Review of RMAX Clubbell 5×5

Review of RMAX Clubbell 5×5

Review of RMAX Clubbell 5×5

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Review of RMAX Clubbell 5×5

Product Name: RMAX Clubbell 5×5

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Description of RMAX Clubbell 5×5:

Alberto Gallazzi, bodyguard to heads of state, Hollywood superstars, and fashion icons, proved to be far more than a strong shield. After many years of preparing teams of protection agents to replace him and protect some of the world’s highest profile individuals, he demonstrated that he was a master coach as well. Accompanying me from one nation to the next, in all levels, from special operations units to high security clearance government facilities, he assisted me in sharing TACFIT and Clubbell training around the world.

I watched him not only grow as a coach, but integrate his extensive and cross-disciplinary background to develop new approaches to developing strength in all functional angles and necessities. Clubbell 5×5 is more than a shield. It is an intelligently designed weapon for cultivating aggressive muscle mass and expressible power.

He will take us as a community in an untapped direction, and will change the industry with his quiet humility. I am very proud to bring you “The Captain” Alberto Gallazzi’s volcanic approach to strength training: Clubbell 5×5!

Scott Sonnon, TACFIT Tactical Fitness Founder Creator of the Patented Clubbell RMAX International Chief Operations Officer

…to the days when I was serving as a close protection agent, I always trained to be stronger and more functional for my line of work and less for my physique.. Of course I always kept an eye on my food intake but more for quality and not on quantity. In other words a six pack was not my top priority. Over time, I began living a very stressful life with many hours on duty and no specific time for either training or eating properly. This became a nightmare. For exercise, barbells and dumbbells were the main tools available at the unit office and while abroad.

My problem is that I never really liked conventional training and I always tried to spend the least time possible with conventional exercise. I always trained myself with various unconventional lifting or presses and pulls. I wanted to challenge my body with each workout and I would train every single day except Sunday! Of course my training sessions have never been very long (time was restricted) however they were intense. I never trained to the point of exhaustion because I always believed that we should train to create energy for other activities and not to roll around on the ground sore after exercise.

…I found an old book that was explaining about a system that was very popular in the late 60’s called 5×5! It was love at first sight. 3 compound exercises with 5 reps and 5 sets followed by 2 finisher exercises. I immediately tried the system as it was and I felt great. The only thing I changed was the daily schedule and adapted my regimen based on my bodies feedback day by day. I quickly realized I was getting stronger fast and guess what?..I continued to develop more strength, more weight and then more muscle. My head started thinking of the possibilities and I started to research more. During the next several years I was lucky to start working alongside an old friend that became my coach, Scott Sonnon and his CST system.

…I was introduced to the tool of my life…the Clubbell! I focused years of training to refine the techniques before exploring a new area and dimension of swinging and pressing for my personal fitness needs. In my opinion, the Clubbell is one of the best pieces of training equipment out there. A few years ago, I designed the 1st 5×5 Clubbell approach based on 3 compound exercises and 2 finishers, to run in different variations and progressions. People that trained with it started to ask me for more because they saw quick, actual results in regards to their functional strength and also their body composition. Since I am the kind of man who likes to experiment with a new strategy, I experimented with swinging and pressing a 90 lb Clubbell all the way down to some complex movement with a single lightweight one. In those trials, I realized that some of the power was gone in one direction. My brain started to work again and I have now designed what I believe will challenge all the Clubbell swingers out there and improve their strength in a new way.

Special thanks to my mentor and brother Master Coach Scott Sonnon for changing the way I see fitness!

I was born and raised in the Milano suburb of Northern Italy in 1970. As a child, I was very active until the age of 12. It was around that time that I stopped all physical activity, and for 2 years, I was
just shoveling food in my mouth. The end result left me a hefty 89 kg at the age of 14 and this was not muscle mass. I finally decided to make a change and started attending a Kung-Fu class. Somewhere along the line, while my body was being restored to health, I was introduced to my “first” love: Full Contact Kickboxing. As I continued to train, I found myself competing, winning several medals, an Italian championship, and few pro fights!

At the age of 18 I volunteered for the Army serving in the airborne division and later becoming very active across many units.  When I left the army, I went on to manage security personnel in different clubs in Italy and abroad. After a while, I decided to move to the United States. I spent 5 years traveling the country studying various styles of martial art and learning from the best coaches. During this time I worked for different security companies, including a bail recovery agent in California.

After 5 years in the United States, I was hired by a Swiss Diplomat to head his security and I moved back to Europe. I found myself working close protection security across the EU, Middle East, South Africa, and more.  I ended up opening a security and training company, Secutor, which provided physical training and designed combat specific curriculum for special forces in Italy and abroad.

I am now the EU director for RMAX International and the TacFit Military Division Chief, representing Scott Sonnon’s work. I have been studying under Dr.  Dennis Hannover and have achieved a 3rd degree black belt in Dennis’ Survival Jiu-jitsu. In 2008, I even won a gold medal at the World Championships in Israel . I have integrated all I learned under my mentor Scott Sonnon and my second father Dennis Hannover, to design a combat specific training method called TacFit Survival Jiu-Jitsu.

“I used to compete in the Korean traditional martial art games and would experience many injuries during that time. This is what initially sparked my interest in exploring joint mobility programs. After treating my injuries with joint mobility, I began seeking joint strength and performance enhancement. If joint mobility restored my body, Clubbell 5×5 gave me joint strength and athleticism. The Clubbell 5×5 program enhances strength in the full range of motion which is called “Circular Strength”. The Clubbell is the only tool that can improve “Circular Strength”.  We need this 3-dimensional strength for sports, combat and even in dance choreography. Let me just say that circular strength equals functional strength period. Clubbell 5×5 is an excellent program for all levels of athleticism as it provides different levels of exercise that help you build up your strength gradually. For Clubbell enthusiasts, this is a must-have program to add to your arsenal. I am very grateful that Alberto released this program to share with everyone.”

JAE HYUN RHEE TACFIT Team Leader and CST instructor

“5×5 provided me a lot of benefits both in athletic preparation and in my combat sports.  I trained with 5×5 before a series of combat competitions to see how it helped my grappling, all were completed with excellent results. I trained 5 days a week with this protocol and in a very short time, I could see my stored fat mass being replaced by lean muscle. I am very pleased with this program, so much so that I now offer dedicated 5×5 classes at my gym, with my students demonstrating the same fantastic results. I love the Clubbell and  Alberto Gallazzi’s 5×5 is “TUTTO TOP”!!!”

CHRISTIANO FALLAI CST Coach Tacfit Team Leader Owner of T-Lab Gym, first Tacfit only Gym in Europe, since 2010

“As a personal trainer and amateur Thai boxing fighter, during the winter, I have very little time to train during the day. 5×5 is my best choice ever! I can keep my muscle mass even when I need to lose weight for my fights, and I gain a lot of stability and core strength training with heavy clubbells! Last but not least it’s FUN! You increase your ability to manage heavy weight clubbells and you gain a lot of body awareness during the process! This is the reason I use 5×5 with my clients. They have fun during the workouts, they learn to swing heavy clubbells effectively in a short time, and they LOVE the results. The improved physique in the mirror is just a bonus!”

LORENZO DI MAIO CST Coach Tacfit Team Leader Personal Trainer

“When I was preparing for the Team Leader test in March I used the 5×5 system  to improve my strength and power levels. After each session of 5×5, I could see these levels growing. At the time my personal goals were to efficiently recover the mobility and power of my hips, especially the right side, and improve the stability in both my shoulders so that I was able to effectively perform mills and squats as part of my Team Leader program. 5×5 did this by helping me not only refine my technique, but create a whole new structure of training. Short pauses between the sets make it a good cardiovascular workout too. I recommend this program to anyone, who in a short time , wants to increase STRENGHT, POWER, CORE, and STABILITY. Last but not least, you will be in VERY GOOD what you are waiting for? Go and try this program yourself. Special thanks to Alberto Gallazzi who introduced me to 5×5 .”


“Training with the 5×5 system helps us to improve the technique and the movement control in the exercises which need specific reinforcement. Being able to handle large loads or complex movements, setting a clear objective and focusing on improving the performance in each set has enabled us to polish our technique and strengthen the weak points of our structure. Along with Prasara Yoga and Flow work, 5×5 has been an essential part in our preparation for TACFIT Team Leader and now it is a central focus in the preparation of our clients and in our own training.”

NESTOR SERRA AND PEDRO HIDALGO TacFit Team Leaders Iberian Legion

“By intensively working with the TacFit/CST system, I found a notable improvement in the physical conditions of my personal performance and in all the athletes I am currently training. Specifically, with the 5×5 Clubbell methodology, I experienced a significant increase of strength and incredible stability for the connective/articular part (I dislocated both my shoulders in the past and I am currently working despite this critical articular situation). I would also underline that the 5×5 clubbell system, takes advantage of the ballistic movements, thereby improving the elasticity of the muscular fascia and helping to prevent possible accidents.”

NICOLA ORLANDO  TacFit Team Leader and CST coach

WarmUp Follow Along Video

CoolDown Follow Along Video

5×5 Clubbell Bonus Video

TACFIT Survival 5×5 Clubbell Build-Up Video

* Required Legal Disclaimer: Due to recent laws from the FTC, it is required that all companies identify what a “typical” result is. The truth is that most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, they don’t get any results. All testimonials on this site are real. However, the results described are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated customers have done and should not be taken as average or typical results. In other words, if you want results, you need to take action.
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RMAX Clubbell 5×5

Review of BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym

Review of BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym

Review of BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym

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Review of BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym

Product Name: BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym

Click here to get BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym:

If you are at all interested in fitness or
strength and
conditioning, you know who Mike Boyle is. For three
decades Strength
Coach Mike Boyle has been at the forefront of the profession, working
with a
wide range of athletes and clients. From middle school, to the pros, to
busy adults who want to be in the best
shape of their lives, Mike has delivered results over the
years that have made him one of
the top presenters at seminars around
the world, the author of several published books and DVDs that
have shaped the industry, and owner of the Number
1 Gym in America by Men’s
Health Magazine

The fitness
world changes continuously so you need
to always be learning the latest strategies and techniques to produce
the best results.
Now you can have access to everything that has made Mike Boyle so
on demand, right in front of you.
And by everything, we
mean EVERYTHING. From the programs
we use at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning for our high school and
athletes, to the programs we use for
our NFL combine athletes,
to the most challenging and complete
and effective fat loss programs ever
released to the public. 

First and foremost, BodyByBoyle Online is where the latest content from Mike Boyle is Posted. And you get to be like one of the Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning staff members, getting the same education as they do. Every week you will sit in on the Staff Meeting and listen to discussions on program design, injury prevention, rehab, business, reviews of seminars and presentations, and debates that help create the most complete and effective strength and conditioning programs in the industry. 

The MBSC Staff Meeting Videos Include:

BodyByBoyle Online is also an On-Demand library of Mike Boyle’s content. From DVDs, to Classic VHS Tapes we have converted to Digital, to Staff In Services, to talks that he gives to the Mentorship groups, and other seminars that can not be seen anywhere else. 

Here are just a few examples of the content:

Over the last year BodyByBoyle Online has turned into the #1 Resource for Strength and Conditioning, Rehab, and Injury Prevention Education Content in the world.

Just take a look at some of the talks we have in our database:

BodyByBoyle Online is housed on our easy to navigate website that offers more options than ever before, including:

New videos will be
uploaded weekly to our EXTENSIVE INFORMATION DATABSE and will
include a video mailbag with Mike answering questions from the members.
That means video explanations to your questions about certain exercises,
coaching, training, etc. Trust us, we will be giving you a ton of new
content every single week.

The BodybyBoyle Online System is the next best thing to
working directly with a coach. As I reviewed the program, I was amazed
at how complete and thorough it was. Simply put, they give you
EVERYTHING! Included is an amazing video database of all the exercises
that are used at MBSC, a ton of programs options with everything listed
and spelled out for the user (taking out all of the guesswork), and
much, much more. I highly recommend it.

Rasmussen, CSCS

Designer/Performance Coach

Body By Boyle is simply fantastic, easily one of the most complete and
exceptional education I’ve ever seen. The amount of time and
effort that went into Body By Boyle is apparent in every aspect of the
user experience, which is like a virtual tour into the mind of one of
the most prolific and talented strength & conditioning coaches in
the field today. Whether you’re an exercise professional or a
recreational exerciser, from novice to expert, you’re going to find all
of the tools that you need to be successful right here. I really can’t
say enough about Body By Boyle: This is seriously impressive stuff!

-Jonathan Fass, PT, DPT, CSCS, ART Cert.

Coach Boyle’s success in developing elite level athlete’s speaks for
itself. Over the last 3 decades, Boyle’s innovative programs and
coaching have helped athletes in every major sport compete at the
highest levels. Body By Boyle Online extends the value of world-class training to athletes everywhere.
The ready-made programs, extensive exercise video database, and
information-based videos provide athletes with all the tools they need
to succeed. This is truly a breakthrough in sports performance
training.Kevin Neeld

of Athletic Development,

Endeavor Sports Performance

There is plenty of “fools gold” in the fitness industry these days: gimmicks, broken promises and plain misinformation.  Very few products and services hold their weight.  Body By Bolye On-Line (BBBO) is pure 24 karat gold!  BBBO is a unique resource available to all fitness professionals.  It’s a behind the scenes look into the top gym in America and a Coach with over 30 years of “In The Trenches” experience.  Video taped staff meetings, special guest lectures, assessments, and access to a plethora of MBSC programs make BBBO a MUST for any and all fitness professionals!  Essentially this is the only product of its kind that will allow you to have access to a “virtual” MBSC franchise.  My grandfather always said, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”  Coach Boyle’s products are a MUST.  Plain and simple!  If you want to set yourself apart from the competition and invest in your future as competent, educated, well-versed trainer/Coach, I strongly recommend BBBO.  You can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.   

Anthony Donskov, MS, CSCS, PES

Coach Boyle and his team have created
another leap in the industry with Body By Boyle Online. This is one of
those gems that rarely comes along. Whether you are a coach, personal
trainer, athlete or client, BBBonline is a must have tool for your
holster. Not only do you get to see what the #1 ranked gym in America is
doing but you are able to take what they are doing and implement it
into your programs. BBBonline has set a new standard for educational content.

Impact Performance Training

As a professional in the strength and conditioning field, constantly educating myself is what has allowed me to find true success with my clients as well as my own training. You cannot place a price on continuing education in a field which is ever evolving. I have followed Coach Boyle’s work for some time due to the high quality and integrity with which he produces informational products as well as his passion for the industry. This year I have had the distinct honor of presenting to his staff on two occasions, and I can attest to the exceptional quality of work at MBSC. The staff, methodology and programming at MBSC is unparalleled. Body By Boyle Online allows you to get an inside look at one of the absolute best facilities in the world, and gives you a chance to learn from the some of the most prominent educators in the field. I cannot stress enough the importance of investing in continuing education, and Body By Boyle Online is just that-a priceless investment in yourself and your clientele.

 I just want to say you online stuff is perfect for me as an owner training a staff. I watch a couple videos a week…With interns and staff and it is a tremendous helpAlso allows me to let them watch n learn while I do other things….Thanks

– Mike Hanley

The Same Exact
Programs we Use with Our Amateur and Professional Athletes

you have any questions you can contact us at

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BodyByBoyle Online – Remote access for Athletes, Coaches and Trainers to America’s #1 Gym

Review of Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey

Review of Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey

Review of Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey

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Review of Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey

Product Name: Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey

Click here to get Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey:

If you would like to discover the fastest and easiest way to gain strength, achieve better performance and a finally have the lean, athletic body you’ve always wanted, then this will be the most important message you ever read.

After personally coaching thousands of people ranging from elite level professional athletes to guys just trying to lose a few pounds and feel better and achieving incredible results across the board then studying the impact of every single training variable, I’ve developed a breakthrough solution and put it into a format that YOU can use to guarantee the same type of incredible results yourself.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not.

“There are plenty of programs out there offering variety. Unfortunately, few of them offer genuine results to match the various exercises they prescribe. What impresses me most about Eric’s programming is that he manages to improve the quality of the body as a whole by using exercises that not only work but are also stimulating and enjoyable to do.

I improved my three rep max on the deadlift by 110 pounds in four months – 425 to 535. My close grip bench press went from 275 x 3 to 300 x 4 in the same period of time. But this was not a narrow powerlifting specialization program. While I was improving my lifts, I was also sprinting, jumping, improving my flexibility, losing body fat, lifting pain free for the first time in a decade and, most importantly, enjoying my training again.

I am happy to recommend Eric’s programs with only one caveat: don’t try them unless you’re looking for the best performance of your life.”

Brad Josse
Nelson, New Zealand

“I was initially a little skeptical at how well a 16-week online strength and conditioning program could bring significant gains in my own strength. Having trained consistently for the past 6- 7 years, and being in this industry myself as an Exercise Physiologist for 10 years, I know the benefits that an individualized program can bring especially in terms of strength and muscular gains. To say I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement!

I really enjoyed how the program periodized through different strength qualities from phase to phase each phase building on the last. The way the program worked in lower volume weeks with higher volume weeks within each phase was ingenious, and something that I have incorporated a lot more into my own programming. A very original part of the program that I felt I benefited from tremendously was the inclusion of specific dynamic movement patterns and static stretches within the micro-cycles and each specific phase. I feel as though I now have a lot more joint freedom through my pelvis, lumbar spine and knees because of this.

In just 4 months of training I managed to lose 1% of bodyfat (8.8% to 7.8%), while maintaining my lean body mass. I increased my deadlift 1RM by 66 pounds! My parallel box squat increased by 33 pounds! And all my other lifts increased also (chin up +33 pounds, bench press +5.5 pounds).

In today’s heavily populated field of strength coaches, fitness experts and corrective exercise gurus, I believe Eric Cressey stands out from the pack. He brings a unique approach of mixing scientific research and in-the-trenches practical experience to bring a coach I truly admire.

Marty Skele
Queensland, Australia

“Eric, you are the best! I recently completed your Show and Go Program and am thrilled with my results. My bench has gone up by 50 pounds, my squat has increased by 80 pounds, and my deadlift has increased by 90 pounds while dropping a ton of body fat! In addition to these strength gains, I have noticed marked improvements in my mobility and general athletic performance. I wholeheartedly recommend Show and Go to anyone looking for a bigger, leaner, stronger, and more efficient body! You will not be disappointed.”

Mike Mepham
Atlanta, Georgia

“Show and Go delivers the complete strength and conditioning package. No stone is left unturned in this multi-faceted approach to training and as a result I’m bigger, faster, stronger AND leaner than ever before. As usual, Cressey pays particular attention to soft tissue work and joint mobility, which has left me with far greater range of motion as an added bonus, plus I’m injury free after 16 weeks of hard work with no signs of over training. As a fitness professional, this program provided me with an education as well as a great training system with plenty of movements I haven’t used before. Bring on the next book!

Marc Ramis
United Kingdom

Bench Press – 105kg increased to 120kg (not quite a personal best, but after a shoulder injury last year, I’m very pleased to even be benching again!)

Chin Up 3 Rep Max – Bodyweight plus 15kg increased to Bodyweight plus 35kg (really happy, this is my best ever with perfect form too)

Broad Jump – 97.5 inches increased to 107.5 inches (personal best)

I had been following Eric’s work for about a year when I got an email asking for guinea pigs for a program he was testing out. I jumped at the opportunity, having had great success with Maximum Strength. The program was tough but enjoyable. There was a big emphasis on mobility and flexibility, with many different fillers throughout each day. I felt this helped me out a lot as I had been having issues with my rectus femoris. There was a lot of heavy lifting and I chose to do the two sprint days. I was surprised when my vertical jumped from 32 to 37 inches, because I had barely done any jumping throughout 4 months. Not only did my vertical increase, but I went from finishing near the end of the pack on our 110 yard races, to finishing first every time. As far as number go, my deadlift increased 30lbs, front squat was up 25lbs, bench press went up 10lbs and 3RM chin up went up 25lbs. I also gained 5lbs, which was surprising as I hadn’t gained any weight for several months. For a non-individualized program, I think Eric has done a fantastic job at targeting most people’s weaknesses and has created a program you can really work hard on. If you are thinking about working with Eric and the people at Cressey Performance, I would highly recommend it!

At the beginning of this program, I was very out of balance, where my lower body was much stronger than my upper body and I will give Eric the credit for balancing me out. I found incredible strength gains in my chest, back and shoulders and was still gaining at the end of my 4 months. Working with Eric I knew the mobility and stability throughout my body would improve in the areas it needed to; I have never had any shoulder issues, but now my shoulders have never felt healthier, more stable or stronger. By the time I got to the third phase, I found my 1RM for the bench press climbed almost 30 lbs and I was working with weight I have never worked with before. Beginning the program I could not do any pull-ups .. I finished with being able to do 3 complete reps for 4 sets … that’s success to me! This program gave my body the perfect base to go in any training direction afterward.

Kelsey Pettengill
Saco, ME

I just completed your 4 month “Guinea Pig” program, and I am extremely pleased with the results. In addition to helping me add some muscle mass and strength, the program dramatically improved the way I move and the way I feel.

As a thirty year old ex-athlete now working a desk job, I had been valiantly fighting to keep my body in playing shape. Before I began your program, I had been doing all I could to train the “right” way – foam rolling, deadlifting, dynamic warm-ups, but I never felt like I got it right. For instance, despite hardly ever bench pressing, my right shoulder bothered me in certain everyday situations, and, if I tried to do a heavy press, it would bother me for days. I had all but figured I would have to give up all horizontal pressing going forward. Further still, I was starting to see the effects of age on the flag football field and had noticed that my body was getting progressively tighter no matter what I tried to do.

After four months on your program, I can honestly say that all of the above issues and some other nagging ones have largely gone away. By the time of my final tests, my shoulder felt great,better than it ever has. I guess I never realized how all that consistent rowing and pulling could benefit my shoulders. The program was worth the entire price for that benefit alone. Furthermore, the way you organized and targeted the foam rolling and mobility drills finally loosened me up. After this program, I feel far more fluid. I can overhead squat with ease and my hips have never felt more loose and mobile. It has also given me back some of the athleticism I thought I had lost – I feel years younger on the football field.

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the program and would highly recommend it to anyone. I learned to appreciate the right way to foam roll (every day) and the right types of dynamic warm-ups to do, how to organize a strength training program, and even how to balance conditioning and strength training.”

Mike Marino
Washington, D.C.

Deadlift 405 to 435
Bench Press 225×3 (with slight pain) to 225×6 (with NO pain)
Standing Long Jump 7’10” to 8’5”

Chin ups with additional 25 lbs: 5 reps to 12 reps
Body weight 194 to 197
Body fat % 11.3% to 10.1%

“My fiance, Mathew, and I completed Eric’s 16 week strength program in June. We were both extremely pleased with our results. I increased my squat by 55lb, my deadlift by 33lb, my 3-rep maximum chin-up by 12lb, my bench press by 8lb and my standing jump by 7.5”- great results in just 16 weeks.

“This is the first intensive strength program I have undertaken. The program will produce amazing results if you are completely committed, determined and motivated for the 16 weeks. I even managed to complete my training with international travel and demanding work pressures. Mathew was an ongoing source of support and this program highlighted the importance and value of a committed and motivated training partner.

“As a female who up to three years ago focused their entire fitness regime on cardio, I highly recommend Eric’s program and his strength and conditioning expertise for maximizing strength gains and sculpting a lean physique.”

Cassandra Lees
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

“In the four months I have been on this program, I have gotten really freaking strong. The numbers I have been putting up are not earth shattering but the quality of my movement and my strength carryover into sport has been dramatic. Even without the improved physical qualities the program would have been worth doing just to feel what is like to be human again without a knee that hates me and a shoulder that feels like it belongs to a 90 year old.”

“I made a commitment to complete this program despite having to train for a couple of fights. At times it was tough, but at the end I have become a much bigger, scarier and more powerful fighter.”

Paul McVeigh
Professional MMA Fighter Glasgow, Scotland

“I’m a 27 year old attorney who spends too much time at his desk and not enough in the gym. I was looking to improve my mobility and fitness while maintaining my strength while on Eric’s new program. Instead, I improved my mobility, flexibility, fitness and strength in addition to improving my body composition.

“On Eric’s program all of my tests went through the roof. My 3RM on chin ups shot up 35 pounds, all while I was losing 13 pounds. I also improved my 400 meter time by ten seconds and also improved my vertical jump by five inches. After finishing the program I was simply amazed at the progress I’d made in only four months. I give this program my highest recommendation. ”

Trip Smalley
Mobile, Alabama

I’ve identified a Four Phase System that will allow you to achieve the fittest, most athletic, best looking body you’ve ever had with fewer hours in the gym.

And for the first time ever you can have me guiding you through the entire Four Phase System  – something that has been only available to the clients that I personally work with at my Cressey Performance facility – until now.

With the Show and Go System, I combine ALL of the factors that work together to accelerate your strength gains, performance improvements and fat loss success within a complete done for you – follow along system in which every single training component comes together to create a result far greater than you’ve ever achieved before.

You’re not only be having me as your personal coach designing your entire Four Phase Program for you, but I’m also going to give you over 175 detailed videos to guarantee you’re executing the Show and Go System correctly 100% of the time for ever faster results!

And you’ll also receive my ready-to-use Show and Go Training Templates – based on the exact ones we use at Cressey Performance – that you can print out and take to the gym to track your progress. They’ll be your day-by-day Show and Go success blueprints to ensure that you perform each Show and Go training session to the max!

I’m going to give you the same system that has helped athletes of all levels while also helping ‘regular joes’  achieve strength, performance and fat loss goals they never thought were possible and provide you with a step-by-step program that will guarantee your success.

It will be just like coming to Cressey Performance and having me by your side, taking you through each training session to making sure that you get results you deserve.

“There are countless programs that offer gains in size, strength, appearance, etc. Many of them are effective in these areas. Cressey wants you to get bigger and stronger, but most importantly he wants your body to respond, without pain, to whatever it is you ask it to do. He wants you to run, jump, lift and play better; and he wants you to do it injury-free. Eric Cressey has done something very special with this program. Over the course of 16 weeks, I not only made gains in strength, but I felt my posture improve; I felt aches and pains in my back and shoulders disappear; I noticed mobility in my hips and lower back improve; and I felt more balanced. I felt compelled to return to sports I had previously abandoned. This program has opened doors for me physically that I didn’t think possible. This is not just a weight lifting program. This is a guideline for long term health, and an invitation to keep your body moving efficiently for life.”

Pete Garivaltis
Burlington, VT

“The Show and Go program is one of the top on the market today! It is definitely a full program and not just a written workout. This will take care of your soft tissue work, warm-up, activation, strength training, mobility work, and metabolic work for the whole week. It is also flexible and can adapt to your certain goals, something that many other programs lack.

“This program will definitely increase your absolute strength but does so much more. You will be feel better, move better and become more athletic after following this 16 week program. It does a great job of creating a balanced body and finally enables you to throw some heavy weights around! Eric Cressey is one of the smartest men in the fitness industry and following this program is the next best thing to working out with him. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to increase their strength, move better and feel better in their everyday lives!”

Kane Sivesind
Madison, WI

“For any trainer or coach who is serious about strength and conditioning and helping people achieve a higher level of health and fitness, I highly recommend Eric Cressey’s Show and Go program. It truly gives you great insight and knowledge to fully appreciate what ‘true’ program design is for any population. Most programs today are outdated and produce little to no results. By doing this program, you go through an entire physical transformation, and it also pushes you mentally, which ultimately takes you along a great journey through proven scientific strength training at its best! It has made me a better athlete and has been a significant help into TRULY learning how to design SPECIFIC Strength & Conditioning Program to Achieve SPECIFIC results for all of my clients both athlete and non-athlete!”

Anthony Tomeo, MS, CSCS
Port Washington, NY

Bench Press from 265 to 315
Deadlift from 390 to 465

This Manual is the foundation for the Show and Go System where I lay the groundwork for your success through the entire Four Phase Program.

I detail everything from which training frequency option you should choose to exactly how you can make effective program modifications if you don’t have specific equipment at your disposal.

It’s your ‘Go To’ reference guide.

I’ve created a comprehensive online database of over 175 exercises videos so you’ll never have to worry about how to execute a movement correctly again.

Basically, everything in the Show and Go System is included in this quick reference video library so it’s just like I’m there teaching you how to perform the entire program in person.

Plus I’ve included a Quick Reference Guide so you can find any video you’re looking for immediately.

These Training Templates are based on the exact ones we use at Cressey Performance. You can simply print them out and take them to the gym as your follow along guide for each Show and Go Training Session.

Included are both 3x/week and 4x/week strength training options – making this resource conducive to any training schedule

I’ve created 5 custom designed metabolic conditioning programs that you can choose between based on your specific goals and the time and resources you have available.

Don’t have certain equipment that we use in the Show and Go System?

I’ve included a complete section (videos included) on exercise modifications for you showing you exactly how to modify the program to fit what you do have and still achieve your goals.

Men’s Heath Contributor and Cressey Performance Co-Founder Tony Gentilcore has put together 5 Finishers that are guaranteed to accelerate your progress, melt bodyfat and challenge you like never before.

Licensed Massage Therapist Christopher Howard has provided a step by step guide on soft tissue work (videos included) that will maximize your performance and accelerate your recovery.

The Glutes are key to you becoming a faster, more explosive athlete and Strength & Conditioning Guru Brett Contreras has compiled his top 5 Glute Exercises guaranteed to maximize your speed & power.

Show and Go is the most complete and comprehensive training system available but it’s also easy to use. To make this system as easy to implement as possible, I’ve put together a Show and Go Quick Video Reference Guide so you can instantly find any of the over 175 videos you’re looking for. This easy to use guide will allow you to review the technique on any movement in just one click.

I’ve created Show and Go Program variations to fit any schedule. Now you have no excuse standing in your way with custom designed programs that you can choose between based on your specific goals and the time and resources you have available.

I am giving you every resource, tool and strategy you need to gain strength, achieve better performance and a finally have the lean, athletic body faster than you ever thought possible.

With the Show and Go System you’re guaranteed to be utilizing the right training methods in the right way so that you’ll NEVER have to spend a single minute wondering what to do or if you should have done something differently all for less than one session working with me in person here at Cressey Performance!

“Having read Eric’s work in the past, I was confident that his new program would be great. To
say that I was impressed with the results would be an understatement. I added 30 pounds to my deadlift, 30 pounds to my bench and 40 pounds to my front squat in only 4 months. I also
managed to gain five pounds while increasing my vertical jump by two inches. I am constantly
impressed by the quality of Eric’s work, and this program was no exception.”

Troy Appleton
Victoria, B.C., Canada

“This program was some of the best training I have ever done. I could not believe the
improvements I was making not only in the gym, but in mobility, posture, and overall
strength. Eric’s methods are straightforward and amazingly effective. For the “everyman”
like myself, I would challenge anyone to put solid effort into this program and not come away
impressed with the results.”

“I have just completed Eric Cressey’s latest 16-week program with fantastic results. Being a Chiropractor and also a gym rat, this program satisfied everything I look to accomplish with my training. Over the 16 weeks, I experienced noticeable increases in strength and power while dropping weight and body fat. The approach of integrating strength training with corrective exercise strategies is perfect whether you’re an athlete or someone who is looking to tone up and improve your overall health. Eric has mastered the balance of achieving fitness goals while addressing clinical needs and addressing functional limitations. The variety in the program will satisfy even the most advanced lifter, while giving the beginner or intermediate lifter a strong foundation of how to develop a solid exercise program and create a strong healthy body.”

Dr. Jason Lemieux
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

“I have nothing but glowing praise for Eric Cressey’s program. I have been a recreational lifter for many years. Eric’s program has helped me overcome some sticking points in mobility and strength that I wasn’t able to address on my own. Even though I am relatively strong, I have never been able to chin. Now, I can do several sets of chins with various grips.

“Because of all the unilateral work that Eric recommended in this program, my basic lifts
(deadlift, squat, bench) have gone up significantly.

“My favorite lift, the deadlift, has gone from 225 to 280 and that’s at my body weight of 130 lbs.

“I was always a good conventional squatter, either free squat or box squat, but was never
comfortable with the front squat. This program provided me with the tools to finally perform a
decent front squat.

“I could go and on and on and tell you about all the other lifts and how they improved. Suffice it to say – €¦THIS PROGRAM WORKS! Thanks Eric!”

Arlene Robbins
New York, NY

I’m going to make a bold statement here and state that I KNOW you are going to get some serious results with this system. I know because I’ve used it with myself and my clients every single month.

… and I’m so convinced that you’re going to be able to get serious results with the Show and Go Training system, that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, and GUARANTEE it.

So go ahead and download the training templates, manuals and videos now.

And if after following the program for 8 full weeks you’re not happy with whatever the results you’ve made, let me know, and i’ll personally issue a refund.

No questions, no arguments, and no changing my mind.

Seriously – if for whatever reason you are unhappy with the Show and Go training system at all, shoot me an email and I’ll make sure you get a prompt and courteous refund.

The guarantee removes any risk you have. When you couple that with the insanely low introductory price I’m about to reveal that’s makes for a no-brainer bargain of the year!

Take advantage of this right now, and I’ll give you total access to the entire Show and Go system for just…

“I’ve always been a fan of Eric’s work, but training on the Show and Go program was beyond what I had imagined, and I had very high expectations. I’ve been lifting weights for 18 years (and hold a number of fitness certifications) and I’ve made gains like I never have before. I’ve made more gains in the past 16 weeks than in years. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and have hit personal records on all my lifts, adding over 50 pounds to my bench 60 pounds to my deadlift. Honestly, I was shocked to see the weight I was lifting go up consistently on a weekly basis the training and results I got really busted limited ideas I had of what was possible. It’s the best programming I’ve come across and fun too. I can say with conviction this is the leading edge of weight training, and if you follow the program you will get results.”

“When I first started looking over Eric’s new program I knew that it was the real deal and that I was in for some serious gains. Over the past 16 weeks I have gotten stronger, bigger and improved my mobility all while staying completely injury-free. As an aspiring powerlifter, I’m always concerned with not only performing better in competition, but also staying athletic and healthy in my everyday life. Eric has managed to synthesize these goals into a fun, yet challenging routine that even the most advanced lifter can benefit from. After increasing my squat, bench press, deadlift and overall athletic performance, I am sold
on this method and think anyone who is serious about training should give it a shot. They will not be disappointed.”

Chris Gramuglia
Eastchester, NY

“I have done many strength training programs the past several years. Eric’s program is by far superior to any other training program that I’ve ever done. Throughout his program I had less joint pain, I got stronger, and I became very lean. After four months on the program I was in the best shape that I ever have been in my life. It’s a wonderful feeling not to have as much joint pain after my training sessions. Thank you so much Eric. Your program has changed my whole outlook on training!”

John Madrigal
Anniston, AL

“From the very first workout, it is easy to see how well put together this program is. 16 weeks later, and WOW. It was challenging. It was time efficient. And it was just awesome to do. Muscle imbalances were fixed. Mobility was enhanced. Strength greatly increased across the board. I was leaner, yet heavier. My posture and other weak points improved as a result
of the terrific programming of mobility and soft tissue work. I was more explosive on the basketball court. I felt better just doing everyday tasks and how much simpler they felt. I worked hard, and you need to. The workouts are terrific, yet intense. Whether you can make it to the weight room or gym 3 days or 4 days a week, Eric has you covered. Any goal can be achieved by following this program, whether it is to bump up your numbers on any of the lifts, get lean, add slabs of muscle, enhance athletic abilities, or just to generally feel better in day to day tasks, any and all of these goals are possible with this program Eric lays out. I achieved four of those goals, just to prove it! I loved it and I know everyone who follows this program through to the end will too!!”

Matt Stephen
Newcastle, NSW, Australia

With Eric Cressey’s Show and Go program, you can rest assured that you are getting nothing but the “Goods.” Programs and principles are clearly explained and outlined, and they include everything from soft-tissue work, to active warm-ups, to ideas on conditioning and of course, strength. This latest program of Eric’s is no exception. With it, over the 16-week period, all my numbers have gone up and more importantly, even at the tender age of 37, I’ve managed to stay injury free and to continue performing on the basketball court. What’s more for me, it’s not simply a “bulking up” program; I managed to benefit from significant gains in strength-to-body weight ratio, the true difference-maker on the court and field.

Eric Lapine
Saint-Lambert, Quebec

“Before starting Eric’s program, I thought I worked hard at the gym. I was wrong. The Show and Go program took my intensity to another level. If you are ready to bust your ass, this program will more than payback your efforts. After 16 weeks I gained nearly 16 pounds, improving all my major lifts along with my mobility and posture. My legs grew so fast I had to buy new work clothes. But the best thing I can say about Eric’s program is that it left me wanting more. Despite some workouts feeling like a war of attrition, I always woke up the next day excited to get back in the gym, to put more weight on the bar, and hit more personal bests. I strongly recommend this product to anyone looking to find better results in the gym.”

Mike Moore
Philadelphia, PA

The value of the information within the system is worth so much more than what I’m charging that I just simply can not leave it at this price forever.

Just click below now to start achieving results faster than you ever thought possible with the Show and Go System!

YES Eric! I can’t wait to get my hands on the Show and Go Training
system TODAY!

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Eric Cressey
Creator, The Show and Go System

PS – If you are sick and tired of always having something derail you on the way to achieving the strength, performance and fat loss results you want, then let me help you with this cutting edge, step-by-step system.

PPS – Your results are guaranteed by my 100% money back promise. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your results from the Show and Go System, just let me know within 60-days and you’ll be refunded your entire investment.

“The program was a success for me because it balanced strength, mobility, and conditioning.
The workouts were constructed to train multiple energy systems without conflicting with one
another. As my bench improved, my shoulder pain subsided; as my deadlift numbers went up,
my lower back felt better and better. During the last four weeks, I was able to continue strength gains while incorporating a fat loss plan, not an easy task without a well constructed program. All told, my biggest success was an increase in my bench from 225 to 265, with a simultaneous decrease in body fat from 17% to 12%.”

Lucas Serwinski
Norwich, CT

“I can’t say enough to describe the positive experiences I had with the Show and Go Program.
Obviously, I gained significant strength across the board and got leaner, which in itself is
rewarding, but the amazing part to me is that I did so as a 40 year old female with an office job and not as a younger elite athlete with access to more training resources. And my progressions weren’t solely strength oriented as I also made improvements in my flexibility and range of motion in spite of having past issues in these areas. With the enhanced strength and flexibility, I’m now enjoying the best fitness, strength and health I’ve had at any point in my life. And, it’s incredibly empowering to be a strong woman and reach strength levels I never thought were possible for me. There is no question in my mind that I got more than a 16 week training manual from the Show and Go Program. Rather, this program provided a road map for me to be able to continue to optimize my strength and overall health because I experienced the power of mixing of mobility exercises along with innovative strength gaining techniques.”

Rebecca Wilson
Fayetteville, Arkansas

“Before starting the Show and Go program, I had spent 15 years lifting on a fairly regular basis but my progress had stalled a decade ago. After starting Cressey’s program I realized I had never in my life really warmed up properly until now. The mobility drills are what really has made the difference for me. I added 100 pounds to my deadlift and more important than that,
my shoulders aren’t hurting me and my posture has dramatically improved. Anyone who’s been doing the three sets of eight routine for the last ten years without much progress should really try the Show and Go program.”

Nick Chertock
San Francisco, CA

NOTE: Show and Go Training is a downloadable product. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC. If you have any questions regarding this product please contact me at

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Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey | Show and Go Training by Eric Cressey

Review of Psoriasis No More – 100% Natural Cure For Psoriasis – 75% Commission

Review of Psoriasis No More – 100% Natural Cure For Psoriasis – 75% Commission

Review of Psoriasis No More – 100% Natural Cure For Psoriasis – 75% Commission

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Review of Psoriasis No More – 100% Natural Cure For Psoriasis – 75% Commission

Product Name: Psoriasis No More – 100% Natural Cure For Psoriasis – 75% Commission

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Psoriasis No More – 100% Natural Cure For Psoriasis – 75% Commission

Review of Fit Over Forty

Review of Fit Over Forty

Review of Fit Over Forty

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Review of Fit Over Forty

Product Name: Fit Over Forty

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Description of Fit Over Forty :

Brett Yokley, 6x Nationally Certified Fitness Specialist, Certified Nutrition Expert, 26 years of personal training and coaching.

Ladies… It’s finally time to learn the simple truth about Losing Stubborn Belly Fat and Getting a Flat Stomach

What if I told you that there is a program that is so amazingly effective and ridiculously easy-to-follow and that you are guaranteed to lose weight faster with this program than if you ran 5 miles a day or starved yourself eating only 2 salads a day? What if I said you will see and feel the difference in your waist, hips and butt in only 72 hrs? Interested? If so; then you definitely want to read on…

.. and start using these wickedly effective workout techniques and diet tips and begin to unleash the new you – transform yourself into the you that feels sexy, energized, and slender.

My name is Marci Smith. I am 45 years old. I am a housewife and a mother of 3 great children. I would like to share something personal about myself. My story starts one miserable day last September, when I just broke down and cried. I couldn’t help it – I just couldn’t take it any more.

One Monday after I dropped my youngest off at school, I got on the bathroom scale to weigh myself. I felt hopeful. I had been on a strict diet for 3 weeks and followed it relentlessly – suffering through the hunger pangs, cooking my family great food while I ate lettuce and celery. After two months I had gone off the diet for the weekend to give myself a break – to live like a normal person for a couple of days.

So, I got on the scale. I weighed 192! I couldn’t believe it! In one lousy weekend I had gained back all the weight that I had lost in 3 weeks of daily cardio, exercise and eating unsatisfying food.

Now maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but I was a quivering wreck. I had been desperately trying to lose weight for the last 10 years since I hit 35 and had that “metabolism change”. I felt like a complete failure… my self esteem hit “rock bottom”. I had tried every diet that you can imagine; the Adkins diet, the Grapefruit diet, South Beach diet, even fasting and hypnosis. I even tried “fat burners” and “appetite suppressants” even though I knew these were dangerous and had documented side effects! I even ran 5 miles a day while starving myself with only 2 salads a day… I tried it all; even Doctor supervised weight loss programs.

The results were always the same. I would struggle to lose a few pounds and then I would give myself a small break for a day and the weight would come right back on; it really felt hopeless to me. But this particular morning when I had broke down and was crying; I knew I was at the end of my rope! I was about to give up. I don’t want this to sound like a poor-me story and I’m not telling you all this because I want your sympathy; to the contrary… my story has a surprise ending.

The next day talked to a friend of mine, Rose Mary, (who looks fabulous at 53 by the way), and asked her how she kept in shape.

That’s when she hooked me up with Brett, and I learned the stunning fact that everything I was doing was wrong, some of it even making me gain weight, and the wonderful FitOver40 Program. When I started the FitOver40 Program something with my body changed immediately that has helped me feel young, fit, sexy, and alive again.

Certified Nutrition Expert

6-Time Nationally Certified Personal Trainer

I’m Brett Yokley and I’m here to answer the question…

“My metabolism has slowed down… I’ll never lose weight. I’ll just cram myself into this outfit again”

“I just have to accept it the way it is, my mom is big, and it’s genetics. I might as well abandon the idea of being slim and sexy again.”

“I’ve tried everything, nothing works. I give up. ”

“I just don’t have the time or the energy to get in shape… I’m too busy… I’ll do it later”

Scientific research has proven all of these beliefs astonishingly wrong! I’m here to tell you that thousands of women have changed their mindset, and found a program that works with their body, not against it; they too have proven their previous beliefs wrong. Once you discover how easy it is… you can feel and look sexy and slim faster than you ever dreamed possible!

The truth is… . you’ve been deceived!

You’re not alone… 95% of all women don’t realize that their weight loss efforts are actually counterproductive and they are wasting their time. They learn the hard way – when they just don’t get the results they want.

We’re bombarded by all the infomercial exercise gurus using ninja psychological tactics – telling us to “just do more cardio”. They say this while there trying to sell you the latest cardio or weight loss gimmick. Maybe this latest contraption will be the answer to all my weight loss nightmares?

WRONG… ..the bottom line is – it doesn’t work that way.

There is irrefutable evidence that, contrary to the opinions of the latest “expert”, Cardio does very little for burning that excess body fat and is counterproductive!

What makes cardio counterproductive?
Many women train on a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike at a steady pace for 25 to 30 minutes (or sometimes up to 60 minutes) at a time. This is called “steady state cardio”, and it’s taking you down the wrong track. You see “steady state cardio” only trains your heart at one specific heart rate range. The sad truth is, over time cardio cn result in slowing down your metabolic rate causing you to gain even more fat and deplete your energy levels.

Another little-known fact is that doing a lot of the wrong type of cardio can cause inflammatory responses to the joints resulting in pain and swelling, also it can cause negative reactions to the immune system.

Required knowledge for my clients is….don’t place too much importance on cardio (treadmill, bike, elliptical machines, etc.) in your quest to boost your energy levels and help you shed all that excess body fat! Cardiovascular exercise is great for Cardiac Muscle (heart muscle) and the Vascular System (circulatory system) and plays a role in increasing your metabolism to some extent – but only if done correctly; don’t expect it to be like waving a magic wand and your Excess Body Fat will just melt off, (Honestly, that’s just wishful thinking).

THE BOTTOM LINE: You don’t need to do endless hours of repetitious cardio to get the metabolism boosting, fat burning benefits. When your using programs based on the cutting edge research about the safe and simple cardio techniques that work, you’ll notice the change in your weight, and energy level almost overnight.

95% of people who work out end up making the same mistakes over and over – they think that if 20 minutes of cardio isn’t working, then 40 will. Or if 100 sit-ups a day isn’t working they’ll do 200. But they are going down the wrong track.

They say that the definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results. Well I’m not so sure as to say insanity, but I would definitely say desperation and just simply not knowing the truth.

So Ask Yourself… .when is it a good time to stop making the same mistakes over and over?

Unfortunately, many women learn the hard way that these uncontrolled substances rarely work and can actually murder your metabolism.

The truth is that 99% of all “Diet Pills” and “Fat Burners” are a big mistake. I could make a lot of money selling these “Diet Pills” and “Fat Burners” but I absolutely refuse to do that because I know that they don’t work and can be very dangerous to your health, besides… my goal is your success, not money. At the end of the day I need to be able to look in the mirror and respect myself.

There are 5 “clinically proven” natural supplements that I have found to be very effective (when taken at specific times throughout the day) in helping to accelerate your body’s natural fat burning capabilities by boosting your metabolism and energy levels.

1) L-Carnitine
2) L-Ornithine
3) Metabolic Optimizer #3
4) Metabolic Optimizer #4
5) Metabolic Optimizer #5

*Very important… Don’t just take these supplements “Helter Skelter”! Over the past 25+ years I’ve found there is a very specific method of taking these supplements during the day for increased effectiveness. In my full FITOVER40 program I will explain exactly what these 5 Metabolic Optimizers are and exactly when you should take them; and as with any dietary supplement it is recommended that you consult with a physician before taking.

You won’t be able to stick to a diet when you are always hungry- sooner or later you’re going to cave in. The latest research in neuro-science (how the brain works) confirms what I’ve known as a trainer all my life – willpower is not the way – and it’s absolutely no fun.

The Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Sugar Busters diet, Grapefruit diet and the plain old “starvation diet” all have one major fault in common… they’re just too *@&!# hard to stick too for any length of time to get any real benefits from; and the problem is that when you take even a small break off the diet, you gain the weight right back lickety-split!

This is called the “yoyo effect” of losing weight only to gain it back. Anyone that has experienced this will agree… that once this frustration starts, you get to a point where you are literally scared to eat anything – your confidence is shot and then you start considering more and more desperate measures, like “fat burners” or buying the newest infomercial “weight loss gimmick”.

Another big mistake to avoid at all cost is assuming you are eating healthy; but actually you are eating fat – triggering foods that destroy your metabolism and keep you from having a slimmer, sexy body.

In my full FITOVER40 program I detail my proven, easy to follow weight loss nutrition plan which I call my 60/40 rule. My 60/40 rule is so ridiculously simple, and it works perfect every time. You’ll find that by simply following my 60/40 Rule, you will have a more constant energy level all day long due to the fact that you are naturally boosting your body’s metabolism and you’ll turn your body into a fat burning machine. Best of all you’re never hungry!

When You match the calorie consumption with your metabolic rate; not only does this assist in giving you tons more Energy, it also makes it possible for your body to utilize those calories and burn them as an Energy Source… ..and that is how you will start to see a big difference in Boosting your Energy Levels and the Disappearance of Your Excess Body Fat! I Guarantee It 100%.

These are just gimmicks that take advantage of peoples willingness to do just about anything to lose fat – don’t be tricked, these are a waste of money and time. you’ll just throw them away or sell them in a yard sale anyway.

The gazelle; ab belts, ab rocker, ablounger; not the Ab gadgets are nothing more than a rip-off! They’re just trying to sell you a dream. They don’t work for 20 year olds, and they won’t work for you.

Fact: The only way that you are going to lose that excess fat to reveal that slimmer-sexy figure that you know is under there is by a combination of a smart – proven nutritional eating plan along with professionally designed “fat Burning” full body workouts. Once you discover the secret that I reveal to you in the FITOVER40 program of how to work with their body, not against it… you can feel and look sexy and slim in no time!

I’m so excited… I love showing off my new body! It feels like I’m 25 again. Now I love the way I look

Thanks FITOVER40:
Sincerely, Eliane Nikerle

I’m very happy to say that since I have been using the FITOVER40 Program I have had remarkable changes in my body and a hugeboost in my energy levels. I have lost over 32 pounds and my body fat has dropped over 12%. I’m very happy with the results!

What they are doing differently is, they discovered a unique one-of-a-kind full body program that I have developed with over 25+ years of research and proven results designed specifically for women over 40 called the FITOVER40 program.
Over 25 years ago while training and consulting women to lose that excess body fat, I quickly discovered that women over 40 definitely have a much harder time losing fat and getting slimmer than women in their 20’s. (no real surprise there, huh?) I needed to know why. I needed to develop a plan of attack to help these women get slim and lose fat. I knew that my value as a Personal Fitness Trainer was based on 1 thing… did I help these women lose all that excess fat or not? So I knew that I had to get this right!

Due to my educational background in Biology; I understood that the physiology of fat is the same from one person to the next… so why is it more difficult for women to lose the fat as they get older? The answer had to be metabolism and naturally occurring hormones declining with age, also bad eating habits definitely didn’t help either.

What I did was I spent every spare minute of my time researching any and all articles and published studies related to “Aging and Metabolism” and “Hormone Decline”. Most of my research came from “The New England Journal of Medicine” and “Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)” The research backed up my assumptions. Now… not only did I know that women over 40 have a much tougher time trying to lose that excess fat, I also knew the Science behind why this was the case.

I designed a series of easy-to-do metabolism boosting workouts that will help you to burn excess fat 24/7 since it stimulates your metabolism and helps you build shapely muscle tissue which is the basis for your fat burning metabolic machinery to begin with. I also developed and refined over the years a healthy and smart nutritional eating plan that works to optimize your metabolism… burning fat like crazy and giving you tons of energy!

With my FITOVER40 program you will lose fat faster than any “boring cardio workouts” or “starvation diets” that you have ever tried and your energy will skyrocket… matter how out of shape you are or how many times that you have been defeated and disappointed by other weight loss plans; I Guarantee It 100% !

…And its called the FITOVER40 program. Please read this carefully…

There are 100’s of generic workouts out there; but none of them address the specific issues that women that are over 40 are struggling with. Women over 40 are frustrated and finding it practically impossible to lose excess fat because…

#1 their metabolism has changed and slowed down and…#2 they simply don’t have the energy they used to to be able to put in the physical effort to lose the weight.

You’re right – IT SUCKS! Well… I have good news for any woman over 40 who struggles to lose weight. I have researched and created eight unparalleled – effective easy-to-do metabolism boosting workouts!

They are fully customizable workouts that deliver remarkable results. With my 25+ years of experience in training and consulting thousands of women in person as well as on-line to boost energy levels and lose fat I can say with total confidence that these top 8 fat burning workouts will help you burn fat 24/7; since it stimulates your metabolism and helps you build shapely muscle tissue, which is the basis for your fat burning metabolic machinery. You’ll find the “perfect program” that fits you! You’ll look and feel Fit, Sexy and Fabulous; I guarantee it 100%.

I have also developed and refined over the years a healthy and smart nutritional eating plan that works optimizes your metabolism… burning fat like crazy and giving you tons of extra energy! I call it my 60/40 diet rule and it is so ridiculously simple to follow, you’ll have a more constant energy level all day long! You will be naturally boosting your body’s metabolism and you’ll turn your body into a fat burning machine. Best of all your never hungry!

You’ll also find my secret list of 5 clinically proven supplements that assist in helping your body burn excess body fat by boosting your metabolism *Plus a “Newly Discovered Fat Burning Compound” that speeds up your body’s ability to burn that stored excess body fat and boost energy levels.

*Bonus section – I reveal over 15 types of food that you probably eat on a regular basis that you must “Avoid at All Cost” (these foods absolutely Kill your Energy and Make You Gain Fat!)

When you start on the FITOVER40 program you’ll start experiencing a truly effective re-shaping of your body. This full body fat burning system that not only boosts your metabolism to burn fat 24/7… .you will feel your energy levels soar.

FITOVER40 program has worked wonders for me.

The workouts were quick and easy to do, and the part I liked the most was that I could choose from any of the 8 different workouts and custom fit them to my fitness ability. I was never hungry on the 60/40 nutrition plan which made it a cinch to stay on and I saw results like nothing else I had ever tried. I honestly never expected to get these kinds of incredible results. I would definitely recommend the FITOVER40 program to anyone who wants to lose fat and get in shape fast. Just look at me; I’m in the Best Shape of my Life and I Feel Fantastic!

Thanks Brett @ FITOVER40:
Sincerely, Cathy Spiegel

Because you need to know this:

Everything you’ll read here is true. (And if you’re struggling to lose weight and don’t have the energy you used to, allow me to suggest that reading about what I do, CAREFULLY, is the very best possible use of your time right now.)

And by the way, if anyone says that what I do is too hard, or it doesn’t work for regular people, or they think they know what I do, believe me . . . they don’t.

Think about it – if somebody really knew the Secret to boosting your metabolism that turns your body into a fat burning machine 24/7 … they’d do it.

So unless they are an expert at training and counseling women specifically over the age of 40 on proven methods of boosting their metabolism and energy levels, don’t listen to them. Listen to me. And study this information carefully.

Because this is what I’ve done for over 25 years.

And more importantly . . .

I CAN teach YOU in the FITOVER40 program how to:

(And I’m willing to guarantee it!)

Here are the reasons why the FITOVER40 program will work for you.

1)Targets the Metabolism of Women over 40. There is a definite link between aging and the body’s metabolism. Generally, as we age there is a gradual decline in metabolism, For this reason, there is a noticeable drop in our energy levels and an accumulation of excess body fat as the years go by. Many studies have been done to understand why people gain weight as they age and the answer is clear – the change in body composition accounts for the vast majority of the decline in metabolism. The relative proportions of lean body mass (muscle) decline as you age; leading to the accumulation of excess body fat.

Hormone production for women in their 40’s, seem to be at optimum production until women hit perimenopause and menopause. The main factor for women that have trouble ridding themselves of excess body fat, whether on the belly, thighs, hips, bottom or arms is estrogen. Example: women that have excess belly fat usually have a disproportionate amount of estrogen receptor sites in the stomach area and estrogen congregates and attaches to these receptor sites. This excess estrogen tends to develop fatty stores in the area of the excessive receptor sites. In order for you to burn that excess body fat and increase your energy level you must first learn how to boost your metabolism, and I will show you exactly that in the FITOVER40 program.

2)My Proven Eight Unparalleled “fat burning workouts” that you can customize to fit you’re specific fitness level. You’ll find the “perfect program” That boosts your fat burning metabolism so that your body will be a fat burning machine 24/7 and you’ll have tons of extra energy; When you incorporate these workouts into your everyday life; almost immediately you’ll notice a dramatic increase in your energy level and your body’s metabolism will soar and you will finally start to see your body change before your very eyes! You’ll not only look fit – you’ll feel fit; I guarantee it!

In the FITOVER40 program I will show you that by combining specific metabolism boosting workouts along with my unique 60/40 nutrition plan you will build shapely muscle tissue which is the basis for your fat burning metabolic machinery to begin with… .You’ll experience an amazing boost in your metabolism and remarkable increases in your energy levels

3)My 60/40 diet rule is so ridiculously simple, and it works perfect every time. This eating program works so incredibly well because it applies the calories/metabolism connection that I outline and explain in great detail in the FITOVER40 manual. You’ll find that by simply following my 60/40 Rule, you will have a more constant energy level all day long due to the fact that you are naturally boosting your body’s metabolism and you’ll turn your body into a fat burning machine. Best of all you’re never hungry!

… You are matching your Caloric Intake with Your Metabolic Rate.

Just take a look at what the women are saying about what the FITOVER40 program has done for them. These are real everyday women that got real results… .take a minute and see what they have to say about my system and what it has done for them.

Look at their smiles… how their proud to show off their new body. Read between the lines. Because this is the best help you’ll have to decide if my system is right for YOU. Their opinions are important, because they already use the FITOVER40 system.

So far I’ve lost over 41 lbs. My body fat was 37%… Now it’s 24%!

I feel great and love going out and shopping for a new wardrobe.

Thank you so much FITOVER40

Thanks again for making it so easy… ..

Last summer before we went on vacation to the beach, I started to stress out and I really didn’t want too be seen, even in shorts. I got very depressed. I have been fighting to keep the weight off, but it just seemed every year I slowly gained more weight. I was very unhappy with myself, I couldn’t believe how heavy I had gotten. My husband just didn’t understand; I told him I was using the treadmill and eating less but it still didn’t make any difference, I just wasn’t losing any weight at all.

I was doing some research a few days later on dieting and weight loss and I came across the FITOVER40 program and after reading more about it, I signed up for the free report! Wow… that really opened my eyes. It all made sense to me then, I was doing all the wrong things. I ordered the FITOVER40 women’s program and started losing the weight immediately and now I have more energy than I’ve had in years. I finally have that flat sexy stomach I used to have!

Thank You FITOVER40, Sincerely, Susan Bracy

Hi, my name is Leigh Ann Coffey and being over 40 and a mother of 2, I understand the trials facing women who struggle to lose that excess body fat. In 2003 I experienced a significant health event hat completely wrecked my figure and I was very depressed after several failed attempts at trying just about every diet and workout plan out there, I just didn’t know what else to do or where to turn. Then one day while I was looking at weight loss plans on the internet I came across the FITOVER40 Program.

After reading more about this simple approach that targets the metabolism along with fat burning workouts plus the fact that it was designed specifically for women over 40; I decided that I would give it a shot. I can’t put into words how happy I am. “FITOVER40 worked for me when everything else failed.

Thanks to Brett and the FITOVER40 program I look and feel better than I have in years.

Sincerely, Leigh Ann Coffey

Thank You, Debbie Pelerose

My friends and I have been using your FITOVER40 now for 7 months and I can honestly say that now I look and feel better than I have in over 15 years.Thank You, Jackie Greenhood, Age 44

I love the energy that your workout programs have given me; my energy has increased 10 fold! My body fat went from 33% down to 21% in just 3 months. I’m so proud of my new body… so is my husband.Thank You so much, Melanie Raines, Age 49

I really didn’t have that much weight to lose in the first place but I have to tell you that doing the workouts in yourFITOVER40 program have made my stomach very flat and toned and my legs and butt have really shaped up.Thanks, Susan Creeden, Age 48

Brett; your FITOVER40 workouts really have helped me to shape up my body. I haven’t looked or felt this good in over 20 years. I tell everyone I know about your program and how it was one of the best decisions I ever made the day I ordered it! Sincerely, Rose Mary McMenamin, Age 53

I really tried everything to lose the weight; I tried every “diet program” and “quick weight loss” solution and then I signed up at Curves and tried that for a whole year with absolutely no results-I didn’t know what else to do or where to turn. I ended up just getting very depressed and tried to forget losing weight altogether. Then one day something great happened; Sandy, a dear friend of mine told me about the FITOVER40 Program that a personal fitness trainer had developed and the incredible results that women were seeing on this program. She told me that she had lost over 60 lbs and completely re-shaped her body using this program… Well to make a long story short, I ordered the FITOVER40 Program and since I have been using it, not only is my “pot belly” gone but I’m actually seeing muscle definition in my stomach. I’m so thankful that I found FITOVER40. Life is wonderful Thanks to FITOVER40!

First of all, this program burns fat off your body 24/7. You start to build lean, shapely muscle tissue immediately and this results in revving up your metabolic machinery so you lose fat around the clock!

You literally burn your excess body fat as a source of fuel. After about the 4th day on the program you will start to notice a remarkable increase in your energy level that will last all day long and into the evening. Research has proven that the less body fat you have; the more energy you will have.

Fact: You will never be able to stick to a diet and make any “real” progress if you are always hungry-because sooner or later you’re going to cave in. This eating program works so incredibly well because it applies my calories/metabolism connection principle! My 60/40 Rule is so ridiculously simple, you will have a more constant energy level all day long due to the fact that you are naturally boosting your body’s metabolism and you’ll turn your body into a fat burning machine. Best of all you’re never hungry!

I’ve spent over 25 years researching and developing the most effective fitness and weight loss programs with 2 things in mind… . #1 they must be very simple an easy to follow and #2 they must deliver the results I promise.

This is not just another weight loss diet. It is a complete system that combines a healthy eating program with easy to do fat burning workouts. With over 25+ years of research behind the development of this system, It is probably much safer than the way you eat right now.

Stop working against your body – work with your body

Unless you know these powerful secrets; you will always struggle to lose fat !

Over the last 25+ years of training and consulting thousands of women that are trying to lose body fat and get slimmer, I have realized that most of the ideas that people have (even highly paid personal trainers) about losing weight – especially for women over 40, are wrong.

This misinformation can even make you gain weight by slowing down your metabolism… due to not knowing certain types of fat-triggering foods that you consume on a daily basis and not knowing certain types of cardio exercises that actually boost your fat burning processes.

“Sadly… some women never discover the secrets that hold them back from ever having a sexier – slimmer body”

Discover what thousands of women over 40 are calling their “secret weight loss solution”… resulting in them looking and feeling sexier and slimmer… .winding back the clock by 15-20 years!

So, if you are investing your workout time doing the traditional monotonous, boring 20-30 minutes of cardio on elliptical machines or treadmills combined with area specific workouts (ab workouts, or arm workouts)… you are wasting your time, when you could be doing a truly effective full body workout that stimulate your metabolism and help you lose weight for a full 24-48 hours after each workout.

When you get your workouts right, not only do you cut your workout time in 1/2, your excess melts off you faster than you could imagine – and you feel great, sexy, slimmer and full of energy. Of course you do have to put in some effort – but the FITOVER40 program can be applied by anyone, regardless of age or current conditioning.

Now you might be thinking…how is the FITOVER40 program different from all those other hyped up programs out there today?

Here’s what makes it different:

Do you think they would pay me that much If they didn’t get the Results I promised?

I retain 96% of my clients, which is unheard of in the Personal Training Industry. In fact I have clients that are on a 6 month waiting list for hands on Personal Training. But I still continue to help thousands online.

In my 27 years of Training people get the Body they want, it has become abundantly clear to me the vast majority of women want one thing… … … .A simple; easy-to-follow weight loss program that actually works!

Now you can discover the secrets of Accelerated Fat Loss

I felt compelled to write to you and let you know that one day last July I decided that I was going to get into a fitness program to improve my strength and energy. I visited a couple of gyms near my house to see what they offered, but I just felt uncomfortable with a big gym and they wanted me to sign up for personal training, “something I knew I couldn’t afford”.

My daughter suggested I check out your FITOVER40 program and you were the most knowledgeable personal fitness trainer that she had seen; and since you had a 100% money back guarantee I decided that I would give it a try.

Your program worked wonders for me. The nutritional information was very simple and easy to follow and now I don’t crave foods at night anymore. The workouts were relatively easy to complete. I’m stunned how my body has changed. My daughter loves showing me off to all her friends; I feel 20 years younger! I’m delighted that I purchased your FITOVER40 program.

Thank you so much,
Porter Scoggins

**Here are some more insider secrets that I will share with you in this program:

Please Note: The FITOVER40 manual is NOT available in stores. You can only access this program through this website.

What’s better is not only do you get the FitOver40 program; you also get bonus books…Everything for one absolute low price! See below for more details.

44 Year Old Mother Says…

This is the first time I’ve stuck with an exercise program this long! Brett is so knowledgeable and careful about form and safety. I feel stronger and better than ever before and all my friends are always complimenting me on how great I look. I feel like a million bucks! It’s obvious that Brett takes a personal and genuine interest in helping me reach my fitness goals.

Thank you for all your help, Rebecca Keaton

About 2 yrs ago I came across your FITOVER40 website. I’m an RN so I knew that what you were describing about the metabolism slowing down as women age was precise. The more I read about your approach to losing fat, the more I began to realize that I had to try your program… Well to make a long story short I tried the FitOver 40 plan, and boy did it work! I started losing the weight and having more energy than I’ve had in years.

I was very impressed and surprised how fast and easily your program worked for me. I’m proud to say that Ive lost over 43 lbs and I have my slim figure back… I’m very happy!

Thank you Brett, Sheila Miller

Thanks FITOVER40, Susan McDermott

I found your FITOVER40 website and read about the fitness program that you offered, so I decided to get it and follow it to the letter. Well I want to tell you that I followed those fat burning workouts and followed your nutrition advice for 13 weeks. Well, during the trip I wore my swimsuit almost the entire time and my other friends kept asking me how I stayed so slim. I told them about your FITOVER40 system and how easy it was to follow.

Your friend, Catherine McCaulley

No gimmicks, no outlandish promises for overnight success – You’ll learn the truth about what’s happened to your metabolism and exactly what you can do to outsmart and trick your fat cells into literally melting away. You will change the shape of your body… losing the body fat so that you can FINALLY have a flat sexy stomach and a slim waist.

SAVE YOUR MONEY! This program is available to you for half the price you would pay for a months supply of one of those supposed “miracle pills” that claim that you’ll lose 40 lbs of fat in only one month by taking their magic pill. Gimme a break! The truth is – and I will save you thousands of your hard earned dollars in your lifetime if you listen to this statement… YOU DON’T NEED ANY OF THAT CRAP (ca-ca)!

Stop throwing away hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, year after year on all of these snake-oil, black-magic pills, and make a small investment now to discover the truth about how you can lose the fat like all the other women that you’ve just seen and read about. Lose your body fat for good… the natural, easy way!

Depending on how much abdominal fat or body fat that you have to lose, I obviously can’t guarantee that you’ll lose all your belly fat in 60 days… for example, if you have a large amount of belly fat to lose, it might realistically take longer than 60 days.

However, I guarantee that if you apply my techniques in the FITOVER40 program, you will have more energy; lose significant belly fat and/or get a slimmer and more fit appearance in 60 days.

Alright, I want to take any doubts or indecision you might have at this point, out of your head. Seriously, if you don’t take action now, you will NEVER improve your body… You’ll simply continue to struggle with that stubborn belly fat and flabby “stuff” that has been haunting you for years. In fact in 6 months from now you’ll be 4-6 lbs heavier and have even less energy to do something about it.

You’ll just keep procrastinating and making up lame excuses as to why you’re “gonna wait until next week” to start working out and eating right. PLEASE!

In the movie “Shawshank Redemption” – Morgan Freeman has a line and says “you either get busy living… or you get busy dying”! I can’t tell you how many thousands of my clients that I have said that to; it always makes them think, and it usually motivates them to get living their life and take control of how they look and feel.

Get motivated… make the decision TODAY to finally learn an exact proven method of success that thousands of other women have discovered that changed their bodies and lives forever.

I want you to realize that by trying the FITOVER40 methods, you have nothing to lose except for that stubborn “excess body fat” that has cursed you for years. I’ve always offered a 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you do not successfully lose belly fat and/or be slimmer and more fit and energetic in 60 days.
You have a full 8 weeks to review the program, start applying all of the techniques, and see for yourself as the fat starts to disappear and your body starts to change before your very eyes, uncovering that slimmer, sexier you that you’ve always knew is somewhere underneath! If you are not satisfied and don’t get the results you wanted, your money will be immediately refunded. It’s that simple!

You might ask why I am foolish enough to offer a money back guarantee. I am confident that once you see your new sexy toned body developing, you’ll be completely satisfied and telling all your friends.

As the founder of the FITOVER40 program I promise you I’m genuinely invested in helping you achieve your fitness goals and improving your quality of life forever. Just look at some of the testimonials above from all the women that are using my program now. You can see that this program actually delivers on everything I’m promising you.

By now I hope that you realize that this FITOVER40 program that is specifically designed for women over 40 who struggle with weight loss will work for you as it has worked so well for thousands of other women in your same situation.

The fact that you’ve gotten this far shows that you are genuinely interested in finding a solution to your struggle to lose weight. I know that my clients are very intelligent and more sophisticated because in fact; they are in their 40’s.

As you can see from my results and testimonials, I’m not some internet marketer that uses “fake” stock photos of other people. I’m the Real Deal with over 26 years of successfully helping women to look and feel fit; fabulous and sexy!

I’ve always been adamant about delivering what I promise to my clients. The quality of my products and customer service are second to none. I do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied and you get the results you expect; (I know I would)!
After all, that’s really what it’s all about… YOUR RESULTS!

Just think, depending on how much you need to tighten up or how much fat you still need to lose, in just a few short weeks, you could be FINALLY fitting into those tight jeans, slinky dress, or skimpy bikini you’ve been secretly hiding away for the day to come when you can show off your newly slim toned body!

Let’s remove that last bit of doubt that you’re feeling, I’ve negotiated with 7 of the best world-renowned fitness professionals on the planet, to offer several of their top notch products to you as bonuses with this package. However, the deal I negotiated with them only allows me to offer these to you for a very limited time.

However, I wanted to make this program affordable for everyone, and a wise investment in a new sexy body, and a healthy lifestyle to maintain for life!

The above link will take you to our guaranteed secure server and you can instantly download the printable PDF format E-book package and start reading. Instead of waiting for a typical package in the mail, you can download this program immediately and get started on your new body in just minutes from now (depending on the speed of your computer)!

You can choose to read the program on your computer, or print it out to read anytime, anywhere.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to download and start absorbing the info in the program and see for yourself why this program is currently the #1 selling FITOVER40 ebook in the world.

Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online retailer of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a download page to download the e-book program as well as the free bonuses. If you have a high speed internet connection, the downloads usually take less than a minute. The e-book download and free bonuses will be in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if you don’t currently have it, a free download is available once you’re on the download page. If you’re still unsure if “FITOVER40″ package is right for you or have any question, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Get ready to find that slim body and energy!

Brett YokleyCertified Nutrition Expert
6-Time Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
Author – FITOVER40
Founder –

P.S. Don’t delay any longer in developing the body of your dreams! People that keep putting off their goals rarely ever get around to pursuing them. STOP procrastinating and making LAME excuses for why you aren’t in the shape you want to be in! Arm yourself with the knowledge TODAY to get the sexy tight body you want, and then ACT on it!

NO MORE EXCUSES… Start Living Your Life. Order NOW before the bonus package expires!

The First Complete Weight-Control Program Designed Specifically for Women Over 40

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Fit Over Forty

Review of Claim Your FREE Trouble Spot Fat Loss DVD!

Review of Claim Your FREE Trouble Spot Fat Loss DVD!

Review of Claim Your FREE Trouble Spot Fat Loss DVD!

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Review of Claim Your FREE Trouble Spot Fat Loss DVD!

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The Trouble Spot Fat Loss DVD program is different because it was created by a nutritionist AND personal trainer and covers ALL aspects for losing trouble spot fat including:

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Nothing will be rebilled on this offer, ever. Just pay a ONE-TIME shipping charge. This full length, 60-minute DVD is truly 100% free, and is my way of getting exposure for my new Trouble Spot Fat Loss program without a massive advertising budget.

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Review of The No Nonsense Fat Melting System

Review of The No Nonsense Fat Melting System

Review of The No Nonsense Fat Melting System

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Review of The No Nonsense Fat Melting System

Product Name: The No Nonsense Fat Melting System

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Description of The No Nonsense Fat Melting System:

You’re going to hate yourself if you don’t listen to me right now and start losing weight immediately.

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The No Nonsense Fat Melting System

Review of Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel

Review of Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel

Review of Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel

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Review of Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel

Product Name: Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel

Click here to get Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel:

Mel is a Registered Dietitian from the UK.

Making Sensible Choices By The Grace of — An LTM Production

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Diet Rebel – Fat Loss Made Easy | Diet Rebel

Review of The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets

Review of The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets

Review of The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets

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Review of The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets

Product Name: The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets

Click here to get The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets:



There is a simple science to fat loss that has been hidden. Fortune hunting companies earn big on the and hopes of men and women, but I will reveal the truth that they have kept from you…

National level
physique champion and natural bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutritionist
and success coach, teaches you how to accelerate your metabolism, tone
your muscle, burn off body fat!
He has taught thousands of people to get leaner faster!

Are you one of those who say… I Have Bad Genetics… I’ve Never Succeed at
Losing Weight… I Have Stubborn Fat And It Won’t Budge… ?
By landing here you’ve found the fat burning
system that will work for you!

You’re about to discover
the most powerful fat loss system ever exposed to the
mass public. The same diet program fitness models and physique
competitors use to reach super lean body fat levels and get perfect levels of muscle tone.

My name is Sebastian MacLean
and over the past 20 years, I’ve developed and perfected, a 100%
guaranteed system for burning body fat. This is based on little-known
nutrition secrets of competitive natural fitness models.

how to lose body fat… even in resistant areas… without drugs, without supplements, and without harming your
metabolism. I guarantee it and will show you how!


Sebastian’s program is the
most effective weight loss method I have ever applied. I was 162
lbs and at 5 feet tall I new I was over weight. After just three
months on The Fat Burn Truth system, I was down to 128 pounds.

Margot MacLean,
Nashwaksis, Canada

I had always entered figure
competitions using methods that resulted in my muscle toning
disappearing more than I wanted it to. Sebastian showed me how
to lose the fat and keep my muscle tone. A faster metabolism has
made me a better figure competitor.

Allison Hilder,
Fredericton, Canada

I just wanted to get in
slightly better shape, but with The Fat Burn Truth methods I
began to realize I could shape my body to any level I wanted.
After just a few months of seeing my body fat melt away and my
muscle tone changing, I decided to do my first figure

Naomi Burgess
Island View, Canada

Sebastian really helped me
after I had found myself struggling with old methods of dieting.
Thanks to his approach I didn’t give up on achieving the figure
I was after and I was able to achieve the results I wanted.

Jaclyn Wilson,
New Brunswick, Canada

As a woman in her sixties, I
really didn’t think these modern fat loss programs applied to
me, but Sebastian cleared up a lot of my misconceptions through
his very comprehensive approach. I was able to lose the twenty
pounds that I had been struggling with for years.

Anne MacLean,
Tracy, Canada

What Makes The
Fat Burn Truth So Exciting is
That it Reveals Your Ability To…

Who Am I And Why
Should You Listen to Me

There are thousands of diet programs
and dozens of people claiming to be experts. However, very few of these
so-called “Fat loss experts” practice what they preach or have
the experience and track record to back up their claims. Since you’re
probably wondering how this program is different, here’s the whole

I’ve been bodybuilding for 25 years
and competed for over 12 years. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry
as a personal trainer, weight loss company co-owner, nutritionist, freelance writer and fitness based film producer for
nearly 18 years. Bodybuilding and fitness is a huge part of my life.

“Sebastian has an
impressive natural physique. I know of very few natural
bodybuilders who possess such control of their body’s
development that they are able to compete, and win, on both the
tested and none tested stage. The guy knows his stuff.”

Wayne McKnight
Contest Promoter and Photographer

�It’s amazing, but
Sebastian has literally transferred what I have witnessed him
applying in the gym on to paper for everyone to use. The results
he and his clients achieved tell you all you need to know. �

Scott Blackmore
Personal Trainer and Gym Owner 

Fitness Writer And
Bodybuilding Magazine Personality

You may have seen my photos or
articles in some of the magazines or on the Internet: I’ve been in
Musclemag International, Sport Fitness (German), Muscular Development,
American Health & Fitness, and Maximum Fitness. I’ve written a
number of articles on bodybuilding, fat loss, fitness and have been
covered during film production work. 

I’m a competitive bodybuilder and
I’ve won three state/provincial and two regional championships. I’ve
even gone as far as 2nd place in the Canadian Nationals and 6th in the
Canadian World Qualifier contests.

20 Years of
Study, Research, Trial, Error and Experimentation

I’ve spent most of my life studying
bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition. Since I my youth, I started
studying! I was voracious! I read every book on bodybuilding, getting
lean, weight training, fitness, exercise physiology, dieting, bio-mechanics, and nutrition that I could get my hands on.

I took home stacks of the latest
research on physiology and nutritional biochemistry. At one point, I had saved up over 1000 fitness and muscle
magazines and had read every one of them from cover to cover! My library
was so huge I could easily have built a wall by stacking them, but
instead I read them all.

Then, I Turned
Myself Into My Own Experiment!

Book knowledge is one thing, but it’s
not the same as knowledge from experience. I didn’t just want my brain
stuffed with scientific facts, figures and theories; I wanted to
experience the effects firsthand. Personal experience is the only true
teacher, and believe me…

I tried high carbohydrate diets with
practically no fat. I tried the Zone and Isometric diets. I tried food
combining. I tried food separating. I tried high protein and “ketogenic”
diets including the tuna fish and water diet. I tried the cyclical
ketogenic diet (CKD) and body opus. I even tried – get a load of this –
the so-called “anabolic” high fat diet (no pancakes, bagels or
toast were allowed, but bacon, sausage and whole eggs in butter were
just fine.) I also tried every supplement from Amino acids to Zinc.
Believe me, I’ve tried it all!

Now, 20 Years and
Thousands of Hours Later,
I Made Discovered Some Impressive and Some Appalling Things

I found out that most people are
getting ripped off by supplement companies. I learned that most
magazines are really just “supplement catalogs” and that
dishonest companies will tell you anything to make a fast buck.

The diet and supplement industries
are full of corrupt people that are getting rich by preying on your
anxieties, hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, there’s been little way of
protecting yourself from being victimized by these scams – until now.

The second thing I discovered is that
almost everyone is wrong in the way they diet to lose body fat.
In fact, the way you’re dieting to lose weight might be severely
damaging your metabolism.

Is Your Diet
Making You FATTER?

If you’re making the same deadly diet
mistakes as most other people, you might lose some weight temporarily,
but you’ll actually get fatter in the long run. Your body is just way
too smart for these “ordinary” diets to ever work – you can’t
fool a metabolic and hormonal system that’s the result of an incredibly
fine tuned machine – You have to work with your metabolism,
not against it!

When I finally figured out what was
going on in the weight loss and supplement industries, I decided I had
to do something about it: I poured everything out of my head onto paper
and began coaching people using the new fat loss system I developed.

Now, for the first time ever, the
same fat burning system that has helped hundreds of my personal clients
slash their body fat literally in half is available to you in a single,
information packed e-book:

“The Fat Burn Truth”: Revealing The Techniques Used By
The World’s Best Physique Competitors and Fitness Models

“The Fat Burn Truth”
is a fat burning manual in downloadable e-book format, filled with the
details on fat loss methods previously known by only a small number of
the worlds best fitness models and bodybuilders. The big diet industry
has been praying that this information never gets out. This program has
all the information you’ll ever need to burn off body fat permanently
without muscle loss and without using drugs or unnecessary supplements.

Here’s Just a
Small Sample of What You’ll Learn When You Download
Your Copy of The Fat Burn Truth Today:

Get the history behind
the method 

Learn about some the
methods used to develop the program

Health and nutrition
tips to enhance your progress

Preparation tips for
beginning your Naturally Massive development

Getting your metabolism to
explode into action and burn all that body fat requires that your body
target its fat stores and preserve muscle tissue. Much like building the
launch pad for a rocket, the Burn Phase prepares a foundation for your
metabolism to explode from. In this section you learn…

The details behind why
the Burn Phase is necessary and what it does for your body.

What supplements you can
take and which ones you shouldn’t while going through the Burn

The vital role that
water plays in this part of your training. 

A specialized diet
method for causing your system to eliminate fat and build muscle

Menu samples and meal
structure for the Burn Phase

Exactly how you can
design your own macronutrient structured meal plan. 

A detailed examination
of frequently asked Burn Phase questions.

The Burn Phase workout,
which covers what you will need to do in the gym for maximum effect.

Sample workouts that
cover exercise details and specialized instruction on form.

The Burn Phase cardio
workout that targets rapid fat loss and maximum muscle tone

The Burn Phase workout’s
most frequently asked questions and all the answers you need.

If you have
followed my instructions from the Burn Phase, be prepared to see your
metabolism hit a new high note that few had thought possible for natural
training. You are now in complete control of how much fat loss or muscle
tone you wish to achieve. Here is what you learn…

The details behind why
the Boost Phase rapidly adjust your lean muscle tone on your frame
and what it does for your body.

What supplements you can
take and which ones you shouldn’t while going through the Boost

The vital role that
water plays in this part of your training. 

A specialized diet
method for exploding your rate of fat loss, gains in muscle tone,
and increasing your strength levels through the roof. 

Menu samples and meal
structure for the Boost Phase

Exactly how you can
design your own Boost Phase meal plan, using the exact methods I use
for perfecting diet. 

A detailed examination
of frequently asked Boost Phase diet questions.

The Boost Phase workout,
which covers what you will need to do in the gym for maximum effect.

Sample workouts that
cover exercise details and specialized instruction on form.

The Boost  Phase
workout’s most frequently asked questions and all the answers you

This book is
full of charts, logs and check lists that you will need to set goals,
monitor your progress and track your results. Each of these is specially
designed to enhance your training and diet results in each phase.

Book 5 & 6: Sample

sections each provide detailed sample menus for a weeks worth of meal
preparation in each of the two workout phases. Not only do you receive
these specially designed menus, but every recipe for each meal
suggestion is included as well. All recipes are precisely balanced to
the specifications of each program phase.

Book 7: The Mindset Memos

This section
focuses on mental strategies that will help you achieve your results and
understand the psychology behind achieving what you are after. These are
not just broad philosophies but things you can actually do to improve
your results.

Here are
some the issues addressed in more general terms throughout The Fat Burn

Why many diets don’t work in
the long run…and the exact steps you must take to be in the small
percentage of people who lose the weight and keep it off.

Why your ability to understand
your energy levels effect on your metabolism can be a lifesaver to
your weight loss goals.

The food you will need to eat
to lose weight

The foods you will need to avoid
in order to lose weight

How to break through any fat
loss plateau – even if you’ve been stuck at the same weight for
years! The two phase system in The Fat Burn Truth cuts right through
the sticking points.

Why dieting below your critical
calorie level can cause serious damage to your metabolism. Find out
how to avoid ever getting stuck… also, the precise calculations
for your optimal calorie level (it’s different for everyone – copy
someone else and you’ll fail)

Why eating certain
“good” fats can actually speed up fat loss and increase
your energy levels… and precisely how much of them you need for
optimal effects 

Why you have been lied to anytime
someone gave you a workout and said it was the only thing you need
to burn fat. I will show you how to keep your body from adapting to
one method.

How to crank up your
metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting
human blast furnace! Easy metabolism-boosting techniques revealed!

Important lessons you can learn
from the diet methods that advocate a single approach…including
the reasons why most people fail on both of these diets in the
long run

The supplement companies will
hope you never find out about my answer to powdered and liquid meal
replacements drinks

A simple method to increase the
fat burning effects of your cardio workout by up to 300%

How to boost your energy
levels higher than you ever thought possible – almost instantly!
(you’ll notice the difference the very first day)

Why certain group exercise
classes and athletic activities are not effective fat burners (if
you’re taking classes and not seeing results – you need to know

Why some people always seem to
gain back the fat they’ve lost and how to keep it off for good

What you must do before you set
foot in a gym or start a fat loss program…(it’ will decide your
success or failure before you even get started!)

Make sure your body never goes
into “starvation mode” and what you must do immediately
if you suspect it’s already happened to you

Meal frequency and timing
techniques that will amplify your body’s natural rate of

How to get your body burning
fat around the clock, including in your sleep!

Find out how much water to
consume so that it instantly boosts your muscle contractile strength
by 10-15%, increase your capacity for prolonged aerobic exercise by
an average of 25% and stimulate your cellular machinery to burn fat
for fuel more efficiently.

Why this “almost
magical” combination of three types of food will boost your
metabolism for maximum fat loss, increase lean body mass and send
your energy levels skyrocketing!

Why you will almost ALWAYS fail
to keep the fat off permanently if you use a conventional low
carbohydrate diet – If you’ve failed on low carb diets before
(especially diets that put you in ketosis), this is the reason why!

How a “unique new
spin” on the old low carb diet can increase your rate of fat
loss to the maximum possible without muscle loss or metabolic

The truth about how much cardio
you REALLY need to lose body fat and when you should do it for
maximum impact

Everything you ever wanted to
know about weight training for fat loss…including detailed answers
to the a number of frequently asked questions

The psychology of fat loss…Goal
setting and motivation strategies that program your mind for
success…Follow this “mental training formula” and you’ll
be zoned into eating properly and working out consistently! 

The psychological reason why
most people sabotage themselves…just when their diets are
beginning to work..and how to make sure this never happens to you!

The Fat Burn Truth is so much
more than just an “e-book” – it’s a total system
for success – the most effective nutrition system for fat loss ever
created! No fads or gimmicks – just the FACTS you need to know to get
lean NOW.

Start Using This
Powerful System NOW To Get Leaner Than You’ve Ever Been Before!

Of course, you may be saying to
yourself, “Sebastian, I am sure YOU can reach single digit body fat
levels and the genetically gifted bodybuilders and fitness stars can get
paper-thin skin and razor-sharp muscle definition using all those
“advanced techniques,” but me… Come on!… is it really possible?”

Good question and I have good news;
The Fat Burn Truth system was designed by a bodybuilder, but it’s
not just for bodybuilders. In fact, 90% of my clients and
thousands of my correspondence customers are “average people”:
teachers, students, parents, business owners, musicians, accountants,
financial planners and lawyers. They’re busy people with social lives,
careers and families. You don’t have to live in the gym all day to get
fantastic results with this system.

It doesn’t matter what your goals
are: Most of the principles are the same whether you want to lose 10
pounds or 100 pounds; whether you want to be 13% body fat or 3% body
fat; whether you want to compete in a bodybuilding or fitness show or
you just want to look good in a shorts and a tank top.

Whatever your goals, when you finally
decide to stop making the same mistakes that have been holding you back
and you diligently begin applying the techniques in The Fat Burn
Truth, you can literally choose the body you want:

1. The body of a competitive
bodybuilder or fitness model
2. A lean and ripped body with “six pack abs,” and nice muscle
3. A fit and lean body with nice shape, and enough definition so you can
see your abs and look good in a bathing suit.
4. Just look better than you do now.

Stop The Fat Loss

There is a ton of conflicting advice
about fat loss and it probably feels like your going to go nuts trying
to sort through it all! Believe me, I understand!

Some programs tell you to eat low
carbs, others tell you to eat high carbs. Some say calories don’t count,
others say count your calories. Some say eat high protein, others tell
you too much protein is bad for you. Some say eat fat to lose fat,
others say eat fat and you get fat.

All these so-called
“experts” make arguments that sound completely logical.
Sometimes they even give you long lists of scientific references to back
up their claims. But who the heck are you supposed to believe?

The More You
Study And Read,
The More Confused You Get!

If you’re frustrated and confused by
all this conflicting information, then The Fat Burn Truth will
finally make everything clear.

This is the program that actually
pulls all these pieces together and makes them fit in a way that makes
perfect sense. I know it is wild to think of these apparently
conflicting strategies as working together in some way, but when you see
how this works you will get it right away. All the pieces of the fat
loss puzzle will finally fall into place. You’ll finally understand the
truth about diets, calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, supplements
and everything else you need to burn fat fast.

The Fat Burn Truth will give
you the power to take action without doubt or fearful procrastination.
You’ll engage this system with confidence, knowing you’re doing it the
right way.

Don’t Trust Other
Sources of Information

You never know if you’re getting the
truth or if someone’s lying to try to sell you something. Before you
jump on the bandwagon with the latest diet or supplement
“guru” you should ask yourself some serious questions:

Don’t you find it odd that the people
who write a lot of these books are supplement companies?

Doesn’t it seem strange that half of
the what is in most major fitness magazines is about the latest
“breakthroughs” in nutritional supplements when the magazines
own the supplement companies?

If supplements are all so effective,
then why do new ones come out every year – what happened to last year’s

If there were pills or supplements
that truly burn fat to any noticeable degree, then why are there more
overweight people today than ever before in history? Wouldn’t everyone
be lean? Think about it.

You Already Know The Answer…

The Fat
Burn Mini Course 

Before you finish reading this
letter, discover the truth that many in the fat loss
industry have tried to make a mystery. These coaching tips
are my gift to you for just checking out my website. 

Don’t wait, find out about BURNING
FAT. Here are just a few things you will discover through
my free coaching tips:

Just leave your name and
email below and I�ll send you the mini-course in your email.
It�s FREE � and you�ll also get the weekly fat burning
tips as an extra bonus.

We respect email privacy: Your e-mail
address will be kept private and secured. Just remember to check
your bulk folder if you don’t see my confirmation email in the
next few moments.

The Diet Methods
Most People Are Using DON’T WORK!
Most People Who Lose Weight Gain it All Back

North Americans are fatter than ever
and they’re going to keep getting fatter unless they do something about
it! The Surgeon General and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) tell us
that more than 120 million Americans – 60% of the adult population – are
overweight! Statistics from the CDC also prove that the problem is
getting worse. This means that the way people are dieting today is not
only ineffective, it’s less effective than ever before! Why?

The Way Most
People Are Trying To Do It Makes It Impossible!

If you’re like most dieters, the
reason you’re having such a hard time getting leaner is because your
body won’t respond to many of the methods out there and you could be
utterly destroying your metabolism in the process! If you continue
killing your metabolism with faulty nutrition practices, it’s will get
harder and harder to get lean in the future.

Nearly all of the popular diet
programs today suffer from the same flaws. People are unsuccessful at
losing fat and are repeating the same mistakes over and over again, yet
they expect to see different results.

Successful natural bodybuilders do
things differently than dieters who fail. The physique athlete’s way to
fat burning allows you to shed fat while keeping lean body mass – and
that’s the answer to your success – maintain your tone and maximize your
metabolism so you burn fat 24 hours a day – even while you sleep.

Why Try And Learn
This On Your Own Through Trial And Error? That’s called the Hard Way.
Take the Short Cut to Fat Loss Follow an EXPERT!

Look, you could apply years of trial
and error or – in a matter of hours – you can read this system and
master the fat burning secrets known by a few of the world’s greatest
physique athletes? Then parlay your newfound knowledge into your
perfect body in a matter of a few short months.

I wish someone had handed me this
years ago, when I was just getting started! Learning even half of these
secrets would have short cut my success by a decade or more!  These
are secrets many people don’t take the time to discover by trying to do
it on their own.

The fastest way to reach a goal is to
“model” someone who has already achieved what you want. Simply
find the people who have already done what you want, find out how they
did it and copy what they did.

Elite bodybuilders and fitness
competitors have perfected the art of losing body fat while keeping
muscle tone. Obviously, they know something about fat loss that the rest
of the world doesn’t. So your strategy is easy – find out how the
bodybuilders do it and model them. No problem, right? Maybe not…

Unlikely to Get
This Information Anywhere Else

One challenge is tracking down an
elite and successful competitor who has the  knowledge and
experience. Not all who compete as a bodybuilder are good at what they
do and even if you can find one that is, MOST WON’T REVEAL THEIR

You see, physique athletes are highly
competitive by nature. If they tell you how they get lean for
competition, they would be giving away their playbook! The reality is
that this type of nutrition information is not easy to come by.

Even if you did find someone who was
willing, few possess the communication skills to pass their knowledge to
you in a systematic format. Take away the ones on drugs (that’s a lot of
them) and the ones with supplement endorsement contracts, (giving biased
information for money), and who does that leave? Well I guess that
leaves you with at least one reliable source that you can count on – Me;
Sebastian MacLean.

Let Me Take You
By The Hand And Teach You
The Fat Burning Techniques Of the Leanest Bodies on The Planet…
Cutting Edge Truth Straight From the Place It Happens

I’ve been through it… The sweat,
the discipline, the tears, the frustration… The motivation that comes
and goes… When you finally make it to the gym, everybody has some
piece of advice for you and you don’t know who to trust… You tried the
supplements, went on the diets, choked down those shakes as thick as
pancake batter and they didn’t do anything more than give you gas… and
then you found out they were only making you fatter because of all the
sugar in them… You ordered the video from that maniac jumping up and
down on the infomercial, and then you watch it and it turns out to be a
bunch of crap, just ending up on your shelf to collect dust… right
next to your “abdominal” machine that you never used.

Don’t feel bad – you’re not alone.
I’ve been there. I worked my way up the ladder, learned the game slowly
and painfully, made all the mistakes, believed in the wrong things,
trusted the wrong people, and now I’m ready to give something back.
That’s why I’m doing this.

Here Is Why I
Decided to Reveal This Information to the Public
For the First Time

Right now, my job of running a
production company and assisting my partners with web-based software developments
operations takes up about 60 hours every week and I’m getting busier
with each passing month because we plan on expanding operations soon.
When you factor in the time I need for my own workouts, I’m currently
not available for personal coaching anymore.

I decided that the only way I could
possibly continue to help more people would be to put my fat burning
system into a written format that was simple, complete, easy to
understand and easy to apply. Then I would make it available to anyone
truly dedicated to self-improvement with the sincere desire to learn and
the willingness to work hard. And that’s exactly what I did:

Now, for the first time, I am
releasing my fat-burning system, The Fat Burn Truth as an
instantly downloadable e-book.

Because the e-book is downloadable,
you can order it right here on this web page from anywhere in the world
and get started TODAY. Thanks to technology and the Internet, just minutes
from now, with a couple of mouse clicks, you can be one step closer to
the lean body you’ve always wanted!

#1: FREE Updates to the
The Fat Burn Truth e-book. When you come on board
with me, I will be with you for the long term in
continuing to find ways to make the program better, and
easier to follow. If new editions of the e-book are
released, you will receive e-book updates absolutely
free. That’s right, unlike most other books,  when
a new, updated edition of The Fat Burn Truth is
released, you get it for FREE! It’s easy – I will simply
contact you through my private clients list and send you
instant download instructions so you can stay totally up
to date on the latest breakthroughs.

Here is the Bottom Line.
The Complete Program Cost…

Once you place your order on
Clickbank’s secure server, you will be directed to the download page,
where you can download your fat loss manual and get started IMMEDIATELY.
The e-book is in PDF format, which can be viewed on any computer (PC or
MAC). You can read it right on your computer screen, or you can even
print out your own hard-copy and put in a 3 ring binder.

That’s all there is to it. Once you’ve downloaded your
book, read the entire manual from cover to cover. Then take action and
start immediately! The instructions and menus are all there so you can start today with your very next meal!

This is not a quick fix, so don’t expect
instant results, but when the results do come – look out! You’ll notice
the first changes start to happen in the very first two weeks. By the third
week, you’ll be leaner, harder and more toned – enough that
others will take notice and wonder what you’re doing to look so good.
Every week after that it will get better and better as fat quickly burns
away and your metabolic rate starts “racing”.

By the 90-day mark, your metabolism will be
burning so hot and you’ll feel so great that your friends will
be practically breaking down your door to find out how you’re getting so
lean. Best of all, you’ll know that the fat loss you’ve achieved is
permanent and you will maintain the knowledge of how you got there.

For the Cost of a
Personal Training
Session, You Will Learn The Inside Information Of The World’s Best
Bodybuilders and Fitness Models That Has Been Hidden For

Look at it this way: The money you invest in this
program is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you’ve
probably wasted on useless supplements and fad diets that didn’t
work. It’s less than many personal trainers would charge for one

The best news of all is that the cost of this manual is
absolutely nothing unless the program works for you because I offer an…


satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Scrutinize the course
closely. Examine it. Test it for up to 8 weeks. Use the program
to the max.

If you’re not thrilled with your results, then I
want you to simply write and tell me, and I’ll send you a prompt
and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if The
Fat Burn Truth helps you get leaner than you’ve ever been before,
then I want you to e-mail me your success story or testimonial
to tell me about the results you achieved – and tell all your
friends about it too.

Finish With all the Weight
Loss Fads, Pills and “Miracle Solutions” That Failed You in
the Past. Get Ready to Do it the Right Way. THIS IS IT! The Honest and Effective Fat
Burn Solution You’ve Been Searching For

If you’re even remotely interested in learning
the truth about fat loss, then you owe it to yourself to try The
Fat Burn Truth. If it’s not for you,
I’ll understand. Frankly, this program isn’t for everyone. Many
people in this world are going to keep looking for a magic pill or
quick fix. But I don’t think you would have read this far if you were a person to follow the crowd.

I’m not looking for followers – I’m
looking for winners who are sick of marketing
hype in this industry and are willing to put in the hard
work necessary to make their dreams reality – people who simply need
the right information and motivation to help make it happen.

If you’re one of those people – ready to make the commitment and willing put forth the effort
– then come on board with me and order

Sincerely, Your Friend and Coach,

Remember, with the “no questions
asked” total refund guarantee, there’s no risk on your part. You
have nothing to lose by trying this system, but you need to act quickly to get in on this offer before the price
goes up, so click on the link below to order today!

that your credit card or bank statement will indicate your payment is
being deducted by ClickBank.
billing inquiries to be made to:

that your credit card or bank statement will indicate your payment is
being deducted by ClickBank.

billing inquiries to be made to:

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The Fat Burn Truth – Fat Burning Secrets

Review of Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure

Review of Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure

Review of Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure

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Review of Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure

Product Name: Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure

Click here to get Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure:

When you do a simple online search for natural constipation remedies you are served with websites that simply regurgitate the same basic constipation advice you’ve heard A MILLION TIMES:

I’m sure you’re sick of digging through the same, old constipation advice you’ve read a hundred times, hoping that between the fluff and filler the author might actually provide something UNIQUE, something you haven’t heard of; something that will provide you relief now.

I know how frustrating, uncomfortable and often times downright painful constipation can be. I can sympathize with the list of symptoms you’re more than likely experiencing such as…

Gut wrenching pain and discomfort can result from the strong and often violent nature of the contained compounds and physiological effects of many drugstore laxatives. These effects can last for more than a day.

Unpredictable and messy bathroom visits. Accidents frequently can occur, especially while sleeping.

You can cause permanent damage to the nerves and muscles in the intestinal walls that help you push waste through your digestive system to create bowel movements. While you’re trying for a quick fix you can actually cause permanent damage to your body, sometimes resulting in chronic constipation.

Laxatives can cause electrolytes (Na+,K+, Ca++, etc.) to become dangerously out of balance. Electrolytes are responsible for conducting nerves and providing muscle function – including your heart and brain. In some cases, these electrolyte imbalances can result in hospitalization and even be life threatening.

Most drugstore laxatives and even some natural remedies can cause rebound constipation (it comes right back usually worse than before) and can worsen your constipation problems in the long run.

Natural does not mean safe. It’s important you have a trusted healthcare professional educate you about potential risks and dangers. Many relief agents are listed as natural and safe but they can be damaging and devastating to your long-term digestive health. Some are hidden in certain products. We educate you on the 4 big natural constipation remedies you need to know and protect yourself from.

It can be a scary state of affairs and sometimes a situation that can leave you feeling quite hopeless.

Let me quickly share with you my health background. My name is Scott McLeod, and I am a trained pharmacist with a bachelor’s of science in general biology and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. I have worked as a registered pharmacist in a large retail pharmacy setting.

As a pharmacist you learn very quickly how common and troublesome constipation is among people. Doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from. It seems to be public enemy #1.

I’ve counseled hundreds of patients, offering advice to help relieve their constipation. But it seemed like starting that conversation was almost always nearly impossible. Many could barely look me in the eye as they awkwardly stumbled for the words to communicate what it was they were suffering from.  Often times I’d help complete their sentence and request for help. It’s hard to approach someone for help about something so personal.  You could sense and see the…

I tried to immediately put them at ease. This common symptom is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. This is a problem that haunts millions of people. And it’s not entirely our faults. Most of us are UNAWARE of how easily we can rid ourselves of constipation now and FOREVER.

My Patients and I, would talk over their specific circumstances of their constipation and then discuss the best solutions for them. There was no greater reward than a patient coming back and offering a heartfelt thank you for the relief they received by using my advice.

Through my experience, I learned that each individual is different. What works extremely well for the majority doesn’t work at all for others. Some would come back unrelieved and we would determine a better solution for them. We all have a unique body with different chemistry, physiology and medical history.

It’s surprising how much you learn on the job by trouble-shooting such a broad variety of patient’s unique medical problems and even more surprisingly, how much you learn from just talking to your patients. Sometimes when you’d offer advice, a patient would chime in with, “Oh, that reminds me, you know what else works really well?” and then they would tell you about some strange folk remedy or quirky solution that’s worked for them in the past.

Now, before you go recommending those things as a pharmacist, you use your extensive education background, available resources and professional judgment to make sure they’re harmless. After you’ve done that, if they seem reasonable, you usually try them yourself or possibly suggest them to a friend or family member who has run out of the traditional options. Through this process and by talking to other pharmacists, you begin growing your library of natural remedies. It is largely through this process and unique knowledge that I have been able to create this step-by-step, fail proof plan that is guaranteed to safely provide you relief from constipation fast!

This plan uses a strategically organized and ordered combination of the safest and most effective natural remedies for constipation. Every strategy is carefully researched for safety and effectiveness. Each remedy builds on the last while helping out the next.

The plan takes into account human physiology, anatomy, nutrition, metabolic needs and deficiencies while using specific dietary remedies and the almost always neglected but extremely powerful, “mechanical remedies.”

All of these have been carefully planned and refined to provide you the most powerful, synergistic constipation relief plan that will relieve you of even the most stubborn of constipation episodes within as quick as 15 minutes and less than 24 Hours.

This is not simply some long, laundry list of natural remedies you’ll need to spend hours reading through, debating over which you think will work best for you. This is a specific, well-outlined plan.

Depending on what condition your digestive system is currently in, you could achieve relief almost immediately or by the end of the next day. The GOOD NEWS is you WILL be relieved and feel incredibly better within 24 hours.  Many achieve relief after just the initial stage or “Phase 1,” but we know everyone is different. It has been by keeping that important principle in mind that this plan has been carefully created; it is prepared to tackle even the very worst case scenario.

Everything used in this plan is from nature’s garden. No use of harmful laxatives. People who have used these swear they work BETTER than over-the-counter laxatives!

This is a plan prepared to tackle even the most severe constipation. I provide a 100% money back guarantee that you will experience relief within 24 hours or less

All the guesswork has been eliminated for the plan section of the book. This is an easy to use, STEP-BY-STEP PLAN… not just a convoluted constipation medical encyclopedia that you have to pick and choose from. I appreciate that your time is important.

The small, up-front cost for my plan will end up paying for itself over and over again while saving you hundreds of dollars you would have been spending down the road for medical visits and prescribed treatments

My plan saves you the time and hassle of scouring the internet or other books any further.  I’ve already spent months researching and combining my knowledge. You now have a guaranteed game plan

By taking care of this problem now and then preventing future episodes you can stop the avalanche of medical complications that commonly arise from chronic constipation and poor digestive health

A cheap trip to the grocery store for simple things you don’t already have on hand is all you need to get started. This is food you’re going to spend money on anyways.

The plan is so safe and natural even pregnant women can use it

This extensive plan was carefully created and ensured for safety and effectiveness by me, former retail pharmacist and creator of, Dr. Scott McLeod, PharmD

This is not some cheap ebook that a novice created in a day like you see elsewhere on the internet these days.  I invested my hard earned money on a professional design and layout of the book to bring you a better product.

I am so confident that this plan will eliminate your constipation forever!  I guarantee if you follow this plan to a T you will have constipation relief and FAST. And even if for some strange reason you don’t (you will), I will promptly and courteously refund all of your hard-earned money. No hoops or hassles. I don’t want to keep any money from you that I haven’t earned. 

I know that once you relieve your constipation and are feeling like a MILLION BUCKS you’ll want to feel this way forever. This report explains everything you need to know about the digestive system, constipation, and staying regular in a simple, condensed, easy to read guide. It also contains additional 43 natural remedies, foods, beverages, exercises, techniques and supplements that will banish constipation for good and keep you regular for LIFE!

The beauty of this plan is that any items you’ll need to put in your grocery store basket will simply be comprised of healthy foods and inconspicuous items. You don’t have to be embarrassed by what you show up to the checkout stand with.

As I stated earlier, I am truly happy you found this website. I am confident my plan and additional resources are the answer to your problem.  I worked hard to put this resource together for you. I was determined to create a plan that would relieve the constipation of any person who used it. And I believe I’ve done just that.

I personally invested a wealth of my time, money, energy and life to join the healthcare ranks because I wanted to make a difference in the health and lives of individuals. And I think this product will prove this passion is still alive and well!

I would not create or endorse anything that I wasn’t proud of and sure would be more than worth its price tag. I can proudly say that the value of this resource I’ve created for you is worth far more than the ticket price.

My greatest satisfaction comes from helping individuals like you feel better and live a happier, healthier life.



ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Your email address will not be published.

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Dr Scotts Best Constipation Cures! | Constipation Cure

Review of Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever

Review of Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever

Review of Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever

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Review of Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever

Product Name: Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever

Click here to get Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever:

I recently tried your product half-hoping that it would work because I needed to see my family for the holidays and I wanted to look better. I have to tell you I was impressed! In only two days—yes, I am not kidding, two days!—my skin looked better than it did for the past ten years! This is now my fifth day and I am very positive that it will yield more results than I ever imagined! I appreciate what you have done to my life!

After browsing the web for skin whitening creams I stumbled on your site. For many years, I’ve been suffering from freckles and brown acne marks on my face which caused me great suffering. I have tried EVERYTHING there was in the beauty market and have consulted several dermatologists to no avail! And now, after just a few days following your instructions, the dark spots are completely gone. I cant describe the feeling!

What I like about your solution is that it’s natural, cheap and easy to use.  Aside from that, I learned how to make my own creams and potions, all of which are better than the rest of the commercially available products that are expensive. Thanks!  

I am from India and I will never recommend any skin lightening surgery to anyone. Dermatologists were very pessimistic about treating my skin pigmentations with home made remedies – they said that those things do not work. Instead, they recommended skin lightening surgery. I went for it but was left very disappointed. After 2 months waiting for my skin to heal I found out that the surgery caused more black marks than it removed!  No amount of make-up could cover it and it was really bad, considering I wasted a small fortune for the surgery too. But your product changed my life. I searched for a home made remedy and your website was first on the list. After seeing the money back guarantee I thought that this should work or else they wouldn’t offer such guarantee. And that thinking was right, now I am fairer and my skin is even toned. Thank you

Eden, I would like to thank you for your latest email with instructions, I really appreciated it. As I said before, my neck and underarms were always darker than the rest of my body. Probably I was born this way. I remember that ever since I was a kid, I hated showing my neck. Therefore I used to wear scarfs all the time, whenever possible – even at school whenever they let me. But now, after trying your solution my skin color has become significantly more even toned, my neck is turning whiter everyday, which is excellent!  How can I ever tell you how indebted I am to you? Thank you so much!

Being a 36 year old lady and having long given up my dream of getting a fairer skin tone. Aside from my age, I am of African-American lineage and have dark spots on my eyebrows and cheeks. They were the cause of years of embarrassment because people constantly looked and stared at them! I have tried make-ups to cover them up but they hardly worked. When I came across your product and read the testimonials, I immediately made my purchase and tried your different approach. A few days later, I am seeing that my skin is already getting whiter which brought a new level of confidence in my personality.. Thank you!     

I had several skin pigmentation issues on different parts of my body. My skin tone was uneven and this has been since I was a small kid. Because of this, I was hesitant to try something new but I eventually gave it a try.  I was so amazed at how your simple solution helped me develop an even and lighter skin tone – In as early as two weeks

Dear Skin Whitening Forever,
I never realized that there was still a chance to lighten my skin. After trying your remedy, the melasma on my forehead disappeared! I found the perfect mix, the dark undertones of my skin were greatly reduced. I used several products in the past, including Amelan, Obagi, and Peels but they never gave me the results I wanted. You helped my skin to see a new light! Thank you so much…

Chlorella and spirulina are truly the most astounding food sources on planet Earth. In this special report, you’ll learn about the astonishing health benefits and nutritional achievements of these two foods, and you’ll see why you need to get these into your diet immediately..
Most people have heard of chlorella and spirulina, but they don’t really know the details of why these are truly the best food sources on the planet. For example, did you know that, ounce per ounce, spirulina contains twelve times the digestible protein of beef? It’s a far better protein than beef, and it contains a much healthier mineral balance (such as magnesium) that just isn’t found in beef.”

Physicians rarely promote the curative properties of H2O, but Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. has studied water’s effect on the human body and has found it to be one of the best pain relievers and preventative therapies in existence. Dr. Batmanghelidj shares his research and stories about “The Healing Power of Water.”

If you struggle with weight gain it’s a good bet that you have tried at least one of the “fad” diets that crop up on a regular basis.The truth is that some of these diets may grant you temporary weight loss. In the usual case, however, the weight returns as soon as you stray from the diet.The bottom line is that you gain weight because you consume more calories than your body is able to use and no diet is a substitute for good eating habits…

Superfoods are jam-packed with the big three for optimal health-nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. They are the power your body is looking for in food…the power you don’t always give it!
It’s like nature has loaded all the nutritional necessities into one neat package. These are the colorful variety of foods you’ve
been hearing about, the “rainbow for your plate”…a gift of benefits to your well being…

Have you tried one diet after the other, without being satisfied? If your answer is YES to this question then this is for you. This book will answers the following questions:

Is raw food healthy? Do you need animal foods? Are supplements necessary to meet your nutritional needs? Is it possible to live on a vegan diet? Is it better to eat cooked or raw food? Can you enjoy eating a raw food diet in a cold climate? What’s important to know, if you want to live on a 100% raw diet?

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to find the long lost Fountain of Youth? I can’t promise you that, but I can give you a close second.

Tear down the curtain of mystery that surrounds fad diets. 43 Nutrition Secrets will de-mystify and reveal the answers you need before you start wondering where you are going to store all those special meals that cost an arm and a leg.

Looking upon the human body from the physical point of view as the most perfect, most ingeniously economical, and most beautiful of living machines, the author has write this handbook of practical instruction for the running of it. And seeing that, like other machines, it derives the whole of its energy from its fuel, the subject of foods–their properties, uses, and methods of preparation–has been gone into with unusual care. An adequate supply of clean-burning food-fuel for the human engine is so absolutely fundamental both for health and for efficiency–we are literally what we eat!

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Skin Whitening Forever – Whitening Your Skin Easily, Naturally and Forever

Review of Tt Boot Camp Games

Review of Tt Boot Camp Games

Review of Tt Boot Camp Games

Click here for bigger image

Review of Tt Boot Camp Games

Product Name: Tt Boot Camp Games

Click here to get Tt Boot Camp Games at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Tt Boot Camp Games:

Break Though Boot Camp Boredom, Differentiate Yourself, and Boost Your Marketing

When I started my group sessions, I was renting a 12 foot by 12 foot area from a local “big box” gym. Every day I had to show up to the gym 30 minutes before my first session and move 10 spin bikes off of the floor just so we could train. I did everything in my power to market my program and spread awareness so that I could fill my small floor space and find a better facility to train in. It just seemed like no matter what I tried to do, my membership numbers weren’t moving and I was actually starting to lose people. People were getting bored with the format of my session and finding other ways to get variety in their training.

I was needed to find a way to get that “spark” back into my sessions to prevent people from getting bored. Plus with new boot camps opening up around me, I knew I needed a competitive advantage.

My name is Brian Kalakay, and I was tired of spending endless hours working on my boot camp program and not making it back. To solve this problem, I set a goal of opening my own boot camp facility in 8 months. Three months later, my new facility had over 100 new boot camp members. I’ll explain how I did it in a moment, but first, let me tell you where I was:

You’re probably wondering what the heck Boot Camp Games are and how they can increase your member retention rates and generate a constant source of referrals, right?

I know it sounds like a weird combination, but here me out. As we both know, it is way more affordable to retain clients then it is to try and get new ones off of the street. To be exact, the cost of getting new clients is SEVEN TIMES MORE than the cost of retaining clients!

You have to keep your current clients MOTIVATED to come back to your sessions, get NEW clients in the process and continue to create a FUN training atmosphere every day.

That’s a LOT of extra work hours, not to mention a LOT of extra pressure – especially when memberships keep dropping due to boredom. It happens…

So what if I had a SOLUTION that would FIX all of those problems with the “click” of a button AND what if it was as easy as playing games with your friends?Hang in there… let me explain.

Boot Camp Games are a combination of recess style games and my knowledge of Turbulence Training fitness drills. These games are designed to inflict “turbulence” on the body, which causes a fat burning muscle toning response. Not only are these games fun and exciting, they also can be used as an effective form of exercise. These games didn’t start off as being “boot camp friendly” though. They actually weren’t boot camp games at all at one point…

One night (Really Late) I was looking around my basement for some cones to do line drills with in my boot camp the next day. I ended up finding a box of my old karate notebooks (8 years’ worth). One of these notebooks was loaded with drills and games we used to play with our karate students. Right then, I had a crazy idea… What if I took the martial arts aspect out of some of the games and added fitness elements to them? Viola! I had a new, killer program to implement with my clients that would break boot camp boredom and keep them coming back for more.

Since the implementation of these games in my boot camp classes, my membership numbers have tripled since I opened my doors, members are actually starting to hang out outside of class, my Facebook wall is buzzing with member comments and my retention rates are unreal. Most gym owners around me complain about losing clients during summer months and down times, but I have to be “that guy” and tell them that I really don’t have that problem anymore.

What’s my secret for retention? GAMES! It keeps everyone excited and motivated, and instills a sense of loyalty and community that people cannot find anywhere else.

I am a TT Certified Instructor, and what I did with these games was I took my knowledge of cutting-edge TT fitness and combined it with my passion for group games to create a killer new program that would revolutionize the format of boot camp classes.

These Addicting Boot Camp Games are the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for Life-Long Clients, and here is why…

Inside you will discover 31 done-for-you boot camp games, including, team building games, small group competitions and partner playoffs… Not to mention all the ideas you will get from making your own versions of these games.

The truth is, with so many games and activities to choose from, you’ll easily keep your boot camp classes filled with people, diverse, and exciting for quite some time.

Check out just a handful of the games you can instantly use to keep your members engaged and hyped-up about your boot camp…

One simple answer…THE BOOT CAMP TRIFECTA

Using these games at the end of class will boost the sense of community within your boot camp. Remember, they can get a workout anywhere, but people want to work out with their friends. These games are designed to encourage social interaction and teamwork. Because of this, everyone will be growing closer as a “fitness family” on a daily basis. When this sense of belonging occurs, they become loyal to your boot camp. This means they have a higher chance of staying and referring people to your facility.

Let’s face it, we all get bored and burned out from the same routine eventually. Implementing these games at the end of a workout can help break up the monotony of a boot camp class. Even if you change your workouts every day, which I’m sure you do, there is still a chance that they will feel “burned out”. These games offer a “vacation” from the workout. We know they are still exercising, but in their minds, they are playing with their friends. More variety you incorporate into your boot camp, the better the chance of members returning on a reoccurring basis.

What sets you apart from the person down the street who has a boot camp? How about the way people feel when they leave class. Do they feel over-worked and thoroughly exhausted like every other boot camp in the area? Or, do they rejuvenated and energized? Obviously, you want the second one. These games will help you stand apart from your competition. We have taken many old school recess style games and formatted them so that there is some form of fitness involved with them. They are still working out, but they are smiling and laughing in the process. That is definitely a “win-win” in my book!

By combining all three of these client-getting elements into all of these games, you’ll never have to learn how to retain customers EVER again. Creating more time and freedom that you deserve AND helping MORE people.

Forget about spending your evenings in front of a computer trying to come up with new things to do in your boot camp classes so that clients will keep showing up to class. The time spent thinking of that stuff could be used playing with your kids, finding other ways to be successful, or just unwinding after a long day of work.

With this solution everything is DONE-FOR-YOU!

Games sort of get forgotten as adults and this program helps bring out the kid in all of us. These games are fun and fast paced and clients don’t even know how hard they’re working when they get caught up in the spirit of play. Thanks Brian and the TT team for such a great resource that I can use to spice up my bootcamp.”

I haven’t seen a more complete, new and fresh bootcamp product in a long time.The bootcamp games are a brilliant addition to camps not only for the fun factor but the retention and marketing manuals are also excellent! The bootcamp games and videos while extremely innovate are simple to implement!

This is one awesome tool for bootcamp trainers and will surely differentiate and set apart their bootcamp business.I highly recommend this to all bootcamp trainers.”

I used some of the games in my boot camps. The clients laughed like children and I smiled like a proud parent. I talked about connecting to our inner child and remembering how much fun it was to play. It started a fantastic conversation. I will continue to do the games because of the simple joy it brings to our clients and me.

So I highly recommend you take your clients back to the day where you get all the kids in the block to come out and play. Boot Camp games has got our adults to tell their friends to come play. Thanks Brian for the great product and helping me grow the business while having fun in the process.”

With these “done-for-you” and ready-made games and activities, there’s no more embarrassment over people getting bored with your classes. PLUS they’re Turbulence Training Approved!

Our “camper approved” games will keep you looking like a “boot camp idol” to your members, but without the hard work.

That’s a really good deal!

I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. Let my client tested, done-for-you boot camp games do the work for you so you can go back to doing what you love most without worrying about losing clients to the boot camp down the road.

How to Market Using Games

Don’t just play games…PLAY THEM RIGHT!
I’m not talking about just playing fair in the class. I’m talking about playing the marketing game right.

Included with this manual are ways to use the boot camp games to actually help grow your business.

If you are like me, sometimes you would rather watch a video than read about it. If you are like that, then you are in for a treat.

I am including video tutorials on how to play each of the games. This way you get to see how we play the games and also get ideas on how to change the games to make them yours.

A real quick way to end class is a relay race. It pumps people up and they are really easy to administer. Because of this, I have developed an easy to follow system that will make creating a relay race as easy as 1-2-3.

Follow my simple formula in this report and you will be able to create over 300 relay races within seconds!

Never again will you be caught without a game at the end of class. Just throw the done-for-you chart onto a clip board underneath today’s workout and voila! Over 300 variations of relay races you can perform with any size class.

That’s right. This program is backed by my 60 Day “Happy Camper” Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with my boot camp games, contact me within 60 days and I will give you a full refund. That’s how confident I am that you will be blown away by these games and what they will do to your boot camp.

Q: Who is the Done-For-You Boot Camp Games for?

A: These innovative Boot Camp Games are designed for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, and were made for someone who wants to over deliver service to their clients and gain new members in the process.

In the past year, over 30 games have been used in my packed boot camp classes to add fun, variety and more loyalty to my program.

So if you want the games created for you, showing you every activity and every step to help your clients truly enjoy their training experience, then you’ll love getting 31 of these Turbulence Training approved games.

Q: What if I don’t like it?

A: You have my 60-day, 100% money back guarantee that you will love the TT Boot Camp Games or you can simply let me know and I’ll refund every single penny of your order.

There is absolutely no risk to you because I know that your campers will love these games once you give them a try. They’re fun, exciting, and rejuvenating!

Q: Where can I buy the TT Boot Camp Games?

A: It is ONLY available here on this website.

Q: Is the TT Boot Camp Games package sent in the mail?

A: No. Instead, you get instant and immediate access to over 31 Boot Camp Games with just the simple “click of a button.” You’ll be able to print out the games or view them on your tablet. They are ready and available to use within minutes.

Q: What equipment do you need?

A: Variety is the key to keeping your clients coming back day after day. And because of this, these Boot Camp Games include activities using tennis balls, clothes line, balloons, medicine balls, stability balls, hula hoops, cones, and body weight.

Q: Do you show every game and set ups for each in the manuals?

A: Yes, absolutely. Each game comes with photos and a description.

With the complete done-for-you TT Boot Camp Games, your games are designed for you to plug-and-play so that you can spend your time enjoying the life you want to live, instead of scurrying around trying to find new stuff to do so your clients don’t leave you for your competitors.

Looking forward to your success,

Brian Kalakay, CFT, CTT
Creator, TT Boot Camp Games

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Got Questions?If you have questions please contact customer support via email to We reply to email the same day, however, please allow up to 24 hours for personal replies to customer service emails.

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Tt Boot Camp Games

Review of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching

Review of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching

Review of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching

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Review of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching

Product Name: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching

Click here to get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching:

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Solution & Free 3 Months Coaching

Review of Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair

Review of Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair

Review of Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair

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Review of Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair

Product Name: Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair

Click here to get Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair:

The No-Hype Approach to Stop Hair Loss and Permanently Re-Grow Your Hair

Forget the “too good to be true” hype and the empty promises you have heard from other hair loss treatments.

Learn how one medical researcher and former hair-loss sufferer is helping both men and women to:

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on your life.

Believe me, I know how shocking it is to look in the mirror or see a picture of yourself and realize that your hair is starting to thin.

I spent years trying to hide my hair loss under hats and I spent years using the over-the-counter products, natural “cures” and even prescriptions…

All the while my hair just kept getting thinner and I just kept looking older and older (way before my time).

But I understand. When people look at you, all they see is thinning hair.

After years of watching my hair fall out I finally put my medical research background to work and discovered a cure that allowed me to permanently end my baldness and re-grow healthy, lasting hair. This revolutionary cure has changed my life and it’s time for me to share it with you.

But before you read another word of this website, there is something I want to make certain you understand…

There is no overnight cure for hair loss.

No matter what false promises and wild “success” stories you have seen… No matter what marketing ploys and ridiculous claims you have read about… the truth is that you simply can’t stop baldness and re-grow your hair instantly.

THE TRUTH is that it takes the average person anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to get the noticeable, full hair growth they deserve.

Now… if you would rather gamble away your chance of re-growing your hair on treatments that promise overnight results, then this website isn’t for you.

But if you are ready to…

Then you need to keep reading because this website will give you the answers and the information you need to successfully fight your hair loss… and win.

A recent study in The Washington Post stated that Americans will spend more than 3.5 BILLION DOLLARS on prescriptions, procedures, and “miracle products” to cure their hair loss.

So… how do these companies sell 3.5 billion dollars in products if they don’t work?

Next time you are at the drug store, pick up the most popular hair loss product and read the back. In tiny letters at the bottom it talks about results “…of patients who perceived improved…”

Now let me ask you a question… do you want to perceive results? Or do you want to actually achieve results?

It’s pretty obvious to me that these products are just selling 3.5 Billion Dollars of HOPE… not 3.5 Billion Dollars of results.

Now let me ask you another question… have you ever known anyone to use one of these products – whether it is over-the-counter or a prescription – and actually had their hair to re-grow?

But I am willing to bet that you have known plenty of people who wasted hundreds – even thousands of dollars on these products because they HOPED they would work.

Really, when you start looking at all the options you have for re-growing your hair you will notice that the treatments are often dangerous, the outcomes are dismal and the price is very, very high.

When you invest in these products, you just have to HOPE that they will work for you.

And on this website, you are about to discover the truth behind why you lose your hair and the SCIENCE behind re-growing it – naturally and permanently.

DHT hair loss – or male and female pattern baldness is a complicated process, but here are the basics…

We have many hormones in our bodies, but when they are balanced they keep our bodies and our hair healthy. One of the most important hormones is Testosterone. While it is considered a men’s hormone, both men and women need it to grow and heal bones and muscles.

We also have enzymes in our bodies which transform and optimize hormones. One specific enzyme, 5-Alpha Reductase (5AR), rests in the tissue around your hair follicles and has only one purpose.

It turns Testosterone into a super concentrated, super strong Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Normally men have a tiny amount of DHT which is more than enough to grow facial hair, deepen the voice, and increase sex drive.

If you are losing your hair, it means something has gone terribly wrong and you have a DHT problem. For many reasons, your body is making too much 5AR and too much Testosterone. Your body is storing the excess Testosterone on your 5AR-filled scalp. When the two meet, your scalp is flooded with DHT.

This excess DHT on your scalp causes your hair follicles to swell (just like your body would swell as a reaction to a bee sting or a twisted ankle). This swelling puts pressure on your hair follicle and overtime it slowly begins to choke it out.

The swelling caused by DHT reduces blood flow and restricts your follicle’s access to proteins, enzymes and hormones that are essential to healthy hair.

As this swelling continues, your hair follicles will become sicker and weaker and your hair begins to grow-in thinner and finer… all the while your follicle is exerting more and more energy to produce these smaller, thinner hairs.

Eventually, the hair follicle simply cannot survive. It shrinks into nothingness and dies.

So… how can you over-come this process and re-gain the healthy, active hair follicles you need to grow full, thick hair?

Well, you aren’t left with a lot of options…

Surgery is one of the more extreme measures you can choose. It is expensive, painful and there is a lot of risk involved.

If you don’t go to one of the few surgeons that have the skill to perform the procedure correctly, you could end-up with scarring on your scalp (which will prevent hair from ever growing) or little “plugs” that look like a row of seeds planted into your scalp. I’m sure you have seen guys with plugs and already know that they are a little more than noticeable.

And since this treatment option does NOTHING to eliminate the underlying cause of baldness, you can expect the transplanted hair to eventually fall-out too.

2) Hair Loss Treatment Centers

Have you ever known anyone to actually re-grow hair after paying THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars to a hair loss center?

Of all the people I have ever interviewed, researched or questioned, none have reported any success from a hair loss center. But plenty have reported writing big checks HOPING that they would.

Most commonly, the first option for anyone who is starting to lose their hair is products like Rogaine, Procerin, Propecia, etc. These products are usually the cheapest option (even though they are anything but cheap) and they are the easiest to obtain.

Rogaine and Procerin works by blocking the DHT and supplying more blood flow to your scalp, but most times these treatments can’t over-come your body’s natural processes. Even if they DO work for you, you will have to continue to use these products for the rest of your life. As soon as you stop use, your hair will fall out faster than before.

And you might have already noticed this, but the side effects are down-right bizarre… dizziness, forgetfulness, and stomach cramps. But the worst – and most dangerous of all is Propecia.

Propecia actually tries to prevent the production of the enzyme which forms DHT in the first place. But the problem is that this group of enzymes is needed to perform a LOT of other healthy, non-hair loss functions. It is so dangerous women are advised to not to even touch it!

Believe me; I know how frustrating it can be to watch your hair get thinner and thinner. I know how disappointing it can be to use foams, gels and prescriptions for MONTHS without seeing ANY results.

What’s worse is that I actually listened to doctors when they told me that my hair loss was genetic – and that there was nothing I could do to overcome it.

But after a while, I started to become angry with the medical community, I got frustrated with products on the market and I decided to do my own research.

I interviewed general physicians, endocrinologist, reproductive endocrinologists, and dermatologists at little clinics across the country – as well as the major institutions like The Mayo Clinic and Johns-Hopkins. I read studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

I researched alternative health, I attended forums dedicated to hair loss and I asked the tough questions of top alternative health practitioners in many U.S. cities.

But it wasn’t until I found actual androgenic alopecia hair loss sufferers (both men and women) who were able to reverse their hair loss naturally – without OTC or Rx help – that I finally found the answers I was looking for.

The only thing that other hair-loss treatments can offer you is hope.

But you already know that hope can only take you so far. You already know that hope isn’t going to re-grow your hair.

You are ready to STOP the cause of hair loss at the source of the problem – instead of just treating the symptoms.

You are ready to uncover a solution based in science that will allow your hair to re-grow with each new, natural hair growth cycle.

The reversal and re-growth process will not happen overnight. This is not a miracle cure that will give you results instantly.

When you follow the right plan and allow your body to make the right changes, you can eliminate the problem of hair loss at the SOURCE.

It will take a few months to start seeing a reversal of your hair loss, with most people seeing major results in 6 months to 2 years.

But this hair growth is permanent and the results are real.

It’s time for you to quit feeling like you have no real options. It’s time for you to stop listening to doctors who say that you can’t overcome this problem.

It’s time for you to get to the source of the problem and treat your hair loss with science instead of hope.

It’s time for you to eliminate your baldness, put an end to your thinning hair and take back control over your life.

It took me years of research to discover exactly how we lose our hair – and exactly what it takes to naturally re-grow it.

And through my years of searching, I discovered that there is NO pill, NO prescription and NO product on the market that can magically help us re-grow our hair.

The only way for you to regenerate hair growth is to change the way your body processes the excess hormones and enzymes that causes hair loss.

The only way for you to end your battle with thinning hair is to restore your body’s ability to counteract DHT.

The only way for you to eliminate hair loss is to regenerate and support your damaged hair follicles from the inside.

And that is exactly what the Hair Loss Black Book does.

With Hair Loss Black Book, you will discover the facts, the science and the solution that will eliminate your hair loss – effectively and permanently.

I am sure you have noticed that losing your hair was a gradual process… this is because every time your hair went through a growth cycle the follicle grew smaller and weaker and your hair grew thinner and finer… eventually closing down completely.

But as soon as you start putting the Hair Loss Black Book system into effect, you will immediately being to improve the way your entire body processes.

The first few months will be spent just restoring your body’s natural rhythm and regulating your entire system.

Once your system is “revamped” you will start reversing the effects of DHT hair loss and with each hair growth cycle your hair follicles will grow stronger and larger.

At first, your baby hairs will only grow for a few weeks… then as each phase of your hair growth cycles, your hair will begin getting larger and healthier. Your hair will begin to grow-in longer and darker.

Instead of tightening the choke hold on your hair follicle with each cycle, you will begin to loosen that grip and allow your hair to grow naturally.

Restoring your body’s natural function and allowing your hair to grow naturally with each new cycle is the only way to achieve permanent hair re-growth and cure your baldness… and the length of time it takes will depend on how weak your hair follicles are when you begin this process.

This is why it will take 6 months to 2 years to achieve the thick, healthy hair growth you deserve.

This is not your average hair-loss product because it doesn’t try to simply treat the symptoms… it works by getting to the true source of the problem and stopping it before it ever reaches your scalp.

With this book, you have the knowledge and the power to make a change in your life and re-grow your hair naturally.

It’s not going to work overnight. It’s not going to give you instant results.

But The Hair Loss Black Book will give you everything you need to reverse your hair loss and re-grow your hair… permanently.

I want you to understand that it doesn’t matter HOW you are losing your hair.

It doesn’t mater if you are a woman or a man. It doesn’t matter if everyone in your family is balding – or if you are the only one.

The only thing that matters right now is if you are going to STOP your hair loss… or if you are going to do nothing and continue to let all your hair slowly fall out.

I know after years of trying other products, you may have a hard time understanding what it will be like to finally find a solution and see real results.

But I want you to take a moment and think about how Hair Loss Black Book can change your life…

You will not be forced to spend thousands of dollars on OTC products or prescriptions from your doctor.

You will not have to use dangerous drugs or deal with the unbearable side-effects.

All you have to do is follow a simple, logical plan to restore your body’s internal health and treat your baldness from the source of your problem… and you will begin to see the results for yourself.

And you can do it all while using a solution that is logical, realistic and based in FACT and SCIENCE.

But the most important thing that Hair Loss Black Book can give you is POWER. You are going to finally get the real answers you need, the real solutions that have been proven to work – time and time again – and capability to take back control over your own life.

Finally get the objective, honest look at the commercially sold hair loss products and commonly known natural treatments. Discover the truth behind the claims, discover the science behind their approach and uncover the real statistics of success for Rogaine, Procerin, Propecia, Saw Palmetto, laser combs and much more.

With data from medical and hair loss experts – as well as opinions and real stories from users – you can finally get the cold, hard facts on this million dollar industry and the products that are sold across the globe.

There are so many myths about hair styling that has scared hair loss sufferers from coloring, styling or even brushing their hair. But this book addresses and debunks these myths (and explains exactly WHY a few of these myths are actually true).

You can uncover which hair styles are the most flattering – for both men and women – for thinning hair. You can learn about the styling tips that will give you more confidence while your hair grows back, and you can uncover which styling products you need to avoid because they can actually damage the follicles of your hair.

This bonus is especially for women suffering from hair loss caused by PCOS.
It explains the dangers of this disease, addresses the biological reasons for PCOS and its symptoms and explains exactly why it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Most women aren’t even aware they are suffering from PCOS, and that is why this guide is so important. The Stop PCOS guide will help you identify the symptoms and allow you to properly detect if you are a PCOS sufferer or not.

This program is heads and shoulders above any other baldness cure or hair loss treatment on the market today… simply because I am constantly researching new methods and testing new ideas on how to accelerate hair re-growth and eliminate the source of the problem.

Every time I make a new discovery or add more information to this system… you will be the first to receive it. Even additional bonuses, little tips and new recipes will be sent to you –directly – before it is ever sent to anyone else. The beauty of eBooks is that it allows you to continue receiving the newest version without spending any additional money.

The prices that are being charged for OTC hair loss treatments are outrageous… and that’s not even considering the prices for the other treatments like prescriptions, surgery or hair clubs.

The worst part about it is that these treatments don’t work.

I know many people who would happily pay thousands of dollars for a solution to cure their baldness, but no matter what they spend on these treatments… they never see any results.

The Hair Loss Black Book is a proven, effective cure for baldness. It’s a no hype approach that uses science instead of hope and actually attacks the source of your thinning hair.

But it’s not going to cost you thousands of dollars. It’s not going to cost you hundreds of dollars.

PLUS I am providing you with bonus gifts, just for ordering today!

Really, the value that I’m offering you is pretty obvious. There is no other hair loss treatment that comes close to this price for lifetime results.

This is simple… I am offering you the Hair Loss Black Book through ClickBank, which means that you are 100% protected.

I want you to understand that I totally stand behind the Hair Loss Black Book and the results it will provide you with. This is why I am offering you this product through ClickBank, and this is why I am offering you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I want you to know that if you aren’t completely and totally satisfied with this life-changing book… and most importantly… with the hair re-growth results, you don’t have to pay one dime.

For your peace of mind, a full refund is available anytime during the next 60 days. All you have to do is contact me and I will instantly provide you with a complete refund. And ClickBank is a BILLION DOLLAR company that has millions of users. They are the ones that are backing up this guarantee… so you know it is one you can trust.

But, even if you do decide that you are not ready to utilize the Hair Loss Black Book, I want you to keep the bonus gifts. These are your FREE gifts just for ordering today.

No hype. No red tape. No hassles.

It’s just that simple.

All I ever ask is that you give Hair Loss Black Book an honest try because I know – first hand – that you will be amazed with the results.

You can uncover the reasons behind your hair loss, you can learn the science behind re-growing it, and you can get the real, permanent results you deserve.

All you really need to stop your baldness and regenerate hair loss is in this one, powerful book.

All you need to attack hair loss at the source is through science and the logic.

And all you need to do to get back your confidence, your hair and your life is to order your own copy of Hair Loss Black Book today.

The price listed below and the free bonus gifts are only valid for a couple of days, so don’t wait!

Here’s what you need to do…

Have your form of payment ready and click on the offer below…

This is the only system that has been proven to cure baldness and restore healthy,
natural,lasting hair growth.This entire system is based on FACT and SCIENCE;it
works to attack baldness at the source of the problem instead of simply treating the

Pull Back the curtain and get the facts about all hair loss treatments-OTC,
prescriptions and even natural remedies.Find out what really works,how it works
and what results the average hair loss sufferer can really expect to experience.

This is the guide that all hair loss sufferers need to have at all times.With this
guide you can discover which styling methods harm your hair loss,which ones
don’t and which ones can actually make your hair look thicker while it’s growing

This one guide reveals the truth behind one of the leading causes of womens’s hair
loss, PCOS.You will discover the details of the disease,treatment options and the
dangers of this disease if left untreated.this is a must-read for any women…or
anyone that has a women in their lift.

Keep-up with the changes,discoveries and new-found tips to help you stop your
hair loss,cure your balding and re-grow the thick,full hair you deserve.Every new
bonus,articles or recipe will be sent directly to you so you are alwayls informed and
up-to-date on any new development with the baldness cure

**Your credit card statement will show a purchase from “Clickbank” or “CLKBANK*COM

**Hair Loss Black Book is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

This is YOUR life… this is YOUR decision… but you need to understand what you are risking.

Hair loss can zap your confidence, it can make you feel unattractive and it can make you look older.

You finally have a solution – a unique, powerful, effective solution based in SCIENCE and FACT. You finally have a solution that will work for you and give you everything you need to re-grow your hair… permanently and naturally.

Don’t you deserve to look in the mirror and actually LIKE what you see?

Order Hair Loss Black Book And Take Back Your Life Right Now!

P.S. I want you to know that you can always contact me at questions [at] (replace [at] with @) with any questions or concerns you may have. I am here, I am available and I want you to know that you have access to me.

I would hate for anyone suffering from baldness to pass-up this opportunity because they feel it is a scam. I understand all your concerns and I want you to know that you are right to feel skeptical… with so much hype and so many false promises on the market today; it’s hard to know when it is the real deal.

So email me if you have any reservations. I will be happy to give you the information you need to make an educated, informed decision.

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Hair Loss Black Book – Stop Hair Loss & Re-Grow Your Hair

Review of Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

Review of Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

Review of Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

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Review of Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

Product Name: Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

Click here to get Qigong Secrets Home Study Course at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of Qigong Secrets Home Study Course:

Once The Most Jealously-Guarded, Closely-Kept Secret Of An Elite Few.

Now You Can Learn China’s 1500 Year Old Stay Young, Health And Energy Secret In The Privacy Of Your Own Home…

…without having to travel 1000’s of miles or spend 1000’s of dollars.

Let me share China’s 1500 year old stay young secret with you.

I can give you a happier, healthier and longer life if you can give me just 15 minutes a day. Please read the rest of this letter for the full story.

This closely-kept, jealously-guarded secret is Shaolin Qigong. Shaolin Qigong is much easier to learn than Tai Chi, is far less strenuous than Yoga, offers all the benefits of Meditation and in my opinion, achieves better happiness, health and longevity results than all 3.

Qigong requires virtually zero athleticism, can be practiced almost anywhere and does not require any expensive supplements, pills or exercise gizmos.

Qigong has been proven to:

Shaolin Qigong is the best kept stay young, stay healthy, stay happy, energy secret in the world today. It only takes 10-15 minutes to practice and is the art of deliberately managing your ‘vital’ energy to help you live a happier, healthier and longer life. Vital energy (Qi or Chi) is the life force that keeps us all alive.

Shaolin Qigong practitioners are literally adding years to their lives and life to their years through the simple, direct and efficient art of Qigong.

My name is Marcus Santer, I’m the author of four books on Qigong:

I’m the founder and Chief Instructor at Qigong15, I was the Chief Instructor (for the UK) of an international Qigong and Shaolin Kung Fu institute for 5 years, and have been practicing Qigong for 26 years.

Ideally, you’d learn Shaolin Qigong directly from me or another suitably qualified qigong instructor – but the truth is: it’s hard to find good Qigong instruction and few people are able to travel around the world once or twice a year, like I did, to learn from a great teacher.

That’s why I’ve created the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course.

With it you will discover how to:

Each week over the Internet you will receive clear video tuition and written instructions that build systematically on the week before. This course has been structured in such a way that it is easy to follow and does not require any ‘quantum leaps’ in your understanding.

It is suitable for the complete beginner who is brand new to Shaolin Qigong and for those who’ve been practicing Qigong for a few years, but who want to deepen their understanding.

Over 22 Weeks you will receive via the Internet:

The Qigong Secrets Home Study Course is not available at Amazon, eBay, or anywhere else. You can only get it here.

Complete the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course and you will discover:

…And far too many tips, skills and techniques to mention here in this short letter.

I have developed the 22 weeks worth of material so that you build your understanding of Shaolin Qigong in simple, structured steps. All the material is delivered digitally to your computer for you to watch and read in the privacy of your home. And now you can even download the videos directly to your iPod, iPad, or any Mp4 enabled machine – and take the lessons with you where ever you go.

Activate your 2-week test drive of my Qigong Secrets Home Study Course today and I’ll gift you the mp3 recording a talk I gave recently called: The 7 Secrets Of High Level Qigong and you can access it as soon as you join us.

Armed with these 7 secrets, you’ll have knowledge that very few practitioners of Qigong will ever have, including:

…and many, many more well guarded secrets for getting the most from Qigong.

The Qigong Secrets Home Study Course is not available at Amazon, eBay or anywhere else. You can only get it here. To activate your 2-week trial membership please click once on the button below.

Once I receive your details you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll complete your access to the exclusive members area. And rest assured, I’ll notify you a few days before your 2-week trial ends so you can decide whether you wish to continue or not. Though I’m pretty certain you’ll want to.

I look forward to sharing the Secrets of Shaolin Qigong with you, I wish you every success with your practice and taking back the power for your happiness, your health and your well being.

P.S. Shaolin Qigong is China’s 1500 year old stay young secret. It’s easier to learn than Tai Chi, less strenuous than Yoga and gives better results than meditation… In just 15 minutes a day.

Join the exclusive Qigong Secrets Home Study Course and discover how to:

P.P.S. Over 22 weekly Qigong lessons you’ll receive 214 pages of pdf notes, 8 hours of video tuition, 5 powerful bonuses and discover:

P.P.P.S. The Qigong Secrets, 22 Week Home Study Course is not available at Amazon, eBay or anywhere else. You can only get it here. Most people will never know that they can learn how to be healthy, happy and full of vitality and that it is no more difficult than learning how to brush your teeth. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, to practice one of the worlds most powerful health defence arts.

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Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

Review of BeFinallyFit

Review of BeFinallyFit

Review of BeFinallyFit

Click here for bigger image

Review of BeFinallyFit

Product Name: BeFinallyFit

Click here to get BeFinallyFit at discounted price while it’s still available…

Description of BeFinallyFit:


I gained 22 LBS (10 kilos) over the years and yes, I was probably avoiding seeing people I knew then but I had to attend my best friend’s birthday… so I did. I enter the party and this girl whom I met only once YEARS ago saw me and said… ‵‵Owwwww, you looked better then…’’

I.WAS.P*SSED. I pretended it was all good but I couldn’t wait to leave. Once home – and I hate admitting this – I cried.

It hurt because, well, what can I say… it was true. I DID look better then. I FELT better then too. But what do I do? I’ve tried diets before and I just couldn’t really lose weight no matter how hard I tried, not long term anyway. Argh!

When I first met Hilde – yes, I personally met her – and she told me about this system of hers I was skeptical to be honest. But at that point, what have I really got to lose, right? So, I tried. And then…

To date, I have LOST A TOTAL OF 26.4 LBS (12 kilos)…. And I can’t wait to see that b**ch again! – Sheila H.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

No matter how hard I try I could just not get rid of my big belly. I would get so frustrated not just because of the way my belly would ‵blow up’ even after just a very small meal but also because my belly would feel very hard and I get all uncomfortable. The picture on the left (the ‵before’ one) is not even the biggest my belly’s ever been!

I have a great husband. He always assured me that my size did not matter to him… BUT IT MATTERED TO ME!

Since being on Hilde’s program though I’ve experienced a ‵lightness’ I’ve NEVER felt before. MY BELLY HAS SHRUNK 4 INCHES and I didn’t expect to start to see definition in my abs!

Hilde’s BeFinallyFit system has been everything I needed to finally get the body I’ve always wanted. – Rhea P.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

BeFinallyFit is a science-backed weight loss system specifically designed for women’s unique bodies and hormone structure. By applying BFF’s easy-to-follow and step-by-step UNIQUE EATING STRATEGY, you’ll start to melt serious body fat in 7 days!

In the course of the 28-day program, you will lose several pounds of stubborn body fat (about 1 pound every 72 hours)… and keep that weight off for life!

Here’s a quick run-down of the BODY TRANSFORMATIONS you’ll see in the next 28 days.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


BFF Weight Loss for Life starts with a very short, easy-to-understand description of just how UNIQUE the female body is and why ‵conventional diets’ do not result in successful and rapid weight loss.

The guide then provides you with a step-by-step, day-by-day UNIQUE EATING STRATEGY specifically made for the female body. No guesswork! You will know exactly WHAT to eat, HOW MUCH to eat, and WHEN to eat. You’ll even learn about very specific food combinations that will further UNLOCK the female body’s unique and natural ability to burn fat.

BONUS: +25 recipes of meals recommended in the eating plan!

BFF Tighten & Tone (optional) provides SUPER EASY routines to tighten and firm up your body. The routines are NEVER more than 20-minutes, maximum frequency of just 3 times per week!

This handbook is not just a list of activities. You’ll have access to exclusive content of ‵How To’ fitness videos. Each and all are made with this in mind: minimum effort -> maximum results!

BONUS: Super short, supper effective, super fat burning routines that last only 10 minutes! I call them the BFF10!

BFF Success Mindset (optional) taps your most powerful resource: your mind. Even now – as you read this – everything rests on the action you DECIDE to take in the next few minutes.

Will you get a copy of BFF now? Are you willing to follow the plan for the next 28 days? Do you really, truly, want to transform your body? The first step is this: DECIDE.

Once you get your hands on this guide, a NEW WAY of thinking – about yourself, food, your body, your health, and your life – is waiting for you.

BFF Sexy Body Maintenance (optional) gives you all the tips and tricks you need to know so that every pound you lose with my system… is gone for good.

As you know by now, it’s a BFF philosophy to be clear and detailed and this handbook is no different. In it you’ll learn how to handle REAL LIFE food-focused scenarios and events. You will get step-by-step tips so that you stay true to that other BFF philosophy:

BFF ??? (optional) is a 25-page handbook that many find as an excellent accompaniment to the BFF unique eating strategy. (By the way – just to be 100% clear – this is NOT about any drugs, pills, supplements, powders, or potions.)

This handbook is also important because it tackles a subject many in the ‵diet’ and ‵health’ niches get wrong. This is why when people try it; they end up gaining weight instead of losing it. Well… not you!

In just 28 days from now… this could be YOU!

How much SEXIER, TRIMMER, and FITTER do you think you’ll be by…

If you’re not satisfied for any reason – or for no reason at all – just let me know within 60 days to get a full and prompt refund of every penny you paid.

To being finally fit in more ways than one,

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you! Please do let me know about your weight loss success using my BFF system, ok?

Once you’re logged into our 100% secure Member’s Area, you can get in touch with me personally. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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