectual development has demonstrated that a stimulating environment can dramatically increase IQ , whereas a deprived environment can lead to a decrease in IQ.

Intelligence-IQ varies negatively (decreasingly) in babies and children with at least 10 significant factors from the family and social environment. Learn about these significant factors and take control of many of
these factors.

Intelligence-IQ varies positively (increasingly)
in babies and children with at least 16 significant factors from
the family and social environment. Learn about these significant
factors and take action in benefit of your

Many parents spend thousands of dollars in educational toys because they think that expensive toys make children smarter. Educational toy may help just a little.
A recent study compared university students with same aged individuals from a third world country that never had access to any educational toys. The
university students scored no higher on the tests.

The intelligence, the self-confident and the education of a child begin ten years before birth, with the education
and the right decisions of the parents.

Don’t let this opportunity go by, you do not want to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life and wonder what might have been

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Learn
” ~  Mark Twain

IQ Baby

book- Table
of Contents

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody else has though!

Dr. Julie Harvard  is a
recognized author with rich backgrounds of pediatrics, genetics, molecular biology, gene therapy, and many other fields.
She lives in Los Angeles, California

Her rich backgrounds and professional knowledge give this book a solid basis. And when combined with her personal ideas and experiences, it produces a perfect book of guidance for any parent who wants to raise an intelligent child.
Dr Harvard is the author of several academic articles and reports about
pregnancy, children, pediatrics

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IQ-BABY, Improve the Intelligence Quotient IQ of Your Baby

Review of The Five Minute Sleep Method

Review of The Five Minute Sleep Method

Review of The Five Minute Sleep Method

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Review of The Five Minute Sleep Method

Product Name: The Five Minute Sleep Method

Click here to get The Five Minute Sleep Method at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Five Minute Sleep Method:

NOTE: This simple method works extremely FAST… in as little as 3 days you can expect your baby to be falling asleep quickly AND sleeping through the night!  PLUS you can use it on toddlers and older children too!

And I’m about to reveal my secret “Five Minute Sleep Method” to get your baby to fall asleep quickly, on their own, and to sleep all night long… all in as little as three days.  

I’m talking about a method so powerful it literally reprograms your baby’s “internal clock” to sleep on schedule every night…

Without leaving your baby to cry for long periods, and without having to rock or feed them to sleep.

This easy-to-follow method effortlessly trains your baby to resettle themselves and quickly fall back to sleep if they wake (without your intervention)…

And the best part is your baby will now wake up well rested, happy and healthy (and YOU will be, too!)…

It truly doesn’t matter if right now your baby will only get to sleep by rocking or feeding, or you honestly feel you’ve tried absolutely EVERYTHING…

This simple solution works no matter how many bad sleep habits have been created… and no matter how dire your situation has become.

Imagine how amazing it will feel to put your baby down to nap and have them instantly drift off into a deep peaceful sleep…

Imagine being able to take all the lost hours back so you can finally enjoy quality time with your partner without the nagging stress that your baby will wake all night…

I realize it may sound almost unbelievable that in as little as three days you can have your baby sleeping the moment their head hits the pillow, yet I promise you this all possible…

How do I know this Five Minute Sleep Method works so well?

Because I used it myself to get my baby to fall asleep on cue each and every night… 

And listen, I understand it is easy to blame yourself for your baby’s sleep issues, but you must realize, it’s NOT your fault…

And it is actually easier than you could ever imagine to get YOUR baby to quickly fall asleep, and sleep soundly through the night… (I’ll tell you the shocking reason WHY in just a moment)…

My name is Alice, and I’m not a paediatrician or a doctor with a fancy PHD.

In fact I am just a regular mom who hit breaking point struggling to get my baby boy to sleep…

…Until I discovered the Five Minute Sleep Secret which changed EVERYTHING for me and my family.

And in order to show you just how powerful and effective this method really is, I need you to share with you my short, personal story…

Here’s what happened…

When I had my first baby I was filled with joy, love and pride. The first couple of weeks were tiresome, but I enjoyed it all the same.

I had always imagined how fantastic being a parent would be, and so far it was living up to my every expectation…

However, after the first few weeks of having a baby who often fell asleep in my arms, and was easily transferred to his bassinette, my world came crashing down…  

…My precious little boy would NOT sleep!  

I used to dread the nap and evening routine, knowing what was to come.  

I would spend HOURS trying to get my baby to sleep, as my own fatigue grew…

I was in constant pain from rocking him to sleep, and I was spending hundreds of dollars on chiropractor and osteopath appointments in an attempt to fix my back… which was so sore from bending over the crib and all the constant bouncing, rocking, and swaying.  

After I would finally get him to fall asleep I too would crawl into bed, my head would hit the pillow, and then he would wake again!  

My marriage was suffering.

My husband and I were bickering. Arguing over the methods we were using to try to get him to sleep, and fighting over little things simply because we were so tired and frustrated and we were taking it out on each other.

Our relationship was at breaking point.  

And to make things even worse, it seemed as though many of my close friends who had babies didn’t seem to have any problems with getting their little ones to sleep.

Their babies appeared to be sleeping through the night already without any trouble.  

I felt like a failure, like a bad mom… as if I wasn’t cut out for this parenting gig. I wanted to give up.  

I spent more money visiting doctors, thinking there must be something they could do to help me with my baby’s ‘sleep problem’… only to be told that it would just take time and eventually he would sleep on his own.

This was of no help. I was at my rock bottom and couldn’t just wait for the problem to fix itself!

So, that’s when I took matters in to my own hands…

I read countless books, online blogs and studies, and began scouring the piles of confusing information for anything I hadn’t already tried.

The problem I found with the so called ‘baby sleep gurus’ is that they suggested that I leave my baby for long periods of time, alone, crying. This didn’t sit well with me.

I wanted my baby to know that I was there for him, not abandoning him.

I even read one technique that tells parents to place their baby down and not return until the morning no matter how much screaming they do – which I am sure you’ll agree is horrible for both parent and baby.  

And then there were the specialists… I found that often paediatricians, psychologists and other medical professions have a tunnel vision view in their approach to sleep training methods and ideas – and many don’t even have children!

In frustration, I started interviewing as many mothers as I could find… some of whom were in my predicament, and others who were blessed with ‘good’ sleepers from the start.

I drilled them about everything they did (and didn’t do) when putting their babies down to sleep…

And soon, one thing became clear from my research…

I discovered that babies don’t just fall asleep; they actually need to be taught how to sleep.

But, what was the best way to teach them something that we as adults do so naturally? It seemed that none of the research had a clear answer…

And it wasn’t until several more frustrating, tearful, and back-breaking weeks later, that suddenly an IDEA came to me…

I had a fantastic feeling about it, and couldn’t wait until the evening to try it out with my son…

The first night was my practice run, and it went better than expected…

The second night I was blown away – was this too good to be true?

The third night my baby fell asleep within minutes – and slept through the night!

The joy I felt was overwhelming! I actually felt my life falling back into place literally overnight.

Everything was changing for the better. I was happier; and my baby boy was a joy to be around.

My husband looked forward to coming home after work each evening…

My husband and I had more energy and enthusiasm to put into parenting… my back pain was greatly reduced… and our house was once again filled with happiness and laughter…

And instead of fighting about sleep training, now my husband would pull me close and almost smother me with gratitude every night for finally finding a solution to our never-ending problem.

Because much to our delight, this secret method was working automatically each and every night for our little boy, without fail…

Yet, even though all of these changes were so amazing, a little voice in my head couldn’t head but think…

…Was this just a fluke?

I decided to share this little known secret method with a couple of other struggling mothers from my antenatal classes, to see if it would help… And to my amazement, it worked like a charm for them, too!

I couldn’t have imagined it would be this easy to fix my baby’s sleep problems.

So after my own success and the wonderful success of a few of my close friends, I decided to share this incredible solution with others.  

First, I shared it with a tired and struggling mom named Dawn…  

Dawn had been struggling for 6 months with lack of sleep.  

Her baby girl would drift off to sleep after around 30 minutes of help from Dawn, but then would wake suddenly after only 15 minutes of sleep. This would happen over and over again throughout the night, leaving her exhausted and drained.  

But once she used my Five Minute Sleep Method, her baby immediately began falling asleep on her own, and slept all night long. Dawn and her baby were finally getting the sleep they craved and needed.  

Now Dawn had her evenings back to spend with her husband, and her days had so much more structure and enjoyment. Their entire family was benefiting from these amazing results.

And I couldn’t have been happier to know that I had helped another struggling mom.  

Next, I shared my Five Minute Sleep Method with Angie.  

Angie had a nine month old girl who relied on a pacifier to fall asleep.

She could be placed in her crib, with pacifier in mouth and would close her eyes – only to have them pop again after about 10 minutes when the pacifier fell out!  

So Angie would have to race back in to the bedroom and place the pacifier back in her mouth, over and over again.  

And this wasn’t only happening at the beginning of the evening when her daughter was first getting to sleep… This was happening multiple times throughout the night. Back and forth and back and forth, placing the pacifier in again and again.  

It got so bad that Angie pulled a mattress into her baby’s room and lay next to the crib so that it wasn’t as far to go in the night when she was tending to her baby’s pacifier.  

But when Angie tried out my Five Minute Sleep Method, the results absolutely blew her mind. She too was seeing fast results, and her baby was now falling asleep on her own and resettling herself during the night, without the pacifier!

It was literally life-changing for Angie and her family.  

After these truly outstanding results, I knew I had to get this method to more parents.  

I decided that the best way to share this method with as many parents as possible who were experiencing the same frustration and suffering I went through, was to put together all of the techniques and tips I discovered into a unique one-of-a-kind system…

The Five Minute Sleep Method:

The Fast & Easy Solution To All Your Baby & Toddler Sleep Issues

I have done all the hard work so you don’t have to….  

In this exclusive and eye-opening program, I will show you how to teach your baby how to fall asleep on their own, giving them the ability to then resettle themselves during the night…

This step by step program will enable you to sleep better, feel better, and cope better with parenting demands… and you will have a healthy, happy, rested baby!

You will disover my unique sleep method which, unlike many other ‘sleep training’ manuals out there, doesn’t require you to leave your baby upset and unnattended for extended periods of time.

And as well as learning how to teach your little one how to fall asleep quickly, on their own, and all night long, you’ll also learn so many other crucial sleep related tricks that I have tried and tested with the most amazing results!

Here’s just a glimpse of what you are going to discover in my program…

I’ll share with you a hugely important discovery that affects all sleep timing issues called the Gap Effect.

Now, you’ll never have to worry about whether you are putting your little one to bed too early or too late… premanently eliminating the confusion of guessing if your baby is under-tired or over-tired.

Now, you’ll always be on the mark for timing each and every nap and night sleep.

Next, do you suspect that wind or gas is a problem for your little one, causing them to become upset and unsettled?

Then worry no more, because my unique Merry-Go-Round Technique will leave your baby smiling and much more comfortable.

Next you will learn how to gradually ease your baby out of sleeping in a swaddle using my Ladder Technique…

Knowing when the right time to stop swaddling can be confusing, but my technique ensures that your baby isn’t unswaddled too soon, and that after you do stop swaddling they continue to feel safe and secure drifting off to sleep.

Next, are you constantly trying to figure out why your baby is crying and how to settle them?

I will give you an incredible ‘sixth sense’ guide that will allow you to know why your baby is crying and exactly what to do to settle them within minutes.

This will give you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you are doing right by your baby every time.

Next, you will learn all of the cutting-edge scientific research you need to know about how babies sleep, how much sleep they need, and why we need to TEACH them to sleep (you will be AMAZED at what you find out!)

Next, do you wish that your baby or toddler would ditch their pacifier? But are you worried about making their sleeping habits even worse?

Well, you’ll love my Haircut Method, which makes the pacifier weaning process simple and fuss-free, and you’ll never have to get up in the night to replace a lost pacifier ever again!

Next, are you exhausted from the constant early wake ups and late bedtimes?

Do you want to learn the secret to getting your baby or toddler to sleep on time, no matter the season or changes to Daylight Saving?

Simply open to page 82 and I will guide you through it!

Next, White Noise is a great tool to help in the process of teaching your little one to fall asleep, but are you tired of running the batteries dead on your phone or iPod to play it?

I have the simple solution – with my no-fuss Dimmer Technique.

Next, are you struggling to know when your little one needs to drop a naptime and how to make this transition?

The answer is actually very simple and I will reveal the secret inside this program, so that your baby stays well-rested during the day, while sleeping effortlessly throughout the night.

Next you will learn how to easily transition your toddler from a crib to a bed using my Staircase Method.

There comes a time when your toddler needs to move on from their crib to make way for a younger sibling, or because they are simply getting too big to be lifted in and out (and I know how much back pain this can cause!)…

I’ll show you how to make this transition seamless and they will be happily staying in their big new bed all night long.

Can you imagine how your life is going to change when you don’t have the hassle, stress and worry of getting your little one to sleep anymore?

You are going to feel like a Super-Mom, getting your confidence back by being able to tell your friends and family that your baby is sleeping through the night.

In fact, I’m sure as a Mom you’d agree this is a total bargain as you truly can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep…

After all, I understand what it is like to be struggling financially after going from two household incomes to one…

So I have done everything in my power to keep the costs as low as possible for this amazing program and make it even more affordable and risk free for every parent out there…

Simply click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to take advantage of this incredible deal and get IMMEDIATE access to The 5 Minute Sleep Method!

(You will be guided through the 100% secure check out process, where you can review your order and pay by credit card, debit card, or even PayPal).

Members Download Access provided by Sold by Clickbank, one of the World’s Most Trusted Online Retailers.

You’re probably thinking ‘this is all too good to be true’, but don’t think about it for too long as I’m not sure that my accountant will allow me to keep this low price forever!

And you can be assured that there is literally NO RISK for you in trying this program with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Yup, that’s right – you are 100% covered and have nothing to lose.

You can place your order, try this program and see for yourself how life-changing it can be.

If you don’t agree that it is the most simple, fast and effective solution to your baby and toddler sleep issues then send me a quick email and I will give you a full refund – no questions asked.

I want to help change your life for the better and I’m so confident in The Five Minute Sleep Method Program that I’m sure you’ll never want to send it back.

Rest Assured That You Have My 100% Money Back Guarantee… So You Are Completely Covered, No Matter What

60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try The Five Minute Sleep Method

for yourself for 60 days.

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied,

simply email me for a no-hassle 100% refund

Author & Co Founder of Five Minute Sleep Solution

I want you to feel confident about purchasing The Five Minute Sleep Method today, so I have put in a 60 day money back guarantee to ease your mind.

You will get the system for a full 60 days with absolutely no risk to yourself.

You can take it home, test it out, go through the kick-start workbook, listen to the audio files… and see for yourself the effect it has had on your life… two months down the track. Once you have started using my methods, I’m confident that you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if for some reaons you’re not totally ecstatic with The Five Minute Sleep Method and the results you’re getting, rest assured that you won’t be out one cent. Just send me one quick email and I will refund your payment… Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Let me make your decision even easier…

If you sign up today you will also receive THREE FREE BONUSES!!

Your first bonus is a video interview with a professional Personal Trainer specialising in pre and post natal care, fitness and nutrition. Jo will give you helpful and practical advice on how to stay happy and healthy to be the best parent you can be.

Stress Relief – A Guide For Parents of Young Children

We all want to be calm, positive parents for our little ones, but it can be hard with all of the challenges that parenting brings. This comprehensive guide will give you the tools you need to deal with day-to-day stresses you face.

Potty training is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be torture! In this potty training handbook, you’ll get handy hints and expert tips on how to toilet and night train your little one in no time at all.

Before & After Baby Audio Interview

Stress Relief for Parents

So let’s do the simple math and add this all up so you can see for yourself what a great deal you’re getting:

This is truly an amazing deal for such a comprehensive package.

I understand that by saying YES, I’ll get the Five Minute Sleep Method, PLUS your THREE added special bonuses

 I am thankful for your generous 60-day guarantee which makes my decision to start the Five Minute Sleep Method that much easier!

Please note that the package image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Members Download Access provided by Sold by Clickbank, one of the World’s Most Trusted Online Retailers.

Like me, you now have a choice to make…

Simply click on the link above and you’ll get instant access to the full program and your 3 exclusive bonuses.

Us parents are all super busy, so to make it super simple to go through the program when you have the time, you can simply download the files on to your phone, laptop, or iPad and then read on the go.

Once all of your baby and toddler sleep issues are resolved, just imagine how on top of the world you are going to feel getting your life back on track.

But you must take action now…

5 Reasons Why You Should Order My FIVE MINUTE SLEEP METHOD Right Now:

I think you know how life-changing this is going to be for you…

I’ve been through all of the sleepless nights, constant fatigue and back pain, and horrible feelings of failure as a mother, too…

But this is your one chance to turn that all around… so please, please let me do that for you.

Take advantage of this incredible offer right now and you will NEVER look back!

I look forward to getting an email from you, telling me about your amazing baby sleeping success 🙂

Founder of “The Five Minute Sleep Method”.

P.P.S. If you don’t order The Five Minute Sleep Method to solve your baby’s sleep issues right now, how will you get back the sleep, health, and time with your partner you NEED… not to mention the enormous benefits for your baby?

P.P.P.S. You have nothing to lose by ordering The Five Minute Sleep Method, no matter what country you’re in. Remember you are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy with the course, send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I’ll issue you a full refund.

I understand that by saying YES, I’ll get the Five Minute Sleep Method, PLUS your THREE added special bonuses

 I am thankful for your generous 60-day guarantee which makes my decision to start the Five Minute Sleep Method that much easier!

Please note that the package image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Members Download Access provided by Sold by Clickbank, one of the World’s Most Trusted Online Retailers.

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The Five Minute Sleep Method

Review of Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources

Review of Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources

Review of Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources

Click here for bigger image

Review of Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources

Product Name: Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources

Click here to get Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources:

ALL Publications on this site can be:

IMMEDIATELY DOWNLOADED(see each individual publication for the secure Order Form at the end)


There are 330 total pages, divided into eleven different sections, that can be viewed and printed individually. You will not be rushed— you will be able to return to the Download Site over and over to view or print the information as you need it (including any new information that is added). THIS PUBLICATION IS DIVIDED INTO THREE CHAPTERS: (1) Everything You Need To Know About Child Custody and Child Support In Canada (2) Specific Help For MEN or WOMEN Involved in a Child Custody Case (3) Custody Cases and Legal Summaries In Canada.[CLICK TO READ MORE]

Get recommendations for the right lawyer. (From your family lawyer, friends, bar association, etc.)

Make a list of the other person’s weaknesses. The other person is usually your spouse or former spouse, but may be grandparents, foster parents, siblings, or even the State.

Make a list of the other person’s strengths. This is really important, it is too easy to concentrate on the other person’s weaknesses and what they do wrong–here we want you to list what they do right.

Make a list of your strengths.

Make a list of your weaknesses. Be honest. Only you and your lawyer will see the list.

List the strengths in your present position from the view of the judge: job, economics, help from parents, etc.

List the strengths of the other person in his or her present position.

Decide if you should be the first to initiate the suit.

Decide if you should try to settle-the case.

Write out a Draft Custody Plan. List everything that you want as if you will be able to get everything that you want—you won’t get everything but making this list is a good start.

Make a list of the negotiable points in your Draft Custody Plan:

Decide if you should start negotiating with the other person.

Make a list of your bargaining chips.

Decide if you should work out a temporary custody plan with the other person.

Find out what criteria your family court looks at when awarding custody.

Find out if your judge has specific prejudices. (Blond hair, women or men, successful women, athletic looking men, etc.)

Find out if the other person is using alienating strategies.

If the other person is using alienating strategies, put into effect a plan to counteract these strategies.

Decide if the other person may make false allegations in court. What would they be?

Decide how to refute any false allegations.

Make a list of witnesses that you have to refute potential allegations.

Write down, for each witness, how they should dress and act in court.

Decide how you should act in court.

Choose the clothes you will wear in court.

Decide if this is the right time to start dating.

Decide if this is the right time to move in with your new significant other.

Make a list of the marital assets.

Include in the list when each asset came into the marriage.

Include how each asset came into the marriage.

Calculate how much insurance is in-force that would go to you and your child.

Calculate how much insurance you and your child actually need.

Write down the education plans for your child and yourself

Make a list of your future potential earnings.

Think about what could happen to increase or decrease your future earnings potential.

Make a list of the other person’s estimated future income.

Write down any special earnings potential of the other person.

Decide if your child is being bribed.

If yes, decide on a course of action to counteract these bribes.

Make a list by subject of the important things you have not told your lawyer. You don’t want any surprises in court. List arrests, bankruptcy, affairs, fights–everything!

Consider if there is a sickness or disability to be considered.

Make a list of any of the ways that you can help control legal costs.

Decide what to do if the other person wants to relocate.

Decide if you may want to relocate, now or later.

Decide if you need a Custody Evaluation to help your case.

Hire the right evaluator? Get recommendations from your lawyer, friends, etc.

Decide if the other person is trying to “get your goat.”

Consider how it would help the other person if you did get angry.

We wish you well,

Dr. Barry Bricklin and Dr. Gail Elliot


~~ Dr. Elliot is Head, Child Development and Family Processes Research, Bricklin Associates, the Vice Chair of the Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators and a psychologist in private practice. She has served as a consultant to public and private schools and coordinated multidisciplinary treatment plans. She was responsible for devising for Bricklin Associates an information-processing oriented educational therapy technique and a comprehensive college entrance service for children with serious motivational problems and low self-esteem problems.
~~Dr. Elliot authored a chapter on post-divorce research for The Custody Evaluation Handbook (Brunner/Mazel) and co-authored Parent Perception of Child Profile (PPCP), a widely used custody evaluation instrument. She was responsible for much of the research behind the Bricklin custody instruments, and is co-author with Dr. Bricklin of ACCESS (A Comprehensive Custody Evaluation Standard System) a start-to-finish procedure for conducting a comprehensive custody evaluation. In late 1997 Dr. Elliot co-authored, with Dr. Bricklin, The Bricklin/Elliot Child Custody Evaluation Home-Vist Booklet and authored Assessment of Parenting Skills: Infant and Preschooler (APSIP)

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Top Child Custody Site Offers Free Resources

Review of RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image |

Review of RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image |

Review of RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image |

Click here for bigger image

Review of RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image |

Product Name: RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image |

Click here to get RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image |

Is Your Teenage Daughter Experiencing Self-Esteem And Body Image Issues?

Finally We Have The Solution To Help You Parent Her Through Her Self-Esteem Issues And To Improve Her Confidence!


Brand New! The ultimate solution to help you parent your teen daughter through self-esteem issues and to improve her confidence!

Relate and Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image


From: Mary Bowman-Relate To Teens

Re: Brand NEW Self-Esteem & Body Image Book!

Teen girls struggle to maintain a positive self image in an image-focused society. This problem is growing more and more as teens are bombarded with media that portrays too-thin models and celebrities, with a constant message that all women need to look this way to be attractive and desirable.

The definition of beauty comes from mainstream society instead of from God, which results in girls being unhappy with the way they look and basing for their value and worth on these unreasonable standards.

As a parent, you see your daughter fight to be happy with herself and you want to be able help her.

Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can’t seem to make a difference, though. It can be hard to know exactly what to say and when to say it to have a positive impact. These are just a few of the many questions you may have…

After years of experience, research and talking to many teens and parents, we found the best ways to help build a teen girl’s self-esteem and body image by truly relating to her. We know secrets for how parents can have a real impact on their teen’s life with proven communication methods that teens agree with and an inside look at what teens are really going through. At last, you can take the right steps in improving your teen’s self-esteem!

As a parent you have a tremendous role in helping establish your daughter’s self-esteem.

You are not alone and neither is your daughter. But, if you don’t do something about this now it could lead to your teen becoming one of the 75% of girls with low self-esteem that engage in negative activities such as eating disorders, cutting, bullying, smoking, or drinking when feeling badly about themselves.

Relate is the guide your teen needs and Relate to Teens is your parenting guide. They can be used individually or together in a variety of settings to get the best results. Inside Relate To Teens, you will learn EXACTLY what your teen is experiencing and what she needs from you. At the same time, inside Relate, your teen will learn how to deal with her teen struggles and get advice on how to communicate with you. Included in BOTH books are “workbook” areas for thinking through important questions and journaling—essential for self-discovery and growth.

“RESPECT! It is all about respect! This book is incredibly helpful to parents of all teens, not just girls. The information is practical and thought provoking. I would recommend it to parents of all ages-with kids of all ages-to get a real feel for what your teens are going through, or will be going through, and what they need but may not necessarily show in direct ways. The exercises are well done and will help you to put yourself in your teen’s place. It really helps to take the confusion and embarrassment out of conversations with your teen.”

Read some excerpts from our books to see some of the advice, tips and insights we provide:

There is so much more inside. But the bottom line is, are you Ready To Take Action and make a promise to your teen that you are going to do everything you can to learn to relate to her? By following our approach in Relate To Teens you WILL have a better relationship with your teen, find it easier to communicate with her and understand what she is going through. Sound good? Well it is. And we can show you how.

The book states that one of the biggest influences on girls today regarding beauty is the media. I completely agree. The media has a way of making us feel like we are not worth anything if we do not conform to the image they portray. Often times the message they give us, is we have to look perfect or we will not be loved. That is a lie. I cannot begin to count the times I have felt negatively about myself, believing if I could just lose some weight, or get in better shape, or have a new outfit, I would feel better about myself. The truth is, once I did any of that I might have felt better for a little while, but it never lasted, eventually I still felt miserable. Because it’s what is on the inside that makes you who you are.

I encourage every girl parent and young girl to read this. You will be encouraged!”

I understand that I will get the complete Self-Esteem & Body Image series, which includes Relate: Self-Esteem & Body Image and Relate To Teens: Self-Esteem & Body Image.

Our complete Self-Esteem & Body Image series includes everything you need to parent your teen through this difficult issue!You’ll learn EXACTLY what your teen is facing, how you can communicate with her, how to build a strong relationship with her and much more. Adobe PDF File – Windows or Mac Compatible – You can use either Adobe Reader or Preview (both are Free Software)

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This quick guide will provide you with 8 tips that are important to learn and use when parenting your teen, regardless of the issue she might be going through. Use this as a daily reminder on what you can do to successfully parent your teen.

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Here’s to you and your daughter growing together! Just remember, our resources worked for many parents just like you – so I know they can work for you too! You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – you get to try it risk free for 60 days – and if you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever, you get your money back. It’s that simple!

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RTT Self-Esteem & Body Image |

Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

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Review of How To Build A Chicken Coop

Product Name: How To Build A Chicken Coop

Click here to get How To Build A Chicken Coop at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of How To Build A Chicken Coop:

Dear Fellow Chicken Farmer,

I still get mad when I think about my poor chickens…

You see, it’s about a year ago when I witnessed the Great Chicken Massacre in my own yard.  Just imagine how I felt…

It was a Sunday morning.  The sun was shining brightly, making for a perfect day.  And I decided to start this day by enjoying some fresh, delicious eggs from the hens I kept in my backyard.

Except there weren’t any eggs in the coop that morning. In fact, there weren’t even any chickens!  All that remained were bloody feathers scattered around the coop…

What happened?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Could have been wolves or coyotes.  Maybe stray dogs.  But I can say this for sure…

These Chickens Were Massacred in Cold Blood… All Because I Chose a Flimsy Chicken Coop That Couldn’t Protect Them!

That’s right, I tried to save a few bucks by purchasing the cheapest coop I could find. And my chickens paid for it with their lives.  But it would never happen again – and I want to make sure it never happens to you, either…

Listen, if you’ve shopped around for chicken coops, then you’ve probably already noticed those pre-built coops are expensive (at least the good ones are).  I’m talking thousands of dollars.  But even the partially built (pre-fab) coops can leave your wallet feeling pretty empty.

There’s a much cheaper way to keep your chickens healthy, comfortable and safe: Simply build your own backyard coop!

And it’s easier than you think — especially when you have the right step-by-step plans!  Think about it…

Just look at the benefits:

End result: You can enjoy the self-sustaining lifestyle of stepping out into your backyard any time you want to collect fresh, delicious, organic eggs from your own chickens!

And that’s exactly what you get when you download the “Make Your Own Chicken Coop” plans and instructions! 

Best of all, these are proven plans that will allow anyone to build a coop.  Let me explain…

You see, once I decided to build my own “tough as nails” coop, I enlisted the help of my best friend (he’s a carpenter).  He drew up the plans and told me what to do.  I got a little worried because he was too busy to help me with the actual construction. But it didn’t matter, because…

These instructions are so easy that I built a safe and sturdy coop in just a couple days by myself – and now you can too!

Listen, you’ve never seen anything like this guide before.  Not only do you get a written set of plans (so you can print them off and have them next to you while you build your coop), but you also get a video guide that shows you what to do at every step!

This is the ONLY set of chicken coop blueprints on the ‘Net that includes both written plans and an easy step-by-step, “no guesswork required” video guide!

What’s more, whether you need a coop for just a couple chickens or you want a mid-range coop that can hold up to 8 chickens, you’ll have everything you need when you download this guide today!

And best of all, you can build a coop even if you don’t know a thing about construction!  That’s because there’s:

No carpentry experience required!

No special skills or knowledge required!

No deep pockets or big budget required!

Step by step video instructions to accompany the chicken coop blueprints for both the starter coop and the mid-range coop mean that ANYONE can build a chicken coop with ease:

Listen, maybe you’re like Steven, who’s one of my satisfied customers.  He was about ready to give up on his idea of raising chickens until he found my chicken coop blueprints.  Just see how well my guide worked for him:


you for an awesome guide!


was nearly ready to give up on the

idea of a chicken coop as I have not really got the budget for a

brand new one.


your guide and decided to give it

a go, and I am delighted!


new coop looks great and the video

instructions made it super easy even for me. 🙂


again Dan.”


Willamson – UK

Or maybe you’re like William, who almost broke the bank buying an expensive chicken coop rather than building one. Boy is he ever glad he found this guide!  Look:


am not that good with D.I.Y jobs

and my wife told me not to bother with the guide and just buy a coop

out right.


am so glad I bit the bullet and tried

the guide!


me about 3 and a half days to

build the coop (that is outstanding for me!) and even got a smile

from my wife!


videos and I love my coop!


so much!”


Denner – U.S

Your chickens will love their new coop – and so will you!

Simple: Because it’s the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to build a coop that protects your chickens and keeps them comfortable!  Just look at what you get when you order now…

You Get the Complete Plans for Two Chicken Coops!

You Get Step-by-Step Written Plans and Video Guides – No Guesswork Required!

Don’t settle for written instructions where it’s easy for even a pro to make a mistake.  Order my guide today and you’ll get written plans and a video guide. That means there’s no room for error and you simply can’t fail… even if you don’t know a thing about carpentry!

You Get One-On-One Support (But I Bet You Won’t Need It)!

You can look around long and hard, but you won’t find anyone else offering a video guide.  That’s why these plans are so easy to follow.  And just to give you full confidence in these plans, I’m offering personal support.  You can rest assured that help is just a click away… even though you probably won’t need it!

Simply put, this is the “no fail” way to quickly and easily build your own backyard chicken coop!

By now you know this is the guide you’ve been looking for. But you have one question…

Let me put it this way: This is the best value on the web – especially when you consider this guide will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars since you don’t have to buy a pre-built coop!

Now here’s the thing:  others charge as much as a hundred bucks for their blueprints, but the plans are so confusing that you need to be an architect to decipher them.  No thanks!

My plans are different because I offer the only step-by-step video guide on the web!  Plus, these plans are so easy to follow that anyone can use them to build a coop (even if you don’t know a lick about carpentry). 

That’s right, for the cost of a chicken dinner for two you get the only video guide on the web that shows you how to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by building your own backyard chicken coop!

Steve Robertson from Georgia, U.S.A was so impressed he sent everyone a message about the guide:


player will show in this paragraph

Listen, that’s a steal even at twice the price. But just to make this offer an absolute “no brainer,” I’m going to toss in a free bonus if you order today…


included with your purchase of the

complete guide and videos you will get a FREE report that will show

you how to get started looking after your new chickens!


To Hatch Your Own Chicks!


will get the guide FREE with


purchase of the MakeYourOwnChickenCoop Guide and Videos so you have

everything you need to make your new chicks and coop a happy place!

Order now with confidence, because it’s risk free…

Now Anyone Can Make Their Own Backyard Chicken Coop – GURANTEED!

I am so confident that this guide will help anyone build their own starter or mid-range chicken coop that I am backing this product up with a full 60 day money back guarantee – no questions asked!

Go ahead and download this guide right now.  Read the plans and watch the video.  Then use these plans to build your own backyard coop.  If you’re not absolutely thrilled with these plans – if you’re not convinced that this is the best way to keep your chickens safe, dry and comfortable – just email me any time in the next 60 days to receive a prompt and cheerful refund!

It’s as simple as that, so order now because it’s risk free!

Anyone can use the guide – there is NOTHING technical in there at all!

You can get your copy of the MakeYourOwnChickenCoop guide in 3 easy steps:

Click HERE or the big yellow “Add To Cart” button at the bottom of the page.

The next page you see will look like this:

Enter your details and click “Pay now”.

You will be taken straight through to the members area where you can download the full guide and video and get started in the next 5 mins!

You don’t need any special computer to watch the video or read the guide and it will run on ANY computer!

Everything you need is in the members area!


be able to start building my chicken coop right away.


understand my purchase comes full support by email if I have any

questions or need any help at any time.


guide is PDF format that you can view instantly


it may be viewed on either PC or Mac. The video is in Quicktime format

that is a free download and works on both PC and Mac. Most web browsers

will do this

instantly, but if you have questions support is just a click away!


Started in the Next 5 Minutes – Even

if it’s 2 a.m!

P.S. Happy hens produce more eggs!  And nothing makes a hen happier than a warm, dry and safe coop. So order now to discover how to build your very own backyard chicken coop!

P.P.S.  Why pay thousands on a pre-built coop when you can build an even better one in just a few days with your own two hands?  Order now… because you can start building your coop right away!


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– Make Money!

| Win


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How To Build A Chicken Coop

Review of Product |

Review of Product |

Review of Product |

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Review of Product |

Product Name: Product |

Click here to get Product | at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Product | :

The Handy High Chair is a safe, durable, convenient and portable baby and safety harness. This perfect parenting accessory for children aged 4-36 months fits neatly into your bag so that when you’re on the move any chair can instantly be turned into your very own handy high chair.

Turn any chair into a Handy High Chair. Easily adjusted for all shapes and sizes of chair and baby. Use for babies and toddlers aged 4-36 months.

A brilliant parenting ‘must have’ when you’re travelling or having family days out. Lightweight and pocket sized. Other parents will be asking where you bought it.

Adored by busy parents all over the world!

Aimed at parents of children from birth to age 6. Make your parenting experience as stress free as possible with easy, concrete and evidence backed tips for you to understand and manage stress.

When parents manage stress, children do well. When children do well, parents feel less stressed.

Relieving stress has massive benefits for your family and builds stronger connections with your child.

Potty training can be hard work but it doesn’t have to be torture!

An inspirational and fun book about potty training. Breathe easy, relax and laugh while your child learns the art of using the potty.

Packed full of useful tips and fun stories. Who said it wasn’t going to be messy!

Send Me My FREE Handy High Chair Before They’re Gone!

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Product |

Review of Adult Guitar Lessons

Review of Adult Guitar Lessons

Review of Adult Guitar Lessons

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Review of Adult Guitar Lessons

Product Name: Adult Guitar Lessons

Click here to get Adult Guitar Lessons at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Adult Guitar Lessons:

Play Your First Song on the Guitar in

the Next Few Years, Months, Days!

Ready to get started?……..Read On…..

Why Adult Guitar Lessons?

Fast and easy video lessons

Over 100 lessons from beginner to intermediate

Unlimited one-on-one Email coaching

Learn to play songs from “our generation”

Guaranteed results, even if you’re a complete beginner!

…Like a refreshing breath of air…

would say your course is the best on the internet and your
communication is unbelievable! Your simplified diagrams and patient
video demonstrations are like a refreshing breath of cool air. If I can
help convince any fence sitters don’t hesitate to refer them to me.

Joe G. –  Auburn, New York

Dear Fellow Guitar Player,

Have you always wanted to play guitar but could never find the time? Like the rest of us,
you’re probably busy raising a family, working a job, finishing school
or chasing a career. You might even think you’re too old, or unable to
learn how to play.

You may have already tried to learn guitar only to become frustrated and disappointed.
Have you had problems with fingers that don’t want to co-operate, or
difficulty pressing down the strings to make chords sound “clear”, or challenges with strumming and getting the right “timing”?
Do you feel like your hands are just too small, or you’ll never be able
to stretch your fingers enough to play guitar? Have you tried guitar lessons designed for a “younger crowd”, that seemed geared toward kids – and taught by kids?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take heart, you’re in the right place! Read on…

Adult Guitar Lessons is available online only – no need to wait for shipping…Start your guitar lessons today!

My career as a professional guitarist has spanned more than 30 years. In that time, I have had the honor of sharing stages with many top name artists (Little Big Town, Wild Rose, Winger, Confederate Railroad,  Jason Aldean
and more), and spent many of those years touring the U.S. and Europe.
In addition, I have owned a successful music store, been a published
songwriter, and taught countless students how to play guitar.

Now, the reason I’m telling you this is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you, that anyone, and I mean anyone, can learn how to play guitar.

How Can I Make This Claim?

One thing you should know is that I did not
spend years studying music theory. I don’t have a degree in music or
any formal training, and I certainly wasn’t blessed with tons of
natural talent.

I learned to play guitar the hard way, learning songs off of vinyl records, stealing licks from other guitar players, and learning to play guitar by “ear” and by “feel” and by “pattern”. 

And you know the funny thing? I worked my butt off to teach myself the guitar without a “proper education”, but was still able to become an in-demand guitar player. 

And the fact is, if I can do it, so can you!

only have your classes been full of fun, but they are sooooo easy to
follow that anyone can learn from you.  You make the guitar fun, and
the songs easy to learn.  I have not been able to put my guitar down,
and the only draw back I have is there aren’t enough hours in the day
for practice.  Keith, you are a testament to easy learning.  Oh yeah,
and the most important thing of all, is you give personal feedback
which to me, is the best part of all.  I actually get to talk with you
as if you were teaching me personally.  Thank you for the opportunity
to really learn this instrument at my own pace.

Barb D. – Los Angeles, CA 

…In 4 days with you I’m now playing parts to three songs and one riff…

picked up a guitar five months ago and have been able to form chords
but was not able to play any songs. In four days with you I’m now
playing parts to three songs and one riff. I’m thrilled with my
progress and thank you dearly for your invaluable assistance. You have
renewed my dream of playing the guitar. Thank you.

Derrick G. – Toronto, Canada 

What’s the hardest thing about getting started on guitar? Sometimes it’s just a matter of breaking down and dispelling some common myths and misconceptions. See if any of these sound familiar.

Myth – You have to study music theory to get good on the guitar.

Fact – Some of the greatest guitar players of our generation never studied music theory or cracked open a music book. In fact, many never even took guitar lessons! Think… Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Clapton and more.

Myth – You have to practice scales over and over to be able to play lead guitar.

Fact – While a certain knowledge of scale “patterns” is important, learning how to mindlessly play scale notes up and down the neck has little to do with truly making music with your solos.

Myth –  You have to spend hours on repetitive guitar drills and exercises to teach your fingers how to play.

Fact – 
Any dog can be taught new tricks through repetition. Mundane drills and
exercises will make you a good robot, but will not necessarily turn you into a good guitar player.  

Myth –  You have to play really fast, to be really good.

– There is a fixation with today’s generation on playing guitar really
fast. It may be impressive from a mechanical point of view, but speed licks do not really “say” anything musically. Think…B.B King.

Myth –  You have to be in your teens or twenties to really learn how to play guitar.

– Younger guitar students are often unencumbered with raising families
and working, and as a result, have more time to practice and make
progress. Adult students, however, typically have more patience and are able to focus more closely on their studies. Progress may be slower, but the “quality” of the progress is heightened. 

Myth –  You have to take the latest “flashy” guitar lessons program designed for (and taught by) kids, to learn how to play guitar.

– A recent Gallup Survey showed that 59% of music makers are under 35
years old. As a result, most lesson programs target this age group.
Luckily, today you’ve discovered a guitar lessons program developed specifically for “our” age group, without the flash!

Grab your free copy of “7 Steps to Success on the Guitar” today! A full 21 pages packed with useful information and advice to get your guitar playing started off on the right foot – and it’s all free! (For a limited time)

You’ll learn these strategies and tips:

How to make the one key decision that can make or break your success

8 basic things you need to know about your guitar

Which specific chords you must learn first…and why

An approach to strumming that will make this crucial skill much easier

How learning shapes and patterns will speed your learning

A common mistake to avoid like the plague, and the one approach that’s proven to work

4 practical tips to get more fun and enjoyment from your playing

Plus – You’ll receive an exclusive subscription to our guitar players newsletter which includes

started tutorials – Free video lessons – Guitar tips, tricks &
shortcuts – Video lead guitar “Cool Licks” – Videos on how to play
songs, intros, and riffs – and much more!

Just fill in the form to the right and claim your copy today!

Let’s face it, there’s a ton of information out there on the web.  Free lessons, YouTube videos, blogs and advice. Some of it good, some not so good.

The problem is, bouncing back and forth from site to site, grabbing little bits of “this and that” along the way, is not going to take you very far on the guitar. In fact, it can easily lead to “information overload” resulting in anxiety and frustration.  

When many of my new guitar students started with Adult Guitar Lessons, they were self professed “Google Guitarists”, that could play little snippets, riffs and licks on guitar, but had no real firm grasp on guitar concepts, and were hard pressed to play a complete song from beginning to end!

Most of them had the desire to learn how to play guitar, they simply lacked “focus”.

…Finally Rockin’…at 59!…

I was about 12 I had visions of being a rock star like so many during
the time of the British invasion. As I got older, life got in the way,
and even though I thought of being that rock star I never was able to
pursue my dreams. My wife knew of my younger dreams and encouraged me
to start playing again which I did a little but I wanted to play the
guitar the right way, not struggle with trying to read music, learn the
chords, make the progressions from chord to chord without the
frustration. I started looking online for guitar lesson information and
found alot of sites,but none seemed to be in the business of teaching –
only selling – except one, Adult Guitar Lessons. I was a bit
apprehensive at first but I joined after being impressed with what the
site contained. It was so loaded with information and sharing, genuine
in a way that only a person that loves what he does is willing to give
to others that have the desire as well. I want to tell you I have enjoyed
every minute of my lessons and practice. I can’t wait to take another
lesson or practice every chance I get. I have slowed my lessons a bit
simply because I want to be good at playing guitar and want every note
to be as clear and beautiful sounding as it can be and the progressions
to be smooth. Who knows maybe now at 59 I am on my way to being that
rock star I only have been able to dream about. Since becoming
a member of Adult Guitar Lessons, I have talked to many people
interested in learning to play with the same story as mine, being told
to me, and trust me when I say I have recommended everyone of them to

Can you imagine how quickly you’ll be playing guitar by having someone who’s “been there”, literally reach out, take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do, and how to do it?

I would’ve given anything to have had a course like this back in the beginning. There’s no telling how much faster my career would have taken off.

The great thing is, you don’t have to wait. You don’t have to beat your brains out struggling to learn every note, lick, riff, chord and concept. I’m going to show you everything!

What’s more, I’m going to show you how easy and fun it can be to learn guitar…and how fast you can be playing. I’ll quickly teach you things on the guitar that literally took me years of hard work to figure out! Things like…

How to learn to play guitar by “ear” and by “feel”… the natural way

The few most important scale “patterns” that will unlock the mysteries to playing solos

How to learn songs from just listening to the recording

Shortcuts to identifying, and playing, any chord progression

Secrets to easily form chords anywhere on the guitar

…And you won’t have to devote hours upon hours to practice. With only 10 minutes or so a day you’ll be playing songs on the guitar by your favorite artists – in no time at all!

Are you a Beatles fan? How about Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, The Blues Brothers, Chuck Berry, The Animals, BTO, The Kinks, Dwight Yoakam, or Marshall Tucker?

Did you ever believe you’d be able to play songs on the guitar by all these (and more) top artists of our generation? 

…You will!…And Faster Than You Think!

Imagine the look on the faces of your friends and family as you’re jamming away on songs by many of these artists within your first 30 days on the guitar!

Many new guitar students encounter some challenges early in the game. Some even give up the guitar altogether in frustration, but that won’t be you. With this course you will learn how to overcome, with ease, some of the most common obstacles that face guitarists in the beginning.

• Never again struggle to form chords and make them sound clear

• Teach your fingers how to play notes with no string muting or fret buzz

• Learn strumming techniques that will have you sounding like a pro

• Improve your timing and master complex rhythms

• Change chords smoothly and seamlessly

• Learn the #1 secret to better barre chords

• Build hand and finger strength, and reduce forearm fatigue

…It Makes All The Difference!…

searched the net and after searching, found this site which for me was
easy to follow. I have all the lessons at my disposal, I can go as fast
as I want, even go back if I wish. Plus there are the individual emails
and videos. And because I have it installed on my net book, I take my
guitar and tutor with me wherever and whenever I wish.  Plenty of
encouragement from Keith when its needed, more like an old buddy than a
tutor, it makes all the difference.

Davey M. – Doncaster, England

Easier Every Time I Pick Up The Guitar…

Hi Keith,I’m
sending this to thank you for all of your professional help. When I
started with the guitar I didn’t think it was my thing to do. I went
on-line to find some help and I ran across your web-site for Adult
Guitar Lessons. It was not easy to get the chords to sound clear, but
with you available through email conversations I can now do the
C-A-G-E-D chords with no problem. Thank you so much for the

Precise, Direct Instruction…

Your course was just  what i was looking for. Precise, direct instruction with
excellent tab graphics, and a vibe from you that comes through that you are caring
and sincere and excited about teaching  us guitar. Thanx.

The one thing you must learn to play any chord, anywhere on the guitar

How to train your ear to hear any chord progression

How to use a simple 8 note pattern to figure out any chord progression, for any song

Learn to play a 12 bar blues progression in any key

The secret trick to playing a I, IV, V chord progression anywhere on the fret board

The hardest thing to overcome when learning guitar, and how to beat it

Uncover the mystery behind “Three Chords and the Truth”

How to “punch up the Dixie” in your Southern Rock songs

Discover the one absolute most important rhythm riff you will ever need to know on the guitar

Is playing the guitar something you have always wanted to do but never found the time to learn? Have you reached a point in your life where you’ve finally decided to do something about it? Maybe you want to learn how to play guitar so you can…

• Join a band and play on stage

• Become a songwriter and record your own music

• Play gigs as a solo performer

• Play with your church group or praise team

• Jam with friends in the garage

• Play songs for family and friends

• Play guitar for personal enjoyment, for therapy and stress relief

Whatever direction you want to go in, this course will give you all the guitar skills and resources you need to accomplish all of your goals and rise to any level you desire on the guitar! This is, quite simply…

In addition…Did you know that….

It has been known for a long time that listening to music can result in positive health benefits by reducing blood pressure, stress and feelings of pain.

But did you know that recent studies show that playing music has positive and lasting health benefits in older adults?

Learning to play guitar can
help with improved brain functions as shown by a Pennsylvania State
University study. When the brain is engaged in 60 to 75 minute sessions
of “exercise”, the results are improvement in mental processing and
reasoning skills, which can increase cognitive skills as much as 5
years later in older adults.

In another study (Music Making and Wellness Project), it was shown that a group of retirees that took music lessons experienced:

• Increasing levels of human growth hormone (hGH)

• Reductions in Depression

• Reduction in Feelings of Loneliness

We all know that playing guitar is fun, and is good for the “soul”. But now we know it’s good for your health as well!

.hmmessage P
font-size: 10pt;

Making My Dream Come True (at 58 years young!)…

Hi Keith, First off I’d like to thank you so very much for making my dream come
true. I always wanted to play guitar and try an be a good player like all my
friends. Well I think the way I’m going now I will get pretty good as I can
already play a number of country songs…To all you people who want to learn guitar at home and with all the help you
need by just sending keith a note, he will be right there to help you at all
times. Trust me , this is a great site if you really want to learn guitar. Good
luck to all. 

.hmmessage P
font-size: 10pt;

.hmmessage P
font-size: 10pt;
} P.S.- By the way I am 58 years young, I took Guitar lessons from two different
teachers around 25 years ago at different intervals but have learnt a great deal
more from Keith in this past month . Its because he takes his time and takes you
step by step through everything, he explains it all right to a tee. (way to go

…Making Learning Guitar Fun…

Thanks for making learning guitar fun, I like the way you cut to the chase and get alot going so it does not become boring.  I am 65 years young and enjoy spending time playing.  
Great lesson plan and you put alot on the plate, that way you can pick
what you want to learn and have funtime at it. I recommend this lesson
plan to anyone with interest to getting up and running fast, thanks

 …Personalized Touch…

 My opinion, I don’t think you could offer any better services than what you
already provide.  Your personalized touch and attention to specific question and
concerns is outstanding.  If I had a lot of money I would certainly recruit you
for your dedication and passion to run a company.

Renea, Madison, Wisconsin

Adult Guitar Lessons is offered in an online, multi-media format including over 100 video lessons. No more keeping up with books that get torn or dog eared, and DVD’s that can get lost or scratched.

Each lesson is supported with detailed written explanations, music charts, chord charts, TAB’s and color pictures.

Simply log in to your personal account, anytime (24/7), even if it’s 2:00am in the morning, grab your guitar and start your lessons.

Over 100 Video Guitar Lessons,
ranging from Beginner Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Lead Guitar and our
popular Cool Lick Series. We don’t just show you – all lessons are fully explained in detail.

Easy to read charts help you map out songs in a clear cut, simple to understand format.

Every guitar lick and riff is written out in Tablature (TAB) form, and explained in the videos

All chords are illustrated with diagrams and fingering instructions

Each lesson includes in-depth written explanations that compliment the videos

♦ Learn the right hand down stroke technique
♦ Learn the right hand up stroke technique
♦ Become familiar with the music staff and notation♦ Learn alternating down and up stroke pattern

Now that we know how to form the E chord we can begin working on learning strumming techniques.

Start by practicing down strokes as illustrated to the right. For now just work on getting smooth strokes with all 6 strings ringing clearly.

Do this slowly and keep a steady tempo to begin with and then you can gradually speed up.

Next we will work on up
strokes. Again, we are not too concerned with speed at this stage. Just
play them slow and at a steady tempo until you feel comfortable with
the movement.

Now we can put this all together! In the following example we will practice alternating between down strokes and up strokes.

Clearly demonstrating how to form chords and patterns

Extra bits of helpful information relating to each lesson

We will talk a lot about visualization
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• Rock & Blues Scale Patterns

• Locating Notes Quickly

• 12 Bar Blues Progressons

•I, IV, V Chord Progressions

• Pentatonic Minor Scales

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